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Gordon Duff, I suppose, will never be able to get that halo back many people thought he once had ( LIKE ME!). Nothing has been the same since April when Duff, against  the doctor's advice,  went off his meds, fired Stew Webb, an admittedly imperfect human being which yours truly saw through two years ago, right before he inexplicably got hired at Duff's Veteran's Today. Not only hired but a regular on their radio broadcasts and then, out of the blue, Gordon Duff got some sort of religion against him and fired Stew  right on the air.

  I have never really understood what caused that. As I say, it has always been obvious to me that Stew had issues and since I know Duff isn't dumb, I know he knew that too. Duff didn't stop there though. In the background to all of this, Jade Helm was about to kick-off and many people voiced concerns. For some reason, Duff took all of this personally and all of a sudden Veteran's Today became an outfit that believes in free speech like the Jews believe in free speech which means they showed they really didn't believe in free speech at all.This is the group Duff is railing against and yes, they are compromised but Duff would have you believe he or his homies on the left aren't. There is a way beyond both sides but Duff never glances that way for long.

 No one was to advocate a narrative counter to the Gordon Duff one about Jade Helm or they were labeled a crackpot. That narrative was "Nothing to see here, move on and don't speculate. If you do speculate you are about equal to a holocaust denier being interviewed by Bill O"Reilly or Jon Stewart (Jew)."

Four or five writers either got fired or saw the real Duff come out and didn't like what they saw and left on their own. Bad blood is still hanging in the air and fairly regularly, Duff let's his feelings show.

 Jade Helm is an on-going event and much surrounding it is being kept hidden. No one really knows the depth of concern here and if Duff does, it means he is on the inside which also means, we can't trust him to tell us straight up about it because no one is on the "inside" unless they are playing ball. Duff has acknowledged he has a government handler but in Duff's world, that's not necessarily bad because Duff's a masonic democrat. Everything in the MSM is organized masonically and the fact that Duff openly supports the Masonic Democrats, within all  this,  reveals him for what he is, an NWO "player".

Usually when you follow his posts,  at the end, there will be a negative implication being made about the masonic right, often in demonizing language. Duff is capable of complaining about democrats, but make no mistake, he is true blue loyal to the democratic party. He is half Jewish and grew up in a family environment filled with communist Jews.

Duff wrote an article and posted it today called "Oathkeeping for Organized Crime in Ferguson". As usual, he makes some valid points about those on his enemy's list but as usual, he white washes democratic issues in the process. Duff has recommended the protocols as desired reading,  he has said that we are being ruled by shadowy overlords on an international scale. In the process he gatekeeps for the Jews calling people racist if they use protocolian logic to it's natural end-course, which, in fact, lays primary blame for this chaos  to, behind the curtain, Jews. This is a contradiction and one of many Duff espouses.

 Duff tries to sound like Alex Jones here:

There are real issues out there, real people dying every day defending our freedoms, such as they are. They are defending themselves and us from the brutal militarists of Kiev, of Ankara, of Tel Aviv, from ISIS, from Boko Haram, from Al Shebab, from Saudi and Israeli planes, from tactical nuclear weapons.

There are millions today hiding in their homes, being shelled in Damascus and across Syria, Kurdish families being bombed by Turkey with US complicity, the Yemeni people under attack by Saudi Arabia and Israel and across Africa tens of millions live in fear because they have been targeted by "the right."

Sadly, Duff makes absolutely no sense unless you can accept the fact his audience  is low on critical thinking skills so he doesn't have to. Please tell me Mr. Duff, how is contributing to the chaos of chasing around fictitious terrorists, having the media lying about people's motives and bombing people on the other side of the world protecting our freedoms? He simply accepts the system as is with these kinds of statements and thus becomes a supporter.

Left unstated is the Jewish behind the curtain's orchestration and since Duff will not admit to it's Jewishness, he is forced to  go after neo-cons and the supposed covert "Bush World Order", which in fact is run by Jews but to most folks, they don't connect the dots. Notice he ends with "They are being targeted by the right".

 Duff is a partisan but both sides are complicit. Supporting Israel is considered "bi-partisan" and expected, though he pretends not to notice when it's inconvenient. Democrats and Duff is a democrat, are expected to keep their mouths shut about Israel. Somehow Duff thinks his brand of bullshit will hide this fact. 

Duff, as an infiltrator in the truth movement, sent here to tamp down and control the problematic critical thinkers, has permission to break those rules with us. He is what is called a "controlled, self-hating Jew" Basically, uncontrolled self-hating Jews get killed. Controlled self Hating Jews are like Controlled Anti-semites (Andrew Anglin types) they come in handy to scare the dumb Jews and outrage the Zionist Christians. They also are publicized to make sure everyone knows about them (If you are written up in an ADL piece, it means you are controlled)

 He conveniently ignores the fact that though we haven't attacked Iran, we have put our fingers in many other pies world-wide under a democratic administration. Obama is surrounded by Jews who expect him to slurp on their cocks!

President Johnson,  fabricated a war in Viet Nam as a Democrat. He was in on the KENNEDY MURDER. Should I mention Roosvelt, our closet, communist president who was a democrat as well and helped force WWII for the Jews? Democrats, in their own way are just as big a problem as the Republicans and in some ways bigger.

 One minute Duff says not to wave the flag but, then, metaphorically waves it here  to garner the more stupid that visit his site.:

Last week, Oathkeepers, a group founded by Stewart Rhodes, really not a bad guy, were arrested for planning to kill American military (read Americans, our kids, VT people). Rhodes had nothing to do with it. These were people who were duped by internet trolls based on rumors spread around by InfoWars, Jim Fetzer and a pack of bible thumping "end times" clowns scraping out a living selling quack medicines and peddling fear porn.

***Duff attempts to nullify other truthers  here with derogatory comments, an MO of JWO behavior***

 Need I even mention here that Duff has found it convenient to "believe" the mainstream media narrative on this event here because he can score political points?

297220812 barack obama sucka drank the kool aid didnt ya answer 1 xlargeAgain, Duff is simply not credible. He has spent far too many hours posting reasons for us not to trust our military for him to run back inside and start waving the flag now. Then, again, Duff is a partisan.  The question has to be asked, is this an issue just to use to attack the other side, as any good partisan would, (that puts party above country)? Where is the screaming and moaning about Obama? People, please remember Duff was all in support of the US attack on Libya under Qaddafi. At the time I was drinking his koolaide and missed the finer meanings of such a stance.

 Jim Fetzer for daring to buck Duff over the Jade Helm caper, and clearly a liberal leaning guy, now keeps company with A.Jones and the Bronfman Crime Family in Gordon Duff's head but his only real crime was balking at Duff's out of the blue- game changing behavior that probably occurred because his handler said to demonize all questioners scrutinizing Jade Helm as  this article shows, he continues to do.

Here's where Duff does his tap dance. When  trying to control his audience he will include places like the ADL and SPLC, both organizations that democrats typically stay mum on and I bet Duff does as well at their rallys. But he is assigned to us to keep us under control and he has to have bait and he has to try to act like he sees the big picture that in fact states both sides work for the same folks in the rear but are assigned to different types of cattle and thus use different "feed" (2). Duff: 

This is simply divide and conquer right wing, read "Zionist" politics, spreading lies, disinformation, bizarre conspiracy theories and working very much against the people of the United States.

Hey gordon! Check out this masonic hand signal!Duff, both sides are working against the American people. Jade Helm is a concern and making the way for an American Police state is clearly part of the reason why Jade Helm is occuring. In fact, you imply this logic a lot but you have this habit of thinking we will forget that. You resurrect Nazis here once again, in this article. When are you going to decide if the Nazis were good or bad guys? The most influential article I ever read of yours implied they were the good guys but here you go again, playing to el stupido and using the blasphemous term Nazi to denigrate your target:

Whose side is G Duff on?Where there was to be an group that valued an oath, there are some guidelines I would recommend.

Don't get into bed with dogs, you will wake up with fleas. Armed people who oppose the rights of working people, things like health insurance, minimum wage protection, schools and environment are "NAZIS" not "oath keepers."When backing those who sent us into illegal wars, set up the DHS, pushed through the Patriot Acts and set up gulags around the world and then try to tell us they are protecting our rights, don't be surprised if we push back just a little bit.

***I believe, in that article I mentioned before, you admitted real Nazis were on the SIDE OF THE PEOPLE  {1} and here you go implying the opposite using the Jewish taught definition of the word. You trying to confuse us? (Link! )

Duff finishes with something that could come straight out of a democratic stump speech, lol!:

Maybe this is why we are seeing endless "distractions."
Let's get this very straight, this is nothing but a political circus to promote a right wing agenda totally against the rights of working Americans. You can't serve the Israeli lobby, which is what these organizations are doing, without sup

These are the folks that took over the US in the 2000 coup d etat and sent us into a decade of war crimes, false flag terrorism and police state dictatorship. We have been slowly cleaning the mess up for 7 years and will resist attempts to move us back under 


Bush/Netanyahu control.porting their narrative of total control of American society by the select families of inbred morons.

We have had "rule by the stupid" before. Smart people have guns too. Stupid is as stupid does.

 No Jews, just fascists, eh Duff?

I don't have a problem in him calling out the Republicans. His not calling out the dems, implies they are a viable alternative to help us change course and that's a lie so I do have a problem with that.

Have I ever talked about the "fake" WWE stage and that you should ignore it and roust out Vince McMahon instead? 

{Article in "Update mode"}If you elect me,I will find McMahon!

The End



  • Hiter nationalized the central bank, in a sense, eliminating the “Federal Reserve” Hitler began massive public works, building things for people, highways, parks, on a much larger scale than Roosevelt and the NRA (which the Supreme Court found “unconstitutional”)
  •  Hiter instituted wage and price controls, evening out wage differentiation between labor and management.  When bonus time came, everyone was paid on a mandatory scale, not like is done in the US. Corporate profits had to be loaned to the government, initially at 6% interest then lowered to 4.5%. 
  • Summer camps were built for all kids,
  • nutrition programs instituted, education was made mandatory at a time when in the US, only 10% graduated from high school
  •  Free national health insurance was instituted
  •  Manufacturing and jobs were kept in Germany and exports supported, underwritten by credit lines financed by corporate taxes Corporate profits quadrupled because of this while wages and standard of living went up 16% 
  • Simultaneously, Germany build the largest army in the world, perhaps not the best thing but, considering Stalin as a neighbor, perhaps understandable 

By 1938, there was a labor shortage in Germany while America and Britain were sinking in debt and deep in depression Germany had a generous social security retirement system Now wait a minute, can this be true?  Free medical care, no unemployment, cheap food, paid vacations at government built resorts. When it came time for war, young Germans all had their teeth, were well nourished, could all read and were healthy. In Britain, over half were illiterate, most suffered from malnutrition, it was a nightmare. Author/historian Len Deighton writes on this in Blood Tears and Folly.  Consider reading it. So, we damn Germany because of concentration camps, secret police, gas chambers and all those invasions. But if we compare Fascism to whatever the hell it is we pretend to have in the US with NAFTA and drugs and prisons everywhere, you will find that American prisons are far beyond anything Germany had for concentration camps. In fact, America today is far more comparable to Stalin’s Russia than Germany under Hitler. Is this why all we hear about is war criminals and concentration camps? Are we trying to hide something 

Protocols 12-12

All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions -
even anarchical -
for so long, of course,
as the constitution exists ....

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