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This is my new "VIDME" channel

 It seems to be a pretty new Youtube wanna be copy. A quick viewing of folks signed up gets you lots of fake happy talk from people that have nothing better to do than make videos concerning therir totally unimportant lives and tell you why it's important for you to know about them..
such as this cutie-pie here:

 or this next JAROD KUSHNER, HERE:



IN fact, there is sooo much talent here, everybody I checked figured out a way for you to help support their channel. I feel very blessed to be here and you should mosey on over when you get a chance!

SO you all can see you be missin shit if you don't come on over. These be future stars and stuff.These two folks look to be a perfect fit to that 1984 reality just down the road. They have the required "clueless" mentality that makes the 1984 lifestyle seem so.......


Watch and you will see exactly what I mean, I guarantee it!

A Jew warns a goy



seeker1688Oy vey, the bad goys talk a storm on the internet but, their weak inferior goyim bodies that have been enriched by (((our))) chosen foods have made them disabled to challenge (((us))). Once Europe is a replica of the Middle East, it will be as easy as stealing gold from an African AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You: seeker7341yes, the flouride program was excellent!
seeker1688You bad goys will be reeducated!
You: seeker7341Lucky they haven't learned about kosher salt!
You: seeker7341Don't let your tribe bosses see you admitting what we already know
seeker1688Shalom brother! Hail (((US)))!
seeker1688We Judens did invent Christianity. Jesus was a good goy. He got crucified for (((US))).


Click pic for the movie

Part 4- Esparticus German Revolution -The Rise of National Socialist Party

Published on Sep 22, 2015

hitnr24In 1915, Jewish Reds Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht founded the "Spartacus League" (named after Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt's code name of "Spartacus"). In 1919, the group becomes the Communist Party of Germany. That same month, the Spartacists, aided by Jewish-Hungarian Red Bela Kun, take advantage of the post-war chaos, and stage coup in Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm, fearing the same fate as Czar Nicholas, flees to Holland. He now regrets his past liberalism and denounces the “Jewish influence" that ruined Germany.

The Communist takeover of Berlin is short lived as veterans known as the ‘Freikorps’ reclaim control from the Jewish Reds and their followers. Luxemburg and Liebknecht are captured and executed. The "Freikorps" has saved Germany from the same deadly fate that has befallen Russia, but the new "democratic socialist" Germany will soon face other serious problems. Just like the hard core Reds of Russia pushed aside the socialist Kerensky, the Reds of Germany will keep trying to grab absolute power from the "democratic socialists" of more



All Jew-wise Prioritize-rs listen up!

C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media FiguresImage result for alt-right leaders

 August 20, 2017

Imgur — July 2017

see the chart


I missed this when it came out soon after Damigo's assault on a 90 lb. porn, anti-fa girl  

Vincent Law, who seems to have CIA connections and is  the regular daily writer at decided to give us more reasons to see Nathan as a hero. My problem with all that is the MSM seems to wish to make Nathan a hero as well, with the Crusader Girl documentary starring Christian Picciolini as well as Nathan Damigo on Showtime. Recall, Crusader Girl was "rescued" by Picciolini who used the irresistible testimony of a holocaust denier (he claims) to sway her away from racialists. Nathan was portrayed as the friendly face of hate you will recall


Nathan Damigo has shown himself to be a true leader. He is a much-needed role model for our youth to emulate.  It seems as if, for now, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light have found common ground through bleeding together on the battlefield, but this alliance is still an uneasy one. It is yet to be seen if this big tent coalition can move forward together without breaking apart, but as for right now, it is looking optimistic.

**It seems clear that someone or group we can't see wishes Nathan well and many folks are doing their bit


Hidden in plain site!

I don't know who is behind this video but this is what the MSM consistently does.

It teaches the public about the alt-right movement giving examples of folks not in the alt-right. Then with real alt-righters, who are mostly nazi apologizers (they apologize for the prior existence of nazis), they are then called neo-nazis. The reason for this is the MSM likes to pretend to educate you while misleading you. They don't want you to know what Hitler and real NS Germans actually stood for.

They don't want you to recall that Germany was far and away the most prosperous country all through the 1930's because they dislodged from the Jewish banking system and made political decisions based on what was good for Germans and not what was good for internationalist Jewry. This is also why the holocaust was  invented, to make that distraction an easy task once the lie psyop was successfully implemented


The next two videos are standard Jewish techniques they have been doing for 500 years. Because they control the media, the goy have been kept ignorant of the true nature of what they are doing and why they are doing it. Blindlight is dedicated to keeping you informed as to the true nature of these types of provocations

Adam Kokish, another Bolshevik masquerading as a Libertarian, did this a few years ago. The whole thing was a Jew op

Bolshevik Jew of the Month, Rebel Media's Laura Loomer

Image result for laura Loomer

Early life[edit]


Loomer was raised in Arizona by a Jewish father who taught her to identify as “ethnically, culturally and politically Jewish”, as a youngster Loomer was teased for being overweight and for having a “Jewish nose”; after high school Loomer attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, but left after just one semester for feeling targeted for being conservative, claiming she ate every single meal by herself; Loomer later transferred to Barry University in MiamiFlorida.[5]

Loomer, to the right, is proud anti-fa at heart


Loomer is a former employee of conservative activist James O'Keefe, who is known for selectively edited undercover video investigations.[6] Loomer is the New York correspondent for the conservative Canadian news site The Rebel Media, nicknamed The Rebel, that has been referred to as the “Canadian Breitbart.”[5][7]

Barry University stunt[edit]

In March 2015, Loomer used a concealed video camera to record her conversations with Barry University officials, on the concept of starting a club called “Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria;” the school allegedly responded asking she instead change the name to “Students in Support of the Middle East,” the video of her encounter was released by James O'Keefe with Project Veritas.[5]

Her video allegedly captured a university official "unfazed" at the notion of starting an on-campus organization that would support ISIS.[8] Shortly after the edited video was released by O'Keefe, Loomer was suspended by Barry University for violating student code of conduct rules; criminal charges were also filed against her for taping university officials without their knowledge or consent.[9] At the time, Loomer was an honors student in her senior year, the president of Barry University's Young Republicans Club, and majoring in communications.[10]

Image result for laura LoomerJulius Caesar play disruption[edit]

On June 16, 2017, Loomer disrupted the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in New York City, by walking on stage during the live performance shortly after Caesar was assassinated.[11] Before being escorted off the stage by security, Loomer shouted “Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable!”.[12] The play portrayed a "Trump-like" Caesar with a Slovenian-accented wife.[13] Loomer, who is pro-Trump, was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.[14][15] The Public Theater responded by saying although they're "champions" of the First Amendment, the disruption was caused by "social media".[16] On June 19, 2017, The Washington Post reported they didn't believe Loomer was genuinely offended by the play, that she disrupted it for attention and to collect a $1,000 bounty that was offered, to anyone who would disrupt the production.[17] On June 20, 2017, The Daily Beast reported that ‘Free Laura', a website for soliciting donations for her arrest, was purchased by Loomer's employer Ezra Levant, the owner of The Rebel Media, six hours before the play started, according to domain records.[18] Loomer was also promoting separately a WeSearchr page for donations, that had received $12,385 from 241 contributors, receiving more money in donations than the normal penalties for the charges she was facing.[19]

On June 19, 2017, as a guest on Fox News Hannity, Loomer admitted she knew disrupting the Shakespeare in the Park play would result in criminal charges against her, during the interview Loomer compared the "Trump-like" Caesar assassination to a May 2017 video of former CNN host Kathy Griffin holding a mask of a bloody severed head of President Donald Trump, Loomer called the Caesar play and the Griffin video "assassination porn" and accused the "left" of a systematic pattern of using free speech and art as a pretext to promote violence against President Donald Trump and the "right".[20]

Other activities[edit]

Infiltration of Clinton campaign[edit]

In August 2015, Time reported Loomer and two women posing as Allison Holmes, Jess Koski, and Jess Jones, infiltrated the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in July, 2015, attempting to lure Clinton's interns into voter-election schemes that were illegal; Loomer was later identified in photographs shown to the Clinton campaign as one of the three women, it was unclear if the Clinton campaign did anything improper or illegal.[21]

Image result for laura Loomer

Huma Abedin stunt[edit]

On November 8, 2016, the day of the national election, Loomer strolled into a polling station dressed in a burqa and asked for a ballot under the name of Huma Abedin.[1]

Anti-Sharia rally[edit]

In June 2017, Loomer gave a speech to a crowd of anti-sharia marchers in New York City and condemned “liberals who aligned themselves with sharia law”.[22] Loomer put a burqa on the Fearless Girl statue adjacent to the Merrill Lynch building.[23]

Chelsea Clinton book signing[edit]

On June 7, 2017, at a Chelsea Clinton book signing event in New York City, Loomer asked Chelsea to sign a copy of her new children's book "She Persisted" to Juanita Broaddrick, one of former President Bill Clinton's most persistent accusers. The former first daughter refused to sign it.[24]

Image result for laura Loomer

A Message from Jim Stone

RUMOR: Jared Kushner and Ivanka are getting the boot by Trump who finally figured out there is something seriously wrong there.
RUMOR: Bannon has said that Trump is taking the gloves off, and that it is not going to be "the same presidency".

RUMOR: Trump has issued a national emergency that will prevent his impeachment while he cleans house. Let's hope that's the case, and that we are only witnessing shots being fired from both sides, as Trump takes his. Shutting down alt media will be absolutely key for Trump's enemies. Let's see if I can stay visible, already many have vanished, it is not just the Daily Stormer.


Image result for laura Loomer

Speaking of Bolshevik Jews. Look who's doing the communist fistSnap9402

Boy, does he look bourgiosse


Image result for Kyle and Sinead McCarthyImage result for Kyle and Sinead McCarthyIf you ask me, I believe Renegade's Kyle  and Sinead are trying to implement the Rebel model for raising money. They have a long way to go but. Just notice all their stories that play up their donation funding campaigns. They gear their news to shekel raking!

Jew op, "The Daily Stormer"! Did it take your money and run!.

  1. Is Putin a pedophile as Sinead claims to bolster her anti-pedophile shekel driven campaign at Renegade?
  2. WIll the people ever  realize the full extent of their Jewish programming and commit to a volunteerist effort to undo the money monopoly Jew driven world order enabled by material wealth obsession?
  3. Are you watching Fox News more but enjoying it less?
  4. Why does Sinead love black gay faggots and hate WN faggots?
  5. Why does Sinead have behind the curtain sex with anti-Hitler cult propagandist VK Clark?
  6. Why is VK Clark scared to make a video of herself with her talking on camera?
  7. How long will Brandon Martinez be anti-Putin?
  8. How long will Jews dominate the anti-semitic controlled op run by Richard Spencer, Jason Jorjani, and Daniel Friberg (Jewish)?

Stay tuned for Blindlight has or will have all the answers while not thinking up reasons for you to fund his efforts. But make no mistake, the movement wants, it needs your participation. No one else can take your place>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Image result for Laura Loomer taking a shit

Here's Laura before she started obsessing on chocolate

Image result for Laura Loomer taking a shit

I posted the three videos below, yesterday. You learn what an ass hole Ezra Levant is (already knew), that's for sure, but, as I think about it, without having researched these two "pretty boys" that black mailed "Rebel Media", I am now thinking it's liberal payback for what "Project Veritas" has been doing recently whom Rebel closely associates with
There are no innocent participants here and no one deserves any money from "WE THE PEOPLE". Recall the Jew-bitch and she really is a BOLSHEVIK, Laura Loomer, using Bolshevik tactics very similar to operations like "Femen" was at Project Veritas before joining Rebel.

IMO, Project Veritas an extremely sleezy MSM op that should get married to Rebel Media because they perfectly represent what the JWO is all about (Note, Blindlight supported neither Clinton nor Trump so notes without bias the Bolshevik, anti-free speech behavior of Loomer for what it is, typical Jewish tactic to sew dissension and disharmony in the host population. Sadly the goyim often totally fall for this crap and give huge amounts of money to their subversive heroes)

Notice the cameraman above in on the psyop and defaming  the only country to defend goyim interests since 1492.

Poor persecuted Rebel Media! It's almost another shoa!!!

Clearly, Rebel Media paid the money because they had something to hide. This isn't hard to figure out. I also believe it's clear these two gay hustlers had behind the curtain backing which is why Ezra took them so seriously.

I find it very interesting the professional on camera delivery by the pretty boy below. The quality of the video only affirms deep state backing and that this was a psyop from the beginning.

Notice, demeanor of the pretty boy screams multi-generational rich race controller! (read my article on race in other words, both sides are playing we the people).He's so innocent, like Jews are innocent. You should believe him goy! He's doing this as a public service to protect us, lol!

Now, time for MSM liberal media treating these "whistle blowers" as heroes. Enjoy Vince McMahon's latest over the next few weeks!

Brandon slowly transforms into what he really isC Av hJUAAAQ sDfffImage result for they liveWith the "They Live" glasses on, Brandon Martinez's true nature becomes apparent

A Jew's warning to other Jews:

Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we underestimate the local people's efforts to be the owners of their own land


"Better watch those goy, Schlomo, if you give them the chance they may get the notion they have a right to rule themselves"


I have heard several folks claim Anglin has Jewish links (Joshua Goldberg, Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Weev Aurenheimer) and very well may be working for them

Unnecessary harsh gutter talk language to push goy  on goy hate is the sign of a secret Jew at work assigned to  smudge the white image for onlookers.

Read 55723 times Last modified on Wednesday, 23 August 2017 04:42

When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

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