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 I read Jason Reza Jorjani's article about Iranian Nationalism and the Globalist Agenda just now. In the article there is what looks to be two parts. THe first part Jorjani describes the plight of Iran and why an Iranian Renaissance is necessary. He also links the welfare of White identarians to the welfare of Iran. He claims Islam and Globalist elite (who apparently aren't Jews as a group) are undermining the native people of Iran and throws out many of the problems racialist whites in Europe and the US are complaining about.

 Jason comes from a rich family, was born in America but acts like he is closer to his Iranian heritage than his American one. He is a dual citizen who apparently can not return to Iran for fear of his life due to some activism he engaged in there in 2009. He worships the memory of the Shah though he was born after the Shah was deposed. Is this a clue that his parents were tied in with the Shah's power structure before leaving Iran after the revolution? This is yet to be vetted and needs to be. So I am going to post this article and comment where something occurs I want to talk about. The second part of the article is a public letter that I assume Jason also wrote for the style seems in accordance with the former. Before I post the article and my comments, I am reposting my long comment I left under the article at "Right-On" a website owned by Daniel Friberg whom I expect to have more to say about in the coming weeks. Friberg also owns "Arktos" a publishing company and made Jason head of the US division. This was so relevant that Jason was asked to speak at the NPI, Alt-Right conference and give us his vision. It is that video of his presentation that made me aware of Jason Jorjani.

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Folks, it wasn't "White People" that wanted to colonize the world, it was the Jew and RICH PEOPLE. This above phrase was one of many techniques used to impart the spirit of Jewish colonialism to WHITE PEOPLE.

Did it have to be white people? I doubt it. It was where Jews were located when they got a fancy to undertake the ventures and like getting the local populace all up in arms about Protestantism and Catholicism while slaughtering each other in huge numbers for new Jewish thoughts of malcontent, colonialism, too, had to be given a reason for it's existence and, for that, the duty to civilize the savages and the need to save them through Jesus worked more miracles than could have ever been imagined prior.

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Snap4799795So, the latest girl to appear out of nowhere in the Sinead hemisphere seems to be a girl who calls herself Grace Steele. Above is her introductory video and I am going to give you my reaction to several things she says and also some background info that I find concerning, enough so that a thorough venting process must be undergone to give this woman real, not fake legitimacy. This is easier said than done since most influential folks appear out of nowhere to be testified for through a  person who has gained trust and too had previously appeared out of nowhere and so on and so forth.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:54

What Milo doesn't do Evalion Will!

Image result for evalion pornSimple Questions that Should Be Asked but Aren't

Get a pretty face like Evalion talking, writing and doing videos while saying all the agreed upon talking points of the White Race Religion, and you can be assured no scrutiny or evaluation will take place. Of course this has been my on-going effort at Blindlight for two years now, to point out when questions should be asked and to point out when the obvious shill is going unnoticed.

Obvious to me, clearly not obvious to the groupie followers and the support apparatus of "elders" paid by the real elders that are actually considered the enemy but in reality funding the various groups that are fighting it in order to control the boundaries. After all,  it's been stated by Jews over and over that controlled anti-Semitism is necessary and good for Jews to propell them to where they wish to go as well as keep their doofus follower Jews loyal. Today, I go to John de Nugent's site, the guy who claims to be a reincarnated Hitler manifest, and headlining is Evalion, the poor girl got harrassed returning home from Germany by Canadian border officials.

Every Monday, I leave my little piece of paradise in Auburn Ga. and make the forty mile journey into Atlanta. To avoid traffic, I rise at four AM and leave at five AM. Three years ago, I decided to quit watching TV and at the same time , that included listening to the radio which was part of the  same matrix mind control apparatus I wished to do away with. This then gives me much time for introspection on these one hour journeys before the birds have even risen to begin their chirping anew. Yesterday, while scoping Brandon Martinez's you-tube, I noticed his latest 40 minute anti-Muslim video.

This time it wasn't just a quick upload of someone else's work as had lately been the rule but Martinez's own narrative made for  the core of the presentation with film footage to mind control the audience along the way. I listened and didn't react immediately until the drive in this morning. It occurred to me what the slight of hand was that Brandon had employed, a slight of hand many racialists, indeed others, were employing as well.

It was a method of divide and conquer, a separation of the Jewish problem and the

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ours truly has already called her an op pointing out her willingness to stoke goy on goy wars using Jewish neo-con sources like the Gatestone Institute for fire. Today I go to her site and she has this wonderful pro-Putin article saying :

Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”
This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.
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Much here to respond to. I, totally agree that  the movement, alternative media, Racialist op, all are compromised from the top down. Your enabler as far as the publicity goes revolving around your ZCF fake persona, Deanna Spingola is one obvious one that you have never have confronted. Why? Or do you actually mean to claim Spingola's shilling for what amounts to the OCT on the events surrounding Sandy Hook was demonstrative of legitimate, healthy concerns for the movement?

Another example, David Cole, got to the top of the holocaust denier list in the 90's, then disappeared and came back once outed as a common republican operative using a fake last name of Stein.  Did our legitimate, as you imply, fellow information pundits trash this kosher clown right away and have nothing more to do with him, thereafter?  Hell no and you included. You pleaded for an interview like all the other compromised assets out there when he started promoting his book about his acknowledged dual life. That interview and your worshipful remarks towards him still exist on your website at last look even though you pretend to have outed him a few months ago. Why is it still up? Why didn't you out him  then in the interview? Not good for the sheckle bank?

 A while back, teacher, writer, radio pundit, Veterans Today collaborator, Anthony Hall, got fired from his teaching job at a Canadian Jewniversity. Typical for the VT crew,  Anthony had been trying to walk a tight rope between the mainstream academic life and once in  awhile, NWO pundit, alarmist. I did not read much of his work but as I recall, he rarely called out the Jew stopping at the Zionist, Israel border when defaming anything Jewish.

He'd been doing regular broadcasting with Kevin Barrett, a converted, white Muslim who likes to talk about false flags but won't out the holocaust. It's safe to say that Anthony has never outed the holocaust either.

Here's a recent quote from a Barrett post on the matter:

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Yes, Goy, Jewish colonialism is alive and well in the 21st century. Unlike the 16th through the 19th century when the white goy kitchen slaves to the Jew served his massah hefty helpings of Indian genocide, black slavery and world wide land theft and believed  he was doing it all for the benefit of his personal, poor, white ass self, now the the chickens have come home to roost for  the fact of you falling for all those Jewish lies so long ago that puffed up your white race ego as the Jew whispered in your ear, your race is the best, goy. They deserve to be your slaves. No guilt, he said long ago, "Whiteman's burden!", he added

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Click the pic of Sinead and Kyle to hear 90 minutes o!^@%#^$!%#&*!^#^@&$#&@&*. It's the best(*#^&*$^&@!&^$&* I have ever heard

I decided I better say something about this. Kyle  and Sinead bring out the worst in each other, sadly. This is a mean spirited show where they basically trash talk anyone not part of their Renegade op.  Sadly, they get the Jew but somehow they got obsessed with white people, a problem that can't be solved by just white people since the Jews have a plan to genocide them as long as they stay in power

Basically the 90 minute segment was Kyle ranting about any and everything he found wanting in "the whites are the God race" movement.  Apparently Sinead's job was to go "Yea!" at every short interlude of Kyles non-stop analysis of the WRR-ist world around him. Their personal White Race Religon mindset was on display since they only considered relevant to talk about those who put race before the Jew. I say that because that is in fact the standard by which those are judged within this unrecognized but actual religion. Folks can ignore the Jew if they say a few phrases that all members are to agree about when it comes to white chosenous or supremacy.

Brandon Martinez in the false name of Non-Aligned media exposure has begun to make his clear bias so obvious only a mindless simpleton  could miss the linkage. A  month ago Brandon Martinez called for Assad to step down for the good of the Syria people. His argument that the NWO wasn't going to go away with their subversion so Assad should do the honorable thing and stepped down forced me to take my pants to the cleaners for a thorough cleaning of shit stains that occurred because of too hard laughter!

It started off so innocent, my tweet PM with Sinead. The other day I asked her for a history on how she and Kyle adopted their racialist views, seemingly out of nowhere. This general topic has been of interest to me for quite a time because I  have noticed what looks to be an orchestrated deliberate shift of what was once white, Jew-wise truthers into the racialist aquarium. A place where no non-White is welcome while they are subject to continual ridicule and derision  and with the help of the co-opted WN leaders,  the most extremist racialist views and slurs are tolerated as "normal and healthy".

Seanna Fenner shouts,"You are a government informant in order to fund your drug habit!"

I have spent the last two days in ongoing commentary dialogue on "Google +" with Seanna Fenner, otherwise known as "Odinia", a priestess who advocates rejection of Jew-Christianity and a return to pagan principles.Beyond this seeming slight  incompatibility with CI, what God they worship, it would seem Christian Identity and Odinism are natural anti-Jew allies.

Allies in ways that could never work because both ops are set up in such a way that they could never attract more than a minimalist audience due to their extreme positions. Positions that sadly reflect  on more reasonable Jew-wise advocates. Both have adopted the "White Race Religion" for the backbone of their advocacy. That is a term I made up upon observing, over a few years time, certain mantras that must be adopted by any individual wishing to belong to this area of resistance.

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How to address the Muslim issue

I have  recently address the ongoing Muslim immigration issue that seems to be consuming more and more of my European brother's pre-occupations. I would like to define further, how this delicate situation must be handled if we want to avoid or make less likely that simply one more goyim war for Jews does not result from the subversion.

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Saturday Morning state of the Union Address from Winder Ga.

Let me lay it on the line for you goy.  The Jews have a technique for bringing in the JWO. They totally tear down the society in question that has it's own values , traditions and ways of doing things and then they build, from the ground up, a Jewish structure  to be serviced by all the, formerly, free peoples now made into Jewish slaves.

After the Angelo Gage, Sinead McCarthy melt-down occurred and my video posted in response, I was met with Sinead's  blind followers who pretty much take up any cause she espouses which is usually built off the graveyard of former comrades now turned into the "enemy" of her people, the white race, and offer reasons why her behavior is ok. Ignore the fact and claims that Sinead is a cove

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Thursday, 11 February 2016 14:54

The Jewish Catechism for the USSR-1958

Catechism of the Jew in the USSR

JEWS! Love one another, help one another! Help each other even if you hate each other!

Our strength lies in unity. Unity is the token of our success, and it is our salvation and our prosperity. Many nations perished after becoming dispersed because they did not have a clear-cut programme of action or a feeling of comradeship. But we, thanks to our feeling of collectivism, have gone on for centuries and have survived while living among other nations. We have remained intact, have multiplied and have grown stronger. Unity is an objective, but it is also a means of achieving an objective. This is the point. Unity is what must be striven for. Everything else is derivative, and will come automatically. Help one another, do not be afraid of being regarded as nationalists, and do not be afraid of protectionism.

 This nationalism of ours is our chief instrument. Our nationalism is international, and that is why it is eternal. The way towards our nationalism is open to Jews of all nationalities, all denominations, and all parties. The only true internationalism is that which is tied to the Jews by links of blood. All other forms of internationalism are merely provocation and deceit. Operate on a broader scale in drawing towards yourselves people who are close to you by reason of their birth. Only they can provide you with the living environment desired. Form your national groups of specialists. Groups of specialists are the Holy of Holies. Such groups decide everything. Today's specialist groups are our tomorrow. Every laboratory, every university department and every institute must become the place where our national groups of specialists are created. Prepare young Jewish people for the task of continuing the tradition of former generations. Let every generation of Gentiles conflict with our system of defence in depth. Every time the older generation disappears from the scene, it must be replaced by

 an even more powerful cohort of young Jews who have been given the right training at the proper time and have become strong as a result.To achieve this, our young people must be promoted to positions of leadership as early as possible on the grounds that they are mature and brilliant. Even if this is not yet true, they will mature on the job.

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I am going to critique this video of Scott's as he speaks. He preludes the discussion that we should be ready for hard ball when it comes to lashing back at those who would undermine his idea of "resistance". An idea bolstered by a cult like following that all parrot the same victim oriented slogans of entitlement no longer offered and subversion by all against.

I watch for something new but it was not to be
Some history on Scott, not that I know him at all well. In my research into JAM or John Alan Martinson Jr., Roberts was  second in command to Jam. This was in the year, roughly, 2009 on a website of JAM's who has significant Negro blood, verfied. I assume this is what Scott refers to when he claims that he tried to work with other races and it failed so now he is only focused on the white race.  All this was before my time so my speculations tell me that Roberts hooked up with Delaney and Martinson in close proximity of each other and Scott has been tied to the leg of Delaney ever since I have been watching, roughly 2012  on.

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Martin-Shkreli-girlfriend-pics-1024x609HAVE YOU ever wondered why some medicines are so expensive?

Martin Shkreli (pictured) is a Jewish businessman (he has relatives living in Albania, and is often referred to as an Albanian). Though his Wikipedia page says he is Albanian and Croatian, he was born and raised in Brooklyn, went to Baruch College, worked for uber-Jewish hedge fund manager Jim Cramer in his teens — and had his own hedge fund by the time he was 21. This is not the profile of the “Albanian son of janitorial worker immigrants” he vends to the public.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 20:05

Colonial Success Linked to the Jew

I have been focusing on the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras looking for Jewish influence as I go. Miles mathis makes a pretty good claim the  "The Medici's, powerful political-crime family from the 14th century through the 18th century, were likely krypto Jews. He backs it up by noting the Jewish features of Cosimo Medici and noting that jewish fortunes in the areas dominated by this clan rose and fell with those of the Medicis. Why the connection so tight?  More discovery is needed. Here's the link to the article.

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Image result for My evolving Analogies of Our World PredicamentAs I gaze down the street, whores on both sides lookin for Johns,  windows bein bashed in to the shop because "black lives do matter" as the radio plays in ear phone telling me some Arab went on a killin spree, behind my gaze and between my ears I know I am seeing the fruits of the labor of the revolutionary talmudic Jew in all these happenings An evolving process, speeded to  amazing quickness as the monopoly of money mixes with the greed of the intelligent man below him to get him to do and perform treats for daily he would never do if he understood the purpose of the doing.


***Oh the problems for those WNs who feel the need to pretend the Jew is just like everyone else and they don't connive behind the scenes***

Of course, this insistence that their views are based on genuine differences rather than a sense of superiority is undercut by the sort of rhetoric their community uses to describe traits they believe are inherent in other races or ethnicities. Jews are manipulative. African Americans are lazy or violent. Latinos are free-riders who are stealing American jobs. Etcetera.

***Got to give the Jew her do and exactly why I have been encouraging these WNs to focus on the source of the power problem, the Jew and let their ethnic cussing out of diverse goy be*** (1)

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Friday, 02 October 2015 00:00

Jim Stone, Oregon False Flag-Russia-Syria


If "Islamic terror" was in any way real, they would not need to fake it. Islamic terror is a HOAX and that is all there is to it, this is solid gold, RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE, ARCHIVE AND POST!


All this means is that I will leave this up for another full day. Everyone should see this.

Thursday, 24 September 2015 16:00

We Need a Way to Grow, Here's How!

Well goyim, I have had a strategy for the last year or so, of exposing what is apparently co-opted behavior by leaders in the Jew-wise resistance. What I have found is that most within the community understand there is a problem but only wish to confront the problems in adjacent areas.....

Sunday, 20 September 2015 20:00

Neo Nazi leaders often equals "JEW"!~

1946 to 1979: The Animist Party and National Renaissance Party (NRP), early U.S. “neo-Nazi groups,” are organized under titular leader James Madole, 

• 1950s & ’60s: The foreign intelligence division of Stasi, Communist East Germany’s secret police apparatus, infiltrates spies into West Germany to pose as “neo-Nazis engaged in anti-Semitic vandalism,” a psy-ops campaign organized by Stasi spy-master Markus Wolf—a Jew. ADL director Benjamin R. Epstein follows through by traveling to Germany and advocating long-term Stalinist “re-education” for West Germans. In other words this is just the Jew World Empire performing a “pretext operation” so it can further torment people it hates (Joseph P. Kamp, The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree

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 To become a Satanist you simply make a pledge of allegiance to Satan and pledge yourself to follow the Satanic way of life. This can be done in two ways. First, it can be done by yourself, alone. Second, it can be done with a friend or some friends who also desire to become Satanists.
The Pledge of Satanic Allegiance can take place at any time, and anywhere, indoors, or out, and no special preparation is necessary or required, although if desired and practical, it can be undertaken in a darkened area with subdued lighting (the source of which is not important) and with the ONA sigil (if possible coloured purple, on a black background) in a prominent position and drawn or reproduced on some material or on a banner.
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015 00:00

MGTOW Marries the WN Movement?

First of all MGTOW means "Men Going Their Own Way" I am quite new to this line of thinking and being aware of it but as far as I can tell, it's a Jewish orchestrated male reaction to the feminist movement. How it got started I have yet to learn but listening to the mindset  of racist white males, it would not surprise me if it is not linked to that type in some way as to it's beginnings. 

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Greetings, all of you fighting our co-opted system, who recognize that we have had a big, bad "Jew leak" (source of all problems and needs to be fixed) in America since, say, 1859 if not longer. The Jew has polluted our political apparatuses, changed their names and then covertly joined goy groups with other covert Jews and maneuvered for leadership all to control the way the goy thinks towards "benefit rewards" for themselves.

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Friday, 23 January 2015 00:00

"Gray State" Psyop

Ok, Buckaroos, it looks like we got a new "goy con event" that no one is talking about or possibly aware of. Many of you may have heard of this movie in production called "Gray State".I have been hearing about this movie for the last 5 months but it wasn't until the suicide claim that I focused on it and someone posted the raw cut of the movie in a forum I frequent so I watched.To my dismay, I found Disinformation agents littered throughout this psyop they call a movie. Adam Kokesh could be labeled the star for he appeared and disappeared  perhaps 40 times in this  two and a half hour cut.

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The Beginning of the Jew World Order

The Jewish Catechism