Sinead posting articles attacking anti-semites

Sinead has hid, apparently, behind the sock-puppet account of Boudicacious. I tied her to the sock puppet because Boudicacious posted something to the Heathen Women's website.


  1. You’ve certainly triggered the Pat-Tards with this one.

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      lol thanks. How’s things going for you?

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  2. I think they’re using a stock image for the new Nicole Garay twitter. I saw this ad on FB with a woman who looks just like the new Nicole Garay. Or she just dyed her hair to look less jewish.


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    It's very interesting that Sinead ignores  Little's message and then adds speculation to the fire as to why he's Jewish. Of course, oldies should remember Sinead's very rich background she tried to hide, her liberal interacting with the black race while living in New York and many claims about her being Jewish Sinead became such an issue as far as credibility goes, she had to kill off herself and hide behind fake names to continue her advocacy, much like VK Clark

    Are there concerning things about Little to be worked through brought up in the Morpheous piece? Absolutely, eventually, but why I give slack is because of the "focus on the Jew "message, that no one does better than Pat

    Sinead, once again you've been exposed as a divider, not a uniter

    Sinead's site also includes an attack piece from "Muh Blog" of another candidate on anti-semitic grounds. Odd since she supposedly hates Jews


    Further proof of the  warm familial love existing between "Spencergate", "Muh Blog" and Sinead can be found with MuhBlog's posting a RENEGADE VIDEO on his-her site

    VK Clark  is a well-known division causer who used to be somewhat respected as a Hitler revisionist until she was exposed as a shill and then she went on a never-ending campaign to attack the integrity of white, racialist men posting article after article on her site with, coincidentally, a very familiar style to that of "Spencer-Gate and "Muh Blog".

    Firestarter Media was Sinead

    The below pictures were taken from a sock-puppet account belonging to VK Clark during an altercation I and Clark were having with Sinead coming into help Clark just as she was spewing massive amounts of blood on the checkered floor of her house thanks to my precise targeting of her psyop


    Blindlight has valid reasons to believe  there is a behind the scenes love fest going on between Sinead and Clark

    Bottomline - VK Clark has, at minimum, a likely possibility of being the real person behind Spencergate and Muh Blog and Sinead seems to be still giving her tongue in private places behind the curtain


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