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Sunday, February 15, 2015 17:51

The Most Dangerous Negro

We’ve all heard it – at least us white people who do not live in fear of speaking the truth about the wicked, horrible, blood thirsty negroid simian beasts.  Those of us who have no fear of speaking the truth in reference to the true savage nature of the vast majority of the CLEARLY (and scientifically proven) non-human, negroid simian species are all too familiar with the ignorant contention “But I know a nice black guy,” or “But there are good black people.”

(Jewlie's "Hate fest" page for scrutiny)

(notice, unlike Jews who never link to sites that are a real threat because they rule by ignorance, I prefer to link the sites that are because we shed their ilk through "awareness".)

 When I hear those words spoken from the average white skinned drone it makes me just want to bitch slap him or her.  And they certainly deserve and need it.  If I can wake up to the true facts of the negroid simian beasts after almost 50 years, I expect the same from ALL White Americans, former libtard and negroid defender or not. 
***Jewlie bares all the signs of an agent provocateur. Her picture denotes Her Ashkinazie blood roots, her depiction as evil, both, the Indian and the Negroid races in extremely blatant terms has helped me determine that it is people like her scattered through the movement since the end of WWII that has made this type of language accepted and commonly enunciated among susceptible whites.
Why, what better way to distract from the true demon, Jew elites than to give them, easier to see, "fake" threats that are actually more close-by or in their own neighborhoods and more reachable than the harder to reach elite first actor Jews. I outed her as an agent provocateur when I caught her changing assignments and thus advocacy positions, in a short span of time, three years ago. Her subsequent lying about me and her reactions to my questioning affirmed my suspicions. She has been redrawn to my attention because her name keeps reappearing in positive terms  at "The Renegade Tribune". I, therefore, decided it was worth my time to resurrect her memory and to put out a warning on her***
On Twitter the “decent” negroids are referred to as “magic niggers.”  A “magic nigger” is a negroid that can hold a job, or do something else useful, “rap” and “hip hop” NOT being included in “something useful,” nor would be the negroid spastic epileptic monkey looking activity referred to as “twerking,” of which anyone willing to do the research can find plenty of examples online where the beastly simian females post the videos themselves, often in the act of teaching a female simian child as young as 2 or 3 to do it.  The so called “decent negro,” as I have said so many times before, is a virtual anomaly when compared to the vast, vast majority of the species, an extreme exception to the rule, and the “decent negro” or “nice black guy” damn well knows it.  Anyone who denies this visible fact is open to a charge of dishonesty.  I am simply not willing to lie down for the destruction of our white civilization, nations, and culture at the hands of the black plague for the sake of the occasional rare and deceptively decent negroid simian beast.  Not on your life.
The “decent” negroes tend to be the negroids who have themselves fled the crime, violence and utter savagery, filth, and degradation that comes with living among the simians.  They are scattered throughout the United States in small, all white towns, holding “affirmative action” government jobs such as caring for the lawns of the small, local, U.S. Post Offices., like the one “magic nigger” in the very rural and sparsely populated area I currently reside in.  There is no way anyone other than a white person should have been given that job, given the fact that he and his wife are the only negroids around here, and I don’t know how long he’s had the job, but I am certain that the jew occupied government didn’t use “affirmative action” as a specific tool with which to insert these deceptively “decent” negroid simian beasts into and among the white population, just as the Jews in control of the U.S. are using the census to find negroid free areas of America, and then they send out their agents to buy up property and impost the raping and murderous negroids upon stable, wholesome, White America.   This particular “magic nigger” came from Chicago, and I would lay you a thousand to one odds he followed that federal job to come here. 
***I'd offer comments along the way here, but she's so over the top, you are either going to "get it" or you won't. Jews want us fighting each other rather than unifying. Hitler united the white people of all classes to take power in Germany. We have a more difficult task, ninety years later and it must be a world resistance to Jewish power. We will meet many non-whites as enemies as well as whites. The key is are they Jew-aware or are they following after someone who is Jew-aware and resisting. Needless harping on the white man's condition or the evil of other gentile races is but a recipe for bickering and division. You either get that or you don't or if conflicted, mull on it awhile. Read, learn and call-out people like this. Silence is a win for them as they continue to bullshit us***
This particular “decent” negro, who has without question brainwashed this small, white community of only 300 whites to believe that the negroes “aren’t so bad” and are really “just like us,” is, as previously mentioned, from Chicago, a former “Teamster” who claims (according to the local white people I have spoken with) to have fled Chicago because it was so dangerous due to all the “crime.”  When I hear this it makes my blood literally boil, because this “magic nigger” damn well knows it is his fellow negroid simian beasts who are responsible for the danger one faces in Chicago and many other formerly great white American cities, Detroit being another prime example (see The Ruins of Detroit at  And yet this truth will never leave his mouth and be spoken to these unknowing, programmed, brainwashed white sheep living alongside him here.   Like the jew who will never point the finger of guilt at his or her fellow jews, neither will the negro even ACKNOWLEDGE (much less apply guilt to his species) the utter savage and murderous nature of his or her fellow simians.  This is how the Jews in control of all our white nations are using the negroid simian beasts to defeat our cause as white nationalists, denying us our right to live free of the racial violence that this species of ape is perpetrating upon our people in all of our white nations in an epidemic of racial violence, rape, and murder that is COMPLETELY CENSORED by the Jew owned media.  It is a pattern of deception that is working beautifully for the Chosenites (not) in their ongoing extermination of the white race.  
***Editor's note-here's "Jew think" for you. Just as I am about to agree with this statement. here:
"An entire race/species of people is not nearly so difficult to exterminate when the Jews can get them to kill each other, as opposed to the real enemy, which is the enemy Jew and its non-white weapons of mass destruction, the “multikult” used by the enemy Jew to destroy every great White civilization in history, as is well documented."
she commits 'Jew-think' on us and again, expecting you not to see her slight of hand. I see Andrew doing the same thing. In that quote she points out that killing each other helps to exterminate us for the Jew but then spoils that insight, to the aware, by lumping "each other"  with the Jew enemy. When she says "the real enemy and it's non-white weapons" she just totally undercut her previous statement of, ""An entire race/species of people is not nearly so difficult to exterminate when the Jews can get them to kill each other" Do you see it goy? She slight of handed ya. This quote is taken from another of her articles. On the one hand she tells you not to get distracted from the real enemy and on the next hand she claims every other race is part of the Jew enemy. Wake up goy! It's not about race goy, it's about being Jew-wise. Hitler knew! Why is it not about race? Because half the white race or more is working for the Jew.  They would be fighting us but by this "simple Jew math" that doesn't add up, she is reinforcing that  fighting the Jew is as black and white as getting into race wars*** source
The “decent” negro is kind of like the scam artist who befriends a person and gains their trust through the handling of small amounts of money, and once that trust is secured steals an enormous amount from the trusting victim, except in the case of the “decent negro” the fait accompli is a false belief engendered among trusting whites in reference to the rest of his species, followed by the malicious insertion of huge numbers of his species of savages that set about committing violent crimes against the indigenous white population, and for no other reason than that they are white.  Once this false belief has become part and parcel of their (unknowing whites) belief system they become virtually unreachable to awakened whites, and they will LITERALLY join with the non-human beasts in their efforts to intimidate you into silence.  The savage simians are instinctively aware of this phenomenon among gentle, trusting whites.  
Here where I live, for example, the first few times I used the word “nigger” when speaking to someone, the local “magic nigger” the next day drove his car from where he lives, parked it somewhere in the small “town,” and took a walk down the street in front of my house.  He hasn’t done it for a few months, and I have increased my use of the word among the community.  I have determined that if he does it again I will be confronting this nigger on the street in front of my home.  This is essentially a one nigger equivalent of the Ferguson charade, in my opinion, and I’ll be damned if this nigger is going to attempt to intimidate me in a country founded by my ancestors for ME and specifically intended to EXCLUDE the non-human simians and all other shit colored demons who hate me simply because I am white and beautiful.  If I had skin that color and a nose like that in conjunction with an average IQ that makes me only slightly more intelligent than the full on monkeys I would hate me too, dumb nigger. 
America, in spite of all the jewish, multikultist efforts to DEsegregate whites and simians, remains, as much as she can be, a segregated nation.  This is why the so called phenomenon of “white flight” exists, because no matter how brainwashed the white sheep may be in terms of not speaking the truth in reference to the negroid simian beasts, their hearts cannot deny what they see with their own eyes, and they choose to live as far away from the simians as they possibly can.  Indeed, many of them were born and raised in rural areas free of negroes, and so they suffer from an acute ignorance in reference to the nature of the species.  
Deep within the rural areas of America there still exist many places where the white population has never yet been exposed first hand to the true nature of the non-human simians, and so these so called “decent negroes” who appear as if from nowhere in conjunction with the well trained and deceptive “magic niggers” the white rural sheep see on the teLIEvision create a sort of cognitive dissonance in the already fluoride clouded input apparatus they refer to as the “brain.”  
In addition, they’ve all attended the anti-white public schools that are nothing more than an exercise in learning self-hatred for people of white European descent, in which they are taught the opposite of what is true, and in which it is taught to them that our ancestors are the ones responsible for enslaving and oppressing this savage species of hominids when nothing could be further from the truth, if one is aware of the true history of slavery, and not just in the U.S., but nearly the entire world over.  When the rare negroid is subsequently inserted among them in the malicious fashion that they so often are, it merely reinforces the lies they have been taught in our public “educational” system.  And thus an unjustified and unwarranted “white guilt” takes form in their fluoride soaked brains that is utterly deadly to them as a people, a nation, and as a species.
I ask the reader.When Andrew Anglin posts this picture, will the Somalian be seen as the threat or the enabling Jew? If we kill these current invaders, is the leak patched? No, it isn't cause the jew holds the "leak key".Embedded image permalinkAnd if there was no possibility of any other negro ever following the one or two that always seem to show up in civilized white America, that might be tolerable, although it is still reprehensible that white America has been forced at literal gunpoint to allow these non-human beasts into our societies, schools, and communities, and the first order of business should be to immediately remove them from all white nations and repatriate them to the heart of darkness from whence they came, along with their jewish masters and mestizo and Asian counterparts.  But the negroes, like the jews and mestizos, are parasites, and it never stops with just one.  That in conjunction with the fact that the negroid species simply cannot survive on its own without support from the white species/race ensures that where one negroid goes, others will follow, because even before the anomalous “decent” negroids fled, the whites had already done so, and so the typical violent, parasitic, robbing, raping, murderous negroid simian beast ultimately finds itself abandoned in its own filth and destruction, and like all parasites moves on to a new host, which in our case is always the white people of America and all other white nations the simians have flooded into with the assistance of the enemy jews. 
White America has absolutely NO obligation to these apes.  In spite of the Afrocentric lies taught in all public schools and universities, slavery in America was a jewish and negroid business.  Colonial records and the TRUE history prove it. One of the first laws passed in reference to the BUSINESS of slavery was to prevent raping negroid simian beasts from owning WHITE slaves, and white America has taken the blame for the historic crimes of negroids and jews long enough.  The slave trade was a jewish business, and 28% of the free negroids in America owned one of their own kind as a slave, 3,000 of them in New Orleans alone at the time of the Civil War, while only 1.4% of the wealthiest white Americans owned negroid slaves.  70% of the slave owners were JEWS.  Slave auctions were even CLOSED on jewish holidays for lack of buyers and sellers.  And now the affirmative action (and half JEW) queer queen president is talking about “reparations.” 
I guess it is not enough that white America has been in taxation slavery for DECADES funding and supporting this feral negroid army bred to rape our daughters, sons, grandmothers, and great grandmothers and slaughter us with seeming impunity. Are they going to take those “reparations” out of their monthly allotment of food stamps?  Or out of some of the money they get every month to provide them with free housing?  Or out of some of the trillions they rape white America for to provide blacks and browns with free health care?  
In just 4 decades, 1965-2004, negroid simian beasts slaughtered almost as many white Americans as were killed in WWII, 4 times as many white, human Americans as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many white humans in America as were killed in Iraq.  When you include the statistics for the past 115 years or so, the number of white Americans slaughtered by feral negroid simian beasts leaps into the hundreds of thousands, quickly approaching the 1 million mark. 
These fond of killing white Americans simians have collected 40 trillion in welfare benefits on the backs of white taxpayers in 40 years, as they bite the hand that feeds them and slaughter out of racial hatred the very people making sure they are fed, clothed, and housed.  The national debt is 17 trillion.  Do the math.  And before anyone counters with the argument that there are white people on welfare as well, as the simians are so fond of doing, this is a WHITE country founded BY and FOR white people.  If anybody should be getting help it is WHITE people, who are constantly discriminated against in favor of inferior and incapable negroid simian beasts just because the negroid has black skin.  85% of them (the negroids) are on welfare of some sort, parasitizing off the white race.  For every $1 the simians contribute to the GDP, they collect $4.40 in welfare benefits (and these numbers are several years old, it is almost assuredly far worse now), and a huge portion of the $1 they contribute is from the SSI program the low IQ beasts are bilking because they get a “disability” check starting when they are mini apes (“children”) for being retarded, and continue to draw that money for the rest of their WORTHLESS lives.  Negroes are a net loss to any society, no matter what, and they always will be.  And if you think the mestizos are any better (HISPANICS and LATINOS are WHITE people in and from SPAIN), the same can be said of 75% of those criminal parasites. The bulk of the rest of them make their living in the drug trade in America.  
“The increase in homicide rates caused by blacks alone cost this putative Christian nation an extra 24,209 American lives in 1991 alone, and officially caused an EXTRA 800,000 murders just in the 20th Century–a loss of life three times greater than all American WWII battle deaths, 200 times greater than the loss attributable to all forms of “terrorism” by all 1.2 billion Muslims throughout the world, and 400 TIMES greater than battle deaths in Iraq.”
The war is here, in our own streets and neighborhoods, only whitey is kept in the dark about this negro menace and is not fighting back.  The single most dangerous and deadly activity a young white woman can engage in is to date or marry a negro.  Male negroid simians are the leading cause of death for white females age 18-24.  As many as 37,000 white American women are raped by the negroid simians every year in racially motivated rape.  That is 100 EVERY DAY.  But it is their rape of ELDERLY (some in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s) white women that proves without doubt that these monsters are raping white women out of pure racial hatred. Female negroid simians raped by white men….ZERO.  Female simians murder more people than white men do, for Christ’s sake, and my statistics come straight from negroid, race baiting Holder’s DOJ and the FBI.
There is no more glaringly obvious fact in reference to the negroid species than the fact that it brings with it a hatred of what is White that is innate in the average Godless, Lightless, negroid drone.  That hatred has led to the deaths of untold numbers of our people in all of our white nations, and even greater untold numbers of our women savagely raped by this simian species.  And the media breaths not a single word of this epidemic of black on white violence. It is the negroes dream to outnumber the white man and subsequently claim his society and enslave the white population as the species rapidly genocides the helpless and gentle white population out of existence via hard kill genocide and a far lesser amount of soft kill genocide.  These things are spoken by negroid simian beasts all the time online and in other forums.  That is the ultimate coup de tat in the mind of the typical negroid simian beast, having no thought for the fact that the only reason he or she is able to go to the grocery store and purchase food for themselves and their families is the fact that they live in a white, civilized (albeit already enslaved via taxation slavery), white nation.  It is what they live for; their ultimate dominance over and subsequent slaughter of the white race.
All of these truths are well known to the “decent” negro, the “nice black guy” that you know or are acquainted with or have met in the past.  And yet the so called “decent negro” will never speak this truth to you.   The “nice black guy” will never warn you that you as a white person should NEVER just ASSUME you are safe any time there is a negroid simian beast in your vicinity, and the “decent” negro knows full well he does you a deadly disservice by not doing so, and by moving to your community where other negroid simian beasts will inevitably follow.  And yet he will never speak this truth.  This is what makes him or her not only the most dangerous negro, but also the most reprehensible negro.  And to fail to deal with our ever worsening, violent, and murderous feral negroid infestation dilemma for the sake of the rare negro is utter insanity.  In his silence he is as wicked and deadly as the “gangsta” that will rape or shoot you on sight simply for being white.  And in his silence this most dangerous and reprehensible of negroids damn well knows it.  The reason he doesn’t tell you is because deep down in his black, innately murderous negroid heart he hates you as much as the ghetto nigger, even more so because he has to live among you to be safe from his own species of primate.  Negroids are Satanic beasts (created by Satan) who thrive on sympathy, generosity, kindness, and fear. The Mormons, fyi, have got their stuff together better than the rest of the Christian denominations, as White Mormons consider the negroid simian beasts to be the servants of Satan on this earth, which they are, along with their Jewish masters.
QUOTE: Our people and culture and civilization [white] are worth infinitely more than endless numbers of invasive, parasitic, throwbacks from prehistoric times who are overrunning our lands and literally destroying our people. ***That's unifying language, eh?*** Are we supposed to just keep allowing the Jews to enslave us to support these rapidly multiplying non-human monsters in human clothing as the assault, rape, rob, mutilate, and murder our people in order to assist the Jews to bring their totalitarian dream of ruling over an ape planet to fruition? Or are we gonna roll up our sleeves and start locking these alien interlopers up in their own FEMA camps while we dispose of the ever worsening feral negroid infestation dilemma, [to which they are adding an ever worsening and criminal mestizo dilemma]?” END QUOTE (Dave Mann) ***Notice the acknowledgement that all these evil "goybeast hordes" are being enabled by the Jew but the implication with her quote is we can resolve this issue without addressing the Jew and this is intentional. She and "they" want you fighting  gentiles, not Jews, the slight of hand is deliberate and she counts on you not to notice!***
And if you are unfamiliar with a “FEMA camp” it would behoove you to do some research on the FEMA Camp conspiracy.  
 Possible, to likely agents
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