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Anyone on "Ted" is Jew approved to sell their agenda and this is it:


Can Obama finish the job of "burning America" before he leaves office?I continue to point out that it is impossible to trust any entity that brings you the news when they are promoting one faction of the Jew World Order over the other. Below this screed we have my Gordon Duff Article teaser for which you will need to go to Veterans Today to see exactly how the writing of the piece was an attempt to demonize Trump

Then we have Jim Stone, a guy who I post a lot but still understand he is not to be trusted for it's all lollipops and candy when talking about Donald Trump claiming he is on the side of the resistance like a JFK. While I think, of all the folks running last time, Trump is the only one that could be on our side,  I have personally  concluded he is most likely more like a Ronald Reagan,  offering racialist crumbs, as Reagan offered Libertarian crumbs to get elected.

A show will be made with watered down things passed to bear the scrutiny of the racialist view while the leaders (Spencer, Duke, McDonald) will sing it's praises in hopes of rising in the JWO and we, dear reader, once again, will get the shaft and for those swallowing the crap, be a little more deluded in the belief we just accomplished something!

Here is the Stone screed to compare and be the Yang to Gordon Duff's Yin:

Image result for Trump is god

Trump to kick press out of white house?

The MSM is saying it, but I can't find anything to back it up as long term legitimate. From what I can find, Trump will temporarily keep the press out while he arranges a way to allow the alt media to be there, along with the MSM. Right now, there is only a way to accomodate about 100 MSM journalists, and Trump wants a way for bloggers and radio hosts to be there as well. That's a far cry from "kicking the media out".
I'll say how it should be done: At every press briefing there should be a live stream so EVERYONE, including me in Mexico, can watch his press conferences and deliver the unfiltered truth. With the MSM press being the clear enemy of the truth, that would be a great way to do things so the alt media can always provide a balance to the MSM lies, omissions, and spin.

As far as I see it, the "Trump is kicking out reporters" meme is just a ruse, a "poor me" from the MSM as the MSM loses its monopoly, and along with that, it's ability to lie and get away with it.

Trump and the Jews

The message box is full of trolls telling me I am a POS because I never talk about Trump and the Jews. Rather than speak to trolls, I'll speak to reality.
I have mentioned Trump's Jew problems NUMEROUS TIMES, and will mention them again but this site is NOT going to be dedicated to bashing Trump just because to a large extent the Jews have him fooled. Trump is getting lied to left and right and appears to be clueless with regard to the Jews, and he's a prime sucker on the topic with his son in law who got his goy toy with Trump's daughter, and Trump does not even know it because he certainly would not allow it if he knew the "goy" reality.

With regard to that infiltration, one that was no doubt set up, there is some good news. Not for the middle east but for America yes - his son in law is going to have his efforts with destroying America stifled by an assignment to be a middle east negotiator and arbitrator. Trump could not possibly have picked someone worse for this position, however if Trump was not as stupid as we think and wanted him out of the way it could not be better because that appointment is something that will distract his son in law badly. Maybe that's how Trump got rid of him. Moving the capitol of Israel to Jerusalem was also a very bad move.


The Jews don't care about a pathetic little symbolic move of the Israeli capitol, they don't care about Israel getting a few more perks, THEY WANTED AMERICA DEAD, THEY WANTED WHITE AMERICA WIPED OUT, THEY WANTED EVERY LAST CHILD DESTROYED BY A TAINTED VACCINE AND THEY HATE TRUMP BECAUSE TRUMP TOOK IT FROM THEM. They wanted California DESTROYED by a fake drought and LOST IT. They wanted ALL of America's greatness buried forever by the EPA forcing industry out and they just LOST IT. They wanted ALL non-Jewish American families destroyed by feminist brainwashing of women at the college level and they just LOST IT. They wanted more than a double income tax going straight into their pockets via Obamacare "insurance premiums", and they just LOST IT.

They wanted Pizzagate and child rape and child theft and murder to continue unabated and they just LOST IT. They wanted to be able to commit treason with a scamming media ad nauseum and they just LOST IT. They wanted all the intelligence agencies to steal every last secret and idea from creative Americans and hand it to them, and they just LOST IT. They wanted the Federal Reserve to continue on as the scam it is for time and all eternity and just LOST IT. There are hundreds of things they lost, each of them being a death crush on America, and THAT is why they keep trying to destroy Trump with the fake media they own EVEN NOW.

FOLKS, I AM VERY SYMPATHETIC TO THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE, BUT FACE IT: TRUMP IS AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, NOT AN ISRAELI PRESIDENT AND IT IS TRUMP'S JOB TO SAVE AMERICA. Sorry, that's just the way it is. And because Trump wants to save America, the Jews absolutely hate his guts even while he gives perks to Israel. That ought to speak VOLUMES.

The Jews cherished the destruction of America far more than they loved Israel and their attitude towards Trump shows CLEAR EVIDENCE of this with every claim fronted by their WHOLLY OWNED WITHOUT EXCEPTION MAINSTREAM MEDIA. They proved it with EVERY "Russian Hacker" claim, election recount, Soros riot, electoral college manipulation, and "prostitute golden shower." Every last one of those is Jewish in origin. WHAT DOES THAT SAY??!!?? Trump sure as * is not the Jew's choice!

There trolls, I gave you what you wanted: A response on Trump sucking up to the Jews. I don't plan on it shutting you up.

Image result for Trump is god

SORRY TROLLS, IF THEY WANT HIM DEAD OR DESTROYED, A LITTLE SUCKING UP MEANS NOTHING compared to what would have been lost without him.

Do not forget: Trump is going to fix the election system and prevent it from being rigged again. What is that likely to give America? ANSWER: DAVID DUKE.
Let Trump patch the gaping chest wound and then let David Duke provide the rehabilitative therapy. That would be a dream come true.

200I take Gordon Duff to the Woodshed, Again!

My comment left under this typically confusing Gordon Duff attempt at "brilliant analogy".

Joe Sigur · 


Works at Self-Employed

Well, let's be clear, 1492 was a good starting day for this last phase of the JWO, not 1947. We had Jewish colonialism bollstered by the Jewish slave trade, we had Jews flooding western Europe and, surprise, major ideology wars fighting Rome in the form of new interpretations of Christianity called the Protestant Reformation (1/3 of all Germans died, Jewish bankers got fat). Then the Caeser popes that were created had their turn to be confronted by the disenchanted masses

Duff on a hunger fast

gtyDuff spun more truth than usual but as usual, mixed in a whole bunch of lies. His adding 2+2 often came up short of the 4 required, such as this gem,

"If Putin were Hitler, Israel would have been obliterated long ago. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938 to save the Sudeten Germans from ethnic cleansing, a year later in September 1939 he invaded Poland to save the Germans living in the border regions of Poland from genocide, therefore we can clearly see the justifying ‘spin’ Herr Goebbels would have put on a German attack on Israel – it would be to save the Palestinians."

Love the logic, Gord and, I am sure, good enough for your sedated readers left on the VT premises. In case you misunderstand why Gordon just misdirected you there, he added two Hitler excursions to save trapped Germans and deduced from that logic if it were today, Hitler would save Arabs in Palestine. Lol!. Sorry but I didn't take my "stupid" meds tonight.
I also found the logic Gordon used to say Hitler went too far for doing the right thing, removing Jewish money control from the German system, somewhat puzzling. I suppose he means "Live the lies required to play the game, goy!". Hitloer didn't know when to bend the knee to the master race

Of course, then, this little dance could have been shortened:

"What most people in the world, even Russians, consider the Russian Revolution was, in reality, a counter-revolution at the hands of Bolshevik Zionists and the Rothschild bankers – that same ‘imaginary conspiracy’ outlined in the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

Why do you think anyone who mentions the Protocols is slammed silent, almost as though they were Holocaust deniers, oh yes, we may well have just touched another one."

Again, for those who don't understand Gordon's newspeak, Gordon just said that Ashkinazie Jews on the front lines combined with Sephardic Jews in the financial centres to tear down Russia, the most successful country ever to withstand Jewish pressure to kneel to the chosen. 

richard spencer 618x400Apparently, Gordon can't tell you that The protocols are treated like the holocaust because Jews cry out and Jews will ruin you if you don't obey. 

You know I got kicked off these boards here for speaking truth to power. No, I don't hate the little Jews, it's the Jewish power structure that is bringing on a JWO and stoking race wars which means encouraging racialist whites to act out against controlled blacks and browns engaging in false flag bullshit.

But Gordon won't tell you cause he's here to control you, not to lead you and for almost all of you with this gibberish above, he accomplished his assignment.

Hail victory, hail to our people

Bend the knee to the King in the North and lets kill the White Walkers for they bring the Storm, they are the storm......continue reading


Paul Craig Roberts comes from a southern very rich family. How do i know?  His  accent. I recognised it to being close to where I grew up and I knew enough very well off folks from Atlanta Ga., the accent immediately struck a chord with me. He's from the rich race folks and my gut feel tells me he's here to control the masses as a 3rd tier op. By the way, Wikipedia, verified my thoughts, that he literally was born in Atlanta, ten years ahead of me, so I will guess he went to Westminster or Lovett (private schools) but could easily have attended Northside, my alma mater which was a public school, a school that no longer exists because the people in that neighborhood all went to private schools once integration was in full force
Interestingly, Andrew Anglin is promoting this unbelievably popular you-tube video guy that pushes various items on his listeners with each video, as a secret NAZI. I think he must be a secret Nazi like Trump secretly hates Jews

Interesting video.  Not an endorsement of all that's in it by posting this

SJW's paid by Jews continue to protect everyone from the danger of racialists meeting somewhere

Jew Analyzes Jew- Weiss on KushnerImage result for Jared Kushner Phillip Weiss is a "Jew of conscience"who seems to feel deeply about the mistreatment of Arabs in the Occupied Territories.

I have never read his work before today or but have bypassed the opportunities to read more than teaser amounts and, being strongly anti-Jew, would have to call him an enemy gatekeeper for he believes or pretends the holocaust is real. Since it is obvious the holocaust is a sham for there were no gas chambers, and this acknowledgement is a clear litmus test as to a Jew's or gentile's worth in confronting "the Elders of Zion", all his work must be read with "EYES TOTALLY WIDE OPEN".

Here, Weiss paints a mildly depressing picture of a Jared Kushner role in a Trump presidency but let's be clear, Donald Trump has always been a slavish supporter of Israel. The fact that he would put in a man, Kushner, as a senior adviser, notably on Middle East/Israel issues, can hardly surprise, a man that fired Phillip Weiss for painting an honest picture, in Jarod's "New York Observer" of the Israeli occupation (worse than apartheid).

In this day when the alt-right look to be herded goats of Jewish power, supported across the board by Don Black, David Duke, Kevin McDonald and Richard Spencer, it goes without saying that as long as these "bah-folks" have a hope of getting some of the goodies Trump dangled out to tempt them during the run-up to the election, they will all be silent about any Arab mistreatment anywhere on the planet as they whine and cry about WHITE MISTREATMENT EVERYWHERE

and that is a great prescription for a goyim herd culling in the near future of all races that aren't chosen

continue reading


Three part Video on WN Islamaphobia while working in the yard


Three videos I did today focusing on Islamaphobia

Snap47992722Again, I go to Kevin McDonald's "Occidental Observer" and again I am semi-impressed until I come to the passage in an article about Rosa Luxemburg that casually refers to "The Boston Bombing" giving a Wiki-pedia link to the event as evidence of the violent nature of the Chechen people and again I think of the Jew peering from behind the curtain, face full of approval, who mutters to himself, "It's working!"

A requirement to work at Kevin's place is that you look upon events with the spectacles the Jews place around their noses or  protocols 12-5

The Face of Revolution: Reflections on Red Rosa

January 12, 2017 

Tobias Langdon

The Polish-Jewish revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919) was that rare thing: a sympathetic Marxist. Unlike Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and the feuding revolutionaries of our own day, she doesn’t seem to have fuelled her politics mainly on power-lust, egomania and hatred. She opposed Bolshevik tyranny and defended free speech with the classic line Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden — “Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently.” She loved nature, wanted the call of the “large blue titmouse” carved on her gravestone, and even had a soft spot for wasps.

“Written on her face…”

The face of revolution: Rosa Luxemburg

Would she have remained sympathetic if she’d come to power in the working-class revolution she tried to foment in Germany after World War I? We’ll never know, because she was murdered in 1919 by right-wing Freikorps troops in Berlin. One thing seems certain, however. If Marxists had come to power in Germany, they would have created tyranny à la Lenin, not Freiheit à la Luxemburg. That’s what happened in Hungary at the same time during the disastrous but thankfully brief “communist republic” ruled by the Jewish Marxist Béla Kun (i.e., Cohen). Unlike Kun, Luxemburg never got to power and her martyr’s death has ensured her a special place in Marxist hagiology. You could call her the Bonnie Prince Charlie of progressive politics, but with an important caveat: she wasn’t bonny.

Instead, she had decidedly Jewish features. You can see them on almost every page of Kate Evans’ Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg (Verso, 2015). Evans doesn’t merely embrace Luxemburg’s Jewishness: you could say she insists on it. She quotes from a letter of Luxemburg’s: “I have no special place in my heart for the ghetto. I feel at home wherever there are clouds and birds and human tears.” (15) To illustrate these sentiments, Evans portrays Luxemburg in profile gazing at a swallow through the window of a synagogue. The text below continues: “Rosa’s lack of religious faith cannot buy her freedom. Her cultural identity is written on the features of her face. She will always be seen as a Jew.”........

The paradox of bio-denial

Josef Stalin (né Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili)

Stalin had another face of revolution: “ruggedly handsome,” as Orwell puts it in Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). Like the part-Jewish Lenin and the fully Jewish Trotsky and Luxemburg, he was another Marxist outsider, a Georgian from the mountainous and feud-ridden region known as the Caucasus. It’s also home to the famously aggressive and war-like Chechens, whose most famous modern representatives are the Boston Bombers. Human evolution has taken similar paths in similar regions, and Stalin’s “cultural identity” of aggression and struggle was “written on the features of [his] face,” just as Luxemburg’s Jewish identity was.

In earlier times, Stalin might have become a successful bandit chief; in the twentieth century, his innate cunning and ferocity carried him to supreme power over a vast empire. 

In the end Tobias's point , indeed, the Occidental Observer's point,is about promoting racialist differences. What they don't get, is that it isn't about racialist differences for or against, it's about intentional Jewish subversion, but then again, we'd have to remove the Jewish glasses to go there, wouldn't we.


Apparently, like a Jew, Sen changed his name to sell himself as white (real name is Sengupta)

Sen What racialists try to sell you, or indeed anyone that believes in fake MSM news, is that Islam wants to take over the world and is as big a threat as Jews are. They talk about how Islam and Judaism are so similar and always fail to notice that Christianity, too, is an Abrahamic religion. It was born out of the mind of a Jew possibly even faking the reality of Jesus Christ, in order to weave a hypnotizing web of mind control on the susceptible Roman pagans

Apparently to be in the club, these views are close to sacrosanct. European Knights Project, a Jack Sen production being one example. Funnily, of the eight highlighted articles on the home page all have to do with non-Whites or how whites are getting fucked in the ass by non-Whites .The two that aren't are written by apparent moderate, compared to the others, John deNugent.

In his stages of Islam article written this summer, Sen, who has political aspirations, claims that even though Jews initially started out the problems with Islam, it is now way beyond the stage of just blaming Jews. One begins to wonder if Sen is compromised with his ability to ignore the false flag MO that has sold most of the irrational Muslim fear. He has to ignore the fact that rich Whites and Jews are intentionally letting in subversive elements from 3rd world countries, often indoctrinated with "intelligence guided" hate from the NWO and are 90% under thirty and male (It's basically like the Bolsheviks opening up the prison gates as they took over to spread mayhem).

I will assume Sen is not an idiot and knows about 7-7-7 and 911 and  doesn't pretend the government story is valid. It may very well be that Sen is buying the current "It's the Saudis" claim for 911 much like others such as Daily Stormer and the alt-right are doing.

 However, anyone that knows Jews are behind 911 and that false flags leading up to 911 helped sell the idea Osama Bin Laden did it and false flags after 911 help sell the "war on Terror" psyop must question the nature of the mess occurring with our various culture clashes at this time and look into the likelihood that they are being promoted for an agenda. Anyone pushing the notion that "Islam  is taking over" when we all know it's Jews that have almost accomplished their NWO must be considered fake resistance just as we are now discussing the fake news being pushed to our awareness.

Of course those arguing the fake news claim fail to acknowledge that fake news lies within their confines of the mix, just spun a different way. It's a political game being played for political scraps falling from the plate of the JWO. The pushing and arguing help only those wanting to rise in the NWO in fame and fortune and we are the marks being used to accomplish that and few to no one is addressing what must be addressed to wake up the public

It's clear "The European Knights Project is not

Irish Jew pretends to be a Muslim to scare the goyFour Stages of Islamic Conquest & Combating a Millenia Old anti-European Hatred Born in the Desert

Four Stages of Islamic Conquest & Combating a Millenia Old anti-European Hatred Born in the Desert

October 2, 2015

Millennia Old Hatred Born in the Desert - 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

foreword by British Renaissance Policy Institute Leader, Jack Sen

People often ask me why the EKP have a category entitled Combating Zionism when we also have one for Combating Islamism.

To that I typically respond; because both Zionism and Islamism's hatred and weltanschauung is cut from the same cloth and equally dangerous to our spiritual and cultural wellbeing.

In fact both despise our Christian and Western culture with equal levels of loathing.

"Ask an Israeli what he thinks of Christians, and watch his eyes fill with rage. Ask a Muslim, extremist and moderate, and prepare yourself for a fight." Jack Sen, former UKIP parliamentary candidate.

Some of you might not like this, but BOTH groups, if they're being frank, DESPISE us, and it's high time we recognise that as a people.

In fact an Israeli study the EKP covered revealed that Jews have less respect for Christians, and gratitude for Christian Zionist efforts, than they do their Muslim cousins.

Based on the spate of beheadings of Syrian Christians, attacks on our journalist and disdain for the rule of law imposed by pro-Christian leaders like Assad, Muslims have about as much love for Christians as the Israelis.


Abby Martin, probably Jewish, is fake resistance or a 3rd tier op. She refuted everything she said here that got her initial good rep and by the way. She won't out Jewish crime in a conspiratorial manner which makes her "one of them"/

Racialism, one huge "compromised movement for Jewish interests

sometimes, they even figure it out, temporarily

Image result for Jez TUrner - shill

Jez Turner (who has sadly been outed as a cop) Hosts Nationalism’s Finest Speakers at The London Forum

June 2, 2015

It saddens me to write this, but it has come to our attention that Turner is in fact a cop.

Cop Turner with Brazillian HNH Spy, Julie Lake

Although we were initially reluctant to accept he was being funded by the state, his alliance with Hope Not hate spy and convicted child abuser, Julie lake, has finally convinced us that we were initially wrong about him.  Sadly the information we received from Chris White, from contacts linked to Troy Southgate and former members of the London and Yorkshire Forums, and the following horrific photo, has destroyed any credibility he may or may not have ever had.  C

original article

by Jack Sen, based on a conversation with Jez Turner

The prestigious London Forum (LF), founded by British patriot Jeremy 'Jez' Bedford Turner (pictured top left), is an exclusive gathering of nationalism's brightest minds and most sought after speakers.

London forum logo for button


Topics include Zionist hegemony over Western society, resurrecting European nationalism, UKIP as controlled opposition etc. (see selected speeches below) Upcoming events to include combating ethnic cleansing in South Africa etc.

London Forum speakers have included the Occidental Observer's Dr Kevin MacDonald (top right), the Institute of Historical Review's Mark Weber, the renowned WWII historian David Irving (pictured below), American Renaissance's Jared Taylor, former European Member of Parliament, Andrew Brons, former UKIP prospective member of parliament, Jack Sen, and dozens more of the world's most enlightened minds.

Upcoming events to include combatting white genocide, ethnic cleansing in South Africa,

David Irving - LF video list below article

David Irving 1.jpg

Event founder and organiser, Jez Turner 's love of Britain is based on his "idyllic upbringing roaming wild in The Yorkshire Dales, northern England.  His schooling involved several educational establishments including a village primary, a famous public school – Giggleswick – an alma mater shared by Arnold Leese, (leader of the Imperial Fascist League and editor of the original Gothic Ripples), a prestigious grammar school, the University of Essex where he read Economics and the London School of Economics where he read Economic History" 

He then spent time in the British Army, "but after knocking around the globe at Her Majesty’s pleasure for several adventurous years he decided it was time for him to come back to where the real adventure was to be had and where the REAL enemy was to be fought."

All that translated into a very successful career in British nationalism and nationalist activism, culminating with his creating the London Forum.

Jez told us, "We are a non-party aligned group for patriots, nationalists, identitarians and independent thinkers – in other words we represent the diverse range of opinion that dares dissent from the artificial and increasingly restrictive consensus that's been forced upon our people by the mass media, banksters, political correctness enforcers and thought police.

continue at the source

Sinead reprimands one of her "slave goy"

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