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Hey goyem, you're being used@!

6. The people, under our guidancehave annihilated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defense and foster-mother for the sake of their own advantage which is inseparably bound up with the well-being of the people. Nowadays, with the destruction of the aristocracy, the people have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers.

7. We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces - Socialists, Anarchists, Communists - to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our social masonry.

The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labor of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy, and strong. We are interested in just the opposite - in the diminution, the killing out of the goyim. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.

8. By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.

9. When the hour strikes for our sovereign lord of all the world to be crowned, it is these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance there to.


Mark Weber just penned an article showing his clear allegiance to conservatives. Mark is one of the many racialists who with the Trump campaign seems to have taken up common cause with one half of the Jew - left - right dialectic, the right.

I believe Blindlight these last four years has clearly shown that support for Jews in full emanates from both sides of the isle. Given this hard reality, once again Blindlight must say that a Jew outing third, a third way Blindlight articulated in great detail three years ago, is in order.

I call the left and right "masonic due  to their protection racket in service to Jewish power and OUR WAY Hitlerian since total truth is necessary to cut out the cancer.

Thus, anything Mark would add till he goes there is irrelevant

Start with this

The Hitlerian Movement, a Challenge to Masonic Power

Written by Blindlight......part I....part III

hitnr24 1

 I came into this movement three years ago. A movement that seemed to have a lot of promise because we now had the knowledge tools to solve the problem. When I determined that the source of the deadly leak against our nation, our society, indeed, all goyim was the Jew, I began to peel away the layers that seemed to be the problem before and always I found a Jew puppeteering a goyim pawn. Sometimes it puppeteered and sacrificed pawn Jews, as well, all in the service of the Talmudic calling that states that Jews are the master race and we are their cattle.


 Most reading this will have come to the same determination with minor variations. I quickly realized that Hitler was basically the opposite of what the Jewish history books portrayed. I also realized  why the Jews had to kill him and his ideas. Hitler realized it was  the subversive Jew in our midst who,  having received equal rights within the host goy countries as well as covert privileged rights above and beyond, proceeded to garner all the levers of power using misdirection as a primary weapon and all for the predetermined aim to enhance his race to the detriment of all others after acquiring a monopoly on the creation and distribution of money.

Now, tell Mark the good news!

Mark Weber Archive

Why Conservatives Can’t Winshutterstock 710469262

• January 10, 2019

Conservatism certainly seems alive and well in America. For years polls have consistently shown that more Americans identify as conservative than as liberal. In recent decades both branches of Congress, as well as the White House, have often been controlled by Republicans – who generally regard themselves as conservative. “Conservative” Fox News has for some time been the country’s most widely viewed television news source. Rush Limbaugh, who proudly calls himself a conservative, has for decades been the country’s most popular radio talk show host.

But such influence is deceptive.

Over the past century, conservatives have drastically shifted their views, abandoning their stands on one issue after another, including Medicare, federal spending, Martin Luther King Day, and more. On any given issue, the “conservative” view of today is often the “liberal” view of ten years earlier.

read more @Unz Review


Blindlight reposts - the Christian Solutions has been a huge influence on me

Related image

New York City and Blood Cotton

The most interesting, telling, hence hidden from history, part of the Civil War was the fact that New York City succeeded from the Union at the same time the Southern states succeeded from the union.
The reason this is both telling and informative of real history is it reveals that the Southern plantation owner was not the biggest player in the Slave trade.

That honor belongs lock, stock and barrel to New York City,

The proud "Empire City" of slavery.

“When Disunion has become a fixed and certain fact, why may not New York disrupt the bands which bind her to a venal and corrupt master—to a people and a party that have plundered her revenues, attempted to ruin her, take away the power of self-government, and de­stroyed the Confederacy of which she was the proud Empire City?”
--New York City Mayor Fernando Wood

Cotton is nothing of itself. Thanks to the free labor of slavery, cotton is but a very cheap, raw ingredient to the making of textiles, which is still, of itself, nothing. Nevertheless, textile manufacturing was all a northern New England endeavor.
From textiles come the final end items we actually use, such as women's dresses, men's suits, curtains, sheets, towels, blankets, carpets, table cloths, wash cloths, sails, and on and on. This was largely the work of New York City, of the garment district. Cheap, slave produced cotton was the foundation upon which much of New York City was built

“New York belongs almost as much to the South as to the North,” observed the editor of the New York Evening Post. The city’s businessmen marketed the South’s cotton crop and manufactured everything from cheap clothing for outfitting slaves to fancy carriages for their masters. Wood himself called the South “our best customer. She pays the best prices, and pays promptly.”

read more

Snap1nWeev race mixed all the time except when he was talking to White Nationalist== at the Daily Bummer

Image result for WeevImage result for WeevImage result for Weev

More info surrounding Weev's Jewish ancestry and connections

read the story


Sinead enters the world of video exercise scamming

She hides her bitch pretty well here. Would never know !!Jason Kessler shows what religion he is with masonic handsignaling

Kessler was the major force behind the disastrous "Unite the right' ralley in Charlottesville. Also, it looks like Jason has had a few too many Big Macs recently. The other guy is a former Proudboy, a group that the alt-right worked with during the 2016 presidential race against my advice

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1Someone (HandsomeTruth) finally interviews me

You Tube may be blocking my rendering the HT video so here is the link to it

Controlled opposition, Brandon Martinez


Looks like the Deep State is parading around it's next crisis actress, an 18-year-old from a wealthy Saudi family seeking asylum in the west while promulgating the dangers and evils of Islam

We've seen it in so many ways.



'Brave new Canadian': Saudi teen Rahaf al-Qanun arrives in Canada

Rahaf al-Qunun, whose Twitter posts for help captured global attention after she fled her family, gets asylum in Canada.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is welcomed by Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland at Toronto airport [Carlos Osorio/Reuters]
Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is welcomed by Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland at Toronto airport [Carlos Osorio/Reuters]

Rahaf al-Qunun, the 18-year-old Saudi woman who fled her family saying she feared for her life, has landed in Canada, after being granted asylum in the North American country.

Al-Qunun was welcomed by Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland at Toronto's airport on Saturday.

"This is a very brave new Canadian," Freeland told reporters, with a smiling al-Qunun standing by her side.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada had accepted a request from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to take in Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, who grabbed international attention earlier this week after she barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room to resist being sent home to her family, which denies any abuse.

mo gudies

Image result for Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy: Hardcore Antisemite, Hitler Lover

 January 9, 2019 

Renegade Editor’s Note: As you will see, the author is obviously a philo-semite.

By Edward Renehan, Jr.

Arriving at London in early 1938, newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy took up quickly with another transplanted American.

Viscountess Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor assured Kennedy early in their friendship that he should not be put off by her pronounced and proud anti-Catholicism. “I’m glad you are smart enough not to take my [views] personally,” she wrote.

Astor pointed out that she had a number of Roman Catholic friends – G.K. Chesterton among them – with whom she shared, if nothing else, a profound hatred for the Jewish race.

Joe Kennedy, in turn, had always detested Jews generally, although he claimed several as friends individually. Indeed, Kennedy seems to have tolerated the occasional Jew in the same way Astor tolerated the occasional Catholic.

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems”

read more


A holocaust was what the Americans did to the Germans


Eisenhower’s Starvation Order

By James Bacque

Never had so many people been put in prison. The size of the Allied captures was unprecedented in all history. The Soviets took prisoner some 3.5 million Europeans, the Americans about 6.1 million, the British about 2.4 million, the Canadians about 300,000, the French around 200,000. Uncounted millions of Japanese entered American captivity in 1945, plus about 640,000 entering Soviet captivity.

As soon as Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, the American Military Governor, General Eisenhower, sent out an “urgent courier” throughout the huge area that he commanded, making it a crime punishable by death for German civilians to feed prisoners. It was even a death-penalty crime to gather food together in one place to take it to prisoners … The order was sent in German to the provincial governments, ordering them to distribute it immediately to local governments.

DX-o10DVQAAd_0D (1).jpgCopies of the orders were discovered recently in several villages near the Rhine … The message [which Bacque reproduces] reads in part: “… under no circumstances may food supplies be assembled among the local inhabitants in order to deliver them to the prisoners of war. Those who violate this command and nevertheless try to circumvent this blockade to allow something to come to the prisoners place themselves in danger of being shot….”

Eisenhower’s order was also posted in English, German and Polish on the bulletin board of Military Government Headquarters in Bavaria, signed by the Chief of Staff of the Military Governor of Bavaria. Later it was posted in Polish in Straubing and Regensburg, where there were many Polish guard companies at nearby camps. One US Army officer who read the posted order in May 1945 has written that it was “the intention of Army command regarding the German POW camps in the US Zone from May 1945 through the end of 1947 to exterminate as many POWs as the traffic would bear without international scrutiny.”

keep readun


For inexplanable reasons my Alexa score keeps getting better

Though I have spent little time on my site these last few months, nevertheless my scores are way up (or down).Thanks to all for the great support!
Image result for nina rosenwaldLasha Darkmoon (Nina Rosenwald) seems to have been ordered to state with fake authority that the protocols are inspired fiction thus joining David Duke on the matter -

Nina - Lasha hangin with the Jews

Image result for nina rosenwald

After a quick read, I am amazed that they offer only opinions in unison to make these assertions. Toby, a clearly biased moderator on the issue while he continues to feign being the real cousin of Lasha Darkmoon, a person that doesn't exist in fact but then I been warning you all about her since 2015.

Why throw the Jews a bone here? Oh, herding! I see!


The ‘Protocols of Zion’ as an Inspired Work of Fiction

By Darkmoon Commenters (obviously, approved by Nina Rosenwald)

SARDONICUS : The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a book that manages only too well in stirring up anti-Jewish feeling, especially in the Middle East where the Arabs have good reason to hate Israel because of the theft of Palestine. It has become the bible of the anti-Semites even in the West.

These people get very angry (like the ex-poster Lobro did on this site some time ago) if you tell them that the work is a “literary hoax”. They get angry because they think you are attacking the book and what it says. In fact, you are not doing this at all.  You are praising the book for its astuteness, its political nous, its predictive genius, and, finally, for its extraordinary success as a satirical spoof — essentially a satirical work of fiction written by an anti-Semitic genius of the calibre of Jonathan Swift.

Lasha Darkmoon once thought that this book could have been written by Dostoevsky, an anti-Semitic genius who lived in the right era to write it, and who left the manuscript among his unpublished papers … and that it was later picked up and kept ready for use by the Tsar’s secret police. But she has now changed her mind about this. Dostoevsky, though a genius, just didn’t have the satirical gifts of Jonathan Swift. LD thinks the book shows evidence of a French hand, probably written by a satirical genius cast in the same mould as Voltaire.

ADMIN TOBY : Even Nesta Webster, I think, would agree now with hindsight that the Protocols is NOT a genuine document written by Jews, as she had once supposed, but an inspired work of fiction disguised as fact.

Admin Toby, who claims to be Lasha's cousin assumes clarvoiyancy by predicting how Nesta Webster would see it now. - Blindlight

Source to finish the article psyop and peruse the controlled goyim in her comment area

The above article was approved by Pam Geller

The crowd below smiles while nodding their approval

Image result for nina rosenwald


Related image

Next-level TRS: Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich is actually Michael ‘Enoch’ ENOCKSON Peinovich-Sippel.


Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Saturday, 21 January 2017 08:00.

It's a Minolta SR-T 101!I’m staying on this story until every last detail is known.

Enter the next level

This article is Part 2 of an ongoing series about the TRS scandal. See also: Part 1.

Kind of like some kind of political equivalent of a K-R&B song about how a man just keeps lying so much that there is always another layer of lies beneath his first layer of lies, Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich of The Right Stuff has been lying on a whole different level beneath the presently-existing lies.

However, rather than contemplating the fun concept of trolling with musical metaphors, I want you to instead follow me on a journey into the other barrel beneath the barrel that TRS had already sunk to the bottom of.

Welcome to Part 2 of the ongoing drama.

The present situation

So far, Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich and his supporters have been frantically trying to channel all the discussions about his standing in the western ethno-nationalist scene toward his Jewish wife, Ames Friedman, as though the problem is confined only to her and as though the perniciousness and hypocrisies of these revelations can be mitigated by simply removing her from the situation through divorce. They have been resolutely ignoring the manifest high likelihood of Peinovich himself being Jewish, at least through his father’s side.

In a recent Rebel Yell podcast, Peinovich subtly referred to himself as a person of ‘mixed Jewish ancestry’. At 01:19:06 of that podcast, he said:

Rebel Shoah 18 Jan 2017, at 01h19m06s

But while people were grappling with that revelation, there is another secret lurking behind that.

As it turns out, Peinovich is additionally Jewish through his mother’s side. Seriously. This is actual reality. This is really happening. Read that sentence again, and consider the implications of it.

Peinovich is around and about 75% Jewish at least.

Read more


Image result for mike enoch

TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew.

Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Monday, 16 January 2017 03:42.


Viewing the source behind the web archive from 2014 reveals something amazing.

This article is Part 1 of an ongoing series about the TRS scandal.
See also: Part 2.

Order of Battle

As you all are aware, Mike Enoch, now revealed to be actually Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich, is the founder of the website The Right Stuff, which opened in 2012 and hosts the popular and dubiously overwrought podcasts Fash the Nation and The Daily Shoah.

The Right Stuff has spent the entirety of the past four years serving up piping-hot reactionary narratives all of which just so happen to serve the geostrategic agenda of the architects of Russian foreign policy by carrying out Active Measures, American domestic honeypot agenda of the FBI, and the Israeli security agenda.

But if anyone had pointed that out before today, such a person would have been called ‘paranoid’ and even ‘insane’. After today, however, such a person would simply be called ‘well informed’.

continue reading


I critique "The Incredible Miss Maisel and the coming age where Jews openly declare their domination

My site has scored better Alex scores over the last month and I got no clue as to whyPee Wee pee wee herman 1069066 800 600

Read 16652 times Last modified on Monday, 21 January 2019 19:27

When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Hitlerian Awareness Pyramid that could connect the Jew-wise resistance

Hitler was a Uniter, not a divider. When he was winning the people to his philosophy it was more about challenging class warfare than it was about dealing with race warspart I...partII
The Jew, though, was the exception, viewed as a parasite, infiltrator and a people, as a whole, up to no good whose lying talent had worked so well against the majority of the populace. 


This was a "race" that wasn't really a race but a brain-washed in mindset, successfully accomplished by rigorous dedication to a cause and belief that they (the Jews) were better than anyone else and the only true humans on the planet (animals can't own anything and from thus springs their justified logic of noble cause and "right to own").

Everything or body, else, was to be used and disposed of without a second thought.  People being people and born with the human trait of empathy makes that a constant challenge for satan's messengers (instilling in young Jews a hatred to take empathy's place in line) but so far it looks like the efforts have brought them up to the shores of total victory needing only lose ends being tightened and straightened to thus roll out the red carpet for the Jewish messiah and a new age for all, Jews openly in control, the prophecies fullfilled!


Being a thinking man, I have to assume that "The Diaspora"  had little to do with being kicked out of Jerusalem and much more to do with a Jewish strategy of world rule as prophesied in the Talmud and the Torah and reiterated in "The Protocols of Zion". This, then, meant that Jews approached non-Jews as folks that were holding what was rightfully THEIR property, since animals can't own property (Till this be rectified, the Jew will continue to cry persecution as he strikes the goy down!).

As Jews say, "Bad Goy!" 

Hitler got all that. Hitler got that the Jew was the "great master of lies".
Hitler got that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back by leading work strikes in the fatherland at a vulnerable time during WWI.
Hitler got that Jews were your friend until it was to their advantage not to be your friend.
He got that Jews have no qualms about lying to non-Jews.

If Hitler was advocating a race war, it was against the Jewish race and yes, he saw clearly that the Jews, themselves, saw fellow Jews through the race prism. They were at war, a war they kept most gentiles from realizing was being fought and Hitler had to find a way to handle Germany's Jews to end the madness.

Ultimately, after great success with that, the fact that he handled his German Jews  left him vulnerable to the Jewish con-men, in every other goyim land to sway the trusting masses with repeated lies that the enemy and curse to the human race was the 3rd Reich and Adolph Hitler. Jews began to mutter about an "evil German seed" needing eradicating

Control of the media outside of Germany kept the few good men, elsewhere, from getting the true message across, that Hitler's leadership was great for his race and his nation. This was, easily, demonstrated by seeing the results in their accomplishments done by delinking Jewish power from influence over Germany's internal affairs.

BL - Easily done but like with Charlottesville in Aug. 2017, facts on the ground and what Jews report about facts on the ground often have little in common so the goyim world-wide only heard the negative and but for a few men like a Joseph Kennedy, all were under a world menace arising in Germany.

Read more

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Dr. Tony Martin - Jewish Slave Trade

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