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Interestingly,  the point this CDUB character brings up gives me the opportunity to ask this Sinead following White Nationalist what the hell he is surfing Tranny You-tube sites for.

 Sinead, perhaps a lecture?


This is my Stepford Wife. All Racists need one!

YMMeFqEv 400x400Hipster Racist,  a spy or useful idiot for Jews, apparentlyImage result for Hipster racistSnap9365


"RageAfterStorm", one more pretty girl, globalist hangout to push chaos for the elites

So, is Islam reacting to Western aggression, if and when there are terrorist acts that are truly Islamic in nature and not government psyop to push an Arab hate agenda?

This is-was an edited comment I made under the above video on Stormer Girl's site

{interestingly, she ghost banned this comment immediately, something an op would likely do as well since I have no previous troll history with her)

I love how you undermine your 911 claim by saying you don't wish to talk about conspiracy, conspiracy that would implicate globalists who are using Arab - Western tensions to push their own agendas not good for the, shall we say, 99%.'' In other words, you don't wish to talk about conspiracy so you can pretend, as the globalists wish you to pretend, that 911 was an Arab hate caper

Also, once you grant that 911 was a globalist conspiracy, you have to look at all their other, claimed, Islamic attacks as government psyops as well or, at the very least, expect real affirming data presented that withstands our scrutiny.

You, however, decide to bypass real observation and scrutiny by believing the self-serving OCT (Official Conspiracy Theory) on the matter. Of course, once we begin to understand that attacks blamed on Muslims are really globalist false flag capers, our need to use a microscope on Islamic specifics goes way down the priority list unless you just plain have to demonize another culture as being inferior.

I therefore see that as nice as RageAfterStorm seems to be, personally, she is one more rich race infiltrator pushing an agenda good for globalists that focuses her slave race audiences' attention on the water let in by the leak.Image result for rageafterStormImage result for rageafterStorm

The rise to power of the new, Jew friendly, 3rd tier dissent,femalepretty girl, commentator, right

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Weev on Kike TVImage result for WeevWeev, "I'm not a Jew and by the way, they all need to be Gassed!"

Blindlight here. Had a visitor come to my chatroom and say there was a bunch of drama over at Stormer with people getting banned and Weev charged with being a secret kike!....continue reading


Does Sinead have a Jewish boss in on her WN Feminist psyop?Screenshot 20170430 043746

any similarities between the facial features of the WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST and Sinead are purely COHENCIDENTALImage result for wicked witch of the east gifs

The Anti-Christ is being introduced

Image result for Jared Kushner-antichrist

Are we being prepared for the anti-Christ in the form of Jarod Kushner?...

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source            -----

Snap17People worship evil because that's who has the moneyImage result for By way of deception thou shalt do war"The Guidebook" for your State Anti-Mossad Campaign


Victor Ostrovsky 
By Way of Deception

StormFront * 
By way of deception thou shalt do war

Image result for By way of deception thou shalt do war

Base Mode of Mossad Operation

Any State who wants to oppose the Israeli mobsters most people identify as the Mossad, creating their own Mossad equivalent to fight fire with fire, must fully understand the normal mode of operation which the Mossad employs.

Once your State has been identified by the Mossad as "hostile", the Mossad will target and undermine your leaders, your economic base, your morale, your determination, even your faith, but they will not directly operate inside your State.

They will send in what they call "combatants" operating undercover on a war footing (of course). These members of the Komeniute, will each operate with a combatant pair outside your State, both of whom will report to a Katsa case officer.

The purpose of the second pair outside your State is to allow him to "throw his insider pair a lifeline", should he get into trouble.

The deep cover for the combatant will most likely be a business established by the Mossad inside the State, mostly likely import/export to other States. The Komeniute has a business unit which analyzes each company and each market, passing the information to the case officer who, in turn, advises the combatants how to operate the business.

Combatants are not spies themselves, but gather "fiber" intelligence, observe economics, rumors, feelings, moral and such. They do not make direct physical observations, such as movement of State militia arms, or the readiness of hospitals for war. (pg 117)

To determine what the combatants will do in your State, there will be only one question ever asked,

"Is it good for the Jews or not?" Forget about policies, or anything else. That was the only thing that counted and depending on the answer, people were called anti-Semites, whether deservingly or not.

-- By Way of Deception - pg 122

continue reading


Image result for Russia and IslamRussia and Islam

 June 19, 2017

The Saker — The Unz Review June 19, 2017

Putin with Chechyna leader Ramzan Kadyrov in 2015

Putin with Chechyna leader Ramzan Kadyrov in 2015. Click to enlarge

Russia has often been in the news over the past years, mostly as the demonized “Empire of Mordor” responsible for all the bad things on the planet, especially Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, the Russian intervention in Syria and, of course, the “imminent” Russian invasion of the Baltics, Poland or even all of Western Europe. I won’t even dignify all this puerile nonsense with any attention, but instead I will focus on what I think are important developments which are either misunderstood or completely ignored in the West.

First, a few key dots:

1) The Russian intervention in Syria

There are so many aspects of the Russian military intervention in Syria which ought to be carefully studied that I am confident that many PhD theses will be written on this topic in the future. While I have mostly focused my work on the purely military aspects of this campaign, it is important to look at the bigger picture. To do that, I will make the admittedly risky assumption that the civil war in Syria is pretty much over. That is not my conclusion only, but also an opinion voiced by an increasing number of analysts including a Russian general during an official briefing. With the fall of Aleppo and now the latest Syrian-Hezbollah-Russian move to cut off the US controlled forces from their planned move to the Iraqi border, things do indeed looks pretty bleak for the terrorists, both the “good ones” and the “bad ones”. In the Syrian-Russian-Hezbollah controlled areas, normal life is gradually returning and the Russians are pouring huge amounts of aid (food, medical supplies, de-mining, engineering, etc.) into the liberated areas. When Aleppo was under Takfiri control it was the centre of attention of the western media, now that this city has been liberated, nobody wants to hear about it lest anybody become aware of what is a huge Russian success.

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Image result for Trump and the Jews

The (Jewish) stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld used to like to start a bit with “What’s the deal with….?” as a way of looking for humor in things people don’t think much about, but are strange when they do. In that spirit- what’s the deal with Trump and the Jews?

Trump and the Jews

We are told repeatedly that Trump is just this side of Hitler. And yet he is popular with lots of Jews, up to and including the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. This bears some looking into.

First, there is is darling daughter, apparently his favorite child, Ivanka. We are told she is a convert to Modern Orthodox Judaism through her marriage to Jared Kushner. But did she really need to convert?

Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, seems to have been Jewish. Her maiden name was Zelinickova and her mother’s maiden name was Francova. So why would Ivanka need to go through the conversion process? I’m guessing one if you are ethnically Jewish but don’t have any practice in your recent family history and want to join an Orthodox family they will want to see Jewish education that amounts to the conversion process anyway. Two, everybody seems to have an interest in the Trump family not being regarded as Jewish, so a shiksa converts.

Ivanka looks pretty Aryan, but that is the magic of plastic surgery- and hair dye. If you look at pictures of her before plastic surgery, she looks like a plain, mousy, rather sad Jewish girl. She had the weak chin that you see sometimes on these girls, but an implant easily takes care of that.

The writer above claims Trump himself is Jewish. He claims his father was Jewish, or part, and that could easily be true. He also claimed Trump’s mother was Jewish, on the basis that her family had the name MacLeod for several generations, so it was likely fake. But Scottish clans were endogamous so all her relatives would have the same name.......

continue further to source-Aryan Skynet


Image result for people stoned gifsJim's Stoned -source

Also, according to the info I got back in the 90's (before history got re-written) Princess Diana questioned why the two people in the front of the car were not the normal drivers, and why they were Israeli before she ever got into the car. It was a scene, she made a scene about it. Both survived the crash, the driver did not die. I will not flip on this, regardless of any proof people send to the contrary. I was ONTO the Princess Diana story back in the days before anything big ever broke in the conspiracy sector.


Gonna Try this Tomorrow------

Two Jews talk about Life


The Answer IS for Whites to GO Back TO Europe if They Want an Ethno-State but Someone Needs to Convince the Jews to Let Em “Go Back To Europe”

Lana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to “go back to Europe,” but would they be allowed in?

It's 12 hours after I posted this and I finally listened to some of this White Race Religion promo by Red Ice, regurgitating the white arguments on why they have a right to be entitled and others don't. Anywhere the Jew in all of this? Nah, not what I heard. Well hidden they are as they are lost in the subtle constant put-downs leveled against every other race. Don't have time for Jews/

Therefore, I must label this video ENTERTAINMENT for my readers from limited hangout Lana Legtoff and Red Ice. She reminds me, here, of Weev's anti-Indian rant video that I have posted on several occasions. By the way, Weev is a known Jew and Lana, well, she's a suspected partial Jew.

Again, she tells Europeans to claim colonialism as some white piece of work and is clearly clueless that the Jew and rich race, who know no borders nor one ethnicity are behind most the exploitation of the planet. Lana wants whites to take ownership of it all as "the WRR propaganda claimed, "Greatest Race of All-time".

This, then, allows us to fight everybody for the Jews and their rich race servants and thus defines Lana as but one more limited hangout paid under the table by them and over the table by you. It's code, they live by, that we fund our own demise, don't ya know

And did I say Lana left the Jew behind the curtain? Yea, just like the rest at ALTRIGHT.COM likes to do. Believe lying MSM media false flag claims of Muslim terror to push goy on goy war and guess who that's for (who benefits?). Just one guess. (rhymes with Moo)

Divide and Conquer much, Lana?Image result for whites own colonialism


A Revisionist Jew, Now Kosher, talks about How Jews Abuse the Race GameImage result for David Cole Stein

Stealth Jews

Last month, in a column titled “The Left’s Transracial Monster,” I wrote about the slow but steady acceptance among leftists of “transracialism,” the idea that someone who is not genetically of a certain race can “become” that race by sheer desire. I pointed out that leftists have been put in a real bind by the fact that transracialism is now on the table. If they reject the notion that a genetically Caucasian person can magically become black merely because that person “identifies” with being black, by logical extension they must also reject the notion that a biological male can magically become a woman merely because that person “identifies” as female. Rejecting such hokum would, of course, alienate the (for some reason, suddenly) all-important “trans” demographic of the Democrat left. But accepting the transracial bunk carries perhaps an even greater risk—alienating black people, a far larger and more important Democrat demo. Blacks on the left are obsessed with race, and the very suggestion that whitey can become blacky by sheer power of will is guaranteed to make black leftists very more



Thanks Daughter!

Image result for futilitySpeaking of the futility, I often go through in feelings, concerning the movement we have ongoing 1 hour ago (edited)

What leaders are getting now is a chance to rise in the NWO in lieu of real results to combat it.

To do so, they have to sell the illusion they are fighting it while not really fighting it at all. It's that ole goy weakness, if I succeed, it means we are winning. They may not fully know they are owned and part of the globalist agenda in their being caught up in the "ME,ME!"

In the protocols, it notes that a Jew will happily fail in an act or situation that is successful for the tribe. Whites took for granted their huge number advantage, historically, and simply bought into the GET AHEAD GAME for themselves assuming America had been bought and paid for. Jews counted on that trust.............

and misled confidence 

Jews make sure their PERSONAL get ahead games are good for the tribe as well as for themselves (ex-slave-trade and profit there from  turns into multi-cultural-ism profit, therefore

Short term win for the Jewish traders combines with long term subversion for the host culture to enable Jewish eventual domination).

Image result for obsessed with selfWhites just don't see the forest beyond their own personal trees and miss the tampering with their personal trees that hurt it's health or, if they see it, they never see the source of the tampering but the apparatus used to tamper with and it's result. Being clueless is assured by the media that reinforces all the wrong things to look at in order to not understand their predicament

A great man must see the forest.

The sad thing about Jews is they see the forest in order to be the best bad men, not to help or improve mankind. They don't see making humanity greater as a worthy goal, just making their tribal family dominant and wealthier.

The whole point of colonialism was to get all the resources owned by others less diabolical in nature. People, they and their mercenaries meet along the way, must be considered animals, thus, why they call them goy (which means animal)

One must depersonalize those exploited to keep a clear conscience

Whether atheist or believer, Jews know through being immersed in their culture with cradle to grave programming what is expected of them. Jew knowledge enters through all their pores as a result

Maybe they don't know the verses of the Talmud but the goy have been treated as an enemy by the tribe as long as any can remember which makes it easy to automatically follow the program.

Image result for Marx brothers

Little did we know that when the Marx brothers were turning goy town upside down and causing chaos, Jews weren't laughing with us but at us, secretly nodding to each other as the most blunt indicators of the Jew's lack of goy respect are seen as harmless humour by the owned, trusting, duped flock. The Jew will always be your friend....till he finds it more profitable to be your enemy


Entertainment - Speaker likely uses code words in place of the word "Jewish Power"

Warning, This guy pushes the Albert Pike 3 world war blueprint which basically makes Hitler to be controlled opposition.Image result for albert pike statue


The Deep State won't remove this confederate Statue of Illuminati grand master, confederate general, Pike

IMO, that letter was Jewish  disinfo to hide the fact Hitler's alternative was real but nevertheless, good for new readers to get the general idea so I'm leaving it up. As far as Hitler is concerned, for me, Hitler is like the protocols. He  preached enough in his life to make me believe an agent, as claimed for Hitler, wouldn't go that deep and I choose to believe in him while acknowledging it's basically unprovable.

This is true for the protocols in similar ways. No hard evidence but Jews seem to act according to the remedies the protocols advocate for obtaining that Jew World Order.

Also, people taking on this topic were few and far between back before 1970 or even 2000 which makes the audio noteworthy


Lasha Darkmoon laments the post election Donald TrumpImage result for Nina Rosenwald

Jews Win as Nina celebrates with fam!

Reader, judge for yourself whether my correspondent is right or wrong. A radical reassessment of Donald Trump is clearly needed. He is not the man we thought he was. He is now openly supporting Isis.....source

I reply, "Speak for yourself, Lasha." It was clear for all to see that the whole racialist community, your primary audience,  had been orchestrated into supporting Trump, from your mentors, Rixon Stewart to Kevin McDonald, (Who happily quotes Pam Geller by the  way) to the whole alt-right community.

They did so knowing Donald Trump had given unqualified support for Israel and no support for his racialist backers.  I recall the proclamations to keep the racialist readership on board, "Pssst, Trump secretly hates Jews and loves us!"affirming the idea that reason loses out to unreal hope because what matters is supporting the deep state which WAS fully supported to successfully pull off the caper. You hedged at the time, I recall, because you love playing both sides but now admit you were part of the Trump fix.............continue reading


Entertainment! {A Jones is fake resistance}

LIkely, we can assume Mr. Jones comes from an elite background, masonic in nature, as he openly admits mom and dad worked with CIA


Is the Fight Winnable?Related image

Paul Cancer • 3 hours ago

I think there's something to your "rich race" theory, however, I don't see how you think that colonialism is the only reason for the white race to be proud.

Colonialism was a huge mistake. But the white race is still the most creative race and the Jews could not have embedded themselves in the blacks or asians and ended up producing a technologically superior force that would have subdued the world. The white race is being subdued now largely because of propaganda and the theft of technologies (which continues under Chabad-Trump's watch). Africans in fact can't even make use of things which are handed off to them, although Asians fare a mite bette

  • Avatar
    jsigur Mod  Paul Cancer • a few seconds ago

    1492 occurred, the inquisition happened, early colonialism had already begun in Spain and Portuguese Jewish power centers soon switching to new Jewish power centers (Amsterdam and then England).

    The question needs to be entertained if the Inquisition in reality was a fake pogram to force evil Jewish mindsets into the rest of Europe, in high enough numbers, to help make the changes necessary for a JWO. (Think Zionists forcing Jews into Palestine for an example)

    It can not be a mere coincidence that Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation complaining about the behavior of a krypto Jewish Pope while not acknowledging the Pope's crypto Jewishness, this immediately after the Inquisition and then all hell breaking loose on European soil as native Europeans were convinced that all evil came from the Catholic church (I got this fake pogram idea from Jon Bjerkness, though he has not explained why this is so but I have investigated the huge Jewish familiality between Ferdinand, Isabella and the Jews.)

    continue reading


Unlike a lot of older stuff I have written, often when I go back and reread  a piece I cringe at some over word usage or something that could have been said clearer. A few days ago, I reread this and got a very positive feeling as I re-looked it over. I thought I'd tease it for you for the subject matter is at the heart of the mind games being played now in a society where everyone seems  to be satisfied with the moving of deck chairs on a sinking ship and don't know the full extent of their being herded towards their own destruction

Image result for white man's burdenThe White Race "Better Than Thou" Myth, Residue Left Over From Jewish Colonialism


It's an interesting dichotomy, a "master race" and a"slave race" both with similar views of themselves as the supreme race, one, in actual fact, ruling over us while pretending not too,  and the other, the claimer of world domination while in actuality just hired mercenaries for the former and believing a creed taught soon after 1492 and the 3rd Jewish diaspora to get ordinary whites voluntarily onboard with the Jewish agenda to exploit all the resources of the world while enslaving the natives newly encountered along the way (and eventually, the white race).

White Man's burden is an interesting phrase and here is the definition found at "free dictionary":

The responsibility of white people to govern and impart their culture to nonwhite people, often advanced as a justification for European colonialism.

Image result for white man's burden

Folks, it wasn't "White People" that wanted to colonize the world, it was the Jew and RICH PEOPLE. This above phrase was one of many techniques used to impart the spirit of Jewish colonialism to WHITE PEOPLE....continue reading

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Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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    Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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    Always remember the limits which goys set for themselves. Their thinking has stagnated within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. Speak and act in a way which is confident, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and pseudo-scientific.


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