Adams Sites False Flag imminent, sites Jones Censorship the clue

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Here, fake opposition Carey Wedler (hot babe and Jewish) a Jewish gatekeeper by the way, champions while holding her nose, Alex Jones

Here Ashton Birdie Weeps for Alex Jones

a girl who  says, "Love thy country, hate thy government" while reminding everyone she's cute. Of course she's one of the many who gained prominence in 2016 advocating for Trump, ignoring Jews and screaming about Islam

Mike Adams claims imminent false flag signaled by severe censorship occurring and likely before the midterms

 One must ask why Patrick Little suprulously avoids recent false flags clearly fertile ground for pointing out Jewish lies. Click the pic below for a myriad of testimony about the fakeness of Sandy Hook and Charlottesville.


Blindlight notes  that his trust is not high for Mike Adams but it does seem to be through controlled opposition that the PTB are sending us their messages.These guys, Adams, Jones, Watson,  Jim Stone, Ashton Birdie all work together closely with other problem personalities, (Rebel Media, Proje ct Veritas, Pam Geller, Breitbart) to send us 3rd tier op messaging for TPTB.

A huge concern Blindlight has always had with Patrick LIttle is his clear avoidance of certain topics while harping on the holocaust, USS Liberty and 911. In a world of uncorrupted critical thinking, 911 truth makes us open any new can of worms, called horrific stories with an agenda behind it, for scrutiny. But where are the New supposed Jew truthers on this fertile soil? Why are they nowhere to be found while offering a consistency with earlier coopted racialist thought that has pretended these problems didn't exist?

Blindlight is concerned that there is truth to Milke Adams statements as surely the Powers That Be will not tolerate what happened after 911, to happen again and prior censorship of the leaders in that previous endeavour very well might be signaling as claimed by Adams


***Image: Censorship PURGE points to imminent false flag violence before mid-term elections… bigger than 9/11? - (Natural News) For the last two months, I’ve been warning about the rising risk of a major false flag attack taking place before the mid-term elections. The aggressive, unprecedented PURGE of Alex Jones / InfoWars underscores the desperation of the totalitarian deep state that’s about to make a move to eliminate President Trump and / or steal the elections.

Anyone who believes that the sudden de-platforming of Alex Jones across over a dozen online services and platforms isn’t coordinated collusion is delusional. The coordinated de-platforming effort is clearly directed by the deep state to eliminate a prominent, dissenting voice in preparation for unleashing a history-shaping false flag attack that’s likely going to be bigger than 9/11.

The radical Left is escalating its violence across America, and the tech giants are dramatically escalating their censorship actions to silence all independent voices that might question any “official” narrative. It all points to something big about to come down— something so big that only the official narrative can be allowed to be heard or spoken.

We are living under an Orwellian totalitarian regime beyond any horrific imagination. Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are engaged in the most criminal, malicious racketeering and tyranny imaginable. This is not sheer coincidence. They’ve all been ordered to censor the independent media in preparation for what’s coming next. As I explain in this video, the most likely false flag assault to be staged by the Left might be a “mass shooting” at CNN or another media giant, all staged with impressive theatrics to augment the real violence with a false narrative. Watch my entire warning, below:

Notice Adams promotes false flag jihad terrorism as  a foreign threat with the typical disinformation sprinkeled in with truith


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