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Infiltration- who have we targetted as being not what they portray

Starting almost on the day blindlight was born, I, IatNH, began noting things that didn't add up in the various resistance movements, supposedly Jew wise in nature, that i was doing my work in close proximity to.

Like, why is it that an Alex Jones, who won't name the Jew,  puts on his tin foil hat all the time when it comes to the weekly false flags we have been pummeled with , while those Jew wise, accept the media driven explanation as a starting point? Doesn't make sense.

That's not to say Jones isn't fake. He won't name the Jew and he says the nazis are alive and well and he's libertarian leaning, one more Jew created ism to coopt the gouim intellect with.

So I began to stumble into folks and collide with them when their narrative seemed to be in pursuit of Jewish aims more than our aims and I have spent the last twenty months with that being the sites's number one focus

This category corales all the various ops I have looked at and decided worthy to keep on record. It is the master category for the Anglins, Clarks, Sineads, Fuerzas and many more to reside as we come back to most when the occasion calls for it. Many we spent short bursts of intense scrutiny on and none more than VK Clark, Andrew Anglin, Sinead Mccarthy and Brandon Martinez.

Read and learn!

Various charts outlining the compromised nature of the "Resistance" I have called "fake" ever since I saw the huge shilling event that occurred to cover-up the Sandy Hook staged event
A whirlwind of events, challenges, insights, you name it, have been part and parcel to my life the last ten days. From a casual article stating the obvious, that VK Clark is a Jew tool…
I live on a bicycle and write online with a laptop, and unfortunately I use Windows operating systems.  Having purchased a new laptop on Black Friday (for half price at Walmart)  I was introduced to…
Question! Is the White Race Religion (WRR) just another attempt to copy the Jews and be an international people who don't care about countries, only race? If so, does all the shouting about it and open derogatory language help or…
Seanna Fenner shouts,"You are a government informant in order to fund your drug habit!" I have spent the last two days in ongoing commentary dialogue on "Google +" with Seanna Fenner, otherwise known as "Odinia", a priestess who…
{Ex-husband seems to work for "The Many Faced God" , a man with apparently no face} On a whim, I googled Pam Geller and stumbled into an old story by accident. She married a guy…


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The Beginning of the Jew World Order

The Jewish Catechism

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