Two Krypto Jews in the WN Community?

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an excerpt from Jewlie Knazi's post linked hereI thought I'd pull up two krypto Jews pushing white victimhood and race wars and out them as fake WNs. Julie (Jewlie) Mitchell is small time but my first op encounter from three years ago. Angelo Gage is someone who just caught my attention being pushed out and enabled by known infiltrators like Andrew Anglin. He has, like Jewlie, fairly obvious neanderthal features and brags about his hero worship of infomercial huckster Anthony Robbins and is a trained hypnotist.

 He caught my attention when he ranted on Muslims after the, 911 like, false flag in Paris and I asked at the time, "If it was 1940, would Angelo be calling for war with Hitler?" I AM POSTING THIS WITH THIS INTRO AND SOME PICS I TOOK FOR EVIDENCE.  I will likely update this with more corroboration later~  Slave

Both acknowledge Jew problems but what they both get excited about is showing bitter hatred for other goy which allows us to, after looking at their facial features and what they are bringing to the table, acknowledge these are Jew agents in here to  destroy the movement or make it dysfunctional while pretending to motivate it!

***Let's be clear, Angelo is performing "trailer trash" Anglin here for his audience and whenever, just like Stormer, he can score race-bashing points while ignoring Jewish subversion that created the turmoil, he will. He exhibits a supremacist attitude by looking at "facts" without looking at causes because it's convenient to the message his Jewish handlers want which is a message conducive to amping up animosities between goyim sub-cultures and distracting from the first cause, Jew. We live in a JWO or Jew World Order. We are taught to behave as Jews. We are undermined, all us goy,  at every step of the way,  when we try to hold onto something not Jewish approved. That's just a fucking fact. Angelo's here to keep us divided as are the folks that introduced us to Angelo and to accentuate goy bitterness. Have you not learned yet that goy distraction issues can't be solved with the Jew in control?  So why do your leaders pretend they can?***

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