Brandon Martinez "Welds" the "Jewish Glasses" to his ForeheadImage result for "Jewish Glasses" to his Forehead

In the Jewish Protocols, 12-5  it says this

5. If already now
we have contrived to possess ourselves
of the minds of the goy communities
to such an extent
that they all come near looking upon the events of the world
through the colored glasses
of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;

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Powerful words and we see it occurring daily. Anyone who wishes to understand the modus operandi and  the mind set of the folks that rule us can go to  no better source than "The Protocols of ZIon".

Anyone that is seriously interested in challenging and exposing Jewish power must challenge all self-serving Jewish descriptions of events which includes what we have come to call false flags.

That's Jewish resistance 101

The problem is that since the great wake-up event called 911 occurred, a numbness has entered or re-entered our political discourse that now makes such questionings "irrelevant" or "of no consequence" or "to worry about later".

 It began when a concerted effort was made to tamp down scrutiny of Sandy Hook in late 2012. As more and more evidence was accumulated that did not fit with the Jewish media narrative, agents Spingola, Mark Glenn and the whole boardroom of AFP, among others, were called in to challenge the counter, more compelling, narrative.

One irate commenter from that time period

What disturbs me more than Sandy Hook, however, is the reaction of Mark Glenn and the entire crew at the Ugly Truth, regarding this event. I really need to get this off my chest. How is it that every single radio host affiliated with TUT believed the official story? Why did they viciously attack those who did not believe it? The name-calling, ridicule, and smearing of all of us in the "Sandy Hook cult" was akin to Mark waging psychological warfare against his audience. According to Mark and his posse, we are "mental cases, kooks, nuts, crazies,the lunatic fringe, irrational, mentally deficient, a cult".

Brandon seems to have taken lessons from Mark in the implementing of personal attacks

He said " We don't have enough proof to even theorize" which is like saying give yourself a lobotomy. The natural flow of our minds is to speculate and theorize about events, whether personal or political.

Why does the innocent listener have to prove that the chronic liar lies?

Mark said "people who are emotionally invested in a Sandy Hook conspiracy, it's like dealing with a 5 yr. old child." He said "We have to deal with unstable people who let their paranoia get the best of them".

I call this "Holocaust" defamation tactics

I could go on and on listing the over-the-top condemnations against truthers simply for not believing the official story. The unexpected, bizarre behavior by Mark Glenn is what I cannot understand and am still reeling from. These are people I respected, admired, considered friends until I realized I never knew Mark Glenn at all.

Mark Glenn- designated protector of the MSM OCT in regards to Sandy HookImage result for Mark GLenn

Mark performed his own little psy-op against his audience and now tries to make the victims of his tirade into the victimizers. When he uses the term "Sandy Hook cult" I wonder whether TUT has become a cult with all participants orbiting around the messiah-god, Mark Glenn.

Unlike Mark's prediction that the truth movement will never get its credibility back due to us lunatics, I believe the truth movement is alive and well, stronger than ever. I have to admit, I am still traumatized by all of this.March 1, 2013 at 11:38 PM

***Sad to say, this psychological operation, the commenter refers to, seems to have beaten us into submission as "leaders" immediately regurgitate the propaganda in the midst of hysterical excitement surrounding claimed mass killings. This article attempts to reverse that - BL


Holocaust-like defamation tactics were applied in order to ridicule and defame the characters of the brave investigators. "Dishonoring the victim's families" was one of the most common deflector attacks.

Not only were these folks met at every turn by TPTB thwarting efforts to "examine bricks" on location but now our own folks (we thought) attacked us when we were " in recovery" in our safe places.

Soon afterward, as I began watching folks like Daily Stormer and, later,, it became clear that every made for TV, nonsense killing was going to be described exactly as  the initial MSM reporting claimed it to be changing only as the story changed in the corporate sphere. Good math was temporarily suspended and common sense awareness placed in a corner "timeout" to accomplish the mission

Ad nauseum we are and were being subjected to targeted enemy scapegoating as the ability to critically think, that blossomed in the dissection of the real 911 story, was put on hold. It has been with much exasperation and knashing of teeth that I have been forced to state the obvious (after realizing no one else would).

Entities that routinely lie to protect power and to accomplish the objectives of power no longer have earned the right to be believed automatically. If TPTB would like us to offer proof of their habitual, past lying, any real resistance will be happy to acquiesce. Just make it "live" with minimal comment from the broadcaster to sway opinion and a moderator both sides agree to. (Like the holocaust, I do not foresee TPTB rendering a fair discussion of media credibility in the offing)
 The ball should be in their court, not ours to prove their case, no "benefit of the doubt" given, no "trust the leadership" applauded

It is our duty to assume that a habitual liar is lying and our right to claim our government through it's media is doing so chronically. The area of false flags is as good a stage to confront this as any.

Obviously, this is inconvenient for all those folks willing to do anything to get a seat at the table and gain a reputation with those who rule through lying and misdirection (they are called controlled opposition and pretend to be us).

Almost all would be dissenters who should know better are now going along to get along rather than challenge. If you are wavering at all about that, this article is for you

Pretty soon, we will be in a total la,la land, race war realities sewn into the expectation fabric of our belief systems and Russia, Iran, China, Syria and N.Korea our prescribed opponents for the expected but horribly unnecessary WW IIIImage result for WW III

Take the case of one Brandon Martinez, AKA, ZionCrimeFactory.

Post 911, Zander came on the scene in an era that was between the deluge of false flags like are continuing to this day and the 911 aftermath. In such an environment with Israel outed as the main conspirator for the 911 caper, it was only natural that Brandon play hard ball against the Jews.

For whatever reason, in early 2013, whether it be that making a living was hard to come by in the outing of folks that control our money, or his Jewish handler pulled the plug, Brandon "disappeared" ZCF and reappeared as a Sabbath kaffir (his term to belittle any sympathetic view for Muslims), false flag outing pundit named Brandon Martinez.

The first two years (2014 through the end of 2015) he seemed to live happily in this cocoon of sharia love but in late 2015 or early 2016, Brandon either went off his meds or started getting ready for his next assignment,seemingly, re-emerging like clockwork, every three years.

Media personalities, previously spoken of in warm terms by Brandon, became objects of ridicule and scorn depending on whether they were pro Putin or anti Putin (or basically said anything he disagreed with).

 I have a theory that Brandon created the unnecessary raucous in order to "predictive program" his audience for his otherwise not believable new, impending world view he is now undertaking as I write this.

Brandon also changed his stance on Assad. The posting of positive videos done by Syrian Girl, a year earlier,morphed into direct attacks on her character as she had the audacity to stick with Assad while Brandon announced Assad owed it to his people to step down.

He literally took the opposite view the year before. I suppose he thought tongue lashing a female would remove the critical thinking skills temporarily from his, new to be attained, MGTOW audience as female defaming makes for a better world in their eyes and is cause for celebration while directing attention away from the, frankly, unbelievable world view change he, himself, had undergone provided a wee bit of security in his Talmud taught mind by killing two birds with only one stone

You see, the problem was Assad, selfishly, refusing to buckle under NWO constant attack through proxies that were causing atrocities to occur on Syrian soil with unnecessary bloodshed spilt. Not the fault of the paid for, NWO crisis actors and mobster types hired to do Jewish bidding. ("Joos" logic?)  It's best to let the big bully take over the neighborhood hoping he will be satisfied and stop

Brandon, then, proceeds to hide the fact he has no moral compass by concocting some elaborate conspiracy theory wherein Muslim cucks root for religious Muslims in Syria and sectarian Muslims in Europe just so they can be as anti-White as possible (talking about playing to stoopid racists).

But, shh now, you aren't supposed to realize they might just be cheering against TPTB in all this side choosing having little to do with the white question

  1. (Is the white race the center of the universe? Some in the racialist movement undoubtedly are not far from that concept).
  2. (Are you a traitor to your race if you don't take any question in the world and make it about White Race Identity and persecution of the greatest race ever!)

That would be like TOO NON-THREATENING and not good for race war fever at all!

  1. (Anglin has been lobbying for race wars for three years and even has real Jew, fake white, Stefan Molynieux to come in and pick up the white man's spirit after a fake attack with some fake tears and a call for donations to all the families of white people that were fake killed). 

No, let Brandon herd you into the EVIL MUSLIM CONSPIRACY AGENDA. Listen to his Joos lawyer talkin

  1. ( a monologue to help you forget who you are and why you are here and who your real daddy is)

and forget about why you are here because he's gotten you so confused.... but

Inevitably, I end up saying, instead
"Hey Bran, talk to the hand cause the head just doesn't want to listen!"Image result for Jew logic

Anyway, Brandon's website titled "Non-Aligned Media" became the object of scorn amongst knowing insiders (like me) during all of this as they saw habitual political positions in articles taken that matched up perfectly with western NWO, NEO-CON think tank positions.

It was so ridiculous that I began saying that, yes, Brandon is very Non-Aligned, non-aligned with the alt-media he pretends to be part of but oh so aligned with Fabian society, elitist think tanks who email him his talking points. 

Image result for fingers crossed behind back

This included total blind credibility to reposted stuff from insiders such as Karen Dawisha and Bill Browder, folks that made a huge living selling the NWO agenda from city to city in orchestrated tours.

Trust the leadership, trust "Non-Aligned Media, hate Putin, trust my sources. I, Brandon Martinez, would never lie to you, goy (except when I avoid the ZCF part of my biography but never  would I lie anywhere else)!

I have a rule of thumb no matter how intelligent the source seems or claims to be. If they sell the OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) of 911 as real, neither they nor their information can be trusted.

It basically means the only truth you will get from them is when truth corresponds to the information being good for TPTB to share. This  then makes all their information not trustable.

Pretty simple, sound logic and not sure what Brandon does not get about it. To drive the nail all the way in, when Browder and Dawisha say Putin is bad, there is absolutely no way for me to know if they are lying for TPTB , since they have openly demonstrated their willingness to do so concerning 911, or telling the truth.

This is crucial to understand to it's full depth. As insiders, if you are an insider, they may be quite credible, but as an outsider living in a NWO, they are not trustable and see, I already know NOT to trust the leadership who will probably vouch for them. It basically leads me to conclude, since this seems a rule of thumb for all folks pertaining to power,

There is nothing you can know for sure unless you were there and saw it first hand

However, also, during most of these goings on, Brandon was taking huge pride in being the most in depth false flag analyzer in the room and so much so that he became amazingly boring.

Brandon, who began his third Assignment a month ago, has scrubbed the internet of most of his false flag analysis as this search rendered expired illustrates

Brandon  demonstrates the new him with this profile pic

Martinez Perspective

Then something happened last month. Brandon deleted his you-tube channel (via fake persection?) and his two prior sites with all his old material in tow.

Bull shit artist that he is, he claimed doing news stories had become  not what he was into but the fact was and is, the stories he did throughout all of 2016 vary little in style to what he is doing on his new site.

What is new is that he has made his target audience white racialist (recall ZCF was a racialist in 2012) or more specifically, those alt-right racialists that believe every Jewish news story is accurate and that Muslims and Jews collude as our enemy.

This making Muslims our enemy was part of his transition phase last year but go back a year and you would have noticed all his Muslim apologia counter-narratives, a very counter-productive thing to own if you wish to impress Jason Jorjani, Daniel Friberg, Lana Lagtoff or Richard Spencer and who is ever behind the curtain with them. 

Let me speak bluntly that , yes Jews collude with Muslims but to claim just that makes THE WHOLE TRUTH a casualty. Jews do their best to lead all sides and usually do so (but for Hitler). Jews also collude with whites, Chinese, North Koreans, Indians......getting the picture? Because they collude with everyone and encourage antagonism we can therefore name them

"The true enemy."

They admit it themselves, here in protocols 12-13

12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions -
even anarchical -
for so long, of course,
as the constitution exists ....

Like the Indian idol "Vishnu"
they will have a hundred hands,
and every one of them
will have a finger on any one of the public opinions
as required.

When a pulse quickens
these hands will lead opinion
in the direction of our aims,
for an excited patient loses all power of judgment
and easily yields to suggestion.

Those fools
who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper
of their own camp
will be repeating our opinion
or any opinion that seems desirable for us.

In the vain belief
that they are following the organ of their party
they will, in fact,
follow the flag which we hang out for them.

Jews rule internationally and have a 90% lock on media dissemination world wide 


Verdant ServantI, jokingly, claimed Brandon was auditioning for a role on with this anti-Muslim video, a video noteworthy because he now was spinning certain news events as Muslim attacks that initially he spinned as Zionist false flags.

No one did a better job of calling Brandon out on this hypocrisy than Verdant Servant, a guy that Brandon attacks as some sort of mindless, Muslim zombie who hates white people cause of all their freedoms. Don't be fooled. Jews or their agents are expert at transposing their own guilt back onto their exposers.

I assume this is why Brandon keeps addressing false flaggers as Muslim loving SJWs where in reality there is no link. Its like a racialist claiming you have to love the white race to fight the Jews. There is no connection but repetition over and over by leaders can be a powerful defense against the obvious - like repeating false flags are not staged. See it working there (or just pretending a staged event is real over and over, no matter how obvious it gets, the audience goes along)?

Excerpt - Verdant Servant

disinfo thumbnail

After being the only ‘non-aligned’ media disseminating Zionist CBN and Britain First’s propaganda of the clash of civilisations, as documented in the previous video, we now see Brandon Martinez switching from a false-flag/let-it-happen interpretation of some major terror events to them being the doing of blood-thirsty migrants.

This is exemplified in his before and after positions vis-a-vis the attack in the Bataclan concert hall which was allegedly committed by the Abdeslam brothers (who were not migrants by the way).

brandon before and after


***So let me add 2+2 for ya and let's try to get 4 rather than the newer, more popular 5. Brandon, for whatever reason, has decided to target a white racialist, partially red pilled, group of folks called the Alt-Right, led by Richard Spencer.

Brandon knows his previous positions on Muslim love and being false flag aware don't fly there so he prepared for this new assignment by gradually moving his narrative, over the course of a year, to more palatable world views of Jew-clueless racialists, upping the ante, as noted by me in this piece, last summer, when he took most of his stuff off line for a month while he began to upload Muslim hate porn.

In early May he goes off-line, again, coming back on May14th with an article about anarchy (Jews love anarchy). He has now removed all his prior writings. It's as if this is a brand new site with the expectation being his audience will be clueless that Brandon is in fact a robot made by Jews to deceive. (He did almost the exact same thing when he switched to his 2nd assignment, so Brandon seems to have  a chronic deception habit he can't shake)

Then he proceeds to try and do damage control by attacking all false flag exposers as Islam sympathizers (this plays well to the alt-right who train their folks to believe all Jewish news stories are real)

As he continues to write his insincere blather, as it's becoming more and more obvious that he believes whatever his new assignment tells him to believe, he continues to link everything he covers to evil Islam sympathizers who are conducting a covert  psychological attack on the west, basically calling them "Anti-white" (easy for low IQ whites to understand when he adds "Anti-white" in there).

Written by Blindlight....6/9/17 

Joseph Sigur

It's really sad to see. The once rising star, ZCF, reduced to petty fault finding with no seeming purpose to existence beyond assuring that every goyim clique stays cult like in size and unable to expand due to distrusts manufactured out of thin air and through false flagged, staged events that want to "message" us that other slaves are the enemy of your slave group, not the elites sewing your false reality (good for Jews). 

Please check my article called "New Slant on Race".

Folks, Jason Jorjani likes to tell his alt-right audience that the enemy of your enemy is just another enemy. I would turn that on it's head to get more accuracy

Any group encouraging and helping two sides fight each other is probably who the anatagonists should really focus on by joining together to solve  their  real problems mutually ( reiterated in this video)

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