How "America's Greatest Ally" Brainwashes us

Blindlight note - (I've been getting lazy as far as my own input goes in the belief that my body of work ,that lives here on this website, is sufficient for now and the daily commentary is easiest to render via video clips off you tube. 

One thing is very clear and that is Jews are good at staying on message while allowing minor dissent within the parameters and walls provided by that message. This woman demonstrated her concern that all goyim are not staying within those bounds and that is clearly bad for Jews

 -  it seems having a smiling seemingly knowledgeable spokesperson to sell  obvious bias towards one privileged group of people is all that is needed to keep the goyim passified.

One example she uses is the idea of having a two sided argument that gives fair representation to each side's views which, she encourages, is null since this effort is not generally had for many other issues (ex. Syrian side of the current conflict as opposed to the American propaganda). 

It seems the claim is that since biased propaganda (often times or almost all times formulated or approved by Jews, by the way), is good and therefore it is good to be biased towards Israel, supposedly America's greatest ally, as well

Let us, finally note, that no other interest group has such disproportionate power and  money to finance Jewish, self serving,  obsessions such as this woman's going over every inch of proposed US textbooks to assure the information is good for Jews. The JQ is tied in with this disproportionate power that arises from Jews cornering so many markets tied to financial wealth and media coverage. It literally allows them to finance and sell as valid any situation, fact or lie it deems good for itself


If this powerful group that claims superiority were truly a benevolent, good power to have around, their obsessions would be more equally balanced and serving the truth as much as possible, not selling  information, true or false, as facts simply because it's dissemination is good for their small clique

This woman, above, obsesses on what, to other's, is a minor detail but she has good reason to be picky. Jewish holidays have the rep of celebrating non-Jewish slaughter festivals that Jews won in their past (something Jews keep very close track of, again,  an issue few other groups worry about at all) and  she found it important to quibble about focusing on pass-over not meaning the killing of Egyptian's first born (which reinforces that reputation of celebrating non-Jew deaths) but instead on the Israelite's escape from bondage (more persecution emphasis, myth for the goyim diet)


When referring to the founding of Israel, this Jewish lady convinced the goyim commitee to lay blame for violence on the surrounding Arab states with no mention of Jewish crimes  and Blindlight cries, "TYPICAL!" Blindlight would like to know why an effort wasn't made to get uncoopted Palestinian representatives to the table to offer their counter-take? Likely because the government was also largely under the Jewish thumb.

So much cause and effect goes unreported because to know it all would be "bad for Jews" and attack their privilege, the only real privilege worth talking about which is why it is never talked about? (

The only other privilege that  comes close is connected  to "segregation" and the inability to talk about the ways the Rich Race segregates itself from the masses and therefore allows a certain "privilege" to occur that avoids the suffering from the 3rd world importations occurring in Europe and the US that the average Joes incur. 

These rich, often gated, communities are left untouched and unsympathetic because they are basically "untouched".

Since they make additional money from the 3rd world newcomers in lower wage payments for services rendered, and added customers in the stores for increased sales, it actually puts the segregated rich at odds with the average Joes and guess who always wins (But there's hope, remember Hitler!).

Blindlight addition -  those two privileges  are really the heart of the "white privilege" subversive charge against European descent peoples who became the mercenaries for these two races in their acquisition for additional world's resources, referred to as colonialism.
Forced by the need for work, often forced to join in the undertakings as indentured servants,  they were used as manpower and "cover" for the fact  that this was an elitist cult, secret society in nature, that performed all the atrocities that accompanied colonialism while fostering, through brain washing and patriotic sloganeering, a proud ownership of the endeavor that was never truly theirs for the white race to assume and all other races to blame.


As it is the rich that paves the cement of the future, these non-discussions of "privileged segregation", which lie in contradiction to the tearing down of other segregation barrier walls for the rest of society and that is causing belligerence and chaos on the streets, are significant and should be challenged with discussion if  a proper balance to what is good for all is to become the reality.

Then, going back to the base narrative of this article, she clouds a freedom of inquiry statement with promoting holocaust denial and, counting on the Pavlov's dog effect to dominate the mind controlled goyim psyche, therefore, eliminating any suggestions to examine non-Jewish approved sources (referred to in the statement "going on line to find other assessments of "facts") and magnifying the Jewish control of information from all or almost all angles in the process and counting on that control to be hidden with code language not disseminated by those who don't have the right to "know".

Image result for THe goyim need not know

In other words, it's not good for the goyim to know there is such a thing as holocaust denial scholarship. This would be too funny if it wasn't too dangerous to all non-Jews, these efforts



Worried about the future, Please don't, Israeli's are making internal changes all for making our life more safe and blissful!

In a January webcast on YouTube, ICS chief Aliza Craimer Elias claimed that “working behind the scenes” through state advocacy organizations ICS had successfully made more than 11,000 changes to U.S. textbooks.

Publishers of the textbooks targeted for changes include National Geographic, Prentice Hall, Five Ponds Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill.

Common themes in ICS requests to make changes to Virginia textbooks.

Qualify claims of Islam as “expressing Muslim religious belief” while referencing those of Judaism as“God’s covenant.”
Replace Christian versions of key texts (such as the Ten Commandments) with Judaic versions.
Emphasize the “Jewish ethnicity”“ of major American historical figures.
Eliminate terms such as “settlers,” “occupation,” “land theft” and “wall” or replace with more neutral terms such as “disputed,” “captured areas,” “security fence” and “controlled.”
Emphasize Arab culpability for crisis initiation (Israel’s 1948 War of Independence) leading to military action, but not Israeli culpability (e.g. surprise Israeli airstrikes on Egypt commencing the 1967 Six-Day War).
Discourage students from conducting open internet research on current events lest they run into controversial content. Instead recommend approved websites such as the ADL and the
Eliminate or replace historical artwork created for predominately Christian audiences.
Add content that augments Israeli claims to occupied territory in the Middle East, such as changing maps of the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel rather than Syria.
Reference Israeli claims such as “Israel annexed East Jerusalem” as settled fact, without referencing lack of official recognition by other nation states.
Delete all references to “Palestinian Territories.”
Where ICS has already successfully lobbied for changes in national editions of textbooks, it demands that these changes also be made to State of Virginia editions.

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When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying no to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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