In Lake Wobegon, we don't take the news of the Jewniverse seriously because we know it is built on a fictitious stone foundation that falls apart as soon as it's examined.The lynch-pin lies of the Jewniverse, many of which we all were taught to believe before we moved here, are laughably poorly supported. The only reason most still living in the Jewniverse buy them is that they are so busy with their everyday lives just to get by, that when they do get a spare moment, they want anything but to examine claims carefully and critically.

Another reason is that the goy who are the official dupes in the Jewniverse can't imagine other folks who seem to be like them  garnering so much power secretly and behaving so poorly and since they are unaware how much power the Jews have, they are left totally in the dark about the fact that their trusted goy and krypto Jew go betweens and information disseminators have sold their soul and hitched their wagons to the Jew train of deception necessary to do in order to become successful and well known. They don't realize that the news isn't news but perception control.

evil(Article Title)evil

Now, Lake Wobegon is my hometown, a safehaven from all of this, where all the women are strong, the men are tall and the children, all above average. It is because that we have foresaken all the previously mentioned that this is so. We need places like Lake Woebegone to give us hope for, today, news in the heart of the Jewniverse is designed to cause worry, hate and consternation for all except the Jews. They get a pass on all things. Whoops, wait a second! We do get to focus on Jewish persecution, Jewish unique suffering and  the precarious state of Israel, about to be annihilated by that evil goy country who refuses to use Jews for bankers, Iran.

    They don't realize there are very few important things that actually happen, that get thrown out for all to consume and know about only if it's "good for Jews".They are unaware that "for reasons of national security" enables any lies to be told behind this veil phrase, that forces unaware interviewers to accept the "facts" portrayed as  legit on some operatives word. For "reasons of national security" was why Sandy Hook was never an open book to observe but media handouts only given, no scrutiny allowed. This is standard procedure now. To cement this in, the Jewniverse "plants" personalities in various movements doubting official narratives to control their movements and guide their thoughts.Deanna Spingola, Veronikha Clark, Andrew Anglin, Luke Rudkowsky, Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones.....and the beat goes on.

 A good friend passed along this false flag, apparently, news story yesterday while I was walking around in Jewniverse, Facebook. Here at Lake Wobegon, named, we do stories on false flags but to be honest we aren't sure if this is news anymore. Living in Lake Wobegon, and having honest information about the subverter-deceivers-destroyers and having noted every major nonsensical shooting of late to be false flag likely, we don't scramble around anymore to find the incriminating evidence. At this point it is up to the main stream media to report more than official releases and until they do, all silly shooting killings-demonstrations etc will be assumed to be orchestrated events to score political points for enabling the establishment of a Jewish kingdom on earth to be so much the closer. Living in Lake Wobegon gives us distance from  the daily Jerwniverse cons, the obscene levels of self serving advertisements claiming things their products can do but never accomplish, only planted in your minds knowing that you will figure it must be just you not getting good results since clearly it's all great for everyone else, right?

    Occasionally, the Jewniverse comes to Lake Wobegon and does it's best to annoy. We did a story last week about intel krypto Jew, fake NS historical revisionist, Veronikha K Clark and I grabbed a couple of pictures from her Jewniverse web site of her and they were actually nice pictures. It was a story about cointel pro operatives penetrating the Jewniverse side of the truth movement. They can't penetrate for long in Lake Woebegone by the way. I mentioned Veronikha as I mentioned six others and didn't really focus on her but the picture I used apparently was copyrighted and Veronikha the krypto Jew spy who checks my site everyday for truth told about her she doesn't want outed, immediately called the Joosdicial system to have me arrested or actually outed to my web administrator. This actually happened twice cause unbeknownst to me, Veronikha has copyrighted anything she touches including her own poop that she often leaves on flags of various countries. Clearly she did this because everyone is becoming aware of what a subverter, fake goy she is and it makes it harder to relay information about her without being flagged by the Jew police. Oh, by the way, first time we confronted VK Clark,she screamed that we engaged in anti-semitic hate speech. Since that time we at Lake Woebegone have labeled her "Krypto Jew".


   There's another goy who acts this way but outwardly you would think Andrew Anglin has nothing in common with VK Clark. Where as VK Clark champions Hitler revisionism while denying the protocols and claiming there is no plan of Jewish world domination afoot and that the Jews are just like us but smarter, Andrew Anglin who is assigned to appeal to the hardest core racists on the planet apparently had a different assignment two years ago. He was into love of all races while condemning the atrocities of the white race and yes the jews are on top but using the Veronikha method, Jews are on top because they breed for intelligence, his words. He, too, like Clark, disowns the protocols as authentic Jewish takeover material. Anglin was actually quoted in an amateurish interview conducted by psycho shill Lewka Peel who is black, that the white race should be bred out, his exact words. Now, the word about this interview has gotten around to the more intelligent part of the WN or White Nationalist community and Andrew is using his Jew lawyer and whatever other joosdicial contacts he has to copyright claim every site that releases the audio. we made a funny article about Andrew the racist, former lover of all and it includes this audio though it may have been flagged or not by the time you click the link. Check Scott Roberts You-Tube page about Andrew.he has been outing him for months

    So, this is what you have to understand, Andrew's initial view is close to Veronikha's view, now, about inclusiveness. Why they are both ops is they are assigned segments of the aware goy movements to subvert. As a historian,  the theory is that Veronikha can implant Jew goodies with less scrutiny. As a race hate advocator, Andrew busies the stupid element of the white race with pettiness while  casting a broad label of Jewaware goys as racists from the ostentation of the Anglin activity. Sadly with Anglin, racists check their brains at the door when racist red meat is posted and though the evidence outing Anglin is staggering, as long as he engages in porno race hate he is likely to have a stupid, duped following to act continual subversion on.

     The race hate and the Jew lies never make it in the door at Lake Wobegon happy to say so when we get attacked by them while out and about in the Jew-wilderness, it's easy to cast those dispersions aside.We keep saying that following Jew-lie news even though you know it's full of lies is bad for us, a time waister and keeps us distracted for  the perception control of Jew-news is but a symptom of the Jew-leak that has to be plugged to right the wrong road we have been on since the beginning of the Jew imposed second dark ages, roughly starting with the creation of the Bank of England..

   yes, this goy stole it from you and I found it,here!Dark Ages!, Now look what you made me do! Since that point the Jews have garnered control of goy secret societies, founded the illuminati, invented liberalism which includes all sorts of goyim self rule theories that Jews never believed in while Jews are leading the movements that emanate their ideology. Stripped bare, they are nothing but goy cons advocated to get trusting goy to distrust their goy brethren emphasized in the quote  from The Jewish Catechism that says when two goy fight, the winner is a Jew! They have championed scientific fictions for tribal reasons along with all other areas of life and have admitted that they have dressed each goy at birth with a pair of their own Jew rose colored glasses so they can sell a great goy like Hitler to be an evil racist supremacist who wants to obliterate god's chosen people, you know, that old chestnut.

 We at  Lake Woebegone know that WWII was advocated and pushed only by the Jewish element and was enabled by their false creation of evil German myths perpetuated for ten years non-stop after Hitler freed the Germans from Jewish power exploitation culminating in the most devastating war mankind has ever known and a total win for Jews, a loss for everyone else. At that moment, 1933, Jews declared war, non-stop on the German nation and at the wars end committed unbelievable, unreported atrocities against Germans who were nothing more than good citizens of the country they lived in teaching a group guilt psychology, inventing a Jewish holocaust that didn't happen of which Germans are paying for to this day. The Jews were the only people that grew in size between 1935 and 1945 but they were uniquely persecuted to where to this day all Jewish dominated goy nations pay homage to WWII Jewish suffering , a war caused by Jews and a suffering "invented" by Jews and a war only Jews came out ahead on.

      Back to that article I mentioned at the first that my friend gave me. I looked at it and it was about the latest false flag synagogue killings. It was very detailed, too detailed. The Jew media needs to prove to us that it happened as claimed. We don't need to prove it didn't. At this point it's assumed.....winding up it's been so much fun! That, then, is the news for this week at Lake Wobegon, Where all the women are beautiful, the men are strong  and all our children know the Jewniverse for what it is-one big goy con!

We're keepin an eye out for ya!

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