Joshua Ryne Goldberg Reveals the Jewish MO for all To See

Welcome to the Jewish matrix, folks! Joshua was just caught handing out bomb making instructions over the internet to would be jihadists who are naturally really FBI informants. It's extremely hard to make terrorism occur to the  extent needed to remove all guns from society, except the military, and allow you to continue with the excuse that a never ending "War on Terror" must continue if good people are to survive so of course Jews and our government are happy to help out.

  It's necessary to think a would be Muslim hi-jacker might be on every plane you take, a bomber near every museum you visit and a be-heading possibility  to consider everytime you leave the house. To assure there is a continuing dialogue on this, the co-operation of all "good Talmudic Jews and our law enforcement is absolutely necessary.

   However, this is a secretive op and every now and then, those left out of the loop and are actually legitimately trying to protect America as opposed to do what's good to bring about a New World Order, stumble into some of this subversion and, like just happened with Joshua, the Talmudic Jew, Goldberg, arrest someone they aren't supposed to.

  Never fear, I am sure after a public rebuke of Joshua's behavior, the back door of the jailhouse will be left ajar and the Mossad will quietly  send Josh to Israel to become the "latest Jewish" hero. Oh, you mean you didn't know subverter terrorist Jews are treated like heroes in Israel, no matter who the country or folks it is that they subvert?

You can be sure that Jonathon Pollard is in store for Jewish hero status because, since Jews are eternal victims, they would never spy on folks for nefarious purposes and of course, this is why he should be released and don't forget the holocaust and chronic anti-semitism that they suffer from psychologically and physically!

  It seems the story doesn't start here. What is known is that Joshua stole the ID back in the winter of 2015 of another Jew named Josh Bernstein and  used that ID to post an article at the "Times of Israel" about the superiority of Jews and how all Palestinians should be exterminated like cockroaches and sources the Talmud as authorizing such behavior. This was initially blamed on white supremacists, this ruse, for Josh adopted another fake ID by the name of Michael Slay who, so claims Andrew Anglin, publisher of "The Daily Stormer", was publishing as a white identarian over at Reddit and inquired as to posting at "Stormer" of which Anglin agreed.

Anglin claims to have quickly seen through the guy and, after a few articles, came to believe that Josh may have actually written the Jewish supremacist rant  at the Jewspaper: Anglin

"The Age"-In the Bornstein hoax, Goldberg established a blog on the Times of Israel in the lawyer’s name before posting an inflammatory article calling for the “extermination” of Palestinians. The Times retracted the article and apologized, and Bornstein went public with the story saying “I deplore racism…I’ve fought racism since I was four years old”.

When confronted, Goldberg boasted he had avoided detection, saying, “That guy has no idea. He thinks Daily Stormer did it.” He also said he wanted to obtain Bornstein’s real life address, in order to “freak him out even more”.

***This is where I thought Anglin was writing this article to hoot over being included  in the storyline because, it is an MO of his to believe the resistance and his website are one and the same but then below, another reason soon reveals....***


Anglin-You may remember that the Daily Stormer published several articles by a user using the alias “Michael Slay” earlier this year. “Slay” had been active on various pro-White Reddits, was clearly intelligent and a skilled writer. He contacted me asked if he could submit articles to the Daily Stormer. I agreed.

*** In typical Anglin style he under exaggerates. When he says a couple of articles, he claims that  "Slay" started writing in February. Since Anglin deleted for unknown reasons all Slay's content, I used the Wayback Machine and was able to access only one week's time of that period, between March 28th and April 4th of 2015. In those seven days, Slay posted seven articles, already way past the couple of times Anglin claimed the writer had posted and just in one week. There are seven more weeks to account for and never, apparently., saved to the "Wayback Machine" so it could be checked.***

Most of his early submissions were normal, in line with the type of things we generally publish. The type of material I had seen from him on Reddit. It was all “kosher” as they say – but as it turns out, the situation was literally kosher.

The Daily Stormer was subjected to an attempted infiltration by the insane Jewish terrorist Joshua Goldberg.

The email with which “Michael Slay” contacted me,, is listed in the FBI affidavit.

Shortly after I told him I wouldn’t publish anymore articles on Vaiszadeh, the Bornstein hoax happened. “Michael Slay” submitted an article about it, as if it were real, which led me to suspect he himself (or some associate of his) was responsible, given that the article had clearly not been written by Bornstein and I didn’t believe he was stupid enough to think it had been.

Bornstein, of course, came out and said it was a hoax – and then Jews blamed The Daily Stormer (or at least suggested that we were the likely culprits) based on an earlier article “Slay” had written about Bornstein. 

***among the other twenty he posted, certainly implying an importance to his presence at Anglin's site***

***After this,  it's documented that Goldberg sent out tweets right before Garland, Texas advocating an attack

***this is a likely staged event, by the way and too early to tell how much Goldberg was directly involved. Because Anglin pretends all of these Jewish ops are real, he skirts this issue where it is well known that much of the "evidence" for involvement come from "staged" tweets from proud Islamists claiming credit. It has recently been stated on his WN website to only question the holocaust as a staged event which is basically laughable. Anglin is beginning to bring out the slur phrase "tin foil hatters", reminiscent of Alex Jones, when he wants to deride questioning the initial Jew narrative. Anglin uses lying Jew narratives to push race wars one day and then claim the Jews are behind everything the next counting on the fluoride ingested in his readers bodies to let the  discrepancy pass without notice***

The article in the Times was quite a staggering lead-(check it out!) After the Stormer's encounter ended, Joshua seemed to gravitate towards Muslim incitement, encouraging, in any way he could, for Muslims to render mayhem on the kuffar (us). He included bomb making instructions and suggestions of events to attack one of which was Garland, Texas.

Jim Stone: (someone who gets it)


BACKGROUND: From his Mommy's basement in Florida, he claimed to be a middle aged ISIS Jihadist in Perth, Australia. All the ISIS Australia stuff you have heard about originated with this guy! Here are key excerpts from the affidavit provided by the FBI, which somehow malfunctioned and did something right! This was reported in the press as a post by a "radical" Muslim at the time it was originally posted. Remember, this is a 20 year old Jew saying all of this from a hole in Florida:

Hello , this is Australi Witness. you might know me for inspiring the attacks in Garland, Texas, where two Mujahideen entered an event mocking the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with intent to slaughter the Kuffar in it. When I encouraged the attacks in Texas, my biggest inspiration was the Australian Muslim Human Rights Activist...(MV).. who has worked tirelessly and diligently to outlaw blasphemy against Islam in Australia. Any true Muslim knows that blasphemy against the prophets of Allah (SWT) is a capital crime which cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, and M.V's work has provided me with a great deal of inspiration. All who defame the Prophet (PBUH) must be crushed.

Recently I met two mujaheddin online - one in Los Angeles and one in Melbourne - and I have successfully encouraged them to carry out Jihad in their respective cities. Both of these mujaheddin will, using guns, shoot up local synagogues where the maximum amount of Jews are praying. The entire thing was my idea, and I helped them every step of the way. I gave them the idea in the first place, I pointed them to local synagogues, I helped them coordinate the attacks. All of this was done over the internet.

For those wondering about me, I currently live in Perth. I came to Australia as a refugee from Lebanon, and my parents were coconuts who have no idea of my involvement with Jihad. For many years I worked at . . .in my last year working at . . . I met some Muslim brothers who introduced me to the Islamic State. I was immediately enamored with the Islamic State's ideology, and I quickly became a Mujahid. After becoming a Mujahid, I have dedicated my life to striking fear into the hearts of the Kuffar and coordinating acts of Jihad around the world. I cannot disclose where I currently work, but it is a respected human rights organization. I present myself as a moderate in real life, and the police have absolutely no idea who I am. I am widely upheld as a pillar of my community, and nobody would ever suspect me for anything. You have no chance of finding me.

To the Jews: You killed the Rasul (SAW) and he died a Shaheed. Any Muslim who truly loves the Prophet (PBUH) will engage in jihad against Jews in order to avenge his death. The Jews are the worst enemies of Allah (SWT). When Islam conquers Australia, every single Jew will be slaughtered like the filthy cockroaches they are.


Looks like Goldberg will disappear

Finally, I would like to state with absolute authority, Islam is a religion of violent conquest. Australia's defeat is inevitable. The more you try to fight it, the harder it will be for you. Give up and accept your future as an Islamic nation - a member of the global Islamic caliphate that the Islamic state will create . . . . I have a vast network of Mujaheddin around the world, and I will continue to inspire and coordinate Jihad attacks around the world. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop me. I am an expert in computer security who uses multiple proxies, and I am also an expert in Australian law due to my extensive work with human rights organizations. Chase me all you want, but you will never find me, and you will also never stop the wrath of Allah (SWT) on the decadent west.

Perish in your rage, Kuffar!

***THis is a story with the Anglin - Stormer connection that may be around awhile. Here is  an article off the wayback machine that Goldberg wrote for Anglin.

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