Silence over Goldberg reveals a lot

It seems the alternative media has decided to leave the Goldberg case alone. All but a few. Myself and Jim Stone are the only ones speaking about it in conspiratorial tones. The Alternative media has seemed content  to  let the mainstream media define it as fact that we have a boy-man troll of Jewish ethnicity who got carried away with his trolling to where  he actually tried to enact, as well as participated in, events that were real, staged, or false flagged while pursuing other areas of interest such as carrying out vendettas against "hate speech" advocates.

 He morphed into whatever persona he needed to using weird fake names when carousing 8 channel and the like.  He adopted a pretend real name in Michael Slay, a requirement to write at "The Daily Stormer" which likes for their audience to believe the writers are who they say they are. When needs required, used Muslim oriented, shadowy names to give the appearance of the menace  Pam Geller and Rita Katz post about in their continuous psyops invoked to scare the goyim, chain down the internet and incite American reaction, holy war against the inconvenient natives of the region that Israel was allowed to exist  in.

 It is claimed that his trollery was built around "free speech" vendettas he had out for two people in particular during this time frame. The claim is this:

Many of his hoaxes were designed to smear people and organisations he perceived as being enemies of free speech. Goldberg told Potaka online it was "pretty stunning" how many jihadis "claimed to be connected with the Human Rights Law Centre ... and/or Amnesty International".

But, masquerading as these jihadis, he was the only one making the connection. One of his personas, "akhi_alaustrali" wrote that he worked for Amnesty, and another, ShamiWitness claimed that he and other IS supporters donated money to the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) because it was "working to outlaw and prosecute anti-Muslim hate speech".

The elaborate Australi Witness persona was established by Goldberg with a similar aim. His online profile described him as a "soldier of IS" who had "worked for Amnesty before joining the mujhahideen".

 As well as linking himself to Amnesty, "Australi Witness" also claimed a friendship with lawyer, anti-Islamophobia and anti-hate speech campaigner, Mariam Veiszadeh. Veiszadeh is a Shiite Muslim – an unlikely favorite of a Sunni IS supporter. She has also been openly critical of IS.

On April 9, Goldberg hit out at another prominent Australian.

In the weeks leading up to that date, Goldberg had tricked newspaper the Times of Israel into accepting his blog posts as those of Australian employment lawyer, and Jew, Josh Bornstein.

On April 9, Bornstein woke up to a furious global reaction to an overnight post in his name which called for the "swift and merciless extermination" of Palestinians.

Feminist Naomi Wolf labelled him "deranged", "genocidal" and "psychotic". Realizing it had been duped, the Times took down the post, then printed a retraction and apologized. Bornstein went public, saying he'd been hoaxed. He blamed white supremacists, having traced online chatter about the hoax back to an American neo-Nazi blog.

Goldberg, using his Twitter account @MoonMetropolis, was the first person to tweet about the hoax.

Goldberg also used his Twitter account to promote his own handiwork, which he himself described as "demented", by directing people to an archived version of the article.


Josh Bornstein and Mariam Veiszadeh were known anti-hate speech activists which made them enemies of Josh Goldberg. It is clear that, at least, at a secondary level,  Australi Witness (Goldberg) claimed victory at  the Garland false flag event and  tried to  make Mariam out to be an inspiration to the Jihadists to impugn her reputation.

This all occurred between January and May of 2015. To help him accomplish the task, Goldberg invented Michael Slay and convinced publisher, Andrew Anglin, to let him be a  major writer at "The Daily Stormer", a popular white fascist internet site with content focusing on the millennial crowd. Anglin, contrary to his claim that he wanted accountable writers,  made an unqualified judgement, at the least, to hire on an anonymous writer he had noticed  penning stuff at Reddit and  other sites they both used.

  There are two interpretations here. Anglin broke all his rules and was conned by an aware Jew into letting him infiltrate Stormer unknowingly or, two,  that he did know Goldberg as fellow infiltrators and hired him on as a covert advocater for his agenda. After the fact, what we do know is that Anglin, at some point, be it April or September, removed anything that had to do with Michael Slay from his site. The fact that "Daily Kos", also taken in by a Goldberg's sock-puppet named Tanya Cohen, decided to leave the stuff up with a warning notice, is, shall we say, interesting.

Anglin chose to destroy the evidence and instead issue a quick response and explanation as to his part in the psyop on September 11th and then a radio broadcast a day or two later (Interesting to note, his explanatory article didn't get tagged as important as if he really doesn't want people focussing on the issue). Given the fact there is little alternative media coverage and Anglin's amazing ability to take Jew reporting at their word, one wonders if Anglin would have mentioned this event at all if he was not directly implicated.

Anglin and Stormer were used by Goldberg to harrass Mariam Veiszadeh for a few weeks so they have very similar behavior MOs and this is potentially noteworthy.

Anglin claims Goldberg over did his welcome during the Bornstein affair and he says he began to suspect that Slay-Goldberg was someone he wasn't expecting him to be as his behaviors, Anglin claims, radicalized before his eyes. Please note, since Anglin deleted all his content, it is hard to determine exactly how many articles Slay-Goldberg posted in a three month period but from the short areas I was able to access through the "wayback machine", it was close to one article post a day. The only person at Stormer that posted as much or more was Anglin himself. No other internet website  hosted more Goldberg articles than  Stormer did. Doesn't look good Andrew, especially with all the ID lecturing you are  known for to your followers.

 As you see by the pic above, when Slay was removed from Stormer, he continued carrying out his Bernstein psyop as MoonMetropolis. So, it is clear, he was motivated by his belief on free speech but this does not explain how he got on Rita Katz's radar  during the Garland Texas fake attack or his need to get a Muslim to make a bomb to kill people on 911. Also, it's claimed that he is the motivating factor for some synagogue attacks (1).

 At this point I think it's important to go over the Jewish MO. Jews are known to be the covert rulers of the planet and that they are trying to strengthen their grip on power to become overt rulers as opposed to covert rulers. They increase their strength through a controlled chaos formula. Paranoia, fear, false flag and staged event attacks are all ways they keep the war on Terror mind psychology strong which then allows for police state measures to be enacted under false pretenses and unlimited military expenditures used in the ruse.

Goldberg, the Orthodox Jew, exhibited many signs he is in on this ruse. The mainstream media is working overtime to make him into a troll who needs psychiatric help. These claims can not be blindly accepted as real or legitimate at this time. I claimed, back in May, that Rita Katz's "tweet proof" after Garland was a psyop and could not be taken as evidence. The fact that both Pamela Geller and Rita Katz are taken as unquestioned experts about anything they claim,  regarding Muslims,should be a red flag for all who think they are resisting this JWO.

Do Jews have a stake in making people, like Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer, look like crazy haters?  Yes they do and Goldberg was fulfilling that role as Michael Slay. This article was made after he left Stormer but except  for the claim to literally kill all non-whites, what Slay advocated at Stormer as a covert Jew was exactly the stuff Anglin was pushing and the reason why they let Slay post everyday. The Jews want that message out. That's quite clear.

Goldberg played the role as a sterotypical Islamic terrorist, another role the Jews want out there

Hello, this is Australi Witness. You might know me for inspiring the  attacks in Garland, Texas, where two mujahideen entered an event mocking the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with intent to slaughter the kuffar in it. When I encouraged the attacks in Texas, my biggest inspiration was the Australian Muslim human rights activist...[M.V.]...,
***M.V. is Mariam Veiszadeh. As mentioned below. A Jewish psyop MO is to have would be terrorists not only claim responsibility but out their friends so they can, in their eyes, hopefully be ridiculed? Of course unquestioning media coverage and a public too busy or to well trained to go deeper allows for this MO to have success***
who has worked tirelessly and diligently to outlaw blasphemy against lslam in Australia Any true Muslim knows that blasphemy against the Prophets of Allah (SWT) is a caoital crime which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, and... [M.V.'s] has provided me with a great deal of inspiration. All who defame the Prophet (PBUH) must be crushed. . . . Recently, I have met two mujahideen online - one in Los Angeles and one in Melbourne - and I have successfully encouraged them to carry out jihad in their respective cities. Both of these mujahideen will, using guns, shoot up local synagogues when the maximum amount of Jews are praying. The entire thing was my idea, and I helped them every step of the way l gave them the idea in the first place, I pointed them to local synagogues, I provided them with copious amounts of encouragement, and I helped them coordinate the attacks. All of this was done over the Internet. For those wondering about me:
I currently live in Perth. I came to Australia as a refugee from Lebanon, and my parents are coconuts who have no idea of my involvement with jihad. For many years, lworked at.... In my last year working at ..., I met some Muslim brothers who introduced me to the lslamic State. I was immediately enamoured with the lslamic State's ideology, and I quickly became a mujahid. After becoming a mujahid, I have dedicated my life to striking fear into the hearts of the kuffar and coordinating acts of jihad around the world. I cannot disclose where I currently work, but it is a respected human rights organisation much like ....
I present myself as a moderate in real life, and the police have absolutely no idea who I am. I am widely upheld as a pillar of my community, and nobody would EVER suspect me for anything. You have no chance of finding me.... To the Jews: you killed the Rasul (SAW) and he died a Shaheed. Any Muslim who truly loves the Prophet (PBUH) will engage in jihad against Jews in order to avenge his death. The Jews are the worst enemies of Allah (SWT). When lslam conquers Australia, every single Jew will be slaughtered like the filthy cockroaches that thev are. Finally, I would like to state with absolute authority ... is a religion of violent conquest. ... Auskalia's defeat . . . is inevitable. The more you try to fight it, the harder it will be for you. Give up and accept your future as an lslamic nation - a member of the global lslamic caliphate that the lslamic State will create.. . .
I have a vast network of mujahideen around the world, and lwill continue to inspire and coordinate jihad attacks around the world. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop me. I am an expert in computer security who uses multiple proxies, and I am also an expert in Australian law due to my extensive work with human rights organisations. Chase me all you want, but you will never find me, and you will also never stop the wrath of Allah (SWT) on the decadent West
Perish in Your rage, kuffar!
If it looks like a Jew op and quacks like a Jew op, it probably is a Jewish op, at least, till proven otherwise. I find the false flag blaming of Muslims ridiculous in the making them out to be idiots that praise folks they are linked to, thus outing themselves. Why, pray tell, would good intelligence networks give away their MO for public notoriety. Psst, the Jews never do, why would anyone else, doing what the Jews are doing, behave otherwise but Goldberg pulls the racist Jew stunt to flag Stormer or a Jihadi killing event to flag the Muslim anti-hate speech purveyor and let's you take out their wrath on them or that's the goal. Yes, Slay posted at Stormer about Bernstein in a vindictive way and then carries out the false flag attack on Bernstein at "The Times of Israel". Thus Stormer is linked and againd Cointel pro 101. The Jews  invented it and they have always led the way here. 
Bernstein14246761460121Please be aware that ignorant jews must be psyoped to support the agenda, as well as the rest of us, though in different ways. The false flag of Stormer as the power behind  the fake Bernstein article is directed straight at the attention of the mass of Jews that have been taught to be super paranoid about anything Hitleresque in nature.
A neighbor described Goldberg as "going weird" after being home schooled as a kid and becoming a recluse.  There are a lot of possibilities there including that being home schooled was equal to being trained in psyop techniques. Take nothing for granted they are counting on the goy not even entering their head about the likes of MK Ultra type  training. This behavior suggests many alters and it's clear there were some psychiatric issues at play...
 For those that argue to keep mum unless one has 100% proof to make a case, I ask, "How is one to prove anything, when information is being chronically withheld? What we do know is we are being ruled by a malevolent force and if we wait for 100% proof, by the time it's got, we will have lost already so I say fuck your 100% proof.
Obviously, a public show of justice rendered will need to be given in this case but what goes on behind the stage is anyone's guess and the spectacle we receive down the road, as far as trial, may have little to do with the real way this event is handled after the show is over. Goldberg is a born psyop and will be used against us again.
 There are few pictures of Goldberg, few have had contact with him. We may even get a crisis actor to stand in at trial as  the real Goldberg is assigned a new ID.  Who knows./
Finally this article was written thanks to Jim Stone's insights as to what the non-reaction to this event means.:

Jim Stone-"Deafening silence surrounding Joshua Goldberg is 'a silver bullet'"

Deafening silence is a silver bullet

There is a deafening silence with regard to the Jew busted for setting up a 2015 911 attack in America. Joshua Goldberg, an orthodox Jew living in Florida, constituted 100 percent of America's ISIS, and was busted by the FBI on September 9. And it is NOWHERE in the alternative media, scant few people have uttered a peep about this (most notably Alex) and I strongly suggest people make a list (and check it twice) of who mentioned this and who did not, because those who did not are BONA FIDE FAKE OPPOSITION.Goldberg used this signature on a post Sept, 5th, a few days before his arrest

This event is the litmus test. And it is already too late for alt media people to do catch-up (save face) reports on this topic because the main story broke on 9/11/2015. Joshua was arrested by the FBI, was definitely the one who cooperated with Pamela Geller to fake the Garland Texas shooting, Definitely set up synagogue shootings in Australia and the U.S., and was busted by the FBI two days before he had a pressure cooker bomb set off in Kansas City. ALL ISIS NEWS IN AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA, ALL ACTIVITY and I mean ALL was done by this guy, it is an epic bust and the entire FBI affidavit was published and is available: READ THIS AFFIDAVIT! Original from the Government HERE

There is no fog with this one, and failure of Alt media to report on this is 100 percent proof of whether or not they are fake. This is the bombshell that can blow the entire ISIS conspiracy into the sewer FAIL TO REPORT THIS AND YOUR ALT MEDIA VENUE IS AUTOMATICALLY PEGGED AS A SHAM.....source

As far as  I have noticed, no one is covering this for our side which begs the question, "Why"

I hear people whispering and I think to myself, "Don't want to offend?" Would you mind offending if that meant we had a chance to reclaim our country? A public demonstration of a Jew infiltration does not come along everyday but, that's ok, continue with your goy race war agenda!

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