What would Hitler have done with VT?

 Gordon Distorts "Hebedo" Texas shooting for Political Advantage @VT 

Written by "Ultra" S - 5/5/15In case you haven't been made aware, Gordon Duff and Veterans Today was recently exposed as a JWO psyop to control the intelligent side of the truth movement. The SHTF to my awareness about three days ago when there was a "house cleaning" of all independent VT writers, some having served loyally for several years, with regards to insubordination over the "Jade Helm" explanation to be rendered for the proles. Stew Webb was one of the casualties but recovered quickly, setting up his own site and broadcasting outlet and did a "push back" show involving 4 former VT writers  and it was extremely credible despite  the propaganda you might read at VT; you really need to hear the radio broadcast and then go to VT and demand answers from the often elusive Mr. Gordon Duff, who, by the way is really named Bob Foote, Lol. As Jim Dean says, "You just can't make this stuff up!" All those tall tales about McDuff castle in Scotland is now an apparent fabrication by the Jewish, communist trained G. Duff-Foote.

 It was about endoctrinating Muslim fear, not white supremacism, Don't let Gord BS you!Below is  Duff's latest article regarding the shooting in Texas and the peculiar slant he gave it implying it was a white supremacist art show. Let me fill you in on the real deal. Jews are trying to cause global war. They are behind the 911 attacks that false flagged Muslim enemies which started the "War  on Terror" which is designed to last until we explode into WWIII and if their prediction is right, the goy will gladly accept a JWO after this third world war; wars that have all been waged by and for Jewish power. Of course Duff is a Jew and he has a conflict of interest here and this continues to be a problem but to continue, Jews have been organizing renegade Muslim bands ever since to perpetuate the fiction that we got crazy Muslims nearby that wanna impose Sharia law on us and we go to do something! (The only real threat is Talmud Law and Duff knows it but won't say)

Recently, we had a false flag event, totally a hoax, staged in France called "Charlie Hebedo". Rita Katz, Miss Beheading Video Provider", a Jewess, totally in on the world takeover plan, has been stressing the need for "Big Brother" to take over Twitter and  to stress the point, has all these examples of awful Islamist hating posts claiming throat slashings around the corner for all! There was a Muslim dissing art show given by Jewess Pamela Geller in order to provide the background for a false flag terrorist event, that no one saw directly except  the mercenaries brought in and that used Twitter to confirm the evil goings on to be attributable to Muslims and thus making all of Rita Katz's preparations worth doing. It's all coordinated on an international level, folks, you can take it to one of Abe's banks. 

   Anyway, old Gordy, Masonic democrat that he is, (Communist Jew) just had to make it all about gentile republican scapegoats and white supremacists! Yep! Here's the article!

“ISIS Does Dallas,” Shootout at Nazi Rally

Nazi Race Rally Attracts Possible FBI False Flag

Hate monger Tommy Trento, GOP and PJ Media spokesmanHate monger Tommy Trento, GOP and PJ Media spokesmanAt a Dallas rally organized by the Mitt Romney team and local Mormons, a more than slightly theatrical “event” took place. 

{Somewhat misleading I would say-see above pic for who organized and , you guessed it, Jews did!}

When we ask “Who benefits?” the answer is clear, Gert Wilders and a broad coalition of right wing extremists closely tied to the Israeli security services.

Do the powerful backers of Gert Wilders have the power and influence to work with the FBI and Mossad to stage a human sacrifice to the god of racism?  The answer is “yes, of course they do.”  Should we appreciate that only two “marginalized” victims were chosen rather than a school full of children?

{ I gotta ask, are we pretending the Sandy Hook event was real now? If so, which days are we gonna say it was a hoax so I don't mess up.}

Yes, we should be thankful.

Two supposed ISIS shooters, one long under FBI “surveillance/supervision,” were killed at white supremacist rally.  Heavily armed police were on site.

The pair didn’t come from part of the reported death ray wielding, tunnel crawling 400,000 man ISIS contingent reported as part of the Jade Helm “hillbilly hoax.”  However, is there something wrong, is this a “false flag?”  VT gives it an 80%.

{Firstly, I have to say here that Duff is implying  a few things with no proof as regards to who these two were that crashed the Jewish sponsored Arts Festival that focussed on Muslim provocation pictures. Here, let me say something. I believe it's the right  to trash other cultures through free expression but I don't support the right to use that as a "staged event" in which to push a political agenda (The Muslims are gonna takeover and kill us) The real threat folks is unchecked Jewish power There is no two ways about it but what does Duff do?

 He turns it into an opportunity to demonize republicans and again, I am all for demonizing republicans. What I am not for is pretending that the democrats are any better and because of Duff's obsession to do just that, he takes his followers or tries to take them back down into the Masonic two party "Bridge to Nowhere" controlled on both sides by rich elite Talmudic Jews.

 However, listening to Duff, not one Jew is mentioned and his main photo is of a goy Republican.(Notice the flags burning behind him- oh I'm skeered mommie!) People, this event was hosted by Pam Geller, a crazy Jewess who is trying to make WWIII happen sooner and Duff wants to sell "It's the evil republicans to us?" Give me a fucking break. Here is the pic that should be his main photo! This "photo" is also a video! Turn it on and see who was in charge. Not PJ Media and Mitch Romney, but Pam Geller-super Jewess! Jewish organized  in order to have a goy free speech argument (Jews have never believed in free speech and never will as an elite entity) and have a Muslim provocation event that leads to a Muslim false flag occasion. Let's continue. Listen to the Jewess pretend to worry about free speech.So many different threads in a complicated op that gets every goy on the planet mad and makes every Jew in the world throw a holiday! PS-try and not throw up while listening to the Jewess's non-stop misrepresenting of Jews in front of goyim,as "Oh, so Innocent"}

Listen to the "Drama" ooze from the Jewess, all fake drama

Gert Wilders is Israel’s flag bearer in Europe, perhaps one of the most effective neo-Nazi rabble rousers now building a coalition across the European Union from Scotland to Kiev.  Muslim and African immigration is their rallying cry, frankly a very real problem in Europe.

Muslim immigration represents much of the labor force in Europe, particularly Germany.  In the process, however, key cities like Rotterdam, Paris, Malmo and a dozen or more others have Muslim communities wracked with crime.   Unemployment here among young Muslims is more than 50% and there is opportunity or even public education available.

At the same time, however, Muslims and in particular Turkey, a “non-member” make up much of the professional and most vital economic factors holding the EU together.  The EU began as a failed super-state with an imaginary currency, a hodge podge of social welfare states, ostensibly to  be ruled by Germany in what was intended to be Hitler’s dream of a united Europe but with less marching and singing.

{ Jews have owned Germany since WWII, Duh! You think Goy, left to themselves, would make telling the truth about German work camps against the law? So, Duff is right there hiding the real EU agenda which has always been seen as a stepping stone to a Jewish run NWO of one government. They are trying to enact a North American Union to be another stepping stone. It's all Jew and  Neo-nazi crap is pure bullshit and so is alluding to Hitler. Duff exposes his op side big-time here. Duff's moderate references referring to Muslim integration exposes his acquiescence, IMO, to that as well and that's been enabled by his cousins also, much to the chagrin of many, many white Europeans- note, I will admit Duff acknowledges an immigration problem so cudos there though just touches on it and then pushes his fascist  new hobby horse of DVD domination, lol!}

Wilders would have it otherwise.

That Dallas was chosen, not by ISIS but more likely the Mossad, is obvious.  This is home base for the Bush cartel, the Hunt family and the 3rd generation of plotters intent on overthrowing the US and setting up a brutal theocratic dictatorship.  Murder and hate has been the theme of Dallas since long before November 22, 1963. {Lol, It's hard to avoid the shit Duff is throwing at us. Fascist, theocratic dictatorship! We got one dictatorship to worry about and it requires a "kosher" stamp of approval! Duff now is in his DVD cycle, it seems and probably non-stop republican hate rantings till 2017, if we don't get nuked first!}

To be quite honest, though Texans are, on the whole, a warm hearted band of misfits and fun lovers, there has always been an undercurrent there more tied to oil, big money and fascism. {Fascism is goy ruling goy and a very good idea!}

What is also reasonable to surmise, based on real evidence and trying to separate out the mass of half-baked blogger fear porn that tries to pass for journalism, is that whoever planned this planned the Paris “Hebdo” event as well.

{Lol, Duff still pissed off about his exposure as an op }

Nobody sane bought in on Hebdo.

Is there a worldwide right wing conspiracy, orchestrated by Netanyahu, Romney, the Bush family, the Bronfmans and their “alternative media” puppet in the US?

Do they stage false flag attacks to push forward their agenda?  Our answer is “yes.” {Duff forgets about his cousin Jews as usual because as he likes to say, "It's not about race but he's wrong, probably, intentionally so. It's a Jewish one using  Shabbuz goy when they have to. They actually control the masonic right and left, contrary to Duff's demonization of one side-Duff won't tell you but I will!. We will be following the misdirection of Duff and his band of "Useful Idiots" from now on along with Andrew and whomever the good Lord points out to us. Get ready for a wild ride!

PS-Duff would have you believe  that it is only Republicans that would take you to WWIII but I ask you, "Who was in charge when Libya was attacked, when the Ukraine western coup occurred? Who wants to take out Assad? Folks, there are the crazy neo-cons obsessed on war with Iran and then there are the democrats willing to follow Duff's handler Brzezinski, into Ukraine, all the way and confront Russia. That's your choice. Remember WWI? The "No war" candidate took us into that but guess what? He was no war in outward political proclamation only. The American people did not have a "No-war" option. They have no "No-war" option now either but Duff wants you to elect Hillary cause the Republicans work with the fascist German DVD!...........LMAOROFL

Buckaroos! It's time to ask, what would Hitler do. Along with Kennedy, the only champions the goy have had in the last one hundred years!}

MK "Ultra" S..source


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