Gordon Duff Deep cover op, exposes himself (don't listen to WHAT he says, watch what he does)

Self proclaimed "Self hating Jew" says it's not the Jews, lol, it's Bush fascists, instead!

"Ultra" S - 5/10/15

I mentioned this morning of 5/10/15 on my blog that we may "expose" Gordon Duff a bit today and further go about exposing the fact this man may be a "dual loyalty" citizen. NO! Not Israel and the US, dummy. He may have a citizenship card with the internationalist cabal while claiming citizenry with "We the People"!

   Of course, you know about dual citizenry. It gives the right to represent the target victims while actually working for the other folks and I believe, in this case, Gordon Duff, AKA Bob Foote, works for the Rockefeller wing of the JWO and hangs with us to subtly push the elite agenda while pretending to be against it.  I say Jew World Order cause it is. Duff's always had trouble saying that but he has alluded to it enough that, until fairly recently, I gave him a pass or the benefit of the doubt.

   Then I got banned in the main comment area of VT for  the third time and as I walked around with smoke coming out of my ears for being pissed trying to figure out what to do, Rockefeller apparently had a one on one with Mr. Duff and said, "We need you son, to go out on a limb for us! This Jade Helm thing is becoming a little too exposed and we need you to tamp it back into a more hidden position, if you will for me. Can you do that for me today?" Well, Who's Duff to say no to David Rockefeller,right?

Unfortunately, Duff has been bragging for years how open and free "Veterans Today" is and that no one gets censored (except for being honest about Jews or code word for that "racism") so this prior history was about to flag Duff when he put out his "marching orders" and not all the troops responded as expected. Duff fired Chip Tatum and Stew Webb. Jim Fetzer left soon after and they reassembled at a place called Veterans Truth Network

   Let me state quite openly, I have no connections to the cabal, I get no inside information and everything at this point in my life as a resistance fighter against the JWO comes from observation and watching for slip-ups by those that pretend to represent us but really represent them. I will say that no one has disproven any of my serious claims that I have made about Julie Mitchell, Andrew Anglin and Veronikha Clark to name a few. Circumstantially, they've all been exposed by me. Let's now see a little of what has been said or is known about Duff that has come out since his firing of Stew Webb.

   First,listen to this three hour broadcast involving former writers at VT. They include :

  • Stew Webb
  • Chip Tatum
  • Jim Fetzer
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Dean Henderson

Now, here's a response by Jim Stone taken from his blog, yesterday, pertaining to his impression of Duff, and of the almost "hits" against  Jeff Rense and Stew Webb:

"ISIS" psy op is causing busts of other people, this time the CIA!

War in the truth movement

There is a huge war going on with Veterans Today right now. I have had my own war with Duff that I never asked for, where he has done nothing but slander me while plagiarizing my work in a really greasy way - I will nail a truth, and two or three days later "the Duffer" will publish the exact same topic making the exact same points perfectly reworded and spun in with so much crap it is seriously damaged and obviously with no credit given to the source - Duff is an enemy.

Fortunately I have a huge influence on my own and don't need Duff as others do. Duff has lots of writers that have to toe the line or get the boot. A large number of his better writers got sick of it all, and there is now a mutiny underway. They are asking others to join them, and This is my offer to join ......

From Kerry Cassidy

"If Duff has been ordered to discredit certain players it is because his bosses at the agency that employs him have ordered him to do so...  The events going down at VT may in fact be an in-fight between the FBI and a faction of the CIA and possibly other agencies, in essence a turf war.  I urge everyone to stay cool and watch carefully.

Project Camelot was told many years ago by various witnesses that the end of 2015 was the cut-off point for the ringing in of the new financial system...  If this is a takedown then orchestrating chaos is a likely part of their planned scenario.

There is also a scenario in which Duff is the "fox" set up for everyone to chase.  Why is it the guys out there talking about Duff don't seem to get his role as an AGENT working for the CIA?  Don't they get just what those guys are trained to do?  Disinfo is part of their tradecraft.  They use it whenever it is deemed necessary and useful.  The other side to that is when they do decide (or are directed) to actually tell the truth! {Editors's note- Gee, when TPTB tell you to tell the truth, it must be good for them or in other words, "Hearing the truth, on occasion, is no better than hearing no truth at all.", so I don't get her point}

In a twisted scenario one can imagine Duff writing 4 articles saying Jade Helm is nonsense falls under 'he doth protest too much' and may indicate that overkill is about stirring up anger to direct attention to Jade Helm, knowing full well that is what would happen.  The agency works in nefarious ways, need I state the obvious?There is no real need to make the Duff attacks personal.. he is doing a job for an agency.  Everything he is involved in revolves around that." {Editor's note-misrepresenting yourself to us is treason to "We the people" , so again I don't get her positive assessment}

Interesting to note that due to these comments by Kerry, Mike Harris, basically, the second in command of the visible folks at VT did a "hit" piece on Kerry. I would call it over the top and apparently Mike Harris decided so too by taking it down twenty-fours hours later.....However...... your little buddy at Blindlight (me) has both Cassidy's and Harris's full statements though not the updated one by Cassidy of which you probably can view at her site.

  Continuing on with my narrative on Duff, right after the Fetzer firings with all havoc breaking loose Duff releases a piece signaling a new interpretation of what it is, exactly, that rules us. Below, we will be examining that statement and the guys Duff is relying on for validation. Needless to say, it looks like the Jews are totally innocent, now, so that's good news!

   Also, to back that up with the Garland Texas, Hebedo like, fake event at the Pamela Geller "We have the right to defame Islam as much as we want in the name of free speech" party, Duff took the opportunity to further elaborate on his new fascist claims of Bush-like monsters prowling the halls at the top of the pyramid and still happily, no Jews. This article, should be read after you finish this article if you want to see how he did that.

Is there a Rockefeller connection to this caper?

   The wise councils Duff alludes to in the below article are Michael Shrimpton, a former VT writer who has been pushing the DVD psyop explanation for years and Michael never met a Jew or an Israeli that broke the law, trust me! The other is Benjamin Fulford, a Jew living in Japan who is quoted as claiming imminent arrests of the Bush cabal, two years ago along with goofball, David Wilcox and still waiting on that. Gordon's apology at the end of the article to Fulford doesn't seem to notice that little weirdness. Folks' they tell you not to trust others but expect you to trust them, trust me! evil

Oh Gordon, lordy, lordy, how stupid do you think we are? By the way, you know the Scherff claim for the real ID of the Bush's? Thank Mr. Fulford for that but beyond Fulford and his star witness, now dead, no one else corroborates it  (Pike's 3 world war blueprint anyone. Yes please, shaken not stirred) and oh, one final thing about Fulford. He gets an audience with David Rockefeller. I know what that smells like to me but I'll let you figure it out.

 Let's check the article out with my comments interspersed as needed:

NEO – So Much More Than Nukes

Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?


In May of 2014, a high level informant tied to the US Department of Justice came to us with a story. He said that Germany has a decades long secret protocol with Israel, whereby Germany funds weapons research and production for Israel and supplies that nation with submarines specially configured for launching nuclear cruise missiles — and Israel, in return, gives Germany nuclear weapons.

At the time, the “why” of Germany, a NATO power, wanting nuclear weapons wasn’t clear. There had to be more to the story much more and there was.{ Yea, Jews are distributing their shit amongst each other}

What was brought forward was a bizarre tale of Europe’s strongest “liberal democracy” being something quite different, a nation ruled by a shadow government, infiltrated by “hold overs” from Nazi Germany, sworn to bring down the “corrupt West and its effete democracies.” {Good to know it's not Jews passing the anti-holocaust scrutiny laws, then!}


The issues holding the world’s attention this week involve not only the nuclear settlement with Iran, but Russia’s agreement to provide Iran with a “game changing” S300 air defense system. One glaring inconsistency that has been brought to the forefront is Israel’s nuclear program and why it is not subject to sanctions.

What if Israel’s nuclear program weren’t entirely their own? What if someone else was responsible? Not simply the French that supplied the technology, but another nation… or rather a highly dangerous rogue intelligence agency, a survivor of the conflicts and machinations of the 1930s and 1940s?

In a strange turn of events, a mysterious, even mythical organization, the DVD – something right out of a James Bond novel – popped to the surface. Anyone who speaks of the DVD is either ostracized as insane or ends up in prison or dead. We have decided, out of necessity, to take that risk and attempt to give context to our findings.{Gordon is brave, eh? Did these guys, many, apparently German,  help rape the two million Germans after the war? Just curious, cause I know who gave the order for that. It was a Jew}

The Mysterious Article

Hans Rühle

Hans Rühle

Yesterday, Veterans Today received an article published recently in Die Welt, written by Colonel Hans Rühle, former Head of Planning for Germany’s Ministry of Defense. It was forwarded to us by a former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) investigator, a nuclear physicist. What it had to say was both startling and wrought with dramatic implications.

The title of the article, published in German is: Hat Deutschland Israels Atomwaffen finanziert?

Such a detailed and gripping expose written by a retired high level German/NATO official, one not only proving Israel’s illusive nuclear program to exist, but outlining broad criminal complicity by the German government should have resounded around the world. Instead, it was immediately forgotten, never translated into English and never cited by anyone, including and especially those whose job it is to enforce nuclear non-proliferation treaties. (Should have resounded around the world, trumpeted by the international cabal who own the press and  most of the politicians in the world, including Germany's politicians and who vote time and again for what Jewish power wants and not the German people? Your disappointed with them? Do the German people want holocaust scrutiny laws against themselves passed for the powerful covering up the lies? Again, I'm just curious here!)

The article is, in fact, a broad confession of German government complicity in a bizarre and sinister plot of epic proportions.

The Israeli Response

Almost immediately after publishing an annotated version on Veterans Today, the Israeli newspaper, the Israeli daily newspaper, Haaretz  published what we believe to be a response — an attempt to “spin” a very dangerous disclosure into an area that could be “contained.” Their article is titled: How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S.

Israel’s nuclear program was totally exposed in 1986 by Mordechai Vanunu, who was later kidnapped and returned to Israel, where he was held in solitary confinement for 18 years. The Haaretz story was hastily published, an empty and meaningless endeavor, because the article exposing the German/Israeli nuclear nexus is something far more than Germany arming Israel out of “war guilt.” Something very nasty is going on.

German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst

Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton

Earlier this year, a British intelligence analyst and author named Michael Shrimpton was sentenced to prison. He was convicted of informing the British government that a nuclear weapon smuggled from Bremerhaven, Germany was strategically placed within blast range of the Olympic stadium outside London during the 2012 games.

Shrimpton claimed in open court that a German organization known as the DVD or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, a Nazi “holdover” from World War II with “franchises” around the world, was responsible. (So the Nazis didn't lose the war and are controlling the world as we speak?)

Shrimpton was sent for psychiatric examination, pilloried in the press and clearly railroaded into prison on what can only be considered a bizarre “trumped up” charge. He was convicted on the basis of having made the threat himself. Thus, the author of Spy Hunter and NSA “asset” sits in a prison cell, silenced, allowed no visitors, no phone calls, no correspondence and no publishing privileges.(Actually Gordon, we only know that the press claims this and you claim it as well. He could be sunning on the Riviera under the name of "Goldstein" for all we know, right? "Staged events" can happen anywhere. Is there anyway in the world we can verify he is actually being punished beyond someone like you's say so?)

Shrimpton claims he was “railroaded” because he had exposed the DVD; the Nazi terror group he says runs Germany, but also runs the United States through the Bush family.

Christopher Story

Christopher Story

Christopher Story

In 2010, Christopher Story, known to many as Edward Harle, died mysteriously. Intelligence insiders believe Story was murdered by the DVD. From Wikipedia:

“Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 – 14 July 2010) was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is perhaps best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception.

Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians, was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada. In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence and founded “World Reports Limited” that year.

Since 1970, Story edited and published International Currency Review, which has included the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers. Story became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and in 1991, a year after her resignation, he published Soviet Analyst due to his continued scepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.[7] Soviet Analyst was a respected journal whose previous editors included Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely.”

Christopher Story, longtime associate of my good friend, Lee Wanta, was an agent of Britain’s secret services, something not included in his official biography but true none the less. Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence told of an organization formed during the late 1920s, formed of a coalition between the Bush family in the US, then part of the Harriman/Rothschild banking cartel of New York/City of London, and the “Hitler Project,” so aptly written about by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush.

{Sorry, seen and heard too many lies to take your word or his word on it. I'm taking your advice that you give at other times though. Believe nothing without proof.Take nothing for granted. While we are at it, tell me Gordon, why should I take your word, or the word of one who gets a "handler" to approve or disapprove everything he does? Just curious!}

According to Story, this group which controls the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world’s central banks, serves an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert. {Wow, Jews haven't been in control of our money. It's Nazis again!}Story cited Hitler as a “puppet” of the organization that would later be called the DVD.  According to Story, British Prime Minister Edward Heath was a DVD operative, as was Prime Minister Tony Blair and a significant number of high ranking British politicians. {So Hitler's an agent for a Luciferian cult this week? Thank God the Jews aren't in on this!}

The DVD’s Pedophile Signature

Pedophile rings in both the US and Britain, such as those recently brought to light in the most recent of many, the Westminster Pedophile Scandal and, in the US, the Franklin Scandal, tying a national child trafficking ring to the Bush family, dozens of prominent American legislators and major corporate leaders, are an integral part of the scenario, call it hypothesis if you will, of the DVD.{OK, I will cause pedophelia is part of all masonic and Jewish secret societies. Quit blocking for Jews, Gordon and prove your "Self-hating" worth!}

It was the decade of the 1980s when the scope of the problem, the infiltration of the highest levels of governments, particularly NATO nations, by large scale organized pedophile rings came to light. The Bush family and DVD were brought to light by Houston-based journalist Tom Philpot.

Philpot’s 1981 documentary, Boys for Sale, traces regional child exploitation rings to the highest levels of US government and the center of what other informants tell us is the DVD. Philpot’s film is termed, “The Forgotten Documentary.”


Lee Wanta

Former Ambassador Lee Wanta

President Reagan’s Special Ambassador Lee Wanta

Wanta, a longtime friend, was a close confidant of President Ronald Reagan, whom he served as White House Intelligence Coordinator. Wanta’s biography, White Swan, Black Hat, tells of his colorful career in counter-intelligence and global finance. {Question, why are we using government has-beens as role models? Let's not compartmentalize our brains here. We been lied to non-stop by this government and their puppet masters since before WWI. Gordon, do you actually think seeking credibility from those who have prostituted themselves for such an entity should be our totally, credible role models? Just curious. Also, Gordon, if his "colorful biography" was published by a corporate publishing house are you actually claiming there is  any info of value that will uncover the lies of TPTB? Again, just curious}

Wanta also tells of the open war in Washington, at that time, between those supporting President Reagan and those allied with a European based group, headquartered in the city of Dachau, just north of Munich — the DVD. According to Wanta, the DVD dates back to well before World War II and involves the Bush family and other American “conservatives” who were allied with the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve System.{Hmm, so if the Jewish corporate media and publishers allow this DVD information released, it must be true? Just curious.}

This is Wanta’s story.  While working for Reagan, Wanta accumulated a massive multi-trillion dollar fund intended to end Federal Reserve control of the US, pay off all debts and restore America’s infrastructure. While Wanta was in Switzerland under diplomatic cover, investigating DVD operations chief Hans Brand, also known as “Marc Rich,” longtime Clinton confidant, Wanta was kidnapped and imprisoned. Later Wanta was “extradited” to the State of Wisconsin, where he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for “tax evasion,” a charge now admittedly fraudulent, almost humorously so.

The funds held in trust in accordance with the Reagan-Wanta-Mitterrand Protocols were looted by DVD operatives working with the Bush family while Wanta was imprisoned. While the courts have ordered the Wanta funds restored, key DVD fronts have petitioned the courts to act as “trustee” to minimize the impact on “world affairs”, with this much capital being placed in the hands of a single individual.

What Wanta does confirm is not only the existence of the DVD, but that it was seen by President Reagan not only as a very real threat, but Reagan also cited the DVD as fully complicit in the 1981 assassination attempt by a Bush family friend, John Hinckley.

{So let me get this straight, the twin towers were brought down for the DVD and not Israel-Jewish interests and the Jewish owned media covered it up since they feel bad about lying about the holocaust. That ole "holocaust lie guilt chestnut", again? I need ta know!}

911 Redux

Dimona, Israel

Dimona, Israel

According to retired German Defense Ministry official, Colonel Hans Rühle, identified as a probable intelligence asset of an unknown organization, Germany went through decades of deceptions, including financing what they claimed to be an Israeli desalination plant nowhere near a salinated body of water, and a massive Israeli “textile” complex that never made a napkin. One project was the Dimona reactor, the other a weapons grade plutonium processing facility.

According to Rühle, this decades long deception that has brought the world to the brink of war time and time again was done by Germany out of “war guilt.” Like the phony Haaretz story that followed the translation and “framing” of the Die Welt story, the claim of “war guilt” as a motive for Germany building an illegal nuclear arsenal for itself using Israel as a “straw man” lacks credibility.

Germany, represented in black market technology sales by Prescott Bush and Company (brother of President George H.W. Bush) operated a weapons grade nuclear enrichment facility in South Africa as late as 2003, and was implicated in the sale of weapons grade centrifuges to Libya. Their “agent,” DVD operative Johan Meyer, was arrested in South Africa in 2004 but has disappeared.

Location of  friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis

A Saudi-Israeli operations group, Fort Lee, NJ — Location of friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis

In 2014, US Department of Energy documents from 2003 were released proving categorically that 9/11 was a nuclear event. Subsequent leaks of investigation files from the FBI/Able Danger group establish not only a Saudi-Israeli operations group working out of Fort Lee, New Jersey, as directly tied to the destruction of the triple towers, but cites Israel and key Bush family operatives as key to the planning of 9/11.

As with the German motive of “war guilt,” the motive for 9/11 is generally believed to be the oft-quoted PNAC (Project for a New American Century) call for a new “Pearl Harbor” to justify an American takeover of the Middle East.

And, as with the German “war guilt” motive, the “Pearl Harbor” motive is both insubstantial and overly convenient. America could have been pushed to war with a car bombing or assassination. It wasn’t necessary to stage 9/11, which was perhaps the most complex military operation in history.

Few remember that the supposed motive for “bin Laden” to have staged 9/11 was “distress” at the fact that American women had served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and that their presence somehow defiled the holy places of Islam.

Now we may well have another direction to look. Was 9/11 revenge for the systematic murder of over one million Germans by the US between 1945 and 1947 under the Morgenthau Plan? Was it simply slaughter for the sake of slaughter done on behalf of an organization that craves entropy and is sworn to serve evil? {Lol, face palm,Nazisgetting revenge and the Jewish media running cover. No, I think the same people that started both wars, lied and tricked us into a cold war that they controlled both sides of, false flagged us all the way into a war of terror pushed by 911 and, now, through folks like Pamela Geller and Rita Katz, selling ISIS is on our border and staging fake shooting events implicating domestic and Muslim terrorists. It can all go into the one people chosen by God to rule us's lap-the Jews. Of course you, Gordon, see Pamela Geller fronting the Garland, Texas op, clearly a supremacist Jew and give Jewish complicity nary a mention. Why don't you lay out a Jewish conspiracy for us for once you self-hating Jew, you! There's tons of evidence and you know what Mr. Duff? I can yell on Facebook all day long that it's the DVD without ever getting a complaint or ban. Remember Voltairre, in that statement, is much wisdom}

An Apology

Ben FulfordBen Fulford


Many times Benjamin Fulford or Michael Shrimpton came to me with evidence of the mysterious organization called the DVD. Both seem at times almost fanatical in their opposition to something no one has heard of. Is it just them or is such fanaticism a natural response to endemic evil?A cursory examination of available intelligence on the DVD shows it to deeply parallel the Council on Foreign Relations. For years, intelligence organizations have stumbled over mysterious secret societies, cults, cabals and cartels. In order to add a sense of unity and structure, terms were developed — Khazarian Mafia, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Black Nobility and many others including Dr. Preston James’ SSG (Secret Shadow Government).


What is known is that what we see — ISIS and its magical unseen allies, a world of rigged elections, manipulated economies and leaderless “empty hat” governments — cannot exist without a DVD. We know it isn’t about money… there is nothing left to buy. {He's selling you the DVD is the  New World Order folks, run!}

Could or would a group exist only to dominate and destroy? Is there some inherent reward in entropy alone? Consider Bush or Blair, consider Cheney or Netanyahu. Is evil for evil’s sake alone so far fetched?.............................source

****I'm kind of floored. I wonder why he's doing this? Oh yeh, to cover for Jews.Ain't it that everytime?

Hitler will know what to do!

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