Brandon, the, in your Face, Neo-con Who Pretends He's NotImage result for Jared Kushner-antichrist

This is how I know Brandon Martinez was recently assigned to be an Islamophobic neocon.
He clearly knows better than to focus attention on the pawns who are simply the tools used by the elites to invoke the Kalergi Plan.But what does he do? Focuses 90% of your attention on low IQ immigrants as if kicking their butt would solve the problem of the Jews opening the immigration flood spicket.

These immigrant bums come here and use the white guilt trip about colonialism to justify their invasion of our lands. They claim they speak some European language so therefore that gives them the right to just show up in Europe and demand acceptance and fair treatment (BL - who cares what they claim). No, if you have no ancestry in Europe, you have no “right” to come here. Speaking a language does not mean you’re owed something by the country that originated that language. I could learn Mandarin Chinese tomorrow, but I can’t just invite myself into China and demand citizenship.

These people come to Europe solely for economic reasons. They come with dollar signs in their eyes. I see these immigrants in Europe with the latest iPhones and fancy clothes (Why does Brandon focus attention on why the immigrants come here once invited? Why doesn't he focus the mind on those that are doing the inviting?). This is all being supported by billionaire Jewish and Freemasonic globalists who want to erase the European people and continent so that they can create a dumbed down, unintelligent mixed up slave race that just work and consume......source

Because of Brandon's total in your face, Jew truth past, he has to give lip service to the real problem (the JQ) but any good propagandist knows you invest the emotional energy into your main target. With this sort of rhetoric we see Brandon has been assigned to  join the rest of the coin-tel pro pack ratcheting up the evil Islam rhetoric..
Here is the accompanying video to make sure the lower IQ members of his reading gallery get the intended message.
His recent warning that he was no longer going to scrutinize MADE FOR TV killings as he used to was a necessary pre-step for him to be able to go full bore against Islam.Image result for Brandon Martinez-false flags
 This Brandon went away. False flag revelations are now irrelevant, we just accept any claim the Jews make for a starting point to discuss things
Recently, Brandon has been the object of numerous intelligent Arabs who used to consider Brandon an ally as little as nine months ago. They are not happy.
The proper way to push problems like immigration  is to use the obvious flooding as a stepping stone to investing your emotional rhetoric against the rich and Jew races which have a genocidal program  targeting whites with extinction in it's pure form.Image result for Jared Kushner-antichrist
Image result for Jared Kushner-antichristNaturally, the exact opposite is done by all the racialist leaders who prefer to focus attention on Islam and then to claim the Jew is conspiring with them. What, of course, they forget to tell you is the Jew is conspiring with our leaders as well and the object is chaos and societal destruction in order to allow Jarod Kushner to to ascend the anti-Christ throne so the long awaited boot can come to town placed against all our foreheads forever
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Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

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