Andrew Aurenheimer Makes My Agent Provocateur, Shill List

Some production Aurenheimer is involved withNotice  the "Jedi Night" hoodie, lol!

***(See how he demonizes non-whites for Jews. Watch him and his ilk and notice the time they spend ranting on non-white goyim hordes and know that Abe, the Jew or Vince McMahon is smiling behind the stage and watching to see if he's a potential WWE champion on RAW or the political equivalent! Notice his Jewish style historic score-keeping to enable an entitlement not normally thought as relevant to exonerating any slaughter whites are charged with committing. Over and over in a WN's mind, white people are always blameless. What's bad about this is this attitude creates unnecessary bad blood with potential allies. Jews are behind this type of reasoning. Notice the slur-talking, from a leader of the movement signalling all the followers to talk in suit. It's fuckin obvious,goy, Andrew's part of a psyop to neutralize us and this is why a Molly Crabapple , who writes for Vice writes him up as a hero)***

Two months ago, soon after the Joshua Goldberg case broke, I started taking a look at Andrew Aurenheimer. Proclaimed to be  some sort of boy genius, he garnered the reputation of hacker extraordinaire, giving one head-ache after another to TPTB (Jews). He is also a renowned troll and unfortunately way too intelligent to seriously believe the bull-crap he be espousing up above there on you-tube.

Today, I had a lengthy Twitter exchange with the man, my second one. The first came after I retweeted a tweet of his where I voiced a concern with the crowd he knew. He was letting everyone know of an upcoming Prime-time MSM documentary he was starring in through a tweet. My retweeting it caught his eye and so did my comment.

He reassured me he was legit and I took his claims with a grain of salt knowing agents are highly trained in deception. Understand, previously, I had seen some red flags associated with his quick assimilation into the WN movement right next to a guy with bigger red flags, Andrew Anglin.

Out of nowhere, fall, 2014,  Weev posts an article @ Anglin's cesspool rag, the Dailystormer. So the two are linked. Apparently, Joshua Goldberg hooks up with the two in  the winter of 2015 under an alias  named Michael Slay. Rather than delve deeper, here is my first article on Weev where I basically gave him the benefit of the doubt at the time, "with eyes open".

Before I go on, I know I will be ridiculed for what I am saying because TBH, the whole WN movement is owned by the Jews and most of the WNs are clueless, totally buying the victim-hood rants, the anointed race claims and the "everybody is out to get us" of the Jewish programmers. Let's be clear, I am calling Andrew Aurenheimer, Andrew Anglin and Angelo Gage Jewish programmers (@ minimum, they work for the Jews). This is just the tip of the iceberg, the whole movement is fucked.

 I'd ignore them but the Jews have infiltrated everywhere else as well so, it's either give up and forget I swallowed the red pill or continue on (Seems to me Neo was told once swallowed, he couldn't go home) So, since I don't really have a choice, I scatter truth seeds around the Jew-wise meadow and hope it begins to bear some fruit (That what I be doin).

So, some WWE goings on surrounding Heimer, Anglin and Goldberg that linked all three together, then Stormer disappeared for four days and came back claiming Weev saved his site from "evil Jews" and then the Jew-mentary on HBO. I will be looking into this guy's childhood some more in the coming weeks.

He lives off donations,  or that's the image. He seems to travel a good bit, was living in Lebanon a year ago and so it goes. Not sure why he has to be in Europe. Not sure why Anglin lives in Korea but I'm sure it gives them some breathing room from their day jobs of creating a lot of angry white men that think they are the chosen race. By the way, I have been reading a fair amount of Miles Mathis and he makes a fairly good case that many people you thought were legit were "intelligence". He's easy to find.

Watch the video guys. It's a good early effort, but he doesn't believe it yet. He still needs to become one with his bullshit! Andrew

leave the "Dark Side"!

Update- this is a bios that doesn't make sense! Poor?

Growing up poor in Arkansas and on a 100-acre farm in Virginia, Weev was never one to conform. Weev, whose mother works in real estate and whose father is an industrial engineer for the poultry industry, discovered an early fondness for literature, devouring Keats and Byron and becoming, as he says, “enchanted by the magic of language.” Though short, he flexed his etymological powers on the schoolyard — site of his earliest forays into trolling, which he defines as “using rhetoric offensively.” His preferred technique was seeding playground kids with misinformation (like saying one was insulting the other) and gleefully watching their fights ensue.

***sounds like a Jewish trait***

Alyse Aurenheimer commenting about the family After dumpster diving for his first computer, he discovered that writing code was just another form of speech to master. “It’s all about manipulating linguistic systems that would achieve things that are dazzling in effect,” he says. While other kids were watching "The Simpsons" and playing football, Weev was hacking ATMs and exploring the nascent Internet. Convinced the education system was failing their gifted boy, the Auernheimers got him into James Madison University at the age of 14. Something's weird!

New Thoughts

A  lot of information about Alyse Aurenheimer, Andrew's mom can be found with a google. She divulged she is part Indian with Jewish blood (no mention of maiden name). It's a little unclear how much but Alyse seems to be a Jewish name. She seemed to prefer to identify herself as Indian for whatever reason which was unclear as well. Concerning is that beyond a general description of the career choice of the father, no name of any sort could I find. No mention in the Wikipedia page of Andrew. No mention on the Linked-In page of his mom.

The comment greened out in the pic above referring to a rabi is interesting, to say the least and they are definitely not poor or you could say "Jack London " poor!!

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