Fitzpatrick "Outs" Jones with questionble sources. Show us the "Lamp Shades Made of Jew", Patrick!

OK, I am going to call it as I see it here. I am not defending Alex Jones and as far as I am concerned he is a known zionist shill. Been that way awhile and a guy named Timothy Fitzpatrick makes "a living" off of gathering evidence to that effect. I commented under an article of his one time that it might be more helpful to out unknown shills rather than known ones but he continues on. Whatever

 He's one of those Catholics who says it's sort of the Jews but don't say it too loud. He shills for people like Michael Hoffman, David Duke, Brother Nathaniel and E. Michael Jones so it is quite common for him to suggest a relevant book by one of them for us sheep to buy. With this article, Fitzpatrick lowered himself or debased himself, if you will, by having primary sources be Stew Webb and his side kick, pal, always on the money take, Glenn Canady, a truly superficial clown.

 To top it off They source Pete Santilli, who apparently has become a good guy again to Stew Webb after two years of verbal assaults hurled back and forth. Santilli is the guy that fabricated a threat by Gordon Duff out of thin air  back in 2012, I believe, and has admitted working with the feds. Stew of course never mentions Jews but pushes  the fascist 4th Reich counter- narrative so you can be sure Canady does that as well. There's more money to be made and possibly financing to be had when you don't out the Jews.

Why the need to protect the name of the slut that dated Jones while he was married is an interesting point to contemplate.  All that said, I am republishing this article of Fitzpatrick's but letting you know it ain't much better than neighborhood gossip of folks with an ax to grind. So here it be!

Alex Jones ignores adultery claim, leaked divorce with Jewish wife

Alex and Kelly

A screenshot of Alex and Kelly from the British documentary Secret Rulers of the World, which followed Alex during his alleged infiltration of Bohemian Grove. The five-part documentary was written and directed by the Jewish Jon Ronson and aired just months before the Sept. 11, 2001 “terrorist” attacks, possibly as a strategy to position Jones in anticipation of 9/11 dissent.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
September 8, 2015 Anno Domini

Leaked documents showing Alex Jones’ divorce settlement with his Jewish wife Kelly (Violet) Rebecca Jones have been circulating on the web for a couple of days now, yet Jones has decided to publicly ignore it, perhaps as a means of perpetuating his good-Christian-patriot persona as he continues his HASBARA/COINTELPRO operation.

The documents, first revealed by Aaron Wilson of, show that the couple, after almost seven years of marriage, officially divorced on March 23 of this year after Kelly’s initial filing with the 428th Judicial District Court of Hays County all the way back on December 18 of 2013. As part of the settlement, Jones was ordered to pay Kelly a $3.1 million, as well as the deed to their Back of the Moon Drive, Austin, Texas estate, valued at just under $1 million. Divorces typically involve a 50/50 split of the assets between couples, so it’s very possible that Jones may be worth close to $8 million, assuming he has no other hidden assets. With Jones now apparently out of the house, it appears Jones is living at the Ashton apartments overlooking the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. Jones has done several broadcasts from a high-rise building resembling the Ashton building. The document in the “settlement” link above lists Jones’ address as 101 Colorado Street in Austin, which appears to confirm that it is the high-rise Ashton building.

Jones alleged to have had affair with Infowars employee

From Twitter, McAdoo in her apparent Wiccan attire.

From Twitter, McAdoo in her apparent Wiccan attire. Incidentally, a boyfriend of McAdoo’s named Zeale posted masonic photos to his social media awhile back (1234). 

***It's pretty clear, here, that the Jones bunch is a masonic outfit just as Rudkowsky, Icke and, probably, Kokesh are. By the way, they all support each other and none name the Jew. Many other famous folks are part of  this main divide in the movement. Given the fact that they push many MSM narratives along with conspiracy, they are the "bubblegum truther brigade" of the movement and the 1st barrier of defense for the JWO to re-herd the wayward flock***

Alleged federal whistleblower Stew Webb alleges that the divorce was caused by an affair between Jones and an unnamed Infowars employee. Although Webb does not name the employee, he states that it is a female, based on his source within the Infowars operation.

I will not name this woman out of respect for her privacy. Everybody on the Infowars team knew about the affair, states Webb

Rumours are swirling that the employee is undoubtedly Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo, a big-busted young woman who many believe was hired by Jones merely for sex appeal. Jones, being the intelligent PR man that he is, knows that sex sells.

***Webb names no names, has a known vendetta against Jones and  won't even out  the whore who helped break-up the marriage and uses  known CIA asset, Pete Santilli, as a source. Patrick, you can do a lot better, bro. Having trouble coming up with an article idea?***

Jones must protect his image
In order for Jones to salvage what’s left of the control he has over NWO dissent, he must protect his image and that of his Jewish wife, which explains his complete silence over the issue. As far as Jones’ listeners are concerned, Jones is a good Christian patriot and a hero. To think of Jones as an adultering pig with multiple ties to the Jewish lobby would devastate the trust he has built up with his audience over his 20-year on-air operation.

***Hey guys, cross Jones off as a shill and find the others! Duh!!!!***

Conspiracy researcher and Protestant preacher Texe Marrs claims to have married Alex and Kelly. The irony of this divorce is heightened by the fact that Marrs has gone out of his way multiple times to vouch for Jones as the upstanding Christian patriot he presents himself as. Marrs has done this despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s strange, because Marrs, unlike Jones, tells the truth about Jewish power. He, of all people, should be able to spot a Zionist shill with great ease.

Jones misappropriating funds from his Infowars operation?
Is Jones using the proceeds from Infowars campaigns like his infamous “money bomb” to pay for his divorce settlement? Blogger Glenn Canady comes to a very likely conclusion:***When he's not selling you a way to make a million dollars***

This is only a story because Alex Jones continues to keep his huge divorce settlement a secret and is taking money from patriots which could now be going to the ex-wife and not to the fight against the new world order as he claims.  Alex needs to come clean on this divorce and admit that nearly $4 million of his money from his fans is going to the ex-wife now

Alex Jones is doing a 24 hour money bomb on Sept. 16 to raise $1 million from his fans.  But since Alex Jones has kept his $4-million divorce a secret from his fans, how much of this money bomb will instead end up in the hands of his ex wife now?

You can’t put anything past Jones. There is no law that I know of that could stop him from misappropriating the money his naive fans donate to him.Goybeast @ your service!

HASBARA must go on

As well, nothing can interrupt Jones’ objective as an Israeli/Jewish HASBARA shill, especially following the defeat Jones conceded to one David Duke in a recent on-air debate. The debate proved so devastating that even Jones’ supporters walked away in disgust with Jones’ behaviour, coupled with the contradictory evidence Duke presented to Jones’ typical pro-Jewish narrative. Towards the end of the debate, Jones tried to save face, after realizing how bad he came off, by having his Jewish crewman Rob Jacobson attack Duke.

It appears that Kelly was the brains behind the Infowars operation, herself being a publicity hound for PETA at one time.

****Any evidence for that?***

Being Jewish just adds to the image of her as a Jewish revolutionary, with Jones as the parrot, whoring for Zionism every day on the microphone. But with this divorce, what direction will Jones and Infowars take? Was Kelly his Zionist handler? Perhaps his 34 Jewish advertizers, Jewish staffers, and apparent Stratfor connections will be enough to keep the engine running.

The Duke defeat as well as this divorce leak could be the final nail in the coffin of the Infowars operation. What credibility will Jones have left?

Libido Dominandi
If Jones’ alleged affair is true, what are the chances that this isn’t the first time Jones has let his passions rule him into a compromising situation? Could this, then, be the primary method by which Jones’ Jewish handlers direct him? Libido Dominandi is unequivocally the primary method the establishment uses to control and socially engineer people. For an exhaustive explanation of this form of control, I recommend historian E. Michael Jones’most excellent book of the same title.***That's a red flag, pushing products while selling truth-be ware!***

Above all, Alex Jones is human. His audience needs to unlearn the god-like image they have of him.

Patrick, leave the Dark Side! You can do better!

Glenn Canady, just a guy using the NWO fear psyop to sell shit!!!


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