Psyops, Nazis and MK Ultra, Cathy, Mark, Shaela and the Millers. What's Going on?
"Slaving" the world for truth!

At the end of 2011 right after I became 911 aware and learning about Reptilians and Bloodline Aristocracies and "Rothschild Zionists", I became aware of MK Ultra, and one of it's most powerful spokespersons, Cathy O'Brien. I remember being part of a mainstream political debate group, and bringing in her material as "proof" to the wickedness lurking in the halls of congress among many other places. I, too, remember my disappointment when these potential revelations were discarded as not worthy of serious consideration. What, George Bush and Gerald Ford pedophiles?

Disappointed but not discouraged, I delved into Fritz Springmeister's voluminous collections of the bloodline families called blue bloods because they have blue-blood and Icke explanations of how Princess Dianna was really killed and Arizona Wilder's accounts of the royal family snacking down on roast five year old.

 This all held my fascination for a time but what was more tangible and down to earth and, indeed, more provable were these Rothschild Zionist collaborators.  It seems they mostly were Jews and many were dual US citizens. It, also, seemed that no one but Jews were allowed to be dual citizens. I also noticed that when Jews were caught doing  a false flag event such as "The USS Liberty" or King David or whatever, instead of the US attacking Israel or jailing Jews,  people that were the victims and  the whistle-blowers were threatened with prison if they talked about it.

Why this special exception for Jews?

This methodically, beginning in 2012, got me headed more and more to the realization that Jews were behind the NWO. Books like "The World Conquerors", "The Unnamed War", "Waters Flowing Eastward" and the many videos online linking communism to Judaism, the many Jewish quotes in major newspapers admitting the same, then,  stumbling into all the Holocaust revisionism and reading the alternative view of what Hitler was about as well as what NS Germany was up against as it took power, all had me clamping down on an indisputable fact. The Jews were and are still responsible for 90% of the chaos over the last five hundred years since they set up  central banking in Amsterdam and manipulated the goy into the earliest wars for Jews, in this cycle, "The Thirty Years War" and  the English Revolution.

  This allowed me to begin to see Icke, O'Brien, Jones and many others I previously took seriously as probable Jewish dis-info. In the case of O'Brien and Phillips  and the whole MK Ultra scam, the revealing MO for me on that was their continual linkage with Nazis as the bad guys. The Bush's and Rumsfields and other Masons were anointed as the hidden fascists with multi-generational Nazi sympathies that are being blamed by Cathy for almost all the evils located  within the US government (no surprise there. The protocls mentions this several times as an option to hide behind). Not a Jew is identified as a Jew who is doing pedophilic misbehaving though Kissinger is quoted saying the "Aryan-Nazis" will definitely takeover. Of course Kissinger is a Jew and since no hint of Jewish misbehavior as a tribe is ever rendered and in fact is denied by these MK Ultra whistle-blowers, it's ok to mention Henry. Not to fear for Bush or Cheney cause "Reasons of National Security" keeps this all from ever going to court while allowing Mark and Cathy to make some quid..

Then I came upon Fiona Barnett, written up in a story on Veterans Today and again we have  an MK Ultra abused whistle-blower telling a tale of travesty all linking to evil Nazis. This resurrected my problems with Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips who love to play the "Nazi" card and bingo, I began researching them all over with a more critical eye this time around.

There  is pretty good reason to believe Mark Phillips is Cathy's MK Ultra Handler and  it now seems that since the two are getting on in age and Cathy is looking like an old grandma and emanating "BORING", they have a new recruit whom I discovered in a German interview they recently did. A blonde knock-out from the Mormon community named Shaela Miller and as you will see,this is a whole new story in itself.

First, watch the video

For personal family testimonies, click here!

 For a person looking critically for weird signs out of supposed logic, there are several that occurs with this interview. It starts by telling you right off that this information is so damaging to the elites, that someone hacked the computer and removed segments of the video. Not to worry though, the female interviewer had her own tape that has all the audio.  Upon thinking about this and noticing when these video removals occurred, I came to the conclusion this was a cover-up to hide the fact that they needed to redo parts of the interview that didn't go well or bring  information to the audience that was not brought out upon first go-round. Some examples of this:

  • @ 35 minutes- The camera goes out with Shaela's face. Immediately after that Mark Phillips interjects his description about how Shaela came to need Mark's help. As you will read and see below there is a lot of info that is challenged here from those being demonized. The question occurs that it seems awfully coincidental that  the break from the video is immediately followed by Mark interjecting an important point. What is the need for a hacker to remove Mark's mug at this point? What governmental need would be served by protecting a mormon family uninvolved with the government? Ultimately, we must question if there is collusion going on between Mark and the interviewer that we aren't supposed to be aware of? One claim he makes is that Shaela is the only sibling that is home schooled and it is implied that the reason is for the pedophilic needs of her dad. Shaela's siblings, three sisters, young healthy and outgoing, paint  that as a pretty clear lie down below. 
  • @ thirty-seven-thirty, Shaela's visual is lost and immediately a direct serious attack is levied against her father. It seems unlikely that such a general comment to a very pointed attack would occur simultaneously with this change of mode. No allusions have been made to government involvement of the Mormon family so I see no need for a government hack here. However, if Mark is a secret handler to both Cathy and Shaela and he has a message he wants to send, there is a very good reason to fake this hack. She then proceeds to stretch credibility by claiming that her father would reach out to Mark knowing that Mark specializes in ending such relationships.
  • @ fifty-nine minutes, Mark proclaims the success of a mind control machine that somehow disables the ability of his targets to think while, somehow, he is left undisturbed. Interesting and this too occurred with the video gone. I suppose a case can be made that it could have been indeed hacked on all three occurrences. You be the judge!

Hot babe Cathy becomes....@ fourteen minutes of the interview Cathy  explains with "lala land" logic that allows her and Mark to public speak and tour talking about her MK Ultra abuse at the White House-Pentagon level while at the same time the US government denies the right to pursue this truth in the public sphere. If this truly was dissident information, this scenario is very hard to believe but, if, like I believe, it is a psyop then that explains their protected status and causes us to look at exactly what they are saying that the elites might want disseminated. 

Soon after I became Jew-aware, I also became Nazi dis-info aware and an MO of MK Ultra whistle-blowers is to accept most WWII winner's propaganda as gospel truth. That Nazis were evil, Hitler was evil, Jews were gassed and Germany started the war and so on.The conspiracy has been weaved into the fabric that a successful group of Nazi-fascist infiltrator pedophiles led by Prescott Bush and surviving in the gentile Republican neo-cons are responsible for all the evil Nazis let in through Operation Paperclip in the  late forties, the MK Ultra occurring now and the NWO, basically.

Mark, @ fifteen-thirty, states that the US government was somehow hogtied 

Shaela Miller

from stopping these two from speaking out. Knowing how many true whistle-blowers have been killed for speaking out, authentically, this simply sounds like a lie. Earlier, Mark had  validated Edward Snowden, the limited hang-out or co-opted opposition dissident that so many have been fooled by. Mark says he's legit  and I'm forced to "flag" Mark again.These claims are so easy to see through I have to label them only worthy of fooling "bubble-gum truthers" wet behind the ears that are just scatching the surface to find the rabbit hole. (Oh, I was so impressed three years ago!)

@ twenty-eight minutes, Cathy says that her books are in law libraries. Anyone aware  of Jew's abilities to censor stuff they don't like? By the way, the fact this interview is done in Germany, already tells you that Jews are fine with the claims made by MK Ultra whistle-blowers. For those not yet convinced that Jews are behind the New World Order that I call a Jew World Order, I can't help you there but to note about everything I have written personally on this site tackles that issue so read away! Again, her claim that the Elders are constrained by the law to stop Cathy's touring simply is not credible. No effort is made to censor her stuff except this feeble attempt made by the interviewer to claim subversion.

Someone that needs to be "replaced" by Shaela?

The more scenic part of the video begins @ twenty-nine minutes with Shaela and her story has many holes in it. Shaela's  witnessing how she came into Mark and Cathy's care has some issues which the video that includes her sibling's denials will accentuate.

A major issue among the many I saw is Shaela's claim that her pedophilic father sought out a deprogrammer's help for advice on a more productive pedophilic life between himself and her daughter. Yea, I said that right. Doesn't make sense if you can critically think and her siblings point that out as well.

Mark @ fifty-five minutes goes into mind control equipment information claiming to have a burgler device that would disable the mind of any potential threat entering his home while he was away. He, too, claims that in Gulf War I, the US hypnotized a whole legion of Iraqis for slaughter , something like this movie scene from  "Kings-man, the Secret Service"

 Today, googling information concerning Mark and Cathy, I came upon the Miller family who are fighting back against the defamation. They created a twenty minute vide and also have a blog link below the You Tube video. You decide if they seem like the type of family that came from an abused home. Their story is compelling. 



An important point I forgot to mention that the girls made is Shaela had her tubes tied at twenty-three. This occurred in Alabama and most likely was paid for by Mark Phillips. One must ask, why is a sixty year old man that is taking care of a twenty-three year old paying for an operation to have her tubes tied? The claim is Mark is deprogramming her from the lifestyle of a sex slave. An assumption we should be able to make is that Mark, being a professional de-programmer, would be monitoring her activities quite closely to assure there was no relapse. This implies that Shaela is celibate. If she is cured, why is she still living with Mark and Cathy? When you scrutinize the credibility of Shaela's siblings, the reverse seems to be occurring. It appears Shaela was lured away from her parents by Mark and Cathy and is now their mind controlled slave. If this is not the case we need a full accounting of why a twenty-eight year old girl is living night and day with folks old enough to be her grand parents. Makes no sense. However if she has been programmed as a beta sex slave by Mark, himself, the tubes tying starts making lots of sense! You decide and share!

One more add here. I have to ask if Mark and Cathy had real proof of pedophilia law-breaking here, why hasn't a case been made and the dad prosecuted? Instead, Mark makes a video being viewed world wide with these allegations. Then again, I have to ask, now that this is out in the public arena, this accusation, where are the Utah authorities? Why is an inquiry not being made?

Shaela-Click the picture for the video   Perhaps one of the siblings will fill me in on this if there is something I need to know but if no charges are brought and pedophilia is against the law then that implies there is no case to be made. This forces me to ask why Mark made these public claims against the Miller family? Something really smells rotten in the state of Denmark here and I think the smell is coming from Alabama with some illuminati types helping out. My sense is that if the Millers were guilty they wouldn't be making a public stance in their own defense. They don't impress me as professional liars where that is a necessary trait to rise in the Matrix.

Hopefully we can dig deeper here, guys. Someone needs help and we need to find out who.

There are several debunking articles  out there challenging Mark's credibility and here is a quote from one with the link:

The True Story About Mark Phillips
By Ray Bilger 

For those who have not heard of the man named Mark Phillips, he claims to be a "former" (retired) C.I.A. operative who was involved in mind control programming. Mark alleges that after he got out of the C.I.A., he decided he wanted to do something good. So he "rescued" an MK ULTRA mind control victim, Cathy O'Brien, and together they wrote a book, Trance Formation of America, and now they travel around the United States on a speaking tour. It is this writer's contention that Mark is NOT a "former" operative, but that he is still heavily involved with the Agency, even though he may not know he is being programmed and used.What you are about to read is the culmination of over 3 years of research and investigation into who Mark Phillips is, and why he is doing what he is doing. The statements made herein and the conclusions reached are not made lightly. This is very serious business and Mark Phillips is a very clever and ingenious man with a very clearly defined agenda. Unfortunately, that agenda does not appear to serve the interests of truth, but, in fact, it appears to be for the specific purpose of misinforming and misleading the public about what is really happening in America and the world. And it most certainly appears that Cathy O'Brien (and now Shaela Miller) simply has a new handler who goes by the name of Mark Phillips.The information used to compile this work has been drawn from numerous sources, including from a "close personal friend," Janus (not her real name-she is concealing her true identity for the present time), from others who have had the misfortune of being deceived by Mark, from Mark's own words, and from the observations of myself and others who have seen Mark in action as he does his work.So, another former heroine and hero of mine bites the dust in my evolving view of what we are up against fighting the New World Order run by Jews

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