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 The claim of this article is that a decision was made in the AFP (American Free Press) boardroom (or higher) to attack all of us in the Jew-wise community and beyond who continue to challenge the narrative of the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) regarding Sandy Hook.That the government narrative though long on real facts is to be trusted until or unless definitive irrefutable proof can be brought to light and, guess what, they don't acknowledge any of Jim Fetzer's and Company's proof worthy to examine!

     Johnny Appleseed's on the case!What you will see as you go down this article is  a linking list of well known disseminators enlisted in this psyop against our community.This will include mostly audios and perhaps some video of discussions , debates or "hit jobs" conducted by these folks. I have concluded that this behavior is so over the top yet status quo for JWO maneuvering that this  whole group involved are at a minimal deluded useful idiots, but, the more likely, onboard subverters masquerading as truth guides and leaders. Let the following videos and audios speak for themselves. It doesn't matter if Sandy Hook is two years old. What matters is that the people in on this psyop are here to wage more psyops on us and you need to know~! Yea, ya do!

We start at the top with an AFP broadcasted boardroom round table. Within this discussion, notice that there is a designated dissenter offering non-compelling arguments. Oh yeah, Fox News does that, right? Lol! Also notice that most if not all of those in this "trickle down economics" psyop are mentioned as  onboard such as D. Spingola, Mark Glenn, MC Piper and Keith Johnson.  This "conspiracy", if you will ,also brought Rodney Martin onboard. Funny thing about Rodney and Mark is they have similar arguments that lay out facts not to be disputed in their suppositions. I have quotes of them each addressing different audiences using similar mind control techniques. Perhaps you will see those quotes below.

sample comments @ the Martin-Spingola rag piece

AFP Editors Roundtable

 Piper-  Now let's get some trickle down psyops, shall we? Get ready to hear a blowhard, you figure out who

Date with a Debate: Mike Piper vs. Jim Fetzer and John Friend

Now, Mark Glenn, literally a former member of AFP and always close to MC  Piper who has been tied to AFP at the hip back to it's forechild "Spotlight" precursor. First an article by Glenn which is mild compared to his  rabid fixations on craziness he charges  his targets with and then a quote from a girl named Patti challenging Mark's behavior..Please be aware that Michael Collins Piper is a known homosexual and a drunk who has the habit of charging others with the same!evil. Mark has been quoted as denying this fact

Note on last night’s debate with Mike Piper ...Glenn op-ed

oh, mark Glenn will use any source if it serves his jewish masters

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory -Glenn post

What disturbs me more than Sandy Hook, however, is the reaction of Mark Glenn and the entire crew at the Ugly Truth, regarding this event. I really need to get this off my chest. How is it that every single radio host affiliated with TUT believed the official story? Why did they viciously attack those who did not believe it? The name-calling, ridicule, and smearing of all of us in the "Sandy Hook cult" was akin to Mark waging psychological warfare against his audience. According to Mark and his posse, we are "mental cases, kooks, nuts, crazies,the lunatic fringe, irrational, mentally deficient, a cult". He said " We don't have enough proof to even theorize" which is like saying give yourself a lobotomy. The natural flow of our minds is to speculate and theorize about events, whether personal or political. Mark said "people who are emotionally invested in a Sandy Hook conspiracy, it's like dealing with a 5 yr. old child." He said "We have to deal with unstable people who let their paranoia get the best of them".

I could go on and on listing the over-the-top condemnations against truthers simply for not believing the official story. The unexpected, bizarre behavior by Mark Glenn is what I cannot understand and am still reeling from. These are people I respected, admired, considered friends until I realized I never knew Mark Glenn at all.

Mark performed his own little psy-op against his audience and now tries to make the victims of his tirade into the victimizers. When he uses the term "Sandy Hook cult" I wonder whether TUT has become a cult with all participants orbiting around the messiah-god, Mark Glenn.

Unlike Mark's prediction that the truth movement will never get its credibility back due to us lunatics, I believe the truth movement is alive and well, stronger than ever. I have to admit, I am still traumatized by all of this.March 1, 2013 at 11:38 PM

Feel the flames!


“Sandy Hook happened…People died…The most likely culprit was a crazy kid named Adam Lanza. Get used to it, get over it. Sometimes things are what they are.” ~ Mark Glenn

“Again, let us ask ourselves the following question–When Foxman, Schumer, Dershowitz & co read articles such as this, what is their initial reaction?” ~ Mark Glenn

***********************************“Since when do you [= Mark Glenn] care about what the Jews will say? Your behavior makes no sense to me and is becoming bizarre. Who cares what Abe Foxman or any Jew says when we expose their lies?? Mark, you have no right to refer to us as “a bunch of irrational, unhinged lunatics”. Dr. Fetzer has every right to speculate on what might have happened at Sandy Hook. It’s normal for an investigator to look at a situation and begin to form theories, hypotheses, as to how the situation came about. Not all the theories are accurate but you keep testing different hypotheses.”

“It’s very important that when the govt. orchestrates psyops, we let them know immediately we do not believe a word they say. They have no legitimacy in our lives. The truthers have done a great service to humanity by exposing Sandy Hook while you Mark can only worry about what Foxman will say. Oh no, he may laugh at us. Since when do you care about what the Jews will say? Your behavior makes no sense to me and is becoming bizarre” ~ Patty

While Mark Glenn and MC Piper leaped into action immediately supporting the  government claims, Deanna Spingola initially thought she would get a pass but her masters apparently changed their minds and ordered her onto the frontlines one year later and poor Deanna just had to claim  it her conscious duty to get out and support all these poor victim's families.Oh yes, D.Spingola has a past with AFP and probably does have one still.She was mentioned often in that round table discussion by the AFP board, she was!

note, the MP3 where Spingola becomes a shrieking monster has been terminated I assume by Spingola

This video  displayed left may have been edited heavily to put the best face on Deanna, the original had a shrieking event conducted by Deanna. This is the problem with editing interviews and  having an agenda... Rodney Martin appeared with Deanna several times. I am having trouble locating this audio and I will enclose it whenI find it and  it is full of Jew-tactics to demonize the scrutiny of Sandy Hook with fake concerns about evidence and appearances and horrible effects to the victims families. Amazing stuff.... OK, I fucking found this and let me say the 2nd Deanna jumped on this Sandy Hook pysop against the resistance of the Sandy Hook psyop I saw the letters J-E-W  S-H-I-L-L across my mindscreen, just sayin and soon after that we have this bundle of joy. By the way,  I liked Deanna before all this, I wasn't looking for a fight, but I hate ops. Reading the comments under the broadcast is a must lol! 

now Rodney and Deanna

Rodney Martin-Deanna Spingola-Sandy Hook truther attack

  here's the promised comparison quotes between Glenn and martin. First Martin, "This was not a “Debate”. A Jewish False Front was exposed. Anytime someone on Friday says “The Jews did 911, then on Saturday talks Race & Hitler, then on Sunday and other days has Jews on their Show and cites Jews as sources, and says it never happened, it was all fake, no one hurt, blah, blah and also says (based on another Jew named Morris) that Black butchers did NOT murder a White soldier you have to ask just where the core principles are. You simply cannot agree with everyone and an Aryan cannot agree with a Jew on these matters, especially any Jew who attempts to tell us what to believe. Conspiracy Nuts are NOT Racial Nationalists, they, like Libertarians, will align with Non-Whites who agree with their theories, their Conspiracy Theories trump Race. Libertarians want open borders, Conspiracy Nuts want to live in the Twilight Zone. Jews see this and pounce on it as a way to spread disinformation, create confusion and keep us divided. Racial Nationalists have to kick these Conspiracy nuts out, they are a vessel for Jew infiltration. Yes, we did go to the moon, we went on Third Reich rocket technology. Yes, there are nuclear weapons, Yes, 911 happened, there were eye witnesses. 911 was the same type of CIA-Mossad operation as the USS Liberty, the difference, the Liberty stayed afloat and they had to abort that mission. This was all reinforced when one of the participants left the debate early and took to approving personal attacks and the posting of personal information on a fellow Aryan on his blog, which has since been removed after the damage was done." link (let's divide the goyim upevil)-Martin was mind controlling his base of racists in the above

Now Glenn,"


“Sandy Hook happened…People died…The most likely culprit was a crazy kid named Adam Lanza. Get used to it, get over it. Sometimes things are what they are.” ~ Mark Glenn

“Again, let us ask ourselves the following question–When Foxman, Schumer, Dershowitz & co read articles such as this, what is their initial reaction?” ~ Mark Glenn (what'll the Jews think, Mark? Lol!)

Did they go to the same psyop school?

Though this isn't a perfect comparison each likes to boldly claim facts that they imply are beyond contradiction and thus  why I wanted to bring this up

Also, please don't be fooled by psyop war fights where one group of co-opted leaders rags on another. Remember the Jewish end game  is controlling the thoughts of the opposition here and distractions and petty annoyances are great for that. Demonizing over trifles is cool too! evil Also, Jews will say anything to control the opposition for they control the MSM and neeed not fear any repercussions.They get control, no matter how, it's a win

Lol!evil on we go to Keith Johnson tied into the Ugly Truth Network of Mark, what will the Jews think, GlennOh shucks, they removed the debate did AFP, wonder why!evil I'm sure Keith did a wonderful job.

AFP’s Keith Johnson: “I’m a conspiracy theorist – but not on Sandy Hook!” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

If you listened to some of these audios you might ask yourself the question, "Why does AFP have such a dog in this fight?" These aren't open minded arguers looking for the truth, here, they have an agenda to sell the  no psyop for Sandy Hook narrative.We must ask ourselves why and who benefits by such efforts? Yes, they feign concern for the movement, but of course they would if they were undercover psyops! Wake up people! It's my belief that if folks like Kevin Barrett can challenge them personally rather than trying to be such  a good guy and so fair we might start intimidating them some when they go about pulling this shit. As it is now, it's only the proles forced to listen to the shillery that are outing their asses.The elites representing us on radio and in print are mostly quiet. (You do know most are co-opted don't ya?)

Sometimes I worry about Kevin Barrett-useful idiot to Glenn maybe?

Had enough trickle down yet? Well, we may trickle a few more tidbits after we post this article cause , TBH, we got a whole bunch of ammo, yep! I love it when the enemy shows us their cards but did any other goy see it that's willin to react. Not yet, shucks!........

After two defeats over Sandy Hook, AFP editor declines a third debate

I think the ref can call this un! Wasn't even a match.

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