Kevin Barrett's book came out less than a year ago and Brandon was a major contributor to inflaming the concern of false flag perpetuation. Did Jesus show him the light or ABE FLASH SOME SHEKELS TO "TURN"Image result for brandon MartinezBrandon Martinez lawyer talks us about the evils of being false flag aware and that it makes you anti-American if you are

Brandon above applies for membership in the alt-right which requires you to post  all false flags as real and Jews didn't do 911.  Brandon has changed his advocacy accordingly

Psst, Brandon, it works better if people actually believe you believe what you advocate.

Brandon makes up a new line of inquiry and sticks to it like a boring teacher reciting the pledge of allegiance



On the whole, his case for a false-flag in Manchester rests entirely on pure speculation about numerology, beneficiaries, and other small details. He provides no smoking guns for this one or any of the other recent attacks. Like all the others, he’s approaching this one from a preconceived conclusion that it was a false-flag, and then weaving his story accordingly to make it fit. So one day after the bombing Barrett’s marshalled together some speculative “evidence” and declared: “Bottom line: Abadi was very likely innocent.”

Who would take this unacademic wild theorizing seriously besides like-minded ideologues? (BL - Who takes MSM news reporting seriously these days which you imply you do, by the way)

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Barrett and other false-flag obsessives have a clear Islamic or leftist agenda. (BL - you don't have to love Islam to be false flag aware but apparently, to be a racialist alt-righter, you have to be false flag dumb)

In Barrett’s case, he’s a Koran-thumping Islamic missionary who wants to spread the faith and Islamize the world. (As Brandon attempts to paint all aware goy with an unflattering brush).

Image result for brandon Martinez

He feels it’s his religious duty to defend the faith (and the faithful) from hostile infidel “accusers.” It’s therefore in his religious interest to “debunk” all instances of Islamic terrorism. (Weak arguments lead to analyzing the target's motive instead. Brandon does a lot of that these days)

During the migrant crisis of 2015, Barrett shockingly came out in support of the invasion on the basis that it will increase Islamic demographics on the continent and thereby make Europe more sympathetic with the Palestinians and other Muslim/Arab issues. So Europeans should just hand over their countries to weird foreigners so that “Palestine can be free from the river to the sea”? Yet he hypocritically condemns pro-Trump Americans for prioritizing the immigration issue over Palestine and other quagmires that Muslims care about. (the true link is globalist subversion. Brandon's lawyer talk attempts to deflect away from that)


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