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          This is an article about my altercation, then pm interaction with an Israeli Jew who speaks English as a second language, highly informed and zionist supremacist to the core. It was made possible about June of 2013, when Shiksa Chick joined The "Adam Kokish should be hung for sedition" page. This page was created in reference to Kokish's proposing and trying to organize a gun toter's march on Washington on July 4th. Andrew Anglin, a well know  activist in the community ran the site and this time frame was just before I decided to throw serious WN types or similars under the bus as too commited to a  white only agenda. I enjoyed interacting with Andrew and he liked what I did with Abe but Anglin's all too frequent gentile race dissing  got to be too much and I deleted the page a week or so after my Abe Levy confrontation.

    After the fact, I learned Abe came on with a booze glow about 6 o'clock EST. He apparently read some things that sent him off and what he said in his opening statement drew me quickly to respond in my, then, Facebook ID of "Shiksa Chick". Abe is a real live Facebook user though the profile I am aware of seems sort of business related and he works in diamonds. As you can see by reading the profile pic comments, Abe did a "for goy eyes only" con about being hacked and someone impersonating him after he realized in horror that I had taken pics of his brazen jewish supremacist comments. This forced him , the next day, to come on the page and threaten me for posting his comments, claiming the police were on their way in 24 hours.. We talked and yelled and accused for the next day and at some point Abe and I started PMing back and forth which allowed rather quickly, a deeper interaction between us over the next 3 or 4 days and many great honest quotes from a real life Jewish supremacist, aware of the goy con and all in on the goy con were had.

   So, to the left is his opening statement,lol, talk about a Jewaware goy gravey train ! You can actually see his protocol knowledge in that opening statement.Abe is a walking, talking, diamond selling testimony to the authenticity of that Protocol doc, which he, later, frankly acknowledged. The thing about Jews though is they will  call Abe a nut and  one lone crazy Jew, all an act for the goy so as to perpetrate the Jew spun myths, good ole Abe just undercut. You see Abe quickly realized he blew it cause he immediately took the thread down but  I had the snap shots already and  pmed them to him in the morning, as I recall. Before I go any further with the story, I am going to list some of the smaller gems he released on me thru-out this engagement. Everything I quote will be in the image gallery for back-up below.

   Abe,"Let's face it, we Jews are at the top, ALWAYS, that's only a merit to us and you are gelous AND FAILED. EVEN the meink kampf was inspired by a Jew, Ludwig Gumplowicz!" then, this,"you listen Freedman's speech that "we Jews, pushed the US into war, so what? that's true, but that's NORMAL, we like all the people of the earth, have our OBJECTIVES!" Now, this gem,"Shiksa Chick,"are the protocols real and was it really you guys who took over Russia?", then Abe,"We took over the world idiots, we are the best, there is no plot, every single Jew is an inborn pastor for gojim sheep, that is all!"  After a day or so, Abe quit playing Mr. Bad-Ass , mainly because he saw the goy heard what I showed and didn't react!-Abe," PS stop with this "nazism" trust me, it's useless.We are in charge for other thousend yers at least, accept it. I just recived a goy message, I copy it to show you how dumb your fellow are." Abe couldn't help himself, he had to appreciate my awareness especially in relation to other goys. now, here is the stupid goy he refers to and unfortunately, I see the same thing over and over, myself," Abraham," Jeff Bruneau, are those people that run the Adam Kokesh page serious? I mean, what a joke. I can't stand these anti-semite idiots. I'm making fun of them, I hope they are joking!", then from Jeff,"You can't help some people's ignorance.People of your religion are good people.Some people just can't get over it. Keep making fun of them!" and more from clueless Jeff, Abe's example of why there is no hope," Hahaha, I saw that.These people are clueless.Were you born in New York?"

            Here is a gasper from Abe,"I'm a normal person, I'm only particularly interested in studying antisemitism and I realize reading antisemitic arguments that they are right, even Theordore Herzl said that.and I now realize Jews are out of danger.after second world war and the born of Israel, we are save forever!.This is why I talk frankly about this!" To a question of mine about  if our fight is lost, Abe responds," exactly.You can't do nuthing. It's like play when the game is finished:you look stupid. and this is how you look to average people even if most of you read more  than the average peoples :) !" Then,Shiksa Chick,"I always said the white supremacists are like Jews cept  Jews don't go around telling everybody!" Abe, "you are right!!" Honest Abe has his limits on honesty, as to this question I posed, silence,"Oh, are the goyim better off with gentile rule?" then  Shiksa, "Are the Protocols authentic?", Abe,"I think the protocols say the truth, it's obvious to all who actually read them." When I asked if Abe's god is Lucifer he chose not to answer and  I remember asking this but  I do not have the proof. I asked him if the holocaust was a hoax and Abe said,"It doesn't matter!"Now, for  the comment that is the one I keep using cause it says so much and this with the actual pic to do the talking, actually, I will have my two biggies out on this. I have used these in previous articles. To the left, is Abe's famous, Jew's leave by the front door and at the same time enter thru the window-one Jew inside, all Jews inside statement, and to the right,  I circled  a long protocol quote  that Abe, quite possibly, put to memory. He is a smart Jew. Moving on, I will quickly relate  what occurred. Abe put his big Jew foot in his mouth, I announced I had it on tape, Abe freaked, I sent him proof, Abe play acts with a fellow Jew on his wall that he was hacked,  Comes to the page and threatens to call the police, we call his bluff and soon me and Abe get cozy in PMs. This interaction went on for  4 days, I suppose. These revelations never made the goyim ram the Bastille, they shrugged and moved on. This is why I protest the complacency on Facebook, disguised in disgusted complaining and pity exercises to claim particular singular persecution for a race that has helped the Jew enslaveabout every other race on earth.

It's a pity the goyim won't do anything but talk and post black on white crime vids. I have not talked to Abe since that time, I did PM him once and he didn't answer.He does friend about anyone, though. I have seen many Jews with eccentric fake Jewish names behave similarly but not a real Jew who is responsible for his actions. He has so little respect for you all, he told me to go ahead and post whatever I want and I have been doing exactly that!.

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