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Mike Harris comes out of the Woodwork to be Gordon Duff's "Useful idiot"

  { The shit continues to hit the fan in the psyop community called "Veterans Today" and all the folks observing the "Sandy Hook demonization" type behavior with truthers challenging Gordon's OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) in regards to Jade Helm. I referred to the weird events before a few days ago but, briefly, a VT writer wrote an article on VT and Duff publicly took him to the woodshed. This was pertaining to Jade Helm (Google the Jade Helm logo) Duff claims, "Nothing to see here!" Apparently, Stew Webb,  was, then, taken out because he outs Ted Gunderson and Duff did an article claiming he was wrong.

 Remember, Duff is a Jew who plays fast and loose with the truth as he was brought up to do living in a Talmudic mindset community amongst communist American Jews. (He Praises Hitler one day, condemns him another, floats alien theories with no proof but has no problem attacking keyboard detectives as "goofs". In my book he has been outed and with this article below, so has Mike Harris and in fact, anyone still at VT, now, is suspect since they cleaned out the independent thinkers.

Below is Harris's support of Duff's OCT with some nasty insinuations about Kerry Cassidy, a girl whom I have no opinion about. VT has changed and the question is,"Was it intentional or did they goof?" Time will tell and you can now ad VT and Gordon Duff to my list of psyop sites and personalities. Below, I will intersperse my editorial comments where needed - MK "Ultra" S}

Kerry Cassidy: Descent Into Insanity

Posted by Mike Harris on May 4, 2015


By Mike Harris, Financial Editor

Friends are advising me not only that I should distance myself from Kerry Cassidy but that her recent poorly veiled attack on me, and it is exactly that, is a sign of dementia.  Joining the dregs of the internet, Cassidy is floating a grand theory, plagiarized from a dozen lunatic blogs, tying the imaginary Jade Helm conspiracy to one bizarre fabrication after another.

I like Kerry, and have worked to do so despite the warnings I have long received, citing her as a “queen poser” among the UFO community.  I had deemed her both pleasant and harmless and now I find her neither.

Now and then we all have seen a good friend embarrass themselves. There is no joy in watching this happen. It only makes one wonder what were they thinking, or were they thinking at all?? Or just being stupid at that moment?

Today, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot published the most misleading and unsound article on her blog, I have ever seen on her site, which makes me question all of the other articles she has published.

This article was about the dispute within the Alternative Media regarding Jade Helm.

Is Foote (Duff) and Bibi really on the same team?The accusations were flying. I was even mentioned in a questioning light about my recent and “convenient trip” to Italy, and my visit with the Keshe Foundation and the opening of the Spaceship Institute at LUM University.

The Project Camelot article was filled with few facts, and lots of speculation and just plain BS. The focus was the disagreement about Jade Helm. Gordon Duff says it is not a big deal. In this case Kerry sides with the lunatic fringe of the alternative media who seems to be drinking their own Kool-aid, the group that claims that Jade Helm is the beginning of Martial Law within the USA, with only 1200 soldiers.

When irresponsible claims are made and promoted by formerly credible journalists, we as the discerning public can begin to see who is the controlled opposition and who is being “handled” by their masters.

{Editors note- Too bad, Mike, you and Foote, cough, I mean Duff , no longer have any real credibility left with discerning watchers. Also, what the heck does that mean, "who is the controlled opposition and who is being 'handled' by their masters." last time I looked "controlled opposition" is fake dissent and "handled by their masters" is what  occurs to those that are controlled opposition. Please note that we note Foote's admission that he has a "handler". Is the "handler" from the "Mickey Mouse Club" or the "Internationalist Cabal" that runs the US government. I know which one I'm picking! evil. To continue, The only real beef you have with Kerry Cassidy, for I just read her piece, is that she talked as if it is a fact accomplished that Duff  is CIA. She hardly mentioned you and not in the cutting way at all like you mentioned her so let's just be totally honest  here. You are carrying "Duff-Foote water" and speaking in his place. You haven't posted an article on this site in ages and now you are Duff's body guard. I think we are starting to understand a lot of things at this point about you and Duff-Foote}

There is no small number of dangerous and rash claims within this article, everything from failed assassination attempts upon minor bit players within the alternative movement, people so insignificant that it would not be worth the effort to rub them out. Real power players do not use that tactic to swat gnats.

{Dangerous and rash claims? Give me a fucking break, liar, the US government and now  you, have earned these dangerous and rash claims. Is it not yourselves that have taught us not to believe anything we are told. Oh, wait, don't believe anything but what we are told by Gordon Duff (whose real name is Foote which we had to find out from someone else wink). Sorry, but that dog don't hunt no more. Go get another! You got a goy, right here, me, that expects some follow through beyond a good show. Hate to disappoint you but your say so ain't enough no more}

Jim Fetzers idea of a masonic sign!The Jade Helm exercise may be hazzardous to truther's health!Here is what we know and can verify {Unfortunately, we don't trust you}; Jade Helm is a real military exercise that will be running from July to September in the Southern tier states. recently did some major housekeeping, by dismissing contributors who had been discovered fabricating evidence for their articles. Gordon Duff formerly worked for a clandestine government agency, and is a master at his craft.{ Prove it!} Kerry probably pinched her nerve while taking a kick boxing class to keep fit and over did it {So?}. At least that is what she told me directly.

{Sorry Mike, your word ain't good no more, does that mean you are sending the goons for me!}

Here is what is fabricated; there were no botched assassination attempts. One man likely had a minor stroke while driving, common for a man of his age and poor physical condition {Why the need to speculate?}. The other is a known liar and drunk, who has been caught again, simply making things up for attention, which conveniently cannot be verified, with no witnesses or other supporting evidence, just another bold faced lie. {You didn't call Stew Webb a known liar and a drunk 6 weeks ago when you were being all chummy on the radio and you didn't doubt his story years ago of a similar nature but now when he doesn't "roll-over" on que, you treat him like shit? Mike, you can do better!}

{Hey, don't "Mark Glenn" us bro!}

The dismissal of contributors at VT has nothing to do with any orchestrated grand plan to impose martial law within the USA.Just because Wal-Mart has closed some stores for remodeling and plumbing upgrades, does not mean FEMA camps.{Even if it is 100 stores cool}

friends of Duff behind the curtain?

We in the Alternative Media need to be super vigilant to being deceived by those who wish to both mis-lead and discredit us and our publications.  Making claims that cannot be supported is not journalism, it is wild speculation meant to mis-lead the public. {I would take your issue to the MSM, they got a worse problem on that score wink} As I stated earlier, we in the discerning public have the opportunity to finally see who the honest and reliable journalists are and who is working to deceive the public at the behest of their unseen masters.

{Yes, we are beginning to see who they are and you may not like the answer. By the way, what percentage of Jews make up the VT team? Is it five percent?}

What makes this so troubling is that I know everyone mentioned within Kerry’s article and it hurts to discover that some are not what they seem {cry}, and others are exactly what they represent themselves to be. I have gained access to the real UFO community, the people who are truly in the know, not those who had a dream or channeled some imaginary information from the recesses of the subconscious {Show me the aliens, bro!}. It is time for the poser and charlatans to be exposed so the public can gain real and factual information, not nonsense meant to mislead the public.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, it is awkward when a good friend embarrasses herself in such a public manner by posting irresponsible conjecture and fabrications.

{And it's awkward when you guys show yourselves to be  co-intel pro for us, too}

  • Joe Sigur ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Self-Employed
    Ok,Mike Harris just played you all. I don't know anything about Kerry Cassidy, in fact have assumed she's dis-info like 90% of the disseminators out there are. Mike Harris claims people are running around without facts but then Gordon Duff, which is apparently a sock puppet name (and don't think I haven't noticed how often he has criticized folks for being a sock puppet) asks us all the time to believe him on faith but you, Mike Harris, criticize people for making claims with no proof? (The aliens are coming, you can believe it because I am Gordon Duff and just know these things, LMAO!)
    You criticize the UFO community and forget about the goof, Preston James's, supposed obsession with it? (With Duff approval?) Now it s the Khazarian mafia because Preston, apparently, has trouble articulating the word Jew with blame? 
    When are you gonna recycle the alien stuff back in, I miss that so much but I did give up on David Icke a few years back with Duff help, oddly enough, but then Brandon -Zander Fuerza-Martinez woke me up to "Hitler fought the JWO" oddly enough, a position that as a Jew dis-info artist he has now renounced and I notice he is being posted here for reward, lol, you can't make this stuff up, hey Jim Dean?
    This is what you guys at VT remind me of with Jade Helm because only those left who are useful idiots for Gordon Duff, are mimicking Duff's claims. You all remind me of the Spingola, Glenn, AFP, Rodney Martin demonization of Sandy Hook truthers last year. Everybody's on the same page, "These are the facts mam, there's nothing else to think about! You are an idiot if you continue challenging the OCT!" We've heard this game all before with Sandy Hook.
    The commenter below is right Duff-Foote has some explaining to do-quit playin us dudes! I was just about out the door when you deleted my ass from your comment section for telling the truth about Jews and calling out your useful idiots who write articles. I had been a faithful follower for 3 years.Gordon Duff woke me up about WWII or got me started. I've been noticing his carelessness with the facts on many assertions he makes in articles and Hitler becomes good or bad depending on his needs at the moment or how much the Jews, of which he is one, are leaning on him. He posted about the importance of the protocols one day and disowns a few months later counting on the proles being clueless to the contradiction
    Now he's pushing or recycling the DVD or the nazis didn't lose the war, the German people did and guess what? That conveniently removes Jews from blame and guess what, the people he cites for informing him are bought off Jews with no credibility, a typical op that gets fed good info to hook us so they can give us bad, later and sadly I now view VT that way.
    You were never really serious about resistance and really just controlling us. A deep level, 3rd tier op
    "Don't taize" me bro!"
    I am now at VT only to dissect your bullshit and you know? You fucking earned it! Brandon Martinez used to be Zander Fuerza and he doesn't want you to know and all these 3rd tier ops are working with him to keep you from knowing. Why is that?
    My bullshit meter is going off the charts so, I better leave and people, you been warned-3rd tier op site!
  • Gail Evans ·  ·  Top Commenter · Tshwane University of Technology · 158 followers
    Conclusion? It's the Annunaki Reptiles and Marduk!
  • Bud Henry ·  Top Commenter
    Serenity ~ I completely agree with you, a lot of trashing around it does not make sense. Now I am wondering what is really going on with VT. These attacks are only hurting VT.
  • Charles Edward Frith ·  ·  Top Commenter · 332 followers
    I would have thought that the claims that Gordon Duff is not his real name and doesn't have combat Vietnam experience would be worth refuting.
  • (Oh, who can you trust}


02 May 2015 12:43

Written by Kerry Cassidy

I believe that Jade Helm could either be a major distraction in one part of the U.S. while they create a false flag in another part or could actually trigger at the very least a BUNDY RANCH type episode or be a veil beneath which certain key patriot leaders in these key states are rounded up or forced into Behold a Pale Horse type scenarios....This meltdown involving Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer and Stew Webb is part of a much larger picture and plays into the real operations surrounding Jade Helm and the exercises involving the other states as well (see below).

It has now come to light that during one week, several alternative media personalities have either been attacked or taken 'off line' simultaneously. 

I, Kerry Cassidy, was struck by a sudden pinched nerve in the upper back which has made it impossible for me to broadcast or to conduct my scheduled interview with Captain Mark Richards.  At the same time, Mike Harris, well known talk show host was perhaps conveniently out of the country following well known physicist, MT Keshe around in Italy, while, Jeff Rense was reportedly in a major auto accident.  At the same time, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today drops two important journalists, Jim Fetzer and Stew Webb from the VT line-up and goes overboard to stress that Jade Helm is a meaningless exercise and nothing to worry about...  WHAT'S GOING ON HERE??

In my view the above all happening in one important week is no accident.  Something is being orchestrated and we need to question on a deeper level who is being played and what "they" are planning.

Kerry Cassidy and David Icke shake hands "Lucifer style"!What does seem remarkably obvious to me is that this issue is building toward some flushing out of the true patriots around the Southwestern United States and an attempt to perhaps push both Fetzer and Webb along with others into saying things that may get them taken down under the auspices of the Patriot Act sometime in the future.  Meanwhile, others are being distracted by threats to health and well being to keep them silent...

As it happens, I am mending fast thanks to some excellent healing assistance and I hope Jeff Rense will be as well.

I would caution people to be alert, gather evidence and please do let me know what you are observing in your own neighborhoods and cities. 

If Duff has been ordered to discredit certain players it is because his bosses at the agency that employs him have ordered him to do so...  The events going down at VT may in fact be an in-fight between the FBI and a faction of the CIA and possibly other agencies, in essence a turf war.  I urge everyone to stay cool and watch carefully.

Project Camelot was told many years ago by various witnesses that the end of 2015 was the cut-off point for the ringing in of the new financial system...  If this is a takedown then orchestrating chaos is a likely part of their planned scenario.

These exercises across the U.S. could be a way under cover of daylight to distribute troops and equipment and create a network in place for anticipated riots and unrest surrounding a financial reset.  It is also going to no doubt stake out prepper "safe places" and outlyers who won't be willing to march obediently into FEMA camps in the event of an EMP, Solar Flare or major volcanic eruption at say, Yellowstone. 

There is also a scenario in which Duff is the "fox" set up for everyone to chase.  Why is it the guys out there talking about Duff don't seem to get his role as an AGENT working for the CIA?  Don't they get just what those guys are trained to do?  Disinfo is part of their tradecraft.  They use it whenever it is deemed necessary and useful.  The other side to that is when they do decide (or are directed) to actually tell the truth! 

In a twisted scenario one can imagine Duff writing 4 articles saying Jade Helm is nonsense falls under 'he doth protest to much' and may indicate that overkill is about stirring up anger to direct attention to Jade Helm, knowing full well that is what would happen.  The agency works in nefarious ways, need I state the obvious?

There is no real need to make the Duff attacks personal.. he is doing a job for an agency.  Everything he is involved in revolves around that.

Another important question to ask when viewing the playing field at least within the U.S. is who are the true patriots and which agencies are really supporting a free America versus those under the heel of the Rothschild/BRICS/Bush Cabal NWO agenda?  Because keep in mind that the BRICS are still a NWO oriented bunch as are the Bush Cabal... For them, the only question that remains is which of them get to run things...

I firmly believe there are true patriots within all the agencies and white hats... And there are factions within factions vying for power within all. 

See below for more links related to the above.


On the original Jade Helm 15 document, Special Operations Forces state that the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Forces such as the Green Berets, Navy Seals will be a part of the drill.

In the past week, The Common Sense Show has received over 200 emails with either accounts of massive troop and equipment movements within the United States, or the emails were from family members or friends of Special Operations Forces who are very nervous about the implications of Jade Helm.

See the previous link, now reposted below,  to closing of Walmart stores, "reopening" and refurbishment of Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD) and the exercises in Iowa and Michigan...

On top of everything else, we have been seeing lots of strange “training exercises” being scheduled all over the nation recently.

For example, the following is from a news story about one being held in Iowa

This week you may notice extra emergency vehicles and public safety officers running around in tactical gear, edited and published by "Ultra" SHazmat suits, and bomb suits. It’s a part of a statewide drill Des Moines is hosting Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare emergency personnel for dealing with weapons of mass destruction.

Brian O’Keefe with the Des Moines Fire Department said emergency officials in Iowa need to be prepared for anything.

“You know we’re number one seed producer with corn and soy, chicken embryo development, middle of the country heartland. So I’m sure all states access it. But we’re a target like any other large community,” said O’Keefe.

And here is an excerpt form a news story about an exercise known as “Northern Exposure” that is being held in Michigan

The National Guard event is called Northern Exposure, which is taking place across Michigan during the month of June, he said. According to the Michigan National Guard website, Northern Exposure is “a major exercise in Michigan where the military provides defense support to civilian authorities.” .................source

Nice Masonic Handshakes, There!

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