nevertheless, for those persons who place much of their attention in directions that the mainstream media aims, it will jiggle their brain cells profusely but what makes it a psyop for those fully aware is that we notice the deliberate lies quickly touched and moved away from as 

Not the day it all started but a lynchpin lie enabler

supposed facts such as Osama Bin Laden did 911 and that evil Nazis are an example to be used for negative inferences over and over which is done 5 or 6 times in the movie by referring to fictions made into  "facts" through repetition ad-nauseum over the years that cloaks the real reality that occurred before propaganda, with an eye for self-interest, not truth, got in the wayOne example that stands out for me was, at the end of the movie, a speaker says what do we want to be, America in 1774 or Nazi Germany in 1924?eek (TBH, 1932 Germany, yes indeedy, would be my choice!wink}

the cast of charactors- Problematic

He is obviously implying that America,1774 style, is the obvious choice counting on the taught history-propaganda to make the sale. He is also counting on an uneducated audience to have vague notions of what Germany was in 1924 reality. Those vague notions were to dream of a country living on hard times about to become a despicable place. What Germany really was in 1924, was a state reeling from an international subversive co-option of the main reigns of power in that country by the Jews, a people with a non-assimilative character that defined the term "alien"  to it's host while holding a total lack of concern with the natives wherever they traveled cept but to serve their interests (Talmudic mindset). Coupled with a corresponding power to reek havoc on the same through it's power of the purse  that when teamed with an adaptable mind that valued honesty as a form of "goy stupidity", allowed Jews to make mincemeat of that nation in 1924.

         To get there, the Jews had manipulated all things in their favor with the signing of the Balfour declaration in 1917 that turned the war to Germany's disadvantage while striking the killing blow themselves in the form of subversive Jewish labor union leaders organizing strikes in the German homeland to help sound the death knell for that nation in that war just when Germany had needed unity the most. It was a treachery that would help seal the deal to Hitler's concluding that  the Jew had to go to resolve Germany's problems, spelled out in his 1925 book, Mein Kampf. Though Germany was reeling, Hitler was  building his foundation for a new Aryan nation of one country, one volk and no subverters were to be allowed to undermine it. 1924 was also in the early stages of Hitler's rise to power but that had a long ways to go and Germans suffered horribly in the 20's. Jews, not so much.There's an old saying, "When the goy suffers, the Jew prospers".


The important point to note was that the speaker's intent was obvious. History through propaganda defined the Nazis as despicable, so it's  no contest where you prefer to live! Of course, America! Oh, don't you love self-serving, victor's narratives and let us be clear, there was only one winner of WWII, one victor in a war that occurred due to fabulous German success through Hitler in an economy thriving with a disempowered jew, and a Rothschild ruled elite that could not allow  that to continue for heaven forbid, these goyim ruling themselves might spread much further!

Hitler had disentangled the German monetary system from the Jewish Rothschild dynasty system enabled by a "money monopoly". As a result, Jewish power declared, in 1933, perpetual war  on Germany until the status quo was reinstated and exploitive Jews could return to their posts so that Germany might again serve international Jewish power interests, first, the German people after that if there was anything left! Problem was Germans were reaping huge benefits from that disempowerment and Hitler held fast to his plans of removing not liquidating Jews from Germany.

In return for this independence a universal war was decided upon as promised in one of the early protocols of the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion",  a book so intrinsically linked to Jewry that Jews through media power conducted a 20 year defaming campaign from 1915 to 1935 culminating in a sham of an event that put the  protocols on trial and finding them "inauthentic" and Jews by proclaiming victory through every media organ they owned, abolished serious scrutiny of this Jewish enlightener, source till the internet sprang up and "the people" could get other references outside the corporate monopoly controlled media. Course two years, later, in 1935, that case was overturned and the Jewish media to this day has never acknowledged the overturning and no announcements at the time were made.Such is life when one people dominates the apparatus of communication and they also have an agenda to own the world.Too bad the internet, eh, has kind of messed that all up. Well, at least till that's taken down for being too much of a challenge  to those that rule. We can't have the proles thinking their own thoughts now, can we!

     However, back to WWII, the only winner were the folks that ensured it happened in the first place. International Jewish power or ,"The World Conquerors". Everybody else lost......Earlier in the documentary movie, a speaker did the "they didn't gas the Jews in one step but progressively got there just like what's happening to us today in America! Wakeup people, we could be the next Nazi Germany!" speech. Stuff  like that is JWO self-serving and hard to listen to for an astute observer of real history and why I am labeling this movie a psyop. It is being made with  the blessings of the powers that be, covertly, IMO and I don't necessarily mean our puppet government. It goes deeper. One must look behind the curtain and one will see the puppet master, international Jew controlling Jew and non-Jew puppets alike in service of his "one world government of the people" objectives and just so you know that ain't so good, all non-Jews are animals with human form to make Abe happy. You ain't people if you ain't a Jew. They, of course, won't tell you that to your face, at least not yet. I believe the telling is going on in Palestine a plenty though, covered up by the goy informing media of course spinning fairy tales of a kinder, gentler Jew that never does anything wrong and only wants to live in peace.

In these ways, "Lynchpin lies" are slipped into this supposed, subversive to the NWO, movie (the producers pretend there is no such thing as jewish power evil),  as previously mentioned  plus ideas such as {WWII was a good war to conquer evil (always implied)and Muslims attacked us  on 911 cause they hate us for our freedoms ( got to sell the crazy Muslims that can't be dealt with cept through the nation attacking and subverting shtick)} ....

The powers that be  stay in power by sending covert agents into various awareness levels of dissent, figuring out what state secrets need to be admitted and spoken of in order to capture that audience's attention so that it can then keep it's finger on the pulse of that group and guide it in directions of it's advantage as deemed necessary. This movie is one arm of that strategy that occurs in various ways according to need. It is directed at what I call "bubble-gum truthers" or folks that thought  governments just started lying after 911 (more less). To do this, it must keep the trust of the crowd involved and use it's "trust capitol" carefully so it maintains goodwill while it slips in it's misdirections matter of factly and  moves on. It's referred to in the protocols as controlling dissent by being the dissent.(1) Seems to be working for them so far! The folks starring in this very much hyped movie all fit into that ilk of fake dissent, infiltrators) 

Ok, Buckaroos, it looks like we got a new "goy con event" that no one is talking about or possibly aware of beyond the obvious speculation over the "suicide". Many of you may have heard of this movie in production called "Gray State".I have been hearing about this movie for the last 5 months but it wasn't until the suicide announcement of David Crowley, the head writer, that I focused on it and then someone posted the raw cut of the movie in a forum I frequent, so I watched it.

    wonderful family-suicide-really?To my dismay, I found Disinformation agents littered throughout this psyop they call a movie. Adam Kokesh could be labeled the star for he appeared and disappeared  perhaps 40 times in this  two and a half hour cut.. All Adam's buddies at the  fake truth sites such as, RT and "We Are Change" were there. Jason Bermas of "Loose Change" fame, a Jew who fights any notion that Jews can ever misbehave or be subversive. Check this analysis  of Jason. Adam Kokesh was filmed in various cameo take down positions as victim to police brutality, and most were glimpses from this silly protest Adam engaged in a few years back with the  aim to get arrested.

Adam is a Libertarian who never touches the Jewish issue, maybe because he himself is Jewish? Libertarians claim to want the state to wither away  through capitalism. People are just supposed to like "Freedom" so much that they all will come to their senses and little by little remove the state apparatus of tyranny which everyone now sees as the problem to be exorcised. Let me say this is but one more ism, Jew con conducted against the proles by the Jews as a vehicle to gain power in an alien host society. Other regulars of this infiltrator network posing as real dissent who appear in the movie are A.Jonestein, Mark Dice, Luke Rudkowsky and Abbey Martin. All are ethnic Jews or Jew controlled.

   Then, there was a suicide announcement last week. David Crowley, the lead writer of this project along with his wife and child were discovered by a  next door neighbor and the claim is murder- suicide. It is also claimed that this is out of character for the temperament of David Crowley to do such a thing (note- at the bottom, the 2nd video refers to the suicide). Notice, Infowars is the link, an Alex Jone's site, a site clearly part of this movie operation. By all accounts this was a very exemplary family.

beyond the stupid quote, "Right Wing Nazi Blowhards" you see the main stars of "Gray State"

 The  movie itself had all the earmarks of an A.Jones production, IMO. No talk of Jews and lots of bleak scenarios forced on the people by globalist eltes with Nazi links and bloodline dynasty heritage.  It has a decidedly libertarian perspective though this rendition of Libertarianism has been updated to include the evil bankers and the money system, in fact, controlled by Jews but never stated so. But of course it isn't stated so because Libertarianism is a goy con pushed forth by the Jews. An ism that could never happen in reality as are all the other isms  which are, simply, pie in the sky claims of Jewish troublemakers taking advantage of the Liberalistic notions they imparted starting back with the old goy kings in the host countries they entered or sought entry.

This liberalism boiled down to "sedition mongering" in the name of free speech. Of course Jews have never  actually believed in free speech when they have had the power to enable it.They have selectively used the idea of free speech to promote agendas but any aware goy can see that the sometimes use, sometimes denial of free speech means no free speech and another goy con. What they really mean once in power is speech that the law allows and the Jews decide what the law allows. For example, anti-muslim free speech is allowable while free speech denoting Jewish power abuse or even the acknowledgement of Jewish power is not. Victimhood or Jewish persecution is all good thoughevil

Looks like the are trying to sell the conspiracy narrative,  is David's family. Otherwise, why would his mom's 6 million dollar medical bills concern us, Lol-Sandy Hook redo!

  As far as the suicide goes, anything is possible.I would look into the background of the supposed first witness and see if he is compromised. If there's a problem there, we all know how easily it is to compromise mason police forces, right? Which means it could be a coordinated op, could be. I was reminded of  the death of Dan Wallace, founder of "We are Change". A weird death in 2007 at 23 he dies of a heart attack, I believe. Then Luke Rudkowsky immediately takes over and seems to land all these coup interviews with folks like Kissinger and other elites right afterward and sort of seems like he was enabled though he does have a winning persona. He gets press passes evil .

Rudkowsky is a Zionist Jew, Libertarian and featured in this video a few times. With events like Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, 911, France, recently, the list goes on and doesn't stop, nothing should be assumed about this extremely odd occurrence. Read the Mossad motto people and get a clue! evil Also, studying Voltairre might convey who your master is ;) 

  Now, since we have defined this movie as a psyop on the goyim, is the suicide part of the psyop to wrench up public interest and belief in the threat this work poses against the powers that be and is it to help fan the flames of interest? Could be,sure  could. Watch these teasers especially the official teaser. It's got that  big bucks Illuminati smell to it!~Thoughts? teaser and film till they remove it below. (Also, the rough cut  movie)


11. In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, off position, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us.
Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions -
aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical - for so long, of course, as the constitution exists ....

Like the Indian idol "Vishnu" they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required.

When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion.

Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will, in fact, follow the flag which we hang out for them.

Teasers and Feature-Feature may be taken down!

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