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Just as you thought Brandon Martinez was going down for the count, folks from behind the curtain send fellow Putin hater, Christopher Bjerknes, into his room with a life line. Go to each writer's site to see the mutual love of each other and the mutual hate of Putin. A hate that implies the threat is outside our borders, by the way, something both writers at different times in their careers have acknowledged.

Somehow though, obsessive rage against Putinism is going to set things right?

We can all understand some interest in undeserved Putin love of the Putin worship cult but if he is controlled by the globalists, why the obsessive concern with him? If you know the JWO is the prime threat, why worry about only one aspect of it; why start pretending false flag capers are real that they carry off (which they both now do, by the way)?

A ride through both websites will see  continual mutual admiration hurled each others way in sickening frequency. To peruse what I mean, go to Bjerknes's site, here, and click older articles at the bottom of the current presentation. At least every other article cheers Brandon on.

 To see the same for Brandon, find the link on my "Watched Sites" to the right and a bit down to his goofy tabloid. There's no doubt that Brandon's talented AND ALSO COMPROMISED and there's no doubt that EVERYONE KNOW'S HE'S COMPROMISED.

So here's Bjerknes's life-line, hang on tight, Bran, you may not get another one thrown your way!

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