***redid this a bit. My most popular VK Clark article where when asked if she believed the protocols were authentic, decided to refute Mein Kampf and say Hitler didn't believe they were, instead and no, you can't make this shit up! Apparently Miss Clark doesn't wish to go on record refuting Jewish religion here.

The fact here, very much, is that if the Jews weren't trying to create a Jew World Order and if  the idea WAS totally preposterous, they would let the rumor die a natural death with  the knowledge it didn't apply to them. Just as the famous saying goes, "One knows who rules you by noting whom one can't criticized", it is equally true that one knows what lynch-pin lies are necessary to support those that rule us by taking due note of the demonization, and outright censorship and jailing of those not shutting up pertaining to the relevant topics. Miss Clark simply pretends the lynchpin issues don't exist and  focusses on how many Jewish soldiers Hitler had as if that could change our tyranny with the disclosure. She is, at this time, doing her part in  creating as much division in the goy community as possible and using the SPLC, a Jewish op, for intellectual, go to, back-up.

VK Clark is an NS Revisionist scared to take the truly important issues located within her area of expertise and concocts substitute operations which mask for the real thing but aren't. What difference does it make if Hitler was perfect or that you get your racial views perfectly across?  The protocol issue is a perfect example that shows you whom VK bows a down to. There is no conclusive proof one way or the other except by judging the guilty behavior or not of those claimed upon and noting if they are in fact doing what  the document claims. Miss Clark finds it convenient to give the Jews the benefit of the doubt knowing that challenging that will make it much harder to garner their support for her to make a lucrative living in their world.

She prefers to spend all her spare time pointing out all the evil goy all around her with bare reference to the Jew with absolutely no ranting against them, ever!. One more time I have to say "What else is new!" about VK Clark as  the co-opted opposition posing as one of us continues to give this woman respect like Ryan Dawson and Zander Fuerza, cough, I mean Brandon Martinez. Kiss the Jew ring, goy, if you want to live in my world and VK is very good at that! Time and again VK sides, if in doubt, or creates a fake doubt to do so, with the Jew against the Goy so she can sell more shit at and be a good Jewish capitalist. She might  put an "I love Jews" sign on her front page! It would definitely be appropriate, in her case***

Hitler Knew the Protocols Were Fake? VKC- Here's what he said in "Mein Kampf"

After being Brought to my attention, I made several efforts to stumble into Veronica Clark, the historian of WWII fame. It was through the "Queenie the Meanie" issues, Veronica was having that we finally interacted and let me say, it is very hard to have a one on one conversation with Veronica K Clark. She considers herself an elite historian alongside of David Irving, Marc Weber and a guy named Berg but I will get to that in a bit. Before today, I made several long winded comments to Miss Clark trying to get a response on her feelings, mainly, about Jews.

 The concerns I have been having with her is the contrast between her radio interviews and articles to that of her  "goofy" style off camera, so to speak. I had also noted, after comparing her radio interviews of a few years back to more recent ones, a softening when it comes to explaining Jewish behavior. A sort of ,"Yes, Jews are abusing power, but it only happens because they are more talented!", sort of a take.

This was in sharp contrast to a 2009 radio interview where she was quite clear about Jewish culpability and that nothing could be resolved without resolving the problem of the Jew. For comparison, here's the 2009 interview and then the 2013 interview, here and here! So, before today, whenever I asked her about this, she has addressed  only areas of my comments that were very non-commital, shall we say.

But today I lucked out. Veronica has , ever since I have been watching her, devoted most of her you-tube concerns, not to her expertise but to her on-going public relations battles with various parts of the WN community. Today, she found a new person to totally hate on, using, for proof, the fact the guy has a "Pirate Bay" account and apparently uploaded some Playboy Nudie pics of German girls amongst some copyrighted stuff of Veronica's. Lucky for me, she opened up comments which she never does (that was a mistake).
Basically, this video was a hate filled diatribe against not only this guy and his supposed porn, but the Pirate Bay site equating anyone that would use such a site as "working for satan" (does she mean Jews?)!
As I listened to her, God told me to respond so I did. I basically told her that to push copyright law as some sort of moral issue as if it was in the same category as "mugging someone" (my analogy) was a bit ridiculous and the fact was owning intellectual property is a concept that a few folks (Jews) forced on the rest of us and has not a thing to do with good behavior but simply an agreed upon program for the haves to impose on the have-nots to keep them from being part of the haves and I further said, IMO, that as soon as you share something with someone else, it no longer was solely yours. Also,The government was corrupt inside and out, so how does it feel to support such a system, so adamantly, that also made such a corruption of WWII German history? (which  is her specialty) I finished by reminding her that she has dodged my question as to the authenticity of the protocols on 4 previous occasions and would she respond.
        Well Yipee, I finally got her to respond to the protocols and she said with no if's, and's or but's that  they were fake and that Hitler claimed them to be fake. Here's her quote, "Hitler believed the protocols were fake and I agree with that. Please get a copy of the Otto Wagener memoirs and read up on this." the link, currently working is here and the photo of this comment is here, to the right. She also equated pictures of naked girls posing in  magazines to be  porn and it should be banned, this from a woman, mind you, that obsesses about an A-Sexual musician from Germany who dresses up as a female a lot. Needless to say, I was caught off guard by Veronica's pronounced morality in other areas. Oh, the a-sexual musician apparently has  tatoos of Luciferain origin on his body and is, clearly, promoted by the masonic media in Europe and all this, seemingly, quite strange for a WWII revisionist historian challenging this masonic cult as to WWII accuracy pertaining to Germany. Literally, you can go to one of Veronica's websites and see 50 photos of this young dude. I bring this up only because of Miss Clark's heightened  morality about government laws and porn. But now to Hitler, I replied my disagreement with her view which is posted to the left. As I thought  about this for an hour I decided to google " Hitler and the Protocols" and lookee what I found right here

 The relevant quotes are:

" How much the whole existence of this people is based on a permanent falsehood is proved in a unique way by the Protocols ofthe Learned Elders of Zion which is so violently repudiated by the Jews. With groans and moans the(incoherent mumble) jew pronounces again and again that these are forgeries. This alone is evidence in favor of it's authenticity. What the Jew wishes to do is here clearly set  forth. It is not necessary to ask out of what Jewish brain these revelations sprang forth, but what is of vital interest is that they disclose with an almost terrifying precision, the mentality and methods of action characteristic  of the Jewish people. Of these writings expound in all of their various directions the final aims towards which the Jews are striving." 

An affirmative statement from Mein Kampf, by Hitler, believing  in their validity. Couldn't be any plainer. This is noteworthy to me because Miss Clark has repeatedly avoided answering questions I have made pertaining to her Joos-racity. Since I posted the link she has somehow moved the link with the comments we have made from public view and again, I am left to question:

"Miss Clark, when are you gonna get real with the proles?" 

  The sharp contrast between her somewhat disoriented daily life and her very thorough and meticulous research is compelling and concerning and until Miss Clark comes clean as to what she is doing and whom she serves, it will continue to be an issue or she will fade away. I don't want to get onto the topic of whether this could be JWO infiltration behavior but needless to say, if  you can't be honest with your audience, who are you serving? I'll close now and will update this story as need be.Quit choking Hitler, VK
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