Time for some Truth!Ok, first of all, I'm not one of those wishy-washy goy girls you all are used to and I am notthe kind of Jew who would tell  you I'm like you when I'm 1000 times better than you!. How do I know that? Our holiest book of all, the mother of all religious books, the Talmud, says so over and over. Problem we got is there are so few of us that 

we have trouble telling folks what the fuck we are really about cause they might, then, kill us! I mean, look at your  white onliers over in the corner, still believing  what we told them about how powerful their race was and loudly proclaiming it still!. Take slavery!

   Now, Jews have always run the slave trade going all the way back to Rome and  we, basically, installed the notion of slaves onto whites and helped them realize  it's advantages. You think a white guy would go to Africa just to find someone who wouldn't talk back? Hell no, it took a Jew to put it all together! It always takes a Jew to put it all together.Well, come the 1800s and we jews started sticking our fingers to the wind to see which way it was blowing, plus, we started up all these goy factories where we worked any goy, over 5 years old, from dawn till dusk on practically no wages at all.We jews were used to owning slaves, heck 70% of Jewish households in the United States owned slaves while only 20% of white households so slave-driving factory workers was a no-brainer. Well, we decided that making wage slaves out of stupid goy who bought all the human rights propaganda we fed them was a heck of a lot better than having to fess up for room and board on the Negroes on the Plantation. Also, we were developing into full bloom the communist philosophy of workers rights  and  slaves, owned by jews, just wasn't going to fill the bill because the trick of Jews always getting what they want is to pretend they are helping certain goy  in the getting of what they want and what we wanted was to take down that motherfucking, Czar of Russia, Czar Nicholas the Second and 3rd. That's not exactly true, we wanted basically to remove all monarchies that we didn't control which is what we did  in England in 1650,  in France in 1798 and then in Russia and believe me we stirred up hell all thru the 1800s. Anyways,We killed Nicholas the 2nd   too early and we didn't make it look like the proles did it so we had to wait another 40 years to kill the next czar in the "name of the people" but it was really for us, the Jews!.


 Now this is a complicated story, so, stay with me. We Jews knew that, by all rights, the Negro should hate the Jew way more than he hates anyone else, so, when slavery was ended and after we shot Lincoln thru our goy mason, John Wilkes Boothe, we started propagandizing the whites into believing these freed up Negroes were the source of every white problem, so, to start off, we had the blacks take over all the southern legislatures to ram home to the whites how much trouble they were in under these nigs if they didn't do something and fast.Yea, you heard about the carpet baggers after the Civil War pilfering the south? it was we Jews, of course we called ourselves anything but jews when writing the history books thru our paid experts that worked in service of the gold which we owned all of, but, yea we was the ones that told you it was the nigs not the Jews that were making you miserable so when we started  up the film industry we made sure to do a film turning Ku Klux Klan members into "protectors of society!"See, even back then we knew there wereseveral easy ways to exploit the goy mind set. One was selling "Liberty, Equality and 

Fraternity"  to poor goy workers teaching them those behind their hardships were goy capitalists and the other thing that worked like a charm was "race". Once we convinced the white race that the blacks were nothing but a pain in the butt, we knew we had plenty of time to sell this agenda but because blacks, after the  Ku Klux Klan took their power away, had  little more power than they had as slaves before the war, we focussed , in the here and now, on class struggle and communism as  the wedge to drive into the heart of the goy enemy.

                       Let's be clear, all goy are enemy if they don't serve the Jew, god's chosen people and the Jews will always be a "persecuted people" and claim they are persecuted till they rule, by the light of day, over all on this planet! So, now we got the whites thinking they run America, and we encouraged them all to rant in public about blacks and how they better "hop to" on command and we was the ones that made  and still do make them all "hop to" whites and blacks  and every other kind though much of this is accomplished by misdirection. You see, there's a lot, here, to cover  and it can be confusing if this is new and it's all mixed together but we'll do what we can, tonight, and come back for more later! So, the race ploy started out early in America and the class struggle was carried on mostly under the guise of union rights. If you look around today, unions got no cloudt and that's cause we jews don't need the unions anymore cause we took all the goy businesses and the reason we got behind  union rights was to further Jewish aims while pretending to further the aims of goy workers, but, as you can see today, now that we own most all the factories and use slave labor elsewhere where there are no unions, we got no patience for them. America was too free thinking, though, to make a direct assault on society via communism so we used our power of gold to buy off, entice  and encourage political actors whom we signed up to indirectly implement it.

Lenin preaching to dumb goy

               How were we gonna get our revenge on the czar, that evil dynasty whom was the one block in our way from implementing a JWO (Jew World Order) back in 1815? We declared permanent revenge on him till this injustice was redressed cause we jews never forget a wrong and because we are chosen, we are always being wronged when forced to live under someone else's direction. So we did a lot of wheeling and dealing to set up the 1st WW and the main thing was  getting the Federal Reserve Act passed in the US because, someone had to fund that war besides Jews, we never fund anything, though we start everything. All thru the 1800s we had been selling liberal ideology, so as to "butter up" the goy to be pliable when it was time to strike.The Russian revolution was carried off by Jew dominance, at the top, with goy idiots doing their bidding in the name of "Justice,Equality, and Fraternity"! As soon as we took over that state, we forgot all about the  goy con bullshit and  ruled via Talmud principal, right off, making anti-semitism, however we define it, a death penalty offense as well as owning a book, we claimed was written by a goy, called "The Protocols of Zion!" See, the problem was, we didn't write the book (wink,wink) but everyone thought we did and everything we were doing since that pamplet was discovered was in perfect accordance with it, so it just couldn't be helped is all, we had to kill em like we have to jail holocaust enquiry. People will easily be misled if there is too much free speech in these areas and the ultimate godly goal is god's chosen people be officially chosen as the master race!

              So, to reiterate, we Jews enticed the white goy to buy into slavery and supplied the slaves from Africa to do this. We realized that  to be the champions of human rights, something we were selling but didn't believe in, we had to make the blacks think that their problem was the white man and not us. This has been important ever since and reared it's ugly head in 1990 when we were forced to confront an uppity black by the name of Tony Martin,

who couldn't take a hint that he needed to leave us out of slave history in his class!

You see how we Jews feign concern for the black man's struggle , today? We be conning you goyim every which way but loose!-here's a quote from a book on the black slave trade that showed you what we meant when we demonstrated concern for "human rights"!My Femen days, I'm sure glad I had that Torah that day!

"the Jewish influence in Newport had reached such proportions that President George Washington decided to pay them a visit. Upon his appearance, both of the Masonic Lodges sent an emissary—a Jew named Moses Seixas (4) —to approach the President with a petition, in which the Jews of Newport stated: "If you will permit the children of Abraham to approach you with a request, to tell you that we honor you, and feel an alliance...... and then: "Until the present time the valuable rights of a free citizen have been withheld. However, now we see a new government coming into being based on the Majesty of the people, a government, not sanctioning any bigotry nor persecution of the Jew, rather, to concede the freedom of thought, which each shares, whatever Nation or Language, as a part of the great Government machine." It is necessary at this point to consider the disclosures as to who in reality obtained this legendary freedom in America at the founding of the Union. To be sure, the province became independent and severed from the English Jurisdiction. However, we can see from the petition (5) which Moses Seixas offered President Washington in the name of the Jews of Newport, that it was not in reality this type of freedom which they had in mind. They were merely concerned about themselves, and their "own civil rights," which had been withheld. Therefore, following the Revolutionary War, the Jews were accorded equal rights, and freed of all restrictions! And the Negroes? The Revolutionary War not withstanding, they remained Slaves! In the year 1750, one sixth of the population in New York was Negroid, and proportionately in the Southern parts of the Country, they outnumbered the others, but the proclamation of Freedom did not touch them."

Who Brought the Slaves"-Walter White

We Jews are your friend  only as long as you serve our purpose  if you aren't jewish-going further,"The staggering amounts of money acquired by the Jew ship owners and slavery dealers is better illustrated when we emphasize the many years in which this sale and purchase of human flesh was practiced. Prior to 1661, all of the Colonies had laws prohibiting slavery. It was in that year that the Jews had become powerful enough to bring about the repeal of these laws, and slavery began in earnest.

{Oh Shit! please note 1661 was pretty much the exact year we had the king of England's head served up on a "Silver Platter"-Think there's a connection with Jewish re-infiltration into England, the mother of the colonists, and slavery being legalized?}

The Jews had discovered that the Colonists needed additional manpower to help them clear their fields for planting, helping in the construction of dwellings, and in general to help with harvesting their crops. This was particularly true of the Southern states which we have referred to earlier. The Southerners had vast tracts of rich soil suitable for rice, cotton, tobacco and cane sugar. At first, impoverished Europeans were recruited. English prison doors were opened and finally prisoners ot war from England and Holland were brought to the Colonies, made to work until they had paid the cost of transporting them by ship and then set free."

          So, continuing on,  we had set all this  up for a future race war for we Jews plan ahead on ever thang and, this being 1900, 1st, we needed to take over  the original Jewish European homeland from our Czar tormentor,Russia, and thru labor unions, thru experts putting rebellion enabling ideas into the minds of ordinary folks and with WWI depleting Czarist power appropriately, the stage was set for the big coup, a coup that all the Jewish banking elites  were backing 100%. A coup where all American officials feigned horror to what the communists were doing but  were part of the engine that did not help stop it and in fact lent support to what ended being a gentile slaughter never seen before or since-50 million and our goy leaders, mostly of whom were masons and let's be clear, Masons serve Jews,  and Jews enabled masons to attain power so they could further our aims and  in reward we made them famous, gave them the credit, and made them the scapegoats, too, when everything went south.Oh, did I forget to say, our goy mason, Albert Pike, founded the KKK! You take it from there. We plan ahead dudes!

So this has been a nice intro,  I am a jewess who tells it like it is, cause you goy ain't gonna believe it no how, no way!

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