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A week ago I stumbled into two videos that were supposedly outing shills. I am familiar with the video creater and he may have some issues as well. One of the videos was a summary of all his reasons why he thought JAM or John Alan Martinson was an op. He exposed various sides to Martinson's character and displayed him as an exploiter of sorts.

I was all in on accepting much of what he claimed but in reviewing some of his work,once more, and, TBH, I haven't even seen "Missing Links" which is Martinson's creation, I decided to simply present various facts, pros and cons. One of the first things Martinson told me and he mentions it a lot in his videos, is that he is a satanist.

Video link-click the pic

While I was studying an AKA of David Myatt's awhile back in the name of Anton Long,  I came upon some of the basic outlook of satanists and in this video, above,  Martinson actually refers to "Mundanes".  This is a term for all those people satanists look upon as ripe and fair game for exploitation. I formed the analogy that  it was equivalent, more-less, to the way Jews look upon goyim (you may recall that I refer to Judaism as a secret society.Obviously, satanism is a secret society as well) In the eyes of satanists, it is ok to exploit or even kill a "Mundane" since in their eyes, they do nothing worth while and often deserve to die (again, this reminds me of Jews and goyim). In Long's satanic sect a Mundane was given a test to see if he deserved to die. He wasn't notified it was a test but if he failed then an elaborate plan went into execution to kill the  Mundane in such a way as to escape without being found out. All this, again, is very similar to Jewish behavior.

In my mind,  this then made me aware that Martinson with his casual use of the term and his video clip calling them useless cattle, could have included in his personality some irreconcilable differences with any good movement to resist tyranny. This satanist mindset makes him ripe for co-option to the Jew and it is a fact that most cults serve the JWO.

Along this same train of thought, later in this thirty minute video, he is using a different pseudonym and appealing to a black audience and teaching ways to  be a success and  this is basically a Jewish program he's handing out. So there are contradictions there, unappealing to have in a good strong moral leader. 

AS eulogizes Martinson's announced retirement four years after entering the movement at 31

Martinson entered the movement in 2007 at twenty-seven and by the end of 2009, I believe, he had produced "Missing Links" currently in the possession of  one Mike DeLaney. By the age of 18 he was dabbling with satanism. Then, in the year 2011, before I had the pleasure to make his acquaintance, he announced he was quitting, half complaining that he was in abject poverty and targeted by Jews wherever he went. He renounced all his videos and asked people to please remove them from his sites so one day he might be able to find a job.

 A lot of people at the time thought this was immature and proved a character flaw residing in his nature. Then you add in the video rants about selfish people not funding his sites and videos and that's a pretty easy point to make.

Below the above, to the side, article, in comments,  some interesting pros and cons were made and even Mike DeLaney made an appearance to make sure to point out that because Mike used his real name, he was better than anyone else in the room (Of course, there is nothing brave about an op using his real name since he knows he's protected and that's not saying Mike's an op but it always makes me concerned when people harp on this subject).

Another concerning area i was not aware of from the video above, is an episode where John seems to be linked with a militia group targeted by the feds. It is implied that John was an infiltrator. These are all concerning but why I am not taking a public stance on Martinson pro or con is because the quality of his work, his extremely, to the point, naming the Jew and done in the highest of intellectual fashions. It seems he still carries on with these mantras for I located some posts of his going back to this summer and present them for your knowledge base:

The Khazar theory is a shell game that doesn't have a leg to stand on. Here are a few points for your consideration:
The Khazar theory was initially promoted by the Jew.
The Khazar theory is currently promoted by the Jew.
The Jew was a problem in history well before the so-called Khazar conversion.
The Talmud was written before the supposed Khazar conversion. The Jew is not a product of this filth, the filth is a product of it. The Jew is not a product of converting to a despicable religion, the despicable religion is a product of a despicable race.
Out of the three key bloodlines of the Jew (Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardic), all three are a problem. Those who claim "it's the Khazar/Ashkenazi" are a problem are participating in a shell game in which "it's some Jews" or "the false Jews" that are a problem, but magically it isn't other Jews, regardless of what history records.
DNA tests do not support the Khazar theory.
So if the Jew was a problem in history before the supposed Khazar conversion, even if we believe the Khazar shell game, it still remains that: the Jew is everywhere—in all places and all times—a problem.
I refer the reader to Rethinking the Khazar Theory by Dr. David Duke. Naturally, I am not a supporter of Dr. Duke, but he has done an exceptional job of exploding this nonsense. Isn't it "strange" that Henry Makow, a Jew, is attacking Dr. Duke's thesis? No, it isn't strange at all. . .the Jew is a race—period!
No, it isn't Zionism, Khazars, "some Jews," etc., the problem is the Jew! It has ALWAYS been the Jew. Until the softhearted easily duped goyim can rap their head around this fact, they will get nowhere. Of course, they will not, which is why we must have absolute monarchy or dictatorship of some kind, because those that know the facts must command those that think they know the facts or otherwise are too softhearted to solve the problem. The Jew knows this, which is why it and its Freemasons are the killers of kings and dictators.
"A warrior's strength is his readiness to die. His willingness to fight to the death comes from his devotion to justice. His devotion to justice is the natural extension of inner dignity. Dignity and justice are the source of ultimate strength." - Unknown
John Alan Martinson, Jr.
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Matt Boylan: The Jew Apologist Shill
Jul 14, 2015 at 8:46pm QuotePost Options Post by John Alan Martinson, Jr. on Jul 14, 2015 at 8:46pm
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Jul 14, 2015 at 8:26pm icarus15 said:
John, it seems you perfectly described the physical appearance of an unweathly native Indian family that lives down the street from me.
"Curiously" in the movement against Jewish Supremacy, any statements that the Jew is a race are among the most strongly attacked. The Jew and its cohorts will simply avoid the evidence, ignore the open statements from the Jew stating that it is a race and proceed to confuse the goyim. The Jew is a race.
"Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race." - Rabbi Stephen Wise
"The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species." - Rabbi Schneerson
I could go on and on, but I suspect the shabbos goys and crypto-Jews here will soon see me banned for daring to try to awaken the goyim to the truth about this despicable abomination.
"A warrior's strength is his readiness to die. His willingness to fight to the death comes from his devotion to justice. His devotion to justice is the natural extension of inner dignity. Dignity and justice are the source of ultimate strength." - Unknown
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Matt Boylan: The Jew Apologist Shill
Jul 14, 2015 at 8:12pm QuotePost Options Post by John Alan Martinson, Jr. on Jul 14, 2015 at 8:12pm
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Jul 14, 2015 at 12:39am Admin said:
Ohh, I like this guy, welcome to the forum John! :) (Judaism is a religion which masquerades as a race though, it is NOT an actual race, but more of a psychopath supremacist tribe bound by religious oath)
The Jew is a race. This is everywhere admitted by it. There are also some unavoidable problems in claiming it is not a race:
A religion cannot give you certain features. There is no such thing as a Hindu or Catholic nose or a Protestant-fro, but there is such a thing as a Jewish nose, "Jew fro," etc. Naturally, not every Jew has these features, but this comes as a product of their blood mixture with Gentiles.
There are numerous genetic diseases specific to the Jew. A religion cannot give you a specific genetic disease.
The Jew scoffs at a Gentile that converts to Judaism. Why? Because it is impossible to convert to a race. A non-Jew cannot become a Jew by conversion anymore than an African can become a European by bleaching his skin.
Jewish genetics can be traced. There is no such thing as someone finding out they're part Buddhist by doing a DNA test through, or other such websites.
The Jew openly states that one can only be a Jew by being born to a Jewish mother. This quite possibly has to do with mitochondrial DNA.
The Jew has repeatedly admitted "Jew" means a race.
You should note the foreheads of many Jews are slanted like the skulls of a so-called Neanderthal. Flat Earther, Stars are Souls claims the Neanderthal is a fabrication, but that is irrelevant to clearly seeing that the Jew has common features that run throughout its bloodline.
I defy anyone to Google Image search a picture of Larry King or other very "Jewish-looking" Jews, examine the profile of each of these things and come back claiming that their religion gives them an interesting skull structure.
In your service,
"A warrior's strength is his readiness to die. His willingness to fight to the death comes from his devotion to justice. His devotion to justice is the natural extension of inner dignity. Dignity and justice are the source of ultimate strength." - Unknown
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Jul 13, 2015 at 8:31pm thinkforyourself, lizardking and 3 more like this. QuotePost Options Post by John Alan Martinson, Jr. on Jul 13, 2015 at 8:31pm
The only documentary—to my knowledge—that points the finger directly at the Jew, as being responsible for the events of September 11, 2001, is Missing Links, which I co-created with Michael Delaney. We offer two hours of irrefutable evidence, whereas others avoid the connection to the Jew. Alex Jones is married to the Jew, Violet Nichols. Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame is a Jew so he isn't going to tell you the truth. Rick Siegel is a Jew and nephew of the Jew gangster, "Bugsy" Siegel so his documentary 9/11 Eyewitness doesn't mention the Jew either. Funny that Abraham Zapruder just-so-happened to be in a position to catch the assassination of JFK on film, and Rick Siegel just-so-happened to be in an excellent position to capture some excellent 9/11 footage on video.
The list of Jews and shills involved in the 9/11 "truth" movement goes on and on and on. . .

"A warrior's strength is his readiness to die. His willingness to fight to the death comes from his devotion to justice. His devotion to justice is the natural extension of inner dignity. Dignity and justice are the source of ultimate strength." - Unknown
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Matt Boylan: The Jew Apologist Shill
Jul 13, 2015 at 6:34pm Admin, hiilikeourbeard and 8 more like this. QuotePost Options Post by John Alan Martinson, Jr. on Jul 13, 2015 at 6:34pm
Mark Sargent is now distancing himself from Eric because Eric can't seem to keep his mouth shut about the vile Jew. Bravo Eric!
As for Matt Boylan, my comments to him are as follows:
Apart from the disloyal, there's one thing I hate more than a coward, and that's someone who misleads the people. Matthew, your little "it's the Jesuits" and "I'm not an anti-Semite" lapdog game exposes you for the shill you are. The Jesuits did not take down the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Building 7—the Jew did (as detailed in my documentary Missing Links - The Jesuits did not attack the USS Liberty and murder 34 Americans and wound 174 others, or protest the opening of the USS Liberty Memorial Museum—the Jew did (visit the official website of the USS Liberty). The Jesuits did not order that the Red Army should rape German woman and little girls during World War II—the Jew did (simply research the Jew, Ilya Ehrenburg and read Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich_). The Jesuits are not behind concealing the Jewish Mafia by propping up the myth of some powerful Italian Mafia—the Jew is (research the names and faces behind organized crime, the "White Slave Trade," the sex slave trade of women and little girls, the names and faces of the so-called "Russian Mob," which is headed by Jews). The Jesuits do not own the media—the Jew does (simply look up the names behind the media, Hollywood, newspapers, etc). The Jesuits did not own the slave ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade—the Jew did (read The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews which exclusively uses the statements of Jewish historians to prove its case). The Jesuits do not control the porn industry—the Jew does (the two largest credit card processors for internet porn are based in the Jewish State of Israel, to say nothing of the number of Jewish porn "actors" and "actresses" and the Jews that own the porn production companies). The Jesuits are not behind almost ever single gun control law—the Jew is (research the names and faces behind the gun control laws and read "Jewish Gun Grabbers"). The Jesuits are not the cornerstone of the abortion industry—the Jew is (read Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter). The Jesuits are not murdering their way through Palestine—the Jew is. The Jesuits were not behind the Armenian Genocide—the Jew was (again, do your homework). The Jesuits did not starve to death over one-million unarmed German POWs—the Jew did (research "Eisenhower's Death Camps"). The Jesuits are not behind trying to legalize pedophilia—the Jew is (research the names and look at the faces behind organizations intent on decriminalizing pedophilia). The Jesuits do not practice sucking blood off of the mutilated penis of an infant—the Jew does (research "metzitzah"). I could go on for days. You are a disinformation junkie who doesn't have the first clue about what is really going on. . .or you otherwise don't have the SACK to tell the whole truth. Which is it?
Matt then responded that it's the Jesuits, not the Jew. I replied:
It's amazing how quickly someone comes to the defense of a thing that practices sucking the blood off a mutilated infants penis (any halfwit can look up "metzitzah" and even see right here on YouTube a rabbi defending this vile practice), that promotes pedophilia and all manner of filth and degeneracy, that murders Palestinian children and celebrates infanticide like its petty human-hating god; a thing that's very ideology is supremacist—that says it is better than you because it is Chosen of some entity that despises the unity of the human species. Apparently Bobby Fischer wasted his breath trying to open the eyes of humanity. . .and all others who have spoken about the malevolence of this thing well before it assisted so greatly in concealing the flat earth from the whole of the world. You are a despicable guardian of child molesters, promoters of abortion, gun control, pornography, international bankers, baby killers, liars, deceivers, plagiarists, manipulators, media and mind controllers—and you are a defender of a den of vipers. May the true God see you suffer the same fate at this abomination that has plagued humanity for untold centuries.
Matt then stated that I'm merely citing the crimes of Orthodox Judaism and I am falling into a Jesuit trap that is designed to blame the Jew for everything. I replied:
I said nothing about Judaism. I spoke of the Jew—and to be a Jew is to be a member of a race, as this thing everywhere admits; however, I know the works of the Jew, I have heard its speech, read its works, and I have been extensively harassed by this thing walking among the nations of men. Perhaps you should read 1996 by Gloria Naylor—the famous African American author—who underwent gaslighting harassment from the Jew, as I have. Perhaps you should read The Jewish Onslaught by Professor Tony Martin, and read what it did to him. Perhaps you should watch Classified X and open your eyes to see the racism it has leveled upon the the African by way of controlling Hollywood. Perhaps you should dive into what other races have to say about the pains it has brought to their people. Certainly, you will not read or listen to what the Africans have to say, because I detected your snide comments about your brothers who bleed the same as you. No, you will serve your master and you will help it mislead the nations of men. You have become the golem—a thing given voice by a rabbinical sorcerer to protect the Jew. By its deeds it can be identified and the fruits of its vile works can be seen everywhere.
Finally, to his statements about an infinite plane and an agenda to keep us believing we are in a dome/prison, I responded:
Regardless of whatever you believe the Enemy to be, if you understood warfare then you would have men see a wall. Why? Because, as Sun Tzu has taught us: the best ground to fight upon is death ground. Then men will become tigers and the Enemy will be defeated once and for all. All war is based upon deception. If these vermin knew the true God, they would fear Him.

Are we in a dome that we cannot escape? Yes? Good! Then these vile things can't escape either. One day soon we will take the fight to the Enemy and we will fight upon death ground—real or imagined. One day soon. . .


****Intellectually, a very impressive guy and thirty-five years old and burned out? Since 2011, he has minorly shown his face but not stayed around long. Interestingly, like Martinson's renunciation, David Myatt, renounced all his previous writings in 2011. Again, Myatt has satanist and NS roots as well as a stint with Islam. Check here for some interesting tidbits where even Michael Aquino ways in about Myatt.

I have never heard JAM refer to Myatt but I have heard the folks do so in glowing terms and JAM was close to those folks (See adjacent).

Another interesting possibility is that both Martinson's grandparents on his father's side were Jewish. This is speculative because I do not know if the guy that claimed this had accurate information:

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2009


His grandmother on his 'white' father's side is JEWISH:

 Dev Samael Daval (JAM) was born in Toledo, OH to John Alan Martinson Sr. and Joan Alice Martinson (Johns). His father is of European (SwedishFrench) ancestry, while his mother is of Black African and European descent. (Metapedia)

Both grandparents are famous if they are his. You can get wikipedias for both of them.

Like I said, his eloquence, that I have seen no one in the truth movement come close to, wins you over if you like someone that outs Jews and doesn't sound like they hate everyone else in the world as well that isn't white (Martinson seems to be 1/4 black)

So watch the videos, guys and  as usual, expect this article updated over the next forty-eight hours or so.

MK Slave....... 10/28/15

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