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“Truther” Jeff Rense Threatens to call FBI and Department of Homeland Security on me, my wife and 9 kids

from our co-intel pro desk!

{Editors note- apparently Jeff Rense was too pro WN and mark had to let Jeff know that and Jeff responded in kind./ Now tell me, why are two supposed leaders of our movement picking silly fights? Jeff Rense is no Mike DeLaney or Andrew Anglin, ya know? Well, it's been assumed all along Rense was co-opted because he's so heavily promoted and Glenn made his co-option clear not only with his AFP past but his Sandy Hook shillery and now you see them doing their most important job, distracting the goyim. This will continue, goy, as long as you pay heed to opposition leaders in your midst}

Jeff Rense-Jew agent


letter writter-mark Glenn (works for the Jews)

Alex Jones the most dangerous man in the ‘truth movement”? THINK AGAIN. For all Jones’ danger as an agent of disinformation, at least he is not ready, willing and able to send armed thugs into the home of someone he disagrees with politically. Come listen to today’s program as we discuss Jeff Rense’s recent threats to have agents of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security visit the home of Mark Glenn, where he resides with his wife and 9 children over a personal dispute.Jeff Rense’s recent postings of Islamophobic articles of “neo-conservative” orientation on his site is another aspect of this curious story…

Jeff Rense,

since you have blocked my email address and have just hung up the phone on me in mid-sentence, unfortunately you have limited my ability of communicating with you through any means other than a public letter.

The phone conversation you and I just had 5 minutes ago wherein you indicated your plans of having the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (brainchild of Michael Chertof) pay a visit to me, my wife and 9 children over my choice to exercise my first amendment rights in opposing your running the kind of racist, defamatory, hate-filled articles demonizing Muslims proves that you are not a man at all. Furthermore, the fact that you have had David Duke attempt to mediate with me on your behalf no less than 4 times in the last month is just further proof that you are a coward who cannot fight his own battles.

As I indicated to you several weeks ago, your willingness to be utilized by Zionist interests in running articles that enflame the already-dangerous levels of anti-Islamic hysteria in this country is absolutely intolerable from someone claiming to be a ‘truther’ and your defense–that you are trying to provide ‘balance’ and that ‘freedom of speech’ is the most important thing given what we do is now revealed for the lie that it is. Your “threat” to sick the Secret Police on me for MY exercizing MY right to free speech proves you are a fraud and that ‘freedom of speech” is just a one-way street with you. Furthermore, your ‘fears’ that I am “inciting dangerous muslims” to come and do you “bodily harm” is absolutely laughable. If I wanted to do that, I would provide them with your home phone number and address, both of which I have in my possession (not that they would do anything anyway) and your statement as such proves you have bought into all the Zionist garbage about Muslims.

So here is the deal Jeff, just to show you I am a fair man–you want me to get off your back about the anti-Islamic articles you are running on your site? Fine–here’s my counter-offer–REMOVE THE OFFENSIVE, LYING, RACIST, HATE-MONGERING MATERIAL AND I WILL. You are worried about “bodily harm” being done to you by “dangerous Muslims”? THEN STOP ‘INCITING THEM BY POSTING AND HOSTING OFFENSIVE, LYING, RACIST, HATE-MONGERING MATERIAL. Remember that thing about “not bearing false witness” Jeff? Maybe you should take it to heart. After all, if I–under the auspices of ‘freedom of speech’  were to suddenly start a thread propagating the lie that you were a pedophile, embezzler, wife beater, etc, etc, etc, would you  (or one of your friends) NOT have the right to put presure on me to not run such irresponsible and defamatory material?

Absent that, you can call the FBI, DHS, ATF, IRS, CIA, DIA, FDA, HHS, HUD, the US Forestry Service, the US Postal Service and just about any other Federal agency you want on me, I don’t care. I’ll invite them in, offer them a cup of my world-famous coffee and explain to them what a coward you are and why you, your long girly hair and your ‘fears’ should be ignored.

In the meantime Jeff, have fun dealing with the latest fire you have lit under your own ass, and good luck trying to salvage your reputation once people find out that your method of dealing with those who disagree with you is to run to the very agencies you spend all your time warning people about.

This is sad on several levels Jeff, not the least of which is how unnecessary it all was. I made it clear to you on many occasions that I am a reasonable man willing to do whatever was necessary in avoiding conflict within the ranks, absent of course outright betrayal of the truth. I never gave you grief about the BS stuff you run on ufo’s, bigfoot, giant lizards and all the rest because I recognize that everyone has a certain spice they like to use in their favorite dish. Your decision however to resort to such scummy, underhanded methods in silencing your critics shows you are not an opponent of Zionist tactics, but rather one who utilizes them when convenient.

In the meantime, perhaps I’ll encourage my Muslim friends to contact the FBI and DHS over YOUR inciting violence and terrorism against THEM by running articles and sponsering guests which –by your own admission–you KNOW to be lies and liars, respectively.


PS–don’t bother trying to deny the conversation we just had either Jeff. Unbeknownst to you, I had a 3rd party listening to the entire conversation who will testify that everything I am alleging in this open letter took place.

Update from me, MG–10/27/2010

A Plea For Calm

I think it’s safe to say none of us saw this coming, or at least I didn’t. With Jeff Rense’s threat to sick the FBI and DHS on someone for something as relatively trivial as voicing a dissenting opinion and then Henry Makow’s letter last weekend attempting to gloss over that fact, the reaction has been, well, explosive. With the number of emails I have gotten from people supporting me you’d have thought I just won the lottery and everyone knew about it.

And I certainly understand why. Finding what appears to be traitors in our midst, given how dangerous this business we are all involved in is, how could people NOT react like they have? It’s like being at war with another country and then finding out a couple of guys in your own platoon have been meeting with them at night when everyone else was asleep. You then wonder what kind of deals have been made that could end up in you dancing with the Grim Reaper.

However, what I would ask from everyone now is to just let it die, and for several reasons. First, there are more important things to deal with, and all someone need do is look at the news for proof of this.

Secondly though, and I know this is going to sound strange, given that I am now being accused of partaking in a conspiracy to have Jeff Rense murdered, I ask everyone to pull back for the sake of Jeff Rense himself.

The fact is this–He is not a well man. I now know from personal, first-hand knowledge that he is personally going through a traumatic situation right now involving the authorities (that I cannot disclose because I promised not to) that if not rectified in his favor could utterly destroy him. I believe this–and not that he is a “Zionist agent” as some are suggesting–best explains why he is acting so irrationally at the moment, first by threatening to call out the FBI and DHS for something as trivial as a dissenting opinion and then alleging that yours truly is part of the same shadowy conspiracy out to kill him. It doesn’t take someone with a degree in abnormal psychology to see that he is in the midst of some sort of psychological meltdown as evidenced by his holding on to 2 completely contradictory ideas at the same time, one of the criteria used in diagnosing people with all sorts of mental disorders, including acute paranoia. Whether this is being made worse by any substance abuse on his part I don’t know, but as I said, I now know from someone very close to him that he is not sleeping or eating well and is heavily weighed down with worry.

Making matters worse for him is the fact that he certainly lost a lot of his following with this latest episode as evidenced by the deluge of emails I received over the last 5 days (my apologies to those I have not yet responded to, I have been doing my best but the truth is there are too many to deal with at one time). People certainly recognize the danger posed by someone with access to hundreds of thousands of personal IP addresses, email addresses, bank account info and home addresses that could be turned over to the authorities if told to do so and understandably this makes people nervous, given the kind of ‘political’ climate we are all living in today.

However, at this time, throwing gasoline on this thing will not serve any good purposes at the moment. All it will do is put even more trauma on him, resulting in him (and his followers) slipping deeper into this strange, irrational behavior we have all been witness to and lashing out with even more nonsense.

So, as strange as this may sound what I would ask from everyone is this–just let it go. Give him time to get a little quiet and relative peace of mind to wander back into “Camp Reality”. He stands a better chance of getting some help and healing whatever malady of the mind and soul he is dealing with if things quiet down a little. Besides, he has done no damage to me. No one in their right mind would give an ounce of credence to what he’s alleging and those who would are obviously just as troubled and in need of help as he is. Besides, we can all imagine the howls of laughter taking place in locales such as the ADL, SPLC and others when they witness what is taking place so let’s not give them anything more to laugh about.

Lastly, if you are the praying type, perhaps we should keep this man (and his followers who seem to suffer from cult of personality syndrome) in our prayers.

Certainly in a world as brutal as the one we are all living in these days a little compassion might not be totally out of order here.




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