A Quick Analysis of folks that are either cointelpro or have some splainin ta do

   I been feeling bad about ignoring this site and am eternally grateful to Mind Controlled Slave for covering for me.  Play time is now over and blindlight and the two sister sites have an agenda within us to try and head the Anti-JWO community down a more productive path. The movement as far as we can tell has been stagnant for the last several years with silly infighting  and intentional isolating into bitty factions rather than a big whole going on. Since we have defined colonialism  to be nothing more than a variant on "illegal immigration" there is no purpose served for the community to denigrate one ethnic group of non-Jews more than others. Whether currently one group thinks that the Jew is it's best friend or not, all of us who know jew should also know Jews don't have friends in the non-Jew community of nations, they just have alliances of temporary convenience. If the black man is now misled that the Jew "understands" him now and is more sympathetic to his plight, it is easy to dispel by doing an accurate history of Jews and the slave empire, an empire that didn't do business on Jewish holidays.Also, remember, Jews didn't boycott US goods prior to WWII due to it's half-citizen status of Negroes; it boycotted German goods for it's demoting of elite Jews from jobs of influence within Germany's borders.


       Now we have a problem of "plants" or subversives smothering our vitality. People  placed into the community to portray being one of us but actually working for the agenda of the elite Talmudic Jews. They wish to keep us divided and wish to deflect our attention to issues of empty eloquence.They wish to fire our imaginations about beings that have been among-st us for thousands of years but somehow have escaped our ability to verify that. Anything to keep us unaware of Joos. When we bring up Joos successfully in arguments, we find that in the Jewniverse, we lose our place in line everytime. A reason to start our own communities to be our own censors if you will but that's not why I am here today.

   So, we need to pick out these plants or suspected plants (because it's extremely hard to get 100% proof) and we need to give them a day in court where they are counselled about expectations upon residing among our peoples. "Nice" doesn't exist in this game and  we all need to verify our peers better than we have been doing. It is a goyim characteristic and often times a noble one to give people the benefit of the doubt but our problem is that jews have known this about us, they use secret society methods to remain secure and we just trust people around us to be on the up and up and,too often, they are not. Now who do you think is gonna win when these two sides fight. The one that is solid or the one who has been infiltrated by the other?

 We, at blindlight, goybiscuits and uncoopted, have an agenda of outing infiltrators to enable a movement that is led by people exhibiting worthy intent and to avoid continuing to allow compromised folks to influence our focus.  Let me ask you, who do you trust for your information and why do you trust them?  Were they your peers and then rose above others into info giver status allowing you to have a faith that only comes from acquaintanceship or were they enabled by someone or site of dubious or shadowy background subsidized by donations and advertising? Or are they someone that was introduced to you by a site celebrity whom you don't really know and were told by them these  new folks are cool with valuable intel? Did anyone ever know Zander Fuerza or Veronikha Clark other than by Deanna Spingola's ok, a person in league with AFP (American Free Press), a site of dubious integrity? 

   Why did Deanna Spingola, a year after Sandy Hook, do a time consuming exposee on the topic at the same time Mark Glenn and everyone at The Ugly Truth all jumped on the official explanation band wagon of which Deanna, too, was echoing. Why do we see that whole crew using Jew silencing tactics to demonize "brick inspectors" (holocaust analogy) of the Sandy Hook psyop using all the classic reasons why examining any traumatic event was bad for the public good. Why did they just all of a sudden do this at the same time one year later, when we have the proof to take to court as I speak that challenges the official story but those with the proof are being run off the road for trying, literally? I see this sort of clear joos-chestration going on and I see a complacent goyim posting the usual black on white crime rant and not even noticing. The psyop on our movement is running successfully on all engines and we are sedated like good goyim should be! This can't continue. No one can save us but ourselves and there are two preliminaries that must be accomplished to start doing so. We need to get folks primed to start resisting which then includes all kinds of pre-requisites on specifics to make the operation run smoothly and we have to out the traitors and covert jews in our midst that are distracting and keeping us apart. Covert jews aren't traitors they are just infiltrators but Jews need traitor goys, that buy in on their program for whatever goofy reason the Jew convinces them with, to take over a goyim host nation and then nations and ultimately, the world! We have to undo that current success within our midst and let those that are altering behavior cause they are simply scared of Mr. Jew know that they better be scared of us more so!A price must be paid to be determined for treachery of the native host.

  Glenn with the high voice of a woman probably from excessive Jew cock in the ass syndromeTrevor, playing 2nd fiddle  to Gilad Atzmon  I now plan to run through a list of  people to, at least, be wary of and, in that wariness, to expect some accounts for their suspicious behavior from them if redeeming is desired. They simply need to know no more business as usual.It's a new game.

     Since I mentioned TUT or The Ugly Truth, let's start there. This whole site implicated itself by unanimously going on the attack, usually in a personal way, with anyone refusing to drop inquiry into Sandy Hook. This includes Mark Glenn who acted like your typical Republican spinmaster when he interacted with an audience during a James Fetzer debate where he was being unsuccessfully positive about his side's performance.The fact that he runs the site and is either ordering or passing down orders from his sponsor- handlers to all personnel makes him a 90% probability psyop.  I first took notice of this psyop when Trevor Labonte, a guitarist on hard times that TUT is promoting, really came down tough on someone with an interest in the real story surrounding Sandy Hook and I found out later that Labonte was parroting Mark Glenn and I also found out later Mark Glenn had taken him onto the TUT ship probably because  he's such a good parrot. His tone and arguments were word for word Mark Glenn's. It's amazing to me how this "group think" thing seems to work and how easily people just adopt repeated lies or dogmas which is what this anti-truther stance became. I guess my deep roamings in LSD land made me immune to the virus. I used to like Trevor but came to the conclusion he seeks out famous people to be photographed with and he isn't a risk taker to my definition of the word for when I had my issues with the WN community, Trevor was nowhere to be found.  Trevor's problems in the industry are typical of anyone that allows themselves to work in the corporate owned Jewniverse for a living and  it makes it hard for people to make a stand against power, exactly why the structure is so successfully in place. Anyone speaking the truth that wishes to continue making a living through our slavemasters must use an alias to survive and Trevor found out the hard way. I don't know anyone else on that site but I am told they are all in sync with their Sandy Hook story slant. It was being waged, Jew style and they are now in my rifle scope as Jew assets. Please remember, a successful jew asset gets fed or has information that's legit and uses it to funnel their dis-information with. When 80% of the information is good, the assumption is that the bad stuff is too.Until TUT gives a compelling reason for this aberrant behavior, I consider that site a plant site and  don't trust it.

 I used to love to listen to Deanna Spingola and her interviews with Zander Fuesar and Veronikha Clark, two outsiders whom Deanna vouches for. Her out of the blue psyop previously mentioned pertaining to Sandy Hook caught our attention. If there was clear proof that Sandy Hook was not a false flag I might have sympathy. It wasn't so much her long essay rebuttal of Sandy Hook that bothered me as much as the joining hands with Rodney Martin and calling all of us that didn't buy it, basement dwellers in our parents house who smoke weed all day.So, not only add Deanna but add Rodney Martin, a very racist but intelligent individual whom had a military career and still may have a covert one.Evil

 Miss "Jew's are just like us only smarter", VK Clark
  Now, when you out one person as compromised, you can often assume that their trusted associates are compromised as well.This then forces me to include Veronikha K Clark and Zander Fuerza, both promoted by Deanna and both coming from out of nowhere. Veronikha to this day will not corroborate that Clark is her real name and Zander admitted he was an alias from the start. Both MOs were similar in that they came in hitting pretty hard on Jewish culpability and then started walking it back for inexplicable reasons. Zander had a WWE cage match with another suspected CI op (the whole CI movement is d
ominated by Jews)named Mike Delaney.If you visit goybiscuits, you should know that three of my best moving articles involve dealings with Veronikha Clark. We have personal experience with her accusing us of  committing anti-semitic hate speech that she claims is a hate crime if you can believe it(I really had trouble understanding her concern for Jew fair treatment here). Also, if you go to Veronikha's site and look for her recommended sites, there are about five sites. No sites are recommended from our community.She does recommend David Cole's site. Oh,you go "David Cole! He's the guy that exposed the holocaust in the early90's."Well, folks,put him on your list as a psyop till you can prove otherwise cause here's the deal. David was supposedly forced underground because a Jew named Rubin kept beating his ass.

 Before I go on, it is standard fair to have elaborate cover stories that sound very believable in the psyop movement. No one can prove this beyond Rubin, a Jew, claiming it is so and David. Remember, WWE acting! So, what does David  do? He was making standard holocaust lie movies. He makes a movie that pretends the holocaust happened like "the race that lives off lying"says it did. He adopted another Jewish identity and became a mainstream republican. Apparently, this wasn't a moral issue at all for David and I go,"Ok Jew, have it your way!"  Clearly, someone that can change opposing sides so easily  can not be trusted and seems to have ingrained Jewish issues that make him a liability.

   So then a former girlfriend outs his ass and he rejoins our movement of sorts and starts promoting a book of his to do what? Make money off the trusting goyim, of course. You can be sure Jews won't buy it. Veronikha probably will! Folks, anyone giving this guy airtime is a friend of the Jews and behave accordingly. So Veronikha has him on her site You might want to check out the idiot's place and the comments which are very adversarial. He's trying to have a compromise holocaust now, walking it back from before in typical Zander, Veronikha psyop fashion. I smell lot's of Jewish cooking and it smells like, "CO-OPTED STEW!" Let me just say it will be very hard  for this dude to give me a good justification for why he perpetuated a lie for career advancement that continues the sufferings of so many goyim being unjustly charged! Let's forget about the Jew's need to start WWII and have mostly goyim die in it. They couldn't be satisfied with that amount of goyim misery created. They then created a story to implicate goyim and scare Jews out of Europe into the land of milk and honey for elite Jews, Palestine. Jews wanting every penny they can absorb from goyim pores, implicate Germany for a crime they clearly wish to do against the goyim one day plus, they have them paying fake Jewish victims indefinitely for something that never happened and the goyim who lost a big chunk of their blood and treasure in fact have to pay homage to the Jew blood and treasure it didn't lose in the form of holocaust museums and lie movies dramatizing the "unique Jewish suffering" they eternally go through. Yea, so unique, it didn't happen! Sheesh, God couldn't make up this freaky a storyline! It's understandable that V.Clark would have an affinity with a traitor like Cole as both are just here for all they can get. In the case of Veronikha, putting a price tag on a Hitler speech vital to the unifying of our movement considering Hitler's tremendous respect in it, in my opinion, reveals her total aloofness of the plight we are all in and her willingness to use the Joosdicial system anytime it suits, highly suspicious if you are aware that the system is joos-rigged. It's all about money to Miss Clark. Oh, did I say she copy-rights her turds before flushing to be sure no one gets undue profit from them?Evil I will repeat what we have previously said about her. She has a very nice radio presence but get her out of the lime light and macho amounts of Jew traits manifest itself in her behavior. She is clearly writing her material and doing interviews with Jewish white washing agendas in mind, subtly put, at the least, to have a successful, in the Jewniverse, career and, at the worst, to have  a subversive effect on our movement. She's made a lot of mistakes and I think her influence is minimal now. She is not worthy of your time. Like Anglin, a little worm we will mention in a minute, she has been exposed from 30 different angles the problem being even though that is true, the goy slough this sort of treachery off by simply sighing and saying everybody disinfos. Nothing we can do about it, so they keep listening to her or him. Really, really aggravating.Yea, there's nothing you can do about it if you stay obsesssed with jew programming!

  Before I go and this is just a taste of the problems we have, Mind Controlled Slave just did a piece about cointel pro, Andrew Anglin and I will let the article speak for itself  . It seems that Andrew has a 

problem with liking to fuck the women of the people that he calls the sub-human, illiterate baboons of the earth on his cointel pro site "The Daily Worm"! I'll let you find that cess-pool, yourself. He clearly has an assignment from a guy named Cohen.

To wrap it up for today, learn to scrutinize those you receive information from in this movement. Consider spending less time on Jew sites or listening to Jew mind controlled programming in all it's forms, and start becoming more pro-active towards joining and resisting in a non-Jew community as a substitute while exchanging info from those 100% free of Jew contamination. Till next time and I hope it's soon, adios!

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