For those of you that haven't seen the front page, I will restate a few basics- Two days after this article was posted, the significance of it being our attack on covert JWO  Ops masquerading as  Jew-wise Truth disseminating operations, my site was attacked viciously removing all my articles of note and making the site barely operatable. Lucky for me I had some safeguards in place and we have everything restored and this article is now being revised to include this sabatage. We had been loudly proclaiming the result findings found in this article to some of the folks actually involved that belong to, what we claim to be, the AFP covert network of seemingly independent sites that aren't. To the casual eye they are independent, but upon closer scrutiny and an examination of past ties mixed with current preoccupations and noting other sites they recommend,  we realized we had an ingrained cancer on our hands and "the patient"- our resistance movement or potential for one, must be warned. This article is an initiation of that warning that will grow louder in the coming weeks. More information below is enclosed and on the home page as of today, the 17th of January, 2015. Absorb it, understand it and utilize it and become a policeman for the anti-JWO! To be updated as necessary and expanded. "The World Conquerors" won't let up and a few goy might should think about pushing back

 In Honor of Our Subversive Agitants Pretending to be Our Voices of Dissent Against

 the Jewish Power Machines

evilEditors note-Changed the tone of the article and logic in midstream-forgiveevil

Hey Buckaroos, Blindlight is back and we are set to have an awesome time today. We're gonna do what I call a "fictional imagining" on this occasion where Jewish subversives are honored openly. This is about those great array of gallant men and women who infiltrate "love of humanity movements" to tamp them down, castrate their balls and disable them into the subservience of the Satan lover puppet masters, themselves. Those fine people who rule through constant, lies, deceits and made up facts. Ladys and gentlemen, I give you  the Jew dominators and squeezers of the goyim dumb fucks. This will be a kosher quality production of the best sort! wink

  A Jew preaching Freedom bullshit to the goy  We enter the auditorium where a great cluster of the most devious infiltrator warriors the Jewish mindset can produce are located. This is a first and may never occur again.We honor them, not for their bravery for there is no repercussions for getting caught. The goy have been trained to look the other way, dream dreams that are remote with no plan to enact them and expect the folks we honor to direct their attention this way and that. Doing the directing, those elite infiltrators are great at composing wonderful sounding schemes playing on the particular targets of the moment's weaknesses transforming "we the people" into all too willing accomplices for our own subversion and ultimate dire fate. Doesn't matter where, just direct it. Just keep the moo moo, cow-sheep, goy occupied and focus their hatred on each other as much as possible.

   So here we are walking into this beautiful place and just on our left we see Adam Kokesh wearing his latest con game tee shirt entitled "Freedom". He's proselitizing to some mezmerized goy sheep audience on all "freedom" can do for you and on Adam himself, the only one capable of bringing you that elusive freedom. The easiest start down that path, we find, is by purchasing a large array of Freedom products that only he offers. This guy is the stereotypical Jewish saleman and will do anything for a publicity hit which includes protesting for the right to drink diet coke in every family.

   His Freedom is great for jews because  jews don't exist whenever he talks about it. It's government, the nature of which has to be bad that is the problem, not, my friends, the Jew puppet masters behind the curtain that assure it is. Of course being the bosom buddies that they are and fellow jews, Luke Rudkowsky is in the next booth over selling folks on the idea of joining the grassroots corporate  operation he fronts called "We are Change".  Along with that he  has the great "We Are Change Jewniversity" that he advocates signing up for which totally wants to pass on "Stop the NWO" truth the "It ain't the Jews" way and of course is run, taught and directed by the chosen people who live through the art of lying and dagnabbit, we ain't supposed to know that!... He has a video about an interview he conducts with Femen protesters. Of course they are nude and shitting and pissing on the sidewalk in front of a Muslim place of worship with signs proclaiming Muslim female enslavement. Luke, wanting to blend in,too, is nude and after respectfully allowing them to take a dump,  he adds his glorious creation to the fold.Then you can see him running up and down the street yelling "With Jews you can't lose" 

Rudkowsky displaying his Polish roots or East European Jew 

over and over. This really is the well done quality we've come to expect from this immigrated Polish Jew libertarian. (Jews basically run the "Libertarian", all government is evil, psyop)To end, Luke wows the crowd with the pronounced reinsertion of his Ukranian born upbringing dialect that makes him seem like a foreigner and subtly but steadily this dialict morphs into one that is indistinguishable from any native born American's dialect. At the same time the Rudkowsky neon sign puffs into a truly kypto Jewish manifestion of McGill and now the crowd knows that he, a former Jew, is truly one with the goyim, the great Jewish con perpetuated throughout the millenium over and over to catch the goy off his guard. This cape to be dawned until the next Jewish unique persecution claim needs to be made and he morphs back into his real persecuted, Jew self but for now that Jewish swindling reputation  fully submerged and unseen in the person of Luke McGill. Awesome!@

  As we walk on down the hall, just up ahead we see the detour that takes us into the Jew wise resistance but before we get there we have a couple of the most popular bubble gum truther, subverters in the post 911 era in the name of  David Icke, and oh, there's his gay son Gareth, with a she-male on his arm and they are making a sign of Lucifer hand signal, how quaint. David, the proud dad pauses from his speil to those with a wad of gum in their mouths and performs a hidden hand salute to his son. It's great to see such family closeness. On the stage with David is the mother goddess who has given such powerful testimony on the child sacrifice reptilian takeover of David's imagined Rothschild Zionist English monarchy. That was certainly a powerful and compelling story that threw me off for about 6 months, lol!  It's great to relive it. David's a secret society member and therefore a highly trusted asset of the Jews whom must call upon their goy brothers on many occasions to obfuscate their evil deeds and David is, no doubt one of the best. 

 Icke and son are masons-link  What's also interesting to note is all those mentioned so far support the others  in a psyop niche of the movement mainly focused on wet behind the ears truthers who still believe the Official Conspiracy about WWII, why it happened, the Jew's unique persecution that can kill so many Jews while, at the same time, have population numbers actually growing and for that of course we have many goyim paying tribute to those high numbers that survived unscathed from the Nazi horrors claimed. As usual, the goyim don't even know the Jews are Jews cause they have been conned to think the Jews are just like them.Well done Jews! Because of this fact, the propaganda the Jews paint through their media comes across as "reality", not propaganda and so when you see the political spinner Jew make reference to "reality programming", his hosts don't understand that he's referring to his own tribal, perception control, not some unbiased  reality that it is portrayed as and those that easily "Moo" are herded in all areas of political life at the discretion of the Purim worshippers. All these folks and Alex Jones, in a minute, are for these 1/4 pill swallowers. They know about 911 but never realized it goes a bit deeper and David does spin a tale back into history, but it turns out evil aliens and 4th dimensional entities remove the Jew from culpability. It's fascinating. He'll almost quote the protocols verbatem and then slip out aliens or bloodline families for Jews, simply brilliant.

   This is why in David Icke's world, Hitler has to be a Rothschild and therefore a Rothschild agent. This then allows the Rothschilds to be a bloodline dynasty traversing back to the pharoahs, not a Jew, or if he is a Jew , we can ignore it, lol. It's unimportant! This also removes from scrutiny the  Jewish link to why there was a WWII in the first place. Invaluable work for the jews he does. ( Jews controlled the major countries known as the allies in England, the US and Russia. Germany, Italy and Japan were non-Jew controlled.  The goy nation, therefore, fought WWII in reality to enslave another goy nation and in reality all of Europe to the Jewish power apparatus. When you understand this it takes the lustre from the feel good memory of the supposed "noble" war we as Americans, undertook for  "freedom" and "democracy" but in reality, Jew rule..\

   Of course Jews had become so used to perpetual goyim slaughter event, wars by the end  that they had to invent a new hatred, communism against corporate usery capitalism. They forgot, once more to tell their subjects, that corporate usery capitalism enabled communism but these are certainly details not to concern the goyim with. 

   Finally! Alex, "the Arabs control Hollywood", Jones for your entertainment pleasure. What can I say, this mason has a beautiful Jewish wife and some great legally Jewish kids.  In the "Jewish Catechism", that I quote here a lot, this is why that fact is important:

Keep every step taken by influential and forward-looking Russians under a never-slackening control. Do not allow them to go off by themselves and unite. Do not permit any intimate, direct links to develop between them. Any contacts they have must be with us and through us. Therein lies information and influence. Do not permit them to discuss any problems without us being present. Where there are two Russians, there must be at least one Jew. Be omnipresent!If you do not succeed in blocking the young and forward-looking Russians and in preventing them from expressing themselves, make them manipulatable. Draw them into your groups, surround them with a strong Jewish presence, and deprive them of any contacts and acquaintances outside of your influence.

Do not be afraid: their children will be ours

Compel them to marry Jewesses, and only then give them a green light. Do not be afraid: their children will be ours whatever happens. Whoever the bull that jumped around may belong to, its calf will be ours. By helping such Russians, you are contributing to the cause of our Jewish community. From now on their wages is our national income. For the sake of their children, they will lose their "civil rights", their feelings and their intelligence, and in any case it will not be possible for them to be antisemitic.

Cohabitation with a Jewess is one way of attracting talented Russians into our sphere of influence
Cohabitation with a Jewess is one way of attracting talented Russians into our sphere of influence and interest. Marry the beautiful, healthy Russian women. Let them bear us healthy offspring and improve our race. Thus, every forward-looking Russian must be given a Jewish girl friend or boy friend. If every Russian helps one Jew to get better, we shall all be in a good shape.

We quote the catechism because we want our audience to get used to the premises it relates. It quickly teaches you what to look out for when dealing with the Jew mindset as regards to exploiting the goy

   Alex has a whole cadre of dis-info specialists and may be the biggest name  in alternative media as well for shepherding  straying goy, sheep back into the fold; enough so that they are easily managed in the  perpetual Jewish quest to gain full global control. Luke Rudkowsky, David Icke, Jessie Ventura. They are regularly invited on and  the shows are great cause you can actually see who is co-opted by who the guests are. He doesn't have  on folks that aren't controlled.

  Now we head into the Jewaware area and this is where I live and we at this website have over the last year uncovered several 90% probability cointel ops that are well known and  well trusted within these confines. This area includes outlets catering to WN- Christian Identity, white only concerns and superstitions. Then it also includes a more moderate Jew aware focus that is inclusive to varying degrees, compromising in many cases over White identity issues for shows of fake unity which the shills definitely are assigned to keep from happening and with a somewhat more elaborate structure, or maybe I'm just more aware of this side because I have no interest in  the WN-CI side of this area.  I spent, 1/2 a year in it and was basically sickened by the moronic intellect of this white victimhood pre-occupation crowd.  With that as a grounding, let's see whose next.

 Here, we have Mark Glenn. Maybe you can tell this narrative is gravitating back to reality a bit as I go over a few problematic items surrounding this well established alternative media personality. Mark Glenn came to my attention during the John Friend firing  (please read this article and the comments which are Juicy. I am Johnny Appleseed) that occurred I believe  in August of 2014 give or take a month.Clearly Piper is connected with AFP AS DEMONSTRATED BY THIS QUOTE PULLED FROM THE COMMENT LINK ABOVE:"

John FriendAugust 10, 2014 at 12:29 PM

Michael Collins Piper sent the following comment by email:


I'm giving you fair warning. 

Everybody on this list (along with some other people, including some big names that I don't think you would like to alienate) know full well that I was fired from AMERICAN FREE PRESS and was out of work with no pay for six weeks (even while I was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery—not a hoax, as you might suggest) and was then rehired. 

And I didn't even know that AFP was going to send you to Denmark. That's how much in the loop I was. Believe it or not, I told Mark Glenn tonight when I heard about it that, although I would have rather seen you beaten and whipped (Fetzer would probably enjoy doing that to you), you would have probably done a good job there. You are full of energy (though it's dangerous energy, I've come to realize, perhaps your way of exorcising your inner demons) and you have a certain superficial charm that is common to those of a sociopathic bent.

I am very much "out of the loop" at AFP and hardly in any position to do any damage to you. I am lucky to be getting a paycheck.

The very creative anonymous postings at your blog, endorsing your position and casting aspersions on me (and others) are entertaining reading for anyone who knows what I have been through, physically, financially, emotionally, professionally for the last year, beginning, not coincidentally, with your malicious attack on me in the company of your big fat floppy friend Jim Fetzer, which the inestimable Carolyn Yeager commented on quite accurately at the time. 

No, John, you didn't cause my grief, but I do get irritated with silly giggling and chirping like I heard coming from you and Jim Fetzer, who—he rushes to tell us—has been married twice. I know one old queen (Christopher Bollyn's chief counsel) who has been married five times.

I am quite computer ignorant so I am requesting that you publish this on your blog under my name. 

There's much more I could say, but I won't, but I am warning you: don't force me to really let loose on you. I may be down and out, and indeed I am, suffering from crippling foot pain (which you publicly scoffed at) and working with a heart that is barely working, but I am still full of a lot of angry energy and I would frankly be able to make fish-food out of you if I so desired.

Some day you and I need to chat about that correspondent of yours who used to be in prison. (Yes, I know all about him.)



  1. It's at once funny and sad how 54 year old MCP, never married no kids, living his adult life in the heart of GAY-DC, continues trying to deflect and project his own homosexuality onto whoever's on his shit list! 

    What's next; will MCP be projecting "Drunkard!!" accusations at his opponents?!

    Deflect & Project... soooo jewey!!"

Friend had signed on for, I believe, weekly articles to be posted at AFP or American Free Press. Friend posted the firing letter and clearly  it must have seemed weird to him to make it a public happening encouraging commenting and the like. I read between the lines of what was claimed as the reason and what  I felt pretty sure was the reason. 

   You see AFP, Deanna Spingola, Mark Glenn and his entourage at TUT or The Ugly Truth were all walking lock step on the Sandy Hook psyop case, all saying, "Nothing to see here, it happened as they said it happened, Adam Lanza was the killer, 20 children died. Anyone disagreeing with what we say is either working for Cass Sunnstein in an effort to make the resistance look like fools or simply 'Too stupid to live'". Now, I know people differ a lot and their reactions can cross the spectrum in variation.  Had Mark Glenn on his own with no one following him expressed these views, I would probably have shrugged it off as a personal human obsession that I disagreed with not only on whether the OCT was a lie but on whether Mark should make his analysis binding on others. However, there was policy at TUT to support the  Official narrative of the mainstream media. Spingola jumps on the band wagon and spins it like just out the blue she became interested in this a year after the event. She gave an elaborate presentation. She went into attack mode against VT's James Fetzer, John Friend and this guy named Wolf who was leading an investigation to uncover the truth. Wolf did something I would strongly urge valid truth seekers not to do. He went on Deanna Spingola who clearly had an agenda to invalidate Wolf. In the end, like Piper debating Fetzer, Deanna exposed herself as an agent by going psycho on Wolf at the 40 minute mark and  never letting him finish a thought. Folks, once you determine some elitist radio op is controlled, don't, for short term gain, use their facilities unless you are going on to do your own op for the people by exposing them. Even then, the confrontation is likely to be edited in favor of the host so bring your own tape, evil. Like in an MSM debate, political spin will proclaim victory by the losers  to those that can't think for themselves who will probably believe their hero,spinner.(by the way, AFP removed the radio link associated with this analysis I assume to make it harder to ascertain that  Glenn is a liar and a shill) Anyway, all these folks, Deanna, and Mark Glenn and MC Piper  have a strong association with Friend's former employment operation, AFP. Some facts about AFP as related by Christopher Bollyn:

from here

"As a person who worked at the Liberty Lobby and American Free Press, I have personal insight and experience with the people who run this operation.  To put it plainly:  American Free Presshas no integrity.  It is a controlled-opposition operation.Some people, wanting to believe in the American Free Press, will resist what I say.  American patriots, being honest people, will find it hard to believe that they have been deceived by a "patriotic" publication they believe in - and support.  They will ask themselves, why should I believe Bollyn?

I generally do not force my opinion on people.  I provide factual information to my readers and let them decide what is true and what is not.  Regarding AFP, I have informed my readers that the editor is a self-proclaimed "Satanist" and the lawyer-in-chief is Mark Lane, the smiling bastard who instigated the Jonestown massacre.  If good people, like the Catholic who wrote to AFP, want to believe in and support Satanists and instigators of mass murder, there is nothing I can do about it. 

When I started at the Liberty Lobby, on my first day at the office, the person who was responsible from bringing me on asked me to tell him who I thought was the agent.  Looking back, I should have told him, "I can only tell you who is not an agent - me."

I had seen how the editor of the supposedly anti-Semitic Barnes Review, a young lady named Jennifer White, understood spoken Hebrew.  I told my friend that she was most likely the agent.  Looking back I can see that almost all of the people were agents.

Michael Piper, for example, who openly toted a bag bearing the logo of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in Washington, is one of the key executives of AFP.  Piper was proud to brag about his Jewish ancestry.  The same Michael Piper happens to be one of the leading agents of disinformation about me, along with Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith.  These three agents have clearly spread malicious lies about me on the Internet.  Hufschmid and Smith are small change, but Piper is one of the people at AFP who was allowed to sign company checks.  He is clearly part of the core operation at AFP.  What does that fact tell us about this so-called "populist" operation?

At AFP, with my background in the Middle East, I was a very popular writer providing weekly reports on the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 and other subjects.  This is, after all, why I had been hired:  to provide a veneer of authentic credible reporting for a fraudulent operation.  At the end of 2005, however, the powers that run AFP decided to get rid of me.  I was sent on a wild goose chase in Venezuela to try and get money from Hugo Chavez and then trapped in Hoffman Estates, where a tactical unit connected to the federal government pounced on me in August 2006.  I was then criminalized and dragged through the corrupt Cook County court where I was found to have assaulted three heavily-armed undercover police and resisted their arrest.  To understand what this means I recommend reading about what happened to USMC veteran Brandon Raub of Virginia.

I had, however, seen early on that AFP was not a serious newspaper.  They had, for example, zero distribution in the nation's capital, where they were based. One could not even buy the paper in Trover's, the bookstore across the street from our office, or from the newspaper's own boxes at Union Station, the Pentagon, or the nearest tube stop.  The AFP newspaper boxes were not even being stocked with the paper.  When I pointed out these fundamental problems, I was directed to a person  who clearly could not have cared less.  This person, Steven Lombardo, is still on the staff of the paper as their "outreach" person despite the fact that he failed to distribute the paper in Washington, D.C.!  None of this made business sense and I soon came to realize that AFP is not run like a business or a newspaper.  While AFP was clearly not being run to grow and gain readers, it was constantly asking its readers to donate money.   

After I was attacked by a squad of undercover police at my home in August 2006, the AFP newspaper turned against me, even as it collected money for my legal defense.  The person who spearheaded the attacks against me was Michael Piper, a homosexual writer at American Free Press who brags about his Jewish ancestors.  Immediately after the police attack and TASERing, Piper and Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) ganged up on me to accuse me of "disloyalty" to American Free Press.  At the same time, Piper pressured Willis Carto to dis-invite me to AFP's annual dinner, which was scheduled for the first week in September.  The pre-planned police attack on me, the paper's star investigative journalist, would have been the big story at the Labor Day conference, and Piper was clearly tasked to prevent me from appearing at the conference.

Piper then began spreading vicious lies about me, although he actually began sabotaging my efforts already in 2001.  The malicious lies that Piper says about me are a form of disinformation.  The same tactic has been used against me by Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith.  All three have employed the same fundamental tactic used by disinformation agents:  Pose as a supporter of the truth (in this case the 9-11 truth movement) then make comments that discredit the movement.  Disinformation is a method to control how people think and feel about a person or a subject using a variety of techniques.   While disinformation is a subject that is often mentioned, it is not well understood by most people.  To get a grasp of the basic tactics of disinformation, I highly recommend the article by Brandon Smith, entitled "Disinformation:  How it Works".  Brandon Smith's article will help the reader recognize disinformation agents and avoid the confusion they spread about important subjects."

The fact that Friend with Fetzer continued to do broadcasts and opinion pieces on Sandy Hook caught their attention, at AFP, and I believe it was decided that John Friend was a liability who wouldn't take a strong hint not to go where he was not supposed to go. In the comments from the link above of Friend's firing, no one seems to get that the reason given wasn't the reason at all. Why do people take liars at face value? To expand further, the protocols of zion states that opposition must be led and controlled. Friend was not following script and AFP was a co-opted op for covert Jewish power, a third tier operation as stated in Protocol 12-11.

   AFP, I found in my research, reading stuff by Eric Hufschmidt, one of the earliest 911 truthers and Christopher Bollyn, has ties to a CIA op, Jewish man named Mark Layne. Mark Layne was the backer of AFP and the boss behind the scenes. As Chris tells it MC  Piper played an  intrinsic role with AFP and had a lot of cloudt and if they had it in for you they weren't above lying and making up facts intermixed in complicated legal jargon to confuse the goy. It was a fact, too, as far as Chris and Eric were concerned that Mark Glenn, who also worked at AFP was a Zionist or co-opted agent. It seems that since that time, though Mark has moved on and Piper  is still tied with the AFP network, they remain closely aligned which says to me that there's a network here. A network with a puppet master who is puppetted to the pyramid of power and dancing their tune in their policy determinations subtly laid out so distracted, trusting goy will remain clueless/ There was a debate on Sandy Hook between Piper and Fetzer and it became clear to me Piper had nothing to argue with in defense of the OCT except sentimental appeals to the welfare of the family's victims and just basically stuff any Jew op would focus on. Add to that on the day of Friend's firing letter being posted, this big fat piece of shit called Michael Collins Piper wrote a nasty email and told Friend to post it for him in the comment section as if he was too good to dirty his hands in the act of associating with the unwashed masses. He came off as a big bad bully and I grew an immediate dislike for the guy.

    When you find an op in your midst, you look at the network he operates in and look to see if they reinforce each other in their day to day operations. This whole network I have deemed as  a major infiltration disaster occurring in our movement since it is so big and used by so many in their day to day searching for information. The fact that they were all using the same strategy on folks pursuing this Sandy Hook story defined the behavior to be co-option. Already aware of the problem, it magnified right before my eyes with the realization and why this hobby horse I am riding ain't gonna be parked anytime soon. Plenty to see here folks, keep watchin!evil

When people deal day to day with known infiltrators they are conceding the idea that they will be lied to and for the good information these folks receive, they are willing to forgive the treasons committed in exchange or worse than that, are willing to re -evaluate whether they are an op or not. My belief is that this is so because stagnation and bad information has been part of this movement from day one and beyond mentioning it in a post from time to time, no one has made a concerted effort to scrub it out which in the end can't be done by one person and must be done through awareness and education to the need for it.. No resistance can thrive with this sort of attitude. You have to have a good balanced solid foundation of folks striving for the same things and you can't be wondering why this guy is saying this or that for and wondering if it's to be believed. Getting it wrong but doing your best is human, lying intentionally is treason. We can't have comrades lying intentionally to aide the opposition.

 Mark Glenn when I googled TUT  and Sandy Hook has a need to address as editor every post he allows that  disagrees with his stance. In other words if he doesn't have a good answer to the charge, it isn't posted. It's clearly an operation serving an agenda and not an agenda for the people because I repeat, one can disagree on what they think about Sandy Hook but there can be no disagreement that the government is holding information back.  So to see Glenn ridicule those that  pursue  alternative ways to get results is problematic and a "red flag".

notice TUT give credance and importance to the ADL over the Sandy Hook issue, lol and lol

this is perhaps the best quote I have seen over the outrageous behavior exhibited by TUT and through extension, the others:

What disturbs me more than Sandy Hook, however, is the reaction of Mark Glenn and the entire crew at the Ugly Truth, regarding this event. I really need to get this off my chest. How is it that every single radio host affiliated with TUT believed the official story? Why did they viciously attack those who did not believe it? The name-calling, ridicule, and smearing of all of us in the "Sandy Hook cult" was akin to Mark waging psychological warfare against his audience. According to Mark and his posse, we are "mental cases, kooks, nuts, crazies,the lunatic fringe, irrational, mentally deficient, a cult". He said " We don't have enough proof to even theorize" which is like saying give yourself a lobotomy. The natural flow of our minds is to speculate and theorize about events, whether personal or political. Mark said "people who are emotionally invested in a Sandy Hook conspiracy, it's like dealing with a 5 yr. old child." He said "We have to deal with unstable people who let their paranoia get the best of them".

I could go on and on listing the over-the-top condemnations against truthers simply for not believing the official story. The unexpected, bizarre behavior by Mark Glenn is what I cannot understand and am still reeling from. These are people I respected, admired, considered friends until I realized I never knew Mark Glenn at all.

Mark performed his own little psy-op against his audience and now tries to make the victims of his tirade into the victimizers. When he uses the term "Sandy Hook cult" I wonder whether TUT has become a cult with all participants orbiting around the messiah-god, Mark Glenn.

Unlike Mark's prediction that the truth movement will never get its credibility back due to us lunatics, I believe the truth movement is alive and well, stronger than ever. 

I have to admit, I am still traumatized by all of this.

{Editor's note- even with this insight,Patty behaves like a trusting goy. I wonder if the across the board AFP- OP integration would have brought he to her senses on that? Don't get me wrong, being a trusting goy is great but not when you are being played by the Jews}

March 1, 2013 at 11:38 PM

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your post!! I completely agree with you and actually tried to agree with one of your comments posted at theuglytruth, but Mark Glenn refused to post it (and I said nothing offensive or rude in my comment). Truth be told, I basically stopped listening to Mark Glenn and the Ugly Half-Truth crowd before Sandy Hook even occurred b/c I was sick of how they handled other obvious false flag shootings, like the Giffords/Roll shooting (Wayne Madsen reported it was a govt. hit b/c Giffords/Roll were trying to stop drug trafficking/guns going across the AZ/Mexico border), the Sikh Temple shooting (witnesses reported MULTIPLE shooters), and the Batman/Aurora shooting. Mark Glenn's behavior around the Sandy Hook incident is HIGHLY SUSPECT in my opinion. 

And I have to agree w/you--I also think the truth movement is stronger than ever. In fact, I believe that TPTB did such a horrible job w/Sandy Hook that many people who were not previously politically aware or onto the false flags, were able to wake up to this one. 

Also, Patty, I wanted to let you know that there are a number of people who listen to shows posted at who feel the same way about Glenn, Piper, and the rest of the TUT crowd. Also, many over there are aware of your brave call to Truth Militia, when you defended ZCF and were treated horribly. Anyway, if you ever stop by grizzom, I'm sure you'll find many of us in the chatroom are in agreement with your take on things!


March 4, 2013 at 5:26 PM

Patty said...

Hi Amanda!! Thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate it. I don't think TUT is a sleeper cell or the people involved, shills, but the fact that people are thinking this way is very significant. It means there has been a complete breakdown of trust between many people and TUT, a trust that can never be restored for many of us.

Personally, I don't care if Mark and his posse believe the official story. We are human and prone to mistakes. It is Mark's seething contempt for people with a different viewpoint that shocked me. That contempt continues to this very day. He cannot even temper his derisive ridicule. It just flows out of him uncontrollably. Some may have concluded he was a shill because of his bizarre behavior. I wondered whether he suffered from multiple personalities or an undiagnosed brain tumor or parasite.

I thought Rich and Keith's show on Truth Militia Radio might have promise when I first started listening to them but now I think they are crude, mean-spirited, nasty low lifes. A real dead end for whites but perfect for morally challenged whiners. Someday we're going to find out a lot of these characters, especially Mike Delaney, are actually FBI informants, like Hal Turner.

Life is terribly entertaining with all the intrigue.(Editor's note- I believe Patty is unaware of the multiple operative coordination here and thus her leniency as to Mark's intentions while condemning his behavior)

March 6, 2013 at 11:02 PM


A J MacDonald Jr said...

I agree with Patty: Glenn is running a pyop on his listeners. 

I've written an article about this here:

glenn dumps duff

Gordon Duff

Gordon Duff

Interestingly enough, there’s been a split in the “Israel ALONE did 9/11″ 911 Half “Truth” Movement: Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth WordPress and The Ugly Truth Radio Network has dumped Gordon Duff of Veterans Today because Duff wrote an article which pins the blame for the shootings on Israel.

TUT posted an article by former CIA Philip Giraldi wherein he parrots the MSM line, which is quite a discrepancy indeed and which I find very interesting...source

I suspect Glenn and TUT is ADL.!!!!!!evil-A J MacDonald Jr

 ***the point being to all of this focus is that removing the  hypnotic powers of operations like this where misdirection is  occurring to aide the enemy  is absolutely critical to any legitimate resistance that fights the powers that be.

 this from  Christopher Bolyn: 

Piper and Makufka (a.k.a. Thorn) work for a newspaper called American Free Press, where I worked as an independent contractor (since the fall of 2001) after being hired in the spring of 2000. AFP claims to be an employee-owned newspaper, which is a deception meant to fool readers. AFP has no assets to own. Everything of value associated with the Liberty Lobby and American Free Press is held by a host of shell companies with names like "The Committee to Expose Bunk", which issued my paychecks, for example. Michael Piper is one of the people allowed to sign checks from these entities.

The person who is the mastermind of the shell game involving the assets of the Liberty Lobby is Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer who played a crucial role in the massacre at Jonestown, Guyana.

Mark Lane was present at Jonestown during the massacre.

He is considered to have played a key role in provoking the massacre by playing on the fears of Jim 
Jones. How odd that Lane became the lawyer, and then owner of the Liberty Lobby several years later.

Lane has been the lawyer of the Liberty Lobby since the mid-1980s and received some $5 million in legal fees, according to a veteran Liberty Lobby insider. Lane, who served in U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany at the end of the war, acquired the assets of the Liberty Lobby in 1993 or 1994, 

according to L.T. Patterson (owner of Criminal Politics), who discovered this fact during a court process in which Lane was suing Patterson.

Who does Lane work for?

Lane must work for the C.I.A. Having worked for Army Intelligence in the mid-1940s, it stands to reason that Lane became one of the head honchos in the Jewish intelligence cabal in Army Intelligence that became the C.I.A. in 1949. This would explain Lane's role in his writings on the Warren Report, the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, Jonestown, and the so-called patriot movement at the Liberty Lobby.

Conclusion-AFP is tied to the hip of MC Piper and Mark Glenn and Deanna Spingola and are all co-opted!


Epilogue concerning Zander-BarandonFuerza-Martinez and the "disappeared" Veronikha K Clark

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