Hey, I tossed around a couple of ideas for an article and  the 1st thing that came to my mind was tongue in cheek description of how my soon to be, "" was gonna supply your every Jew distraction, goy need  but as I thought about it, I decided to do a modified effort on describing what a goy biscuit is and how we plan to redefine it here 

But the other thing that hit me in the face the last week was "Why chosenous?" Why the need for the Jewish people to feel better and superior to other humans, so much so that a religious book, they use, called The Talmud, trumpets this idea, as fact, over and over again. So, let's start with that, shall we?

To begin with, this is a speculative piece that comes from my gut. In previous articles, I have claimed that  because all information presenters  tend to have self-serving angles from which they provide you information, one is left with the gathering of experience to make a "gut call" as to the likelihood of the accuracy.

One example of this would be my over all world view that has come to the conclusion that we are  being enslaved by a Jew World Order. From this fact, we head down the rabbit hole to observe all the jewish media  that covers up the 911 "Inside Job" by basically presenting a fairy tale, preconceived before the deadly occurrance.

Then  there is  all the false flags covered up by the same media-the USS Liberty, the Gulf of Tompkin incident, etc, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston. Clearly the media knew these things  and kept mum making themselves complicit and implicating powerful jews in the process (to those aware)....

Jews control the media, our money supply, are disproportionately represented in the halls of power, have the most powerful lobbying groups in the world and they all have the same primary concern and that is to get us to do what is in the best interests of Jews.

We see the role of jews in enabling Russia after WWII to have the bomb which is no surprise when you also realize that Jews are an international people and do what is in their international interests while Russia  was a monarchist state taken over by Jewish patriots. They did so using communistic slogans and ideological cons to hide the yamikers on the heads of the ones enticing and financing the proles not to mention leading them, ruling them later and killing any non-Jews that didn't like the ideas or saw through the cons the Jews were perpetrating.

Behind all the window dressing, Communism, for the bolsheviks, was nothing more than disguised Jew rule. Having "the people" own the means of production was code for having  Jews own the means of production.May quotes like this here below relay the clear fact that when Jews talk to Jews they are quite willing to take the credit for the communist revolution and quite ready to admit  that Judaism=Communism.

The capitalist elite bankers who enabled these supposed revolutionaries were all Jews and tied to the Rothschilds, the Jewish family that became enabled thru the English revolution and the subsequent turning over, to the Jews, the  power to coin money in 1695.    

There's a myth spun about the Illuminati, that it was created in 1776 on May 1st and that this is some lead organization that started the concept of the  NWO agenda. Folks, the Illuminati is to the JWO what  Zionism is to Judaism - It is part of it but not all of it and is misdirection if claimed to be. This takeover movement  by Jews has been in operation probably  since Babylon, thus we have a need to name the religion and the elites enacting its recommendations as we name the component parts, linking the two for all to see.

The Jews want you to believe that Zionism is not all that Jewish, that's why they come down hard when you link Zionism to Judaism. Tell Theordore Hertzl it's not all that Jewish. That's also, why they come down hard when you link Communism to Judaism.

Tell Jacob Schiff, it's not all that Jewish. He put billions of today's dollars towards taking out the czar and for what-anti-capitalists? Bankers, the supposed standard bearers of our free market system felt the need to enable communists? There's a connection but the connection is T-R-I-B-E and then his behavior starts to make sense. 

Protocols3/18 reveals the true nature behind the communist revolution in Russia, and indeed, of all revolutions co-opted by Jews:

"It is explained by the fact that these dictators whisper to the peoples through their agents that through these abuses they are inflicting injury on the States with the highest purpose - to secure the welfare of the peoples, the international brotherhood of them all, their solidarity and equality of rights. Naturally they do not tell the peoples that this unification must be accomplished only under our sovereign rule".

  Jews are consolidating power. They are the status quo. Only a revolution will remove them but only they have been successful at conducting revolutions over the last four hundred years with but a handful of exceptions. They are highly motivated to subvert and, plus, they can print money out of thin air to fund themselves! Ever hear what a Femen protester gets to  take a principled stance against the male patriarchy and Islam? About $75.00 an hour. Wow, the best revolution money can buy, eh?

Well, one thing that, at best, can only remotely be linked to Jews is National Socialism. Certainly, if Jews had not started inventing all these liberalist ideologies, there would have been no initial trough to feed off of for the National Socialists to form their country. NS Socialism was a class uniting mechanism while the Communist form was a class dividing mechanism as the real goal of the communists was to userp the land  of the elite classes where they wished to take over, not in the name of the people though the rhetoric claimed so, but  in the name of Jewry and thus the great pride that occurred in world Jewry in trumpeting full credit for the Bolshevik op, post 1917 Revolution. Something they had to re-hide later due to it's inhumane cruelty, and that was easily accomplished thru press domination and covert polical power avoiding advertisement of the truth.

More Jew disrespect for other cultures hidden behind the banner of "human rights"

So my gut feel, stemming from conclusions I have reached over time, helps me to define who Hitler was (a jewaware, goy leader of men) and what Germany became under him ( A goy state, run by goyim primarily for the benefit of the people within).To unaware folks, ignorant of "THE JEWISH PROBLEM", this may seem mean spirited but one just has to see Jewish behavior before, during and after the great war to understand why stringent measures had to be put in place by goyim elites to neuter the power of Jewry in Germany.

This, what Germany accomplished with the election of Hitler, was the 1st Jewish set-back since 1492 and they immediately started making plans to get it back with, we, "Allied goyim", under their mind control, to do the getting back for them with no thanks offered once we did.

No thanks offered because jews are never honest about what they are doing and could never acknowledge before a goyim audience that WWII was  one more war "for Jews" and no one else. Sure, they conned, intimidated and  recited patriotic slogans to get the gentiles to get in line but these WORLD WARS were conceived and manipulated into being by Jewish elites behind the scenes. No advantage for us to be gained at all by causing mammoth destruction to our own homelands not to mention untold millions  of our own killed.

So, this is speculative coming from my gut. Why Chosenous? There is only one reason why a people needs to claim chosenous, why a people needs to  define others as of lesser quality stock, in fact, of lesser nature while wearing masks to make them look the same. Not because there is any truth to what these claims say. No, it's because they are at war.

You always demonize your opponent so as better to be able to slaughter them with no pangs of guilt. It is a manipulative devise, a devise that all those that thirst for and attain power over others learn to use. The leaders back 3000 years ago, much like the leaders of today, had lots of smarts but no conscience to guide how those smarts are used in a noble or good way. Those walking the halls of power, chummy with each other, are basically following the "Thou shalt treat other Jews as you wish to be treated by other jews" mantra.

We are left out of the THOU SHALT NOT MIX! They compartmentalize  good redeeming behavior to their peers and thru an "at war" type batton, down the hatches mentality, they  look upon the other 98% as enemies, the ones they supposedly lead and take care of, that you can't openly acknowledge as such and in fact, pretend otherwise.

Everybody sees 911 as such a horrible act. It was brazen, of course, but all wars are started with false flag attacks of some kind. Once you understand that Pearl Harber was "staged" 911 can be seen in the same light. 1st comes the desire for war, then comes the enabling act  to allow the leader to then declare war.

What 911 clearly defined, though, is the fact that governed folks are, too, considered enemies of the state just as another country, who has irreconciliable differences, is declared so. Referenced in the protocols, by the way : 

Protocol1/9. Should anyone of a liberal mind say that such reflections as the above are immoral, I would put the following questions: If every State has two foes and if in regard to the external foe it is allowed and not considered immoral to use every manner and art of conflict, as for example to keep the enemy in ignorance of plans of attack and defense, to attack him by night or in superior numbers, then in what way can the same means in regard to a worse foe, the destroyer of the structure of society and the commonwealth,be called immoral and not permissible? 

So when you look through the Talmud, and that's not easy to do as it is a closely guarded book and only watered down versions get out of Jewish hands, you see the constant reference to goyim as less than human with animal like qualities.These are all psychological devises to make it easy for targets (followers of the Talmud) to be brainwashed to kill without thought.

So what this consistent reference by the Talmud to non-Jews indicates is that the purpose of the Talmud is not to get closer to God, but for the Jewish leaders to get closer and closer to power over all the enemies of the Jews. And why are they enemies of the Jews? The elites have told the common folk, Jewry, that this is their kingdom so even if they enter a place they have never been, the brainwashed belief in the animal nature of the goyim and the chosenous, by God, of the Jewish people, allows for any kind of evil to be perpetuated to put those who are "chosen" in power. It is a "permanent war  mentality" psychosis.

All us goy are animals because we are the enemies and just  remember how we talked about our own supposed enemies, the demonizing of Saddam Hussein, the Hitler references to any enemy so designated by the state (BL - add White Nationalists to that).

I hate to bring all that up, but the  main point is we believed all those Jew lies whether or not they were true and of course, they mostly, weren't. This made our targets so evil that any kind of cruel act in service of the state was thusly sanctioned. We have a  license, now, to throw out our humanity in this endeaver when we so accept the labeling!

This is all to dehumanize the opponent.

So, what can clearly be seen is that this war has been waged by the elite jews who use various tricks to get their less aware mates supportive of the program. The 100 reactionary expulsions begin to make more sense when the realization occurs it is a reaction to Jewish subversion with an intent to destroy the state that causes the kicking out, not the mindless persecution of an "innocent people" as Jews always so claim.

This however can't be acknowledged so the cover story of persecution is invoked, which accentuates for the simple minded Jews that they were unfair targets of gentile peoples throughout time.This, again, allows the  unclued in Jew to become a "useful idiot" for the elite aware Jews by basically, for different reasons, supporting the program the elders advocate.

Lol, what a mess!   

Now, for the goy biscuits, can't forget about those. defines goybiscuits as  percs goys get for going along with Jewish power.The Jews size up the weakness of their opponent such as, what gets them excited, what makes them mad, what distracts them from deeper scrutiny of  the Jew and then acts.

An example of this would be a Jew op going into a goy group and throwing out red meat about the Jews, info usually already acknowledged by the group, so as to grab their attention. While continuing to do this, he then throws out distraction issues and any issue is a distraction if the target becomes someone else other than Jews. A good example would be Muslim immigration,  focusing on Muslims rather than the enabler, Jews!

Also, this gives rise to the Femen type organizations. The Jew has sensed this weakness inherent in many whites as an attack on their race, and the Muslim stories become the goy biscuits that keep the goy happy and the Jew unthreatened. Julie Mitchell, who, I hear, goes by a new, goy name is one Jew moderately successful at attracting, otherwise, intelligent people to her misdirection.

This, then, is the agreed upon meaning but we, here, plan to change that around. Our goybiscuits are gonna make you see through these Jew tricks so you can keep your eyes on the prize- which is the enabler Jew and all his lies.As in  most things with Jews, whatever they say, do the opposite and you will probably be headed the right way. We plan to offer only information that will keep you focussed, for time is running out.

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