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This article originally published on Oct.31,2014

Jew, like everyone else, is a human being. We are all human beings but the Jew is unique for his religion. The culture's Talmud endoctrination teaches members that it's ok to steal everything your non-Jew neighbor has while, at the same time, pretending to be his friend. It also encourages them to do that in a way that  your goy neighbor doesn't know what just happened.

I ain't one but this is for one

Basically, it's a thieve's manual on how to take over the henhouse and then how to run the hen house once you do. Here's an example.

Say your neighbor goes outside to get the paper every morning and you want him to have an accident. So you put a fire cracker that will remove a few fingers in his mail box.The goy sticks his hand in, the firecracker goes off and you come out all excited to help your poor goy friend all the while wife, Esther, runs in the goy's house and takes all the Jewelry and money stash.

 After the goy recovers, he comes to you asking for a loan of which you give him the loan, with sizable interest, using his funds that you stole to do it with. So the goy has lost some fingers, lost his Jewelry, lost his money all because of  you, the Jew, and is all humble and appreciative that you give him the loan with no clue that you are the source of his problems and that he is borrowing his own money.

You pretend to be concerned and say you want to help in anyway you can and you mean it! The goy just doesn't know HOW you mean it! That's what Jews are trained to do to goy. After he can't pay back the loan you made of HIS money, you hate to do it  but, unfortunately, must seize his house as compensation for the loan.

 Basically, Jews are gypsies but unlike gypsies, a long time ago, they agreed to disband to all corners of the world, so as to give each other more room to succeed individually in the swindle game they are all taught to play with non-members of the tribe from birth. 

They have to learn to look like a local prole or goy while remaining a Jew at heart.Thus terms like Krypto Jew  (basically living as a Christian and secretly keeping the Jewish faith at home) comes into being. This is why only Jews,in large numbers, change last names, for it gives the illusion of assimilation with the locals. They do so because they never plan to truly assimilate , and thus use  the counter-measure to hide the fact. 

Jews, since they own the media, quickly label habits and traits, such as these, innocent efforts to avoid being persecuted while totally  ignoring legitimate age old reasons why Jews have been rebelled against from time in memorium and since counter arguments are absent due to Jewish censorship in  public debates, our unaware, goy sheep all fall for the lies perpetrated.

Shlomo literally pretends there were and are no valid reasons for the retribution, eternal, against the Jew thus the phrase was born long ago, "The Innocent Jew". When they received retribution, in the past, people had gotten fed up to the point of eruption from JEWISH behavior which included traits Jews had a patent on for harassing the goyim with.

Everyday folks were the ones to demand expulsion and reprisal, for the Jews have always hobnobbed and won over the rich by carrot or stick, whatever worked. In the old days, however, there wasn't 24/7 Jewish programming embedded in the culture which now allows for a new Jew, sleight of hand, magic that adds new layers of fabrication ability never seen before the last two hundred years becoming more intense by the day in this year of 2014!

Since he has no plans to become like these "aliens" (Jews are good at designating non-Jews with terms that actually better describe themselves) and truly partake in authentic brotherhood with his new found hosts and since he, therefore, has to lie and mis-direct when giving an accounting of himself, he is forced to don "goy costumes" in order to fit in and enable the future pilfering of his, planned to be, host victims.

He has this down so well, many jews are unaware they even do it. To be clear,  there are Jews who have assimilated some in the local cultures  and I hope they finish that job. We, goy, automatically do it when we move to a foreign land though it may take a couple of generations to totally blend in.

Early on, the Jew, knowing that he was hell bent on stealing any and everything of value from these goy aliens (who were actually hosts), learned the importance of the money trade to enable the acquiring of things with little work and to more easily perform "sleight of hand" burglary on the host.

At some point, the Jew learned he could lend receipts out for money he didn't have and if he played his cards right, no one would be the wiser. If some officials became the wiser, he found ways to keep them silent. The Jewish Kahils were set up for just such endeavors located anywhere that Jews settled in sufficient enough numbers to warrant.

This also greatly aided in keeping the non-assimilation game going and for maintaining contact with other kahils in other  settings. What this banking caper did was allow him to claim, for his own, property and other forms of real wealth given as collateral by those who came to get financial aide. At the appropriate time, he retracts the money supply and calls in his debts and all those who can't pay have to fork over a real house or the like, for the "money" that never existed that the goyim borrowed and couldn't pay back. If the goy is able to pay him back, Mr. Jew makes interest on the non-existent money that he pretended to lend and wins either way. The goy always loses.

Just imagine that you promised the Jew a house, that you didn't actually have, figuring it would never come to relinquishing the non existent dwelling because, you were never sick, had a regular job, and for sure would be good for the loan. It's exactly the same thing but then you weren't planning on finding a firecracker in your mailbox!. Banking has been set up to where the speculators lend fictitious wealth and get real wealth as collateral and if there is about to be a run on the bank, he bribes all the government officials to tax the citizenry to keep the bank propped up.

The difference for the goy is, if he loses some fingers in the mailbox and can no longer work and there by, no longer pay back the loan, no one bails him out, the Jew rakes in the chips and the goy goes home penniless. It's called Jew-rigging. Sooner or later, the Jew wins and the goy always loses.

That's what happened in 2008, folks. We all bailed the bankers out with our  real wealth for the non-existent wealth that tanked the economy. In 1929, they did something similar and forced the citizens to turn over real gold for fictitious paper not to the government but to Jew bankers disguised as the government.  Remember when everyone in the bleachers was yelling, "Don't bail those suckers out!"  during the Obama election and the politicians kept pretending they didn't hear us and said that the world was going to end if they didn't act immediately? So they bailed them out. We have never recovered but the bankers are still on easy street.

Then, remember as soon as those scum balls got the freebie handouts, they acted like it was business as usual right away with planning to give out bonuses as if being bailed out by the proletariat was their right and no big deal?

Then when Bernie Madoff gets caught, why does he go to jail? Cause he ripped off lots of Jews, that's why. Just note all those that caused the trouble have not been penalized in anyway. One rule for the Jew, another for the goy or basically, disguised Talmud law!  This mindset put in place by the Elders of Zion and drawn from the Talmud is a secret society how to manual that orders one code of behavior for fellow Jews and one code of behavior  for all the rest and guess who gets the friendly code, fellow Jews!

Amongst other things, 911 was a major Jewish financial swindle

 They are sternly warned not to discuss Talmud contents with non-Jews for obvious reasons. It's like a Jew's neighbor goy finding a note a Jew wrote that said he was planning to kill his neighbor. It is that kind of in your face attack on non-Jews, especially Christians, when exposed, that if the damage from an offense of this nature is high enough to the kahil , that Jew is in big time trouble for hurting his tribe.

The hallmark of a secret society mindset is that you always get your slaves or useful idiots, including low level members, to do things without knowing the real reasons why. To learn more of the "real reasons", one has to prove  his loyalty and willingness to put that secret society before friend, family of birth, certainly nation and humanity as well though they conversely claim they are doing these maimings and killings and subversion tactics for humanity, ROFLMAO.

Also,one can be born to a connected family which makes for high level status automatically as long as reasonable restraint in personal life is shown. As you prove your ability to serve, you get initiated via steps, into more and more real secret codes that the elders govern by.

 As this mindset has to be carried out by a small percentage of people moving a  lot of sheep around, secrecy, misdirection and bribing are the modus operandi, while pretending everything you do is above board and for various good causes is the claim. Most ordinary folks, not trained early, do not have this concept of purpose built around a long range agenda and can't imagine folks who do.

I know I couldn't  till I became 911 aware

This assures that the few that become aware of these sleight of hand tactics are unfruitful in their efforts to wake up their neighbors especially considering that the Jews have pre-planned counter-measures in place to undermine aware goyim. Just ask Dr. Tony Martin about that or google the video about Jewish tactics he did. Mark Twain said and I find it very true, "It is easier to fool people than to tell them that they have been fooled!".

 This only works, these sleights of hands maneuvers, as long as the great masses buy up all their lying propaganda. Once they buy it up, it's a monumental task to un-brainwash them who have been fooled.

They literally consider you the enemy and the Jew to be their friend who, in reality, is their enemy. Not only that, you, the truth teller, is being called a racist, neo-nazi-Hitler lover which they mean as the worst of all reputes!

So  Judaism= Secret Society, for, you see, the MO of a secret society is the same MO (modus operandi= "method of operation".)that Jews live by and it's my belief the Jews, who need Shabbos Goys to do their bidding in host countries, are co-opted through usual Jewish methods which means many of the masonic entities around 1700  realigned their purposes in accordance with Jewish aims in support if zion.

Ya'll heard of the Illuminati, right? The Jew-stupid people that think they swallered a red pill and believe this was when the NWO agenda started, got it wrong by Jew misdirection as usual. The Illuminati has never been anything more than Jews implementing the same goals as always through evolving methods catering to the circumstances of the time.

Like Zionism, like Communism, like infiltrating the church of Rome, long ago, the Jew excels at sedition and finds the proper subversion tool for the circumstances he is in. There were certain enabling factors to allow this group to form that were necessary. Money needed to be consolidated into Jewish hands thus enabling corporate creations and media monopolizing, all various ways to take more and more ownership of each non-Jew slave: an ownership that at this time he is not even aware of in most cases.

With this kind of increasing power, a way to co-opt powerful alien goy to their aims was an absolute must. Something they have always done but, like I said before, new enabling factors came into play and this paved the way for an Illuminati creation to occur. It could have been something else just as effective, it just happened to end up being called the Illuminati. To understand a bit better how this evolved, a little history.

After their expulsion from Spain, the elite Jews mostly went to Amsterdam for the 16th century from where they financed both sides of the thirty years war while, simultaneously, financing and orchestrating  the English revolution. Lord Cromwell, a goy who loved the smell of  Jew money became the Jew-puppet to secure the beheading of the English king.

Afterwards  there was a little turmoil and the people demanded a new king who just happened to come over from Amsterdam where the Jews had been wining and dining him. He was also young and inexperienced and was immediately surrounded by court Jews. It is accurate to say that England has been a Jew, puppet kingdom ever since.

(You thought King Edward got dethroned for having an affair with a commoner divorcee. Lol, but LMAO once more. He was a goy that saw the goodness of another goy, Adolph Hitler, duh!) 

Then, Jews were informally allowed back into England as they had been expelled back in 1290, this being  the year 1655 of their return. They immediately got their shabbot goys in the American English colonies to start lobbying for the  legalization of slavery primarily targeting Africans, justified long ago by the Talmud's interpretation of the Hametic myth.

Slavery was officially legalized in the colonies six years after the Jews were let back into England. Seventy percent of Jews in the Americas owned slaves and most ships were owned by Jews as well as most items used to enable acquisition of slaves were made through industries run by Jews.

Slave auctions were always closed on Jewish holidays. Jews like to hold themselves up as more highly evolved than other humans but then we see the lunacy of needing to keep the Sabbath to be a good faithful Jew while selling human flesh every other day.

That's a clue, people, as to the nature of the beast. No other religion promotes hatred of non-members but Judaism. All this is enabled by this enemy mindset ideology, taught in the Talmud, where not only are all non_Jews enemies or goy but they are considered animals without human rights except what the Jew wishes to bestow. Yes, the Jew does not believe in human rights for anyone but Jews because the Jew is the only human. Google non-Jewish sources on the Talmud!

So why is it, you say, that the Jew goes around preaching human rights all day long? It all goes back to the taught behavior mentioned in the protocols and probably the Talmud, to not match up the word and the deed of behavior with real results while training the victims to be satisfied with a show rather than an accomplishment. This naturally occurs amongst non-Jews in regards to their representatives, for they assume good will intent between themselves and ones whom they have enabled and elected to do the job for them so that they can attend their own lives in security that someone is steering the ship for them.

Trouble is, the Jews bought enough of them off that everyone is scared to challenge Jewish will, these supposed representatives of we, the people; when that happens, you no longer have real representation but an illusion of representation.

In the protocols, it claims that Jews must rule through cunning and make believe. That's the make believe part. They make you believe you have a constitution but it's an illusion. Only in rhetoric but not in fact do you have a constitution. They give the show but never the go!

The Jews, long ago, realized that the best way to take over a culture was through democracy of one man one vote where the ignorant are easily led  to choose presented candidates who covertly serve the Jews.This is covered in great detail in the protocols. In other words, camouflaged by lawyer lingo, mammoth evil is perpetrated but all that is voiced aloud for the aliens to hear are good things, nice things, humanitarian things.

Remember, if a Jew is a GOOD JEW, he does not grant other homo sapiens human status. Never forget that! It's this code of behavior, that we are the enemy, that we are animals, that we are brutish, that allows him to lie with no pangs of guilt. He has been trained that way from birth. Please remember, since Judaism is presented here as a secret society, this applies, most specifically, to members of rank in the covert cult for Jews.

Oops, I'm trying to tell you what enabled the Illuminati! Sorry, it's so easy to go off on tangents when talking about Jews. So, they basically puppet-ed the English monarchy in 1675 and England became  their primary financial center, transferring most of their wealth holdings  from Amsterdam. Because they had an inexperienced king in their midst, it was quite easy for them to secure the first fake federal Bank of England.

What this creation did was to put the wealth of England in Jewish hands which included printing up all the receipts they needed to make for whatever loans they wanted. Another big acquisition was forcing the proletariat to guarantee the debts of the kingdom. This is standard practice now and totally goofy, letting those who lend the money oversee the creation of it. Talk about a fox in the hen house!

The only way it could happen is by bribery and blackmail of the aristocratically connected goy. It was akin to giving the keys of the kingdom to your arch enemy and the sad thing is, those who did are written up through Jewish propaganda as  great timeless leaders. Jewish behavior and misdirection is geared to getting the goyim to want to kill the good guys and support the bad guys. No better example than WWII exists but there are tons of examples.

Thus, after the Bank of England acquisition, the time was ripe to set-up a secret society, for goy. Jews would run it behind the curtain and that is what the Illuminati is, a Jew-run, goy, masonic front for implementing subversion on the rest of us.

Once the money power expansion happened, enabling the rise of a Rothschilds dynasty, Jewry could go about subverting more and more unrestrictedly. Many masonic lodges sprang up after 1776 and the Jews used these tools to foment the French revolution. Napoleon gave them a bit of trouble but by 1815 France had become a Jew-puppet state and basically they have been fomenting discords in one way or another ever since through the masonic secret society mechanisms in Europe and beyond.

Loves Jew cock!

So, this is what a Jew is. You may know some innocent Jewish neighbors whom you have liked but watch them defriend you when you question the fake holocaust, or even the senseless slaughter of Palestinians, the victims whom the Jew-media calls the perpetrators.

Your friendship is conditional on your parroting all the Jew myths your Jewish neighbors like to live by.

 Remember, whatever damning things Jews say usually need to be turned around and pointed at Jews. Hitler wasn't gonna take over the world, the Jews were and are. Hitler didn't promote the big lie, Jews do and did. Jew Kaufman wrote the celebrated book  about making Germany perish. Germans never had those plans for Jews. 

Ever notice that Jewish terrorists and spies are considered heroes by Jews?They get away with it because they own and run most of the media and the political apparatus.

Gaga is either a covert Jewess or shabbos goy

When it's not convenient to showboat a Jew in the job, they get a submissive goy, who likes taking jew cock deep in the ass, to shabbos it for them. Congress is filled with them. They all know the truth about Jews and they all know not to say anything if they want to stay where they are and keep getting their perks while not having their lives threatened. Hope we can change that. It's why I advocate ignoring the JWO as best we can and working around them.

The protocols declared all goyim the enemy of Jewry and said they were in perpetual covert war with all of us. Whenever we focus on white pleight only or other ethnic exclusivity, we undermine our potentiality as a united non-Jew family of support. It's too obvious to act on apparently but I keep wishing, hoping and waiting for the Jew addicted, proles taught how not to think and how to wait for the Jew to tell them what to do to WAKE UP!

The world is yours if you self-motivate.

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit.

Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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