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Gray State's gum had way too many lies about Hitler in it

her bubblegum was too sweet

  It's been an interesting week and it looks like the "drama" is over for now, Most of you may be aware that on January 17th, 2015, the bodies of David Crowley and his wife and daughter were discovered in a, MSM claimed,  double murder- suicide.David was the creator behind Gray State or the claimed creator of Gray State (it's hard to know anything for sure) who had a loyal following of worshiper-fans promoted by what I call third tier opposition outlets (fake dissent masquerading as real dissent). David's career had first taken him into the middle east wars as an infantry man. At some point in 2010, David had an epiphany and "saw God" in the apparent creation of a movie called "Gray State" that God told him to make.

             As most of you know who read my stuff,  at least half my articles are dealing with cointel-pro and the dissemination of dis-info that  is the cancer living inside our movement that has left it in stagnation ever since I became JWO aware.The protocols of 1900 says  that to control the opposition, you must be and lead the opposition and this is what has been taking place for at least  one hundred and twenty years. We had a small glimmer of hope with the rise of the Kennedys while Germany made  the greatest attempt to dethrone the userping Jews  in 1933  through A. Hitler but then was rechained with lots of deluded goy help in service to the Jew in an op called WWII. The Jew even had and has us chanting "WWII, the good war!" to this day so as to assure Hitler was and is tagged with the "evil of all time" label.  A holocaust narrative was born and woven into the American fabric over a sixty year period.A holocaust that neither Churchill or Eisenhower felt compelled to bring up in either one of their massive memoirs written soon after that conflict. A holocaust that used torture, bribery and either or propositions to get NS soldiers to affirm. Either we kill you now and your family or you admit what we want and you live well! The successful Goy state of NS Germany, it's almost spread throughout Europe must be brainwashed out of the mind of the goyim survivors and a dark guilt placed on all their souls. With that sleight of hand accomplished through intimidation of deniers and rewards for admitters and virtual total control of the media, a new Jewish, false reality was planted, one of many they depend upon to survive and has been nourished to full bloom. Jews, now, have us believing that holocaust denial or the looking for real evidence surrounding this event claim turned religious dogmas, is hate speech and anti-semitism. You know, that little inconvenience Jews suffered by being forced into labor camps in the late 30's due to International Jewry's war declaration on the German nation holding strong from 1933, onward, where any act Germany took was grossly portrayed, and distorted in any self-serving, for Jewish aims, manner necessary. That ole "chestnut".So often we look at history and ignore the reasons why a nation must use police state measures to survive as this picture post WWI, eloquently shows

If you know Jews and are Jew wise you know that Jews are loyal to Jewry with the same kind of blood oath recitation rising masons  give to their various masonic agencies. In fact the masonic oaths and rituals stem from the Jewish Cabala. Loyalty to Jewry and to masonry for these folks comes way before loyalty to country. Since this has never been made an issue in our public discourse enough to assure no conflict of interest, one can surmise who has been in control of our republic  the whole time. Because of this, a cancer was born and has grown within most countries where misdirecting rhetoric disguises the true loyalties of those in power and the masses, often too busy making ends meet, by design by the way, to notice, have a misplaced faith that the puppets ushered before them to chose at election time will serve their interests.It is a belief encouraged by 24/7 media mindcontrol.

Though numbers in the dissent movement are growing spurred by the obvious 911 false flag and the temporary wild west atmosphere of the internet, this infiltration has undermined it's full potential in several ways. It has compartmentalized dissent within various conspiracy circles in a similar way that, on the outside, race, diversity and multi-culturalism has compartmentalized society as a whole into little small groups with various acts to grind with other small groups and almost always focussing away from the problematic source, Judeo-Masonry, as the real problematic leak for all the discords. Discords necessary to foment to "Hegelian dialectic" (Problem, reaction, solution) their way to the JWO they have been obsessed about for centuries and  now, with monetary and media domination, it is getting within reach. Most newly aware are ushered in by the most visible and best publicized truthers. This is so, also, because their delivery style is the most similar to what the mainstream media uses in it's propaganda wars on us and what we all have grown up used to (that ole "Born with Jewish spectacles" chestnut thingey). .....

What happens when the Goy learns the truth about the Jew behind the curtain

Bubblegum truthers are just starting to get a handle on the 911 issues, some more, some less, as well as some of the false flags but they remain "dumbed down sheep" when it comes to WWII propaganda. What an Alex Jones does, when he introduces the newcomer, is emphasize some revisionist history while reinforcing other entrenched propaganda, power depends on, for a buffer against an onslaught from us or "We the People". 911 has been given up as being a "cat out of the bag", so to speak, when talking about the coming NWO that actually currently exists in covert form (overt if you can see matrix programming at work). For the elites, the positive aspects about this topic is that there are a  bunch of different theories in play and there are numerous folks being blamed. At the least, half the 911 movement is dedicated to the non-exposure of Jewish and Zionist complicity in this attack on US soil.

(It is very likely, if 911 is ever acknowledged as an "inside-outside job", it will be scapegoats who take the fall. What made Hitler unique in recent history was his ability to bring to the awareness of everyday Germans the real cause of their problems and not the usual scapegoat suspects that had previously worked  to misdirect the consciousness away from the needed remedy)

This is the case, it is my suspicion, because it is an entrenched, Jewish MO behavior and Jewish interests always win out over national interests when powerful Jews are guiding the decision making process either, directly, as overt admins  or, indirectly, by being behind the curtain puppeting the overt admins. It's an MO, because Jews have always gotten their "rights" through subversion of the host power structure especially the last five hundred years. When the Jews take over, they will call  this behavior "Sedition mongering" and those rights they claimed the Jews needed will be forever removed as a like option for the goy beasts they rule. Eric Hufschmidt, a very early 911 exposer in the truth movement, who seems to be semi-retired today, was neutralized by Zionist conspiracy theorists due to his fingering of them as the core obstacle to the whole truth being released.What Zionists do is confuse the topic, misdirect towards unthreatening locations and use a myriad of other methods to keep the topic alive but not going anywhere and their rear ends covered, again, giving the goy, by doing this, a false sense of accomplishment and the feeling that "freedom" is working. This is MO behavior from 2000 years of "getting it right" practice. 

It's called being sure not to solve the problem while pretending to try 

Infiltration or controlling the opposition wins the 911 issue thru confusion.

{enabled by lots  of money for the participants}

The most heavily populated part of the truther movement is the Alex Jones network that includes David Icke, Jessie Ventura, Luke Rudkowsky, Mark Dice and many, many smaller outlets branching off. It is dominated, in numbers, by the "bubblegumers" or the "half truthers" and they all are very careful, the leaders of them, not to challenge the, brainwashed in, myths connected to WWII while actually formulating new, covert, Zionist created myths such as  the Nazis didn't lose the war, the German army did and the Nazis are behind the NWO, now called the Fourth Reich. That Queen Elizabeth has a reptilian entity hovering over her mass which needs to take over her body from time to time to consume the energy of a pubescent child as she leads the NWO world government with Prince William slated to be the Anti-Christ on his 33rd birthday to fulfill scripture. That aliens have made a secret deal with the bloodline dynasty families who only inbreed with themselves, and who are, also,  working with evil aliens to enslave humanity. {people are hired with big bucks as experts to make this shit up as the in new theory to distract}

            These crazy theories all get Jew applause and folks are allowed to make any claim they want to support the narrative,  unchallenged  in any serious fashion, creating, for the deluded, a false sense of accomplishment. What they continue to do but, even to  a greater extent, did, when you go back to the early to mid 20th century, is down play any Jewish mischief in the equation. You know a movie or explanation is "kosher approved" when it claims to be describing a reality in the NWO makeup and history where Jewish participation is ignored and the Jewish ethnicity of an actor, referred to, is misdirected to various other descriptions

(ex.-Christopher Columbus was a Marrano Jew whose 5 accomplices were also Jews but they are defined in history as Portuguese)

 I left the "Prince William is the Anti-Christ" gum on the table, untouched!  For the Jews, the Anti-Christ is the messiah because they are  and very 1st central bank in Amsterdamalways have been, since Jesus, the anti-Christians. This has always made them a subversive element in any predominantly Christian land they have lived in. They thrived during the "Dark Ages" and it's basically why we give that time period that name (Jewish dominance is enabled by goy ignorance) and are now thriving in the unofficial "New Jewish imposed Dark ages" that started getting legs with the invention of centralized banking that spread like a cancer from Amsterdam in 1600, into England by 1700 and all throughout Europe by the mid nineteenth century.Centralized banking boils down to "legalized counterfeiting" for a small ethnic minority and guaranteed loans that the aristocrats can  receive with his subjects obligated to repay (thus the need to invent the game of government aide to the poor to disguise almost all these loans were for the benefit of the rich) . The only other requirement is that God  has to have chosen them to rule over other human, goy beast animals. (That basically leaves the Jew as the recipient, here evil)  This cancer  enabled the industrial revolution which forced the goyim off the land into city factory life with long hours and little pay and lots of aches and pains..This central banking enabled both sides of most wars to fight much longer battles with their enemies, often created through Jewish trickery. Also, it created all the disasters such as the English, French and Russian revolutions plus both World Wars.This perpetual fighting has become the everyday occurrence now since the central banking empire has become the new "goy king" (dominated by elite,Talmudic Jews).

{Note the perpetual world war mentality that occurred coincidentally right after the Jewish Federal Reserve private bank was formed in the US in 1913}

   By coincidence, the renaissance ended when the New Jewish Dark Ages started (evil), roughly in 1650 when Jews re-entered England through the beheading of it's Goy king and the help of a paid off Mason named Cromwell (this was the first, banker enabled, Jewish revolution of which The French and the Bolshevik were to follow). Just to make sure America got it's share of the misery,too, the Jews got the new puppet king of the Jews in England to legalize slavery in 1661 thus bringing on the future race wars we now face today with that strategy and making mucho dollars off Nigga hide while doing it (Jewish ships dominated the slave importation business and slave auctions shut down on Jewish holidays to validate my assertion).

   People in the past had always known to keep one eye in the back of their head when Jews were close by down through the ages but something changed with the coming of the New Jewish Dark Ages. Money monopoly opened the flood gates to all other kinds of monopolies in a people that had always had a fiercely loyal tribalism to all things Jew and a deeply embedded hatred for all things not of their control. They learned through deeper efforts into secret society methods the art of looking innocent while commiting crimes. In other words, to do evil but to have the blame fall on the innocent. That the Talmud condoned, even advocated, the behavior removed any conscience issues against the natural law of conscience behavior folks would normally feel. Natural good behavior towards gentiles was brainwashed out through Talmudic conditioning.This is why Jews can lie so well. This is why they adopt masquerades to conceal who they are. This is why when asked if they are a Jew, they often avoid answering and the behavior denotes an enemy infiltrating the opposition or a parasite feeding off the host but, no, the Jews say they do it because everyone persecutes them!evil They themselves, the aware ones,  laugh with this knowledge.

   So, with this Jewish MO, and money, monopoly power making them the "New Goy King", they, likewise, figured out the art of suppressing the realization of all the lies they tell, which in the old days was much harder to do by immediately starting to  buy up, while forcing goy out of, the media and printing business (see "When Editors were once Independent of Jews").

{ You may ask, "Why were the goy so stupid  to let the Jews push them around?" The answer to this lies in the secret society nature and networking reality all Jews hold in common with fellow Jews and the obliviousness to this sort of thought process held by the host society's peoples they were invading. The Jews were at war with the goyim and forgot to declare it so the host would know and this is "Secret society MO behavior".}

  To this day the Jews know they can lie with impunity because of this media domination they have attained. They know  the percentage of goy who will see their lies will be few and far between and with strong infiltration, today, into the alternative media, they control that narrative bordering on real dissent as well. So what we have here son is that over the last four hundred years, we have had a creeping Jewish communism taking full control of the land. The Jew still rules from behind the curtain and any goy that squeals where it can be heard, is quickly neutralized (Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez), but that day where the Jewish anti-Christ is crowned and we all have the mark of the beast isn't far off and this is what the movie Gray State is all about.

             the bubblegum this man gave me allowed me the strength to leave "bubblegum alley" and all it's misdirection behind before I became misdirected, too! Problem is "Gray State" plays by the "nations rule" game more often than not as it advocates a Libertarian (Jewish invented ism) perspective and acknowledges not the Jew behind the curtain but other more vague descriptions of the cause. It also cements in Jewish brainwashing ploys much of which centers  around demonizing the only Goy state to challenge their power in the last four hundred years, National Socialist Germany. (Jews say it's all right to defame them and call them Nazis). So after I learned about the murder suicide of the Crowley clan I decided to watch the, just released, "Rough cut" of a documentary that was to precede the movie, apparently, never yet made. Perceiving the information as "Jew goobledy gook", I immediately realized David had been recruited to front a Co-intel Pro operation and it could have happened even without his knowledge (which would make him a "useful idiot" in the cause).Whether with knowledge or a deluded goy manipulated by the Alex Jones crew, David Crowley died. There are three  possibilities on how he died. He could have been "suicided" as a threat to the accomplishment of the Gray State psyop. He could have actually gotten depressed and killed himself, or they could have used the, invogue, "Sandy Hook psyop technique" of pulling off a fake suicide. Since all three were killed which there is no justifiable need for doing and I had concluded he was part of a psyop, not opposed to it's aims, I wrote two pieces claiming he most likely faked his death and his family had been shipped to a new assignment somewhere else. The fact he had been a soldier right up to when he supposedly saw "God" on all of this may also mean he never really left the military but had been acting in a covert capacity for Uncle Sam and Uncle Abe.

Two bubblegum truther chicks whose gum was too hard

   The behavior  of those close to the project and family has been troubling with intentional mixed messages sent and very poor explanations, of why and how  things occurred, given. They claim to have inside knowledge, to an extent and we should be "good goy" and trust them.The psyop, MO of having fund raisers for fake killed victims ( I surmise) was  enabled through gofundme just two days after the discovery of the bodies (two things to note, the site is tanking-cudos, and the fund is called the "Alam-Crowley" medical fund-this may be significant since Dan Crowley claimed the fund was set up for just the Alam side). The claim that Crowley was dead before Christmas runs counter to conventional wisdom that, considering the time of year and close proximity to the family, it is unlikely his  "no shows" would be allowed to stand without scrutiny for the four weeks claimed, in normal circumstances with no hocus pocus going on. The explanation of leaving Christmas presents at the door and walking away simply doesn't fly.The bodies should have been discovered while demanding their presence for the holidays but no effort was made to communicate by the family? Eventually, a nosy neighbor spotted the bodies when he approached the front door and this occurred an additional three weeks after the time it is assumed all people will make an appearance for Christmas; discovery was the 17th of January, 2015. 

   The weird gofundme site, supposedly, to give to a well off family in Texas who didn't carry health care and had huge bills also tries credibility. There are many things that don't add up but, hey, don't let family and friends hear that you doubt the official story the police and they are spouting!

   Well, lets put it this way.There's a whole network of folks with a vested interest in milking this Gray State cow for all she is worth and the story given is THEIR story to enhance that as much as possible.

(If my theory is right, {fake suicide} all actions of people close to Crowley's family and Gray State Project included, must be watched closely with a skeptical eye. Fake killings have become all too common and must be part of the equation of possibilities in any effort to find the truth. Local police forces have been, all too often, compromised in these endeavers and their word as to their findings can no longer be assumed to be correct.)

This op is well connected to the fake truther movement that emmanates off the Jones, Rudkowsky, Dice network to much smaller sites and touching RT through Ben Swan a person doing a long interview with an actor in this play named Mason, a leading creator of the movie where Swan acknowledges his personal on-board connections, behind the scenes, to Gray State and pushes the gofundme site in this interview. In fact one thing all these fake truther sites have in common is that if they do a story on the killing or the movie, they include a link to the, dubious of value, gofundme site. This seems coordinated and not by accident or coincidence.

 this gum allowed me to shirk their mind control  Now after I wrote my articles I decided to join the one group on this issue that seemed to have some independence. Yes, the administrator is independent but it is poorly moderated with no efforts to screen out the Crowley Op clan from their midst which is necessary because they are furious that this site has not been willing to walk lock step with their official story and therefore, join to subvert or channel the discussion to their liking and not to seek unrevealed information. This is no surprise for co-intel pro ops are famous for causing feuds and distractions over silly things

 Jews rule on chaos and confusion; they have no peer.

The fact that the site didn't walk lock step made it an obvious choice for me to join and the fireworks have been a sight to behold. I love not walking lock step. Lock step is boring. Lock step says you can't think for yourself and that you are allowing yourself to be mind controlled. I entered with a bang and really knocked all their fake niceties out like a light with my hard core analysis. This threw them off for a day or two as well as impressed some but then they regrouped and, before I go on, I have to tell you something about the----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Alex Jones Avenue area of the truth movement.

This gum had all truth and no lies, so I took a stick of this with me when I left

    It's filled with quarter pill swallowers who mix the darnedest brain washing specialities that the NWO has worked so hard to implant with some real conspiracy that they picked up from who knows where. Doesn't matter that water and oil don't mix, noway, no how, they do it. This makes, half the time, those folks having their TV sets tuned to Fox news while their internet connection is set to and Alex Jones. Here's where the bubblegum truthers come in. Maybe, if they challenge the official 911 story, It will be a diluted affair and Zionist influenced most likely because all the folks are brain damaged when it comes to the Jewish issue and the Jewish MO to maintain control of the debate and won't be aware of the agenda behind the source. The Bubblegummers are empty vessels in many areas of matrix detection and easily duped, helped by Jones and Co. to assure cluelessness, on that score. 

  This claimed fact, ( the Jews are INNOCENT!) though, spells misery for yours truly cause when I put forth my very unpopular theory with most (remember, these folks mostly believe that Crowley walked on water) no stone was left unturned to out me as a Jew hating Nazi. This was not brought up for discussion but only for proof I was someone who had nothing worthy to offer society since being found guilty of doubting the official brainwashing narrative so thoroughly implanted into every crevice of every goy brain from the moment of birth and fully believed by the gum smackers automatically implicated me as evil.

From that point on, I would enter that group at my own risk knowing there were 5 or 6 rabid dogs ready to infect me with "Nazi hating Jew" shouts upon entry.  {We do well to go to one of the bibles for the subversive Jew here called the "Jewish Catechism"- a Russian subversion document from 1958, published in Israel and covertly handed out on the streets of Moscow. In it is everything a good layman Jew needs to know about how to treat his "animal in human form for Jew pleasure", Goy neighbor.}

I spent a few days dealing with the subversion because the admin acted like he was gonna get control of the agenda pushing, Crowley crowd and I kept hoping I could make it work cause it was real interesting to see, from a Jewaware perspective, just how clouded their minds were to the reality of power that exists upon them and if I could uncloud that. They are mostly those that, in a struggle, will believe the Jewish claims of who are the enemies and aren't as demonstrated, previously, in what happened in WWI and WWII  and the Cold War and the War on Terror. All wars are propaganda induced wars created by Jews. WARS are a Jewish vehicle to more power and more wealth. He always prospers at war time. The fact that the European war, that later was called WWI, had American entry accomplished after a, tit for tat, Balfour Declaration event where Jews promised, in exchange for support of a Jewish state in Palestine, that they would propagandize the American public to garner US entry on Britain's side against the Germans. Consider up to that time, Jews in the US were mostly from the German area and predisposed to root for Germany  and had been offering moral support to them till Russia was weak enough for Jewish international communists to lead a revolt on the Czar (funded by New York Jewish Bankers). Right on Que, all Jews then switched sides and this includes Jews LIVING IN GERMANY! The Goy might understand, today, why Germany had a big 1920s negative reaction to prior and current Jewish behavior in the Fatherland if Jews cared to ever print the facts on all of that but of course, all we hear is Jewish propaganda that's "good for Jews".

{a good reason why one group should never be allowed to dominate the printing presses and a reason why Germany in 1933, disabled Jewish ability to do so}

   As is, we, the truthseekers, find alternative ways  to dig out the info but are walled off from the clueless masses who are glued to a TV set controlled by a small vested interest who uses it for "perception control". As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now, you clueless goy, you know the rest of the story!"  By the way, Germany was partitioning for peace when international Jewry enabled continuation of the war. Additional Goy deaths were not a factor to consider when striving for Jewish objectives. 

{Never has been and never will be as long as they are a people governed by Talmud Law!}

It's always Jews making wars and having the pawn actors all be goys and when the struggle is over, to proclaim unique JEWISH suffering that no Goy could ever know! ( real Jewish population and death figures surrounding the  WWII period)

    I had great hopes to work with these folks in that group, concerned with the David Crowley circumstance, but when I realized the admin didn't know whose side he was on or even recognized the subversion occurring, I decided that infiltrator subversion would be a way of life in that group and I kissed them goodbye leaving a smiling picture of Adolph  for them, on their wall, to remember yours truly by.

(They are still commenting on that pic in there!)

I'm sure the masonic elements surrounding the Gray State Psyop will be very happy to get rid of the unwanted flashlight aimed at them! evil

However, this Gray State psyop is still ongoing and I will keep you all abreast on the latest as it goes down.

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