Crusader Girl mimicks Christian Picciolini's psyop of movement infiltration to then leave and defame it with MSM talking points

I was on the fence as to whether she really was a racialist in her year in the movement but this video removes all doubt. Grace Alice was a plant from day one,,Half of which was making videos and asking for donations and received from people she now slurs without a care in the world. Heck, she's from the ultra mega-rich, goy, you should have known

Back in September of last year, rich race compatriots Sinead and Grace Alice got together to talk about whose friends were richer and more connected. Crusader Girl won that argument (go to 40 minutes in and listen for 4 minutes. Her family had a casual conversation about whether or not to go to a bar mitzfa in Israel or not)

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The King in the North

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