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Image result for Nina Rosenwald

Image result for Nina RosenwaldLasha and JS Montecristo celebrating Hanneka

 Circassian must be a cool guy.

Administrator Toby, the claimed cousin of Lasha Darkmoon just notified him that he was permanently banned.

ADMIN: Circassian, I invite you to make one FINAL comment and then depart. No further comments after that. Your comment will be published provided it is not too offensive to the posters you have attacked here so viciously ever since your arrival over a year ago. However, your comment will not be published if it makes baseless and defamatory allegations about Lasha Darkmoon — a person about whom you know absolutely nothing....SOURCE

( Of course, it is impossible to verify anything about Toby or Lasha and I have posed the idea Toby is part of an intel support team for the anonymous blogger who claims great status in the academic world who trusts her personals only to other insiders such as Rixon Stewart and Kevin McDonald (big alt-right-David Duke supporter) but none of the proles she is here to serve and inform. In fact, she does not even do audio interviews, she's that secretive so  when Toby says Circassian knows nothing about her he is definitely right. All we know is the myriad of various postings that are all over the ballpark and her subservience displayed for other connected insiders who habitually misdirect

It's clear, she's in the club the rest of us aren't,

isn't that right, Nina Rosenwald but is Toby her handler or goy slave? Stay tuned!

Image result for jewish subversionThis is an excerpt from the "Deguelo" Report", an anonymous report about  the state of the world (courtesy of Eric Hufschmidt)


"This may be our only communication with you or we may see fit to communicate with you again in the future. In any case, we will identify ourselves only as Deguello.

We can describe ourselves to you only to this extent: all members of Deguello are either present or past employees of government intelligence Services from a number of different nations in the so-called free world. As such, we have access to the intelligence sources of several different Western governments.

Our group is composed of a comparative few members within these intelligence organizations each having in common an extraordinary deep appreciation for our own nation. Working together, and in strictest secrecy, we pool our efforts and resources in a purely personal effort to fight back against those forces that would destroy all free nations of the world, supplanting them with a one-world government."

***Basically, the  report says three groups are vying for power with overlapping occurring. It was written about thirty years ago. It identifies  the three as:

  • Socialism's agenda
  • Judaism's agenda
  • Homosexual agenda

I am relaying the Jewish agenda and it's structure given in this report. Like my other articles concerning the English Revolution, the Catechism and the Christianity psyop, they should be  ingested and baked till assimilated. Peace bro! - BL


continue reading


How Subversives or self destructive goy, divide and conquer themselves


"We tolerate no-one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity. In fact, our movement is Christian." – Adolf Hitler, October 27, 1928


The name of the site is "Expel the Parasites" What is the first thing everyone is informed.  The Jewish psyop of Christianity must be accepted as legit. With one fell stroke, 1/2 of the JWO or the Abrahamic religions psyops are removed from the table of concern. Hard to beat the JWO when you only confront half of it...source. This is a normal way to subvert a movement. You insert unnecessary dogmas to "being on the team" "Expel the Parasites" is pretty clear cut. It is saying remove the subversive Jewish power structure and possibly the little Jews who blindly support it. So what does stating right off the top you have to hate other goy races or you have to bend the knee to WRR do? It divides and conquers yourselves for the Jew. 

After all, goyim dogmas is considered a "playland" for Jews


Image result for don't let the goyim knowDid Anglin just admit Jews conspire?

What he won't touch of course, nor will hardly anyone else because the event is good for their racist propaganda, is that the New Years Eve Rape Festival last year was as much a psyop as any BLACK LIVES MATTER event....continue reading



Fulford refers to a dead Putin, replaced? Really? Rebel, WTF ya doin over there?Image result for internal subversion

Image result for therebel.isthe "Rebel of Oz" owner operator of "The Rebel" was a guy I corroborated with for two months in January, 2014, right before I started  my current site, "Blindlight". He found me devisive of the WN community he wished to hold onto in full and I found him to be  a man not of his word, agreeing to things he possibly never intended to follow through on to get my temporary complicity.

It's a clue your "source" is co-opted when he gets privileged photo-ops with the enemy

Image result for Benjamin FulfordHe is very low standards for true resistance reporting and what is truth and what is not. As an example, he has writers that promote Hitler and NS Germany as being noble goyim worthy and he has folks like Benji Fulford and Aangirfan (who I just realized was a man and more than one person) who constantly compares Trump to Hitler in derisive ways. This, to me, exemplifies a  major portion of the reasons why no fruitful way to combat the powers that be has been forth coming from this post 911 environment.

Jewish agents infiltrated from the beginning and are being treated with unwarranted due respect as I write this. Fulford brilliantly illustrates this today with his Rebel approved posting on how time is almost up for the khazarian mafia. Being Jewish himself, this is his compromise, blaming a region where certain evil Jews come from and delinking it from the whole tribe. As my site has shown, time and again, Sephardic Jews have reeked more havoc in toto than Khazarian Jews though Khazarians have mostly taken the lead this last one hundred and fifty years.  Some notable excerpts of what I am alluding to about this piece are included below and we are so used to the bullshit, few of us hardly blink as we read it:

"There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (the real Putin died long ago), Chinese strongman Xi Jinping, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Hitler daughter Angela Merkel in Germany, according to multiple sources in China, Russia, the US, Japan and elsewhere.

What these bloodline families fail to realize is that and the end of the day Satan is unable to defeat the forces of love and goodness. Their reign of terror and human sacrifice is
ending as a result.

In any case, returning to the world of nation state geopolitics, Russian FSB sources last week contacted the White Dragon Society to ask “whatever happened to the BRICS alliance?” They were told that now that Donald Trump had been elected US President, the world was going to move against opposing blocs fighting each other and move towards everybody being friendly with each other. They were happy to hear this.

Unfortunately, there is still a bit of fighting and horse trading ahead of us before we can move to world peace and love."....source

Fulford has been writing this dribble for years now. It is his book that  started the rumour that the Bush's were secret Nazis in fake IDs. He ius a well-paid disinfo artist and Rebel air-head like posts away those that would happily subvert our claimed republic from within our movement. Until it's recognised significantly,  that these emperors of our movement have no clothes, all will not go well for us



(BL - new site I'm playing around with)


scaring people

First blog post

I am the Rape Face of your Nightmares.


If you routinely parrot simplified self-serving views of the world that denigrate people, not of your blood type, look for me in your dreams. You may think you should be chosen but aren’t, that you were chosen but got demoted, that somebody else is chosen that shouldn’t be and it’s all not fair.4b6e0ffd29a8628211a0dbac0bbe01d1

Well, it’s not fair and there is someone out to get you who is not me. I whole tribe of self-identified chosenites that control the media, tell you what to think, tell you what just happened and will tell you what tomorrow brings. There will be a whole lot of people blamed but they will never blame themselves and in fact, to others, they will blame you

 It began on the road to Damascus when Paul of Tarsus decided to stop persecuting a small the_incredible_hulk_gif_by_jakeshepard-d4y9viasect of Jews and instead join them and spread  the religion into pagan Rome. It began with Mohammed, a counterbalance to this new thing called Christianity which was starting to get out of control. It began with Christopher Columbus, leaving for the New World, a hidden persecutor, on the day of the Spanish Inquisition beginning in 1492. It began with the Printing Press invention and the Protestant Reformation subversion and all the following revolutionary movements and it continues on as I speak…

and this is what I will be talking about. The truer cause, the true problem, scapegoat baggage stashed away as un solvable for now. Come enjoy the ride with me

I am the Rapeface of Her Nightmares!2da51c8f00000578-3283884-frozen_in_fear_elise_robson_in_new_film_the_nightmare_which_expl-m-92_1445473939983


Image result for pearl harbor needed to start WWIIThink how pissed veterans would be if the MSM told them the truth. Pearl Harbor was needed to fight WWII for the Jews

WH press secretary says WWII veterans should get over their ‘bitterness’ about Pearl Harbor attack
Chris Enloe 

WH press secretary says WWII veterans should get over their ‘bitterness’ about Pearl Harbor attack

White House spokesman Josh Earnest 
WH press secretary says WWII veterans should get over their ‘bitterness’ about Pearl Harbor attack

Image result for pearl harbor needed to start WWIIWhite House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that it’s natural for World War II veterans to feel “personally embittered” by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s impending visit to Pearl Harbor, but they should get over it.

Abe announced Monday that he would become the first Japanese leader to visit the Hawaiian naval station since it was bombed by Imperial Japan on Dec. 7, 1941, leading to the deaths of more than 2,400 Americans....source

 Is Sinead soliciting funds to report on a psyop to bring down "Fake News" called Pizzagate?Image result for Sinead McCarthySinead McCarthy hates gays...unless, of course, they are black and gay

Saying privately, "It's important to get the inferior beasts to fund their own demise", Sinead began soliciting funds last week, through an Indiegogo campaign, to pay for a report  on the "real" threat of Pizza-gate, the supposed child pedophile scandel reported by Wiki-Leaks, a Mossad, fake resistance operation.

If this article from "Rumour Mill" is true, "Crisis actors" are being sent in to stage events that make it look like innocent citizens are out to commit vigilante justice due to the reporting of "fake News" from you guessed it, anything not pre-approved by Jews. Whether Sinead is working for the enemy or a useful idiot is yet to be fully determined but the claimed comment does raise some concern. Here's the story!....continue reading

Image result for mason 33Rixon Stewart of posts Christian flim-flam as news!

A guy named Ned Doughtery claims to talk directly with Jesus. If you go to the source page you will see the con-man soliciting funds right after his "revelation" and using the masonic 33 sign in his claim of need!

Jesus of Nazareth


My son,

It has been many months now, since I have been with you in word and message, because I have been occupied with the task of descending upon humanity with a veil of protection and good will which is now permeating the Earth in preparation of the end times events that are intended to lead humanity to a New Heaven and a New Earth.

I, Jesus of Nazareth, now travel among you, and I am with you in these end times to assure that the plan of the Father in Heaven for all of humanity is fulfilled in these times, as it has been ordained since the beginning of more crap

32 YEARS OF MISSION! (1984-2016)

We need your financial support to survive the upcoming 33rd Year!

Dear End Times Daily Reader,

Wishing you, your family members, friends and loved ones, a Blessed Christmas & New Year! 

We can anticipate that this new year of 2017 may be the most challenging for all of us. I am anticipating that 2017 is going to be the most challenging year for the Mission of Angels Foundation and End Times Daily. Please support us today!...source

Rixon getting compensated for this "infomercial"?


Watch to the end where she begs for money.

Her name is "Deplorable Princess", she belongs to Sinead. She appears to be made of part Jew. I think, maybe, we turned her grandpa into soap back in '44, a very good year for soap indeed!

Image result for fake news sites"Fake News" 
"Kosher News"

"Real news" is certified kosher 
"Fake news" does not have the kosher seal of approval.

That is the Jewish definition, not mine. 

Naturally, most American Christians believe news coming from non-Christian, dual-citizen of Israel, news organizations are the ones who are the actual fake news.  

If the message is anti-American and anti-Christian, then it cannot be real, as America and Christianity are the best, right?

Until the Internet arrived, all the news was totally Kosher certified. 

In fact, after the arrival of the Internet, the news is still pretty much totally Kosher...

  1.   Fox News was welcomed as a fresh change but when the dust settled, Rupert Murdock is 100% Kosher.
  1.   Breitbart News was welcomed as alt-news, yet again Breitbart was a Kosher dude.
  1.  Drudge Report is a widely read source of counter information, but sorry, Drudge is also Kosher.
  1.  Google, Twitter and Facebook are new as a baby, but could not get more Kosher.

Still, a near monopoly on Kosher is not a total Kosher monopoly, so the Kosher News is currently correcting the situation by putting in place methods to censor what they have created out of thin air to be the non-kosher "fake news".
The US presidential vote outcome has proved "bias and general worthlessness" of mainstrean media as a source of information, retired Canadian diplomat Patrick Armstrong told Sputnik.

"US public distrust of the mainstream media, or MSM, is now so great that the more they attacked Donald Trump during the presidential election, the more his credibility and popularity grew"

So naturally the Kosher MSM cannot help themselves. Their "final solution" to this bad perception of their un-trustworthiness is NOT to regain our trust, but instead, to lose our trust even more by trying to brainwash us into believing that Christian news is "fake news".
You really know that masses of people are living within a mind-control matrix when the greatest, most pervasive purveyors of fake news denounce others for the practice.....continue reading @ChristianSolutions


How bout some "divide and conquer" with your "Andrew Anglin" today?

Austria: Women’s Rights Responsible for Far-Right Loss, Again
Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016

Blue is Nazi, green is commie. Men left side, women right side.

Dat Austria vote?

Yes, women’s voting rights were once again responsible for electing an extremist immigrationist.

Notice how I didn’t say “women were responsible.” I have decided that rhetoric is unhelpful. Women, having the minds of small children, cannot be held responsible for decisions. Instead, we have to hold responsible the Jewish system which allows women to make decisions.

So, yes. Blaming women for making the decision to have our countries invaded and conquered by Islamic rape gangs is not a valid line of reasoning. It would be like blaming dogs for chasing at birds.

They simply cannot resist.


These problems have the same solution: a leash.


They simply cannot resist.

***So when Andrew says "It's the Jews!", he really means it's white women - BL - Andrew be pullin a male "Sinead McCarthy" on us, yo!

Muslims are definitely more false flag aware than whites in the UK. So why again, can't we have them for allies?


Only one in 25 British Muslims believe Al Qaeda was responsible for the September 11 attacks on the US, a poll has found.
The research said it was ‘deeply troubling’ that so many were willing to ‘entertain wild and outlandish conspiracy theories’.
A survey of more than 3,000 Muslims found 96 per cent did not believe Osama Bin Laden’s terror group carried out the atrocity. Some 31 per cent thought the American government was behind the strikes on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, which claimed almost 3,000 lives. Another 7 per cent said it was a Jewish plot, while 58 per cent did not know.

The poll, for the Policy Exchange think-tank, found 93 per cent of those quizzed had a strong attachment to the UK, and more than half wanted to fully integrate with non-Muslims in all aspects of life.
Muslims were also more engaged in the political process than the population at large, and significantly more likely to have raised money for charity or volunteered at a local school.
However, it was described as ‘a cause for concern’ that one in four British Muslims did not believe extremist views existed – despite a spate of major terror attacks and the rise of Islamic State.

***in other words "staged event" aware - BL


the only Veronica Bouchard I found worthy of note before November, 2016, was a painter, not EvalionJdN praises Evalion's great content and I analyze the video of which he speaks

Brian Ruhe has jumped on the Evalion bandwagon and does his second interview with her. I was scanning John deNugent's site when I noticed that he had post the you-tube video remarking what a great asset she was. DeNugent claims great content. I analyze and see if that statement is well founded....continue reading-----------

I'm really a nice guy once you get to know me!
Random, New Thoughts as I Test Out  My New Editor

Well, you may have noticed that  I made  an intelligent name switch. It's not that I am stuck on names or being an entity called Joseph Sigur. I have played an obnoxious Jewess named Shalom Jutzie. I actually forged this site while calling myself Blindlight, again, a sock puppet female who had just been fired by "The Rebel of Oz" for trying to un-WN his WN site; even tried bribing him but I learned my lesson on that.

Shalom Jutsie-ass-kicking Jewess

Image result for Shalom Juitsie

When he threw me to the the pavement and yelled, "Never come back bitch!", I, quickly, became resolved to learn Joomla and start my own site so I could continue honing my writing skills and "save the World!" by gosh!

 Boy, you should have seen the site back in them days; tweren't pretty one bit but I was having a blast learning the gig of writing creation and web-site operatin.

I got into the ID switchin habit when Facebook started routinely banning me and Jew gatekeepers started routinely blocking me  somewheres around middle to late 2012. First I added the ID, Talmudaware Goyim and then I invented  Shalom Juitsie, getting the idea from an ironic poster at Veterans Today who did something similar; in other words, pretend to be a Jew who tells the blunt, honest truth, no matter who it pisses off.

Then I unlearned the ID switchin habit when I started tracking down VK Clark, initially a person I had great respect for till I started seeing the blemishes under her makeup. She actually tried to tell me that Hitler did not mention the Protocols in Mein Kampf, quoting some post World War II pundit as to why, which I found odd since as a deep researcher, surely Clark knew that an untouched copy of an original release of Mein Kampf would be pretty darn compelling if it backed her claim ( I guess she knew that to and avoided it?)

continue reading


I want to eat cake

 Just when you thought it was time to make nice, pepe comes alongTesting New editor (the pro edition of JCE)

Image result for fake resistanceLooks like you have to be a limted hangout or fake dissent or 3rd tier dissent (which is fake) to make this list\

Interestingly, it seems that Darkmoon is linked quite closely  to Drudge, Infowars  while Breitbart gets a pass. Lasha claims there is some sort of Russian support linking to all of this mess. Because Blindlight doesn't accept Jew-money or kiss Jew-ass, the creators did not feel it was appropriate to consider it though Alexa ranking has them only 20% behind Darkmoon internationally while 20% busier than Darkmoon for American audiences. Blindlight does not take a strong stance on the good or badness of Trump, Russia or Putin, also possibly being a factor. Notably, John deNugent is left off the list as well

Posted @ Darkmoon site

I used my Jewish connectionsRelated imageHi Lasha
You have made it! Your website is on THIS LIST!
Well done.
Syed doesn’t waste words. He is known for his terseness. I noticed, to my astonishment, that the name of my humble website ( was now on a List of Forbidden Websites. The link came from Zero Hedge, a well-known dissident site known for its alternative and politically incorrect news items. Zero Hedge was itself on the Forbidden List, along with most of my other favorite websites.
My response to Syed: “Wow! What have I done to deserve this unexpected honor?”



Reposted on Henry Makow's site from an earlier date. 

Barbara Lerner Spectre.jpgMakow, a Jew pushes Hitler myths Jews like and here  posts the holocaust as an established fact. Very hard to get more than limited hangouts when it comes to receiving resistance  assistance from a Jew


The Riddle of Anti Semitism

Updated from March 17, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"We're being flooded by Jews," a Canadian immigration officer remarked to his associate .
The year was 1951. He was checking the papers of a young couple with a baby.
My father understood English. He had narrowly survived the Jewish holocaust by passing as a Pole. This was his welcome to Canada.
Luckily it was not a harbinger. We encountered little discrimination and my family prospered.
Nonetheless, my parents wanted to assimilate. They gave their children English-sounding names and hardly associated with the Jewish community. The extent of our Jewish observance was that my mother lit the candles on Friday and we celebrated the major holidays.
My parents rarely spoke of my grandparents who had perished. They seemed to regard being Jewish as a curse.
I did assimilate. It's ironic therefore that my father had disowned me because I tried to understand anti Semitism other than in simplistic terms. (We have since reconciled.)
Nothing can justify the Nazi policy of genocide but you'd think Jews would want to understand how a catastrophe of this magnitude occurred. How else can we ensure ordinary Jews will not be be sacrificed as "burnt offerings" again?



12 Things You Were Not Told About Adolph Hitler and Nazi (NSDAP) Germany

Image result for thinking with your penisC'mon guys, we can do better. Stop reading with your dick!

My three best performing articles over the last two months all focus on racist white (Jewish?)WN women. The two Evalion articles have 1000 hits apiece and Crusader Girl has about 700..How long can you stay excited  by a pretty girl smiling while she says the word nigger?

Sinead 's Newest Pysop Analyzed by "RAPE FROM HER NIGHTMARES"

Is that her handler?Image result for Sinead McCarthyIt's looking more and more that my initial thoughts on Sinead, that she is controlled opposition and fake dissent are correct.

Image result for Sinead McCarthyRecall, she is the one that stirred the pot on FLAT EARTH that got so many people annoyed. She is the one that spends a huge amount of time focusing on women's libbish type issues in a  movement that is anything but women's lib.

She is the yang to Andrew Anglin's, white male, supremacy, yin and assures that all WNs stay disorganized, dysfunctional and non-compliant. She goes after the alt-right for homosexuality while promoting a Jewess acting cam-whore who introduced herself to the public by using the provacateurish word "nigger" to hook the lowest racists who think with their 3rd arm.

She has a history of cuddling up close to black male faggots but then attacks white male WN faggots. Where's the consistency, bros?

So Sinead., one standard for white women, easy to live up to, another standard for white men. All about divide and conquer for the Jew it is.

Written by "Rape Face"

Snap479927442meAnyway, she has latched onto to PIZZA-GATE which I first heard Deplorable Princess parrot to my attention a week or so ago.. I do not follow the MSM closely, but apparently Pizza-gate is a psyop promoted by the MSM's favorite whistle-blower, Wiki-leaks.

The fact the MSM promotes Wiki-Leaks should clue the very aware Sinead that there is something amiss but apparently Jew-wise WN are almost as susceptible to MSM hogwash as the rest of the WN community as well as others, or she knows but can make sheckles on the issue? Maybe? She is promoting a video for sheckles on the issue after-all!

Anyway, MILES MATHIS has weighed in on Pizza-gate and claims it's an intentional distraction to keep us from thinking about the core issues ongoing that need to be stopped and isn't that what Sinead, in final analysis is all about as well?

"Hey people, look here, it's all about me, me, me, me!"

continue reading


 Donald Trump and Mossad asset Ghislaine Maxwell out on the town in New York City in 1997.


Fitzpatrick Informer

Trump controlled by Mossad


By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 29, 2016 Anno Domini

Part I - (there are three parts to this)

Any inquisitive person should be asking themself why a seemingly anti-establishment candidate like Donald Trump has been allowed to get as far as he has in the U.S. presidential race for election November 8.

The simplest answer is that he isn’t anti-establishment and is only fronting a very convincing facade for public consumption.

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race.


notice the pyramids from our fake resistance bros!Folks like Henry Makow show their true colors or why they can't be trusted from time to time. Here, he posts an article by a guy named Francis who passses himself off as an expert of Athenian Society. Problem is, Jews are nowhere to be found in his Luciferian explanations, just Illuminatti and MK Ultra (whistle blowers on MK Ultra have been controlled opposition for the most part assigned to fabricate goofy stories and continue the falsification of the 3rd Reich....


Athens: Cradle of Pedophilia and Mind Control

November 28, 2016

Athens, supposedly the cradle of Democracy, was the most perfect mind-control-based totalitarian state in Antiquity. 
Their sodomy-based mind control was the model for Illuminati control throughout history, including the British Empire and the United States today. 
"Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship.  But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA. " 
by Francis
Democracy is supposed to have been born in ancient Athens.  Many people say we should go back to the Athenian model of direct, not representative democracy.  
However, only about 2% of the people  were enabled citizens. Most working people being either slaves, either, more frequently, guest workers. The whole of Attica comprised about 600 000 adults; there were maybe 6 000 citizens enabled to vote and discuss laws during the feast days, far less actually in daily practice.
But that is not the main point.  In order to be a citizen, you had, apart from descending from Athenian parents only (later on, that condition was relaxed so as to accept rich people from other cities as citizens of honour) and to undergo a kind of « education » (ago:ge:) but the term is very misleading.  
The proper translation of « ago:ge: » is « initiation » in a very physical sexual sense : «pushing, goading into ».  You as a grown child and then as a teen-ager, for about 7-8 years in total, were entrusted to a state-appointed mentor who submitted you to anal coitus twice daily while you had to remain stoical.  
The same mentor was also responsible for your military education, consisting in gymnastics and various other forms of training. 
The aim of that sexual initiation was not to open you to newer and more delicate forms of pleasure and rapture, quite the contrary.  The aim was to destroy your individual personality, and replace it by the state's mould as personified by the mentor's.  If you slept with anybody else before finishing your cursus, you were eliminated for good from citizenship; you had failed your test.  
Only after seven years beginning before puberty were you entitled to citizenship.  But once you were received as such a citizen you no longer had any will of your own, your whole body and therefore your whole brain, your own soul was possessed by the state, exactly like in the MK-Ultra program of the CIA.  

source to continue

Why all the apologies for being unabashedly pro-goy!

Image result for Age of Reason

Age of Reason posts about various things

Click picture to get the video opened!

Great stuff!

I would assume the "white ppl" you refer to were either Jews or mind controlled by Jews and I also assume Jews had a lot to do with the whole event in Dakota.

The fact this is a media event and Jewish controlled actors are involved, oozes the word "staged" for pushing the big agenda. One way or another it will continue till they get it all unless the Jews are demoted to toilet cleaners



hitdeNugent begins sending his "I was Hitler" message to prominant professors in the Jew World Order. What is clear about John and I do not believe he is aware, he is very proud of his JWO aristocratic background. I am not sure that that jibes with being Hitler, for I garner no feelings that Hitler was obsessed with self-personal history. It's one thing to write a bios of yourself and it's another, to regurgitate part or most of your bios in every article you write. John wrote a Jim Tucker and as was to be expected,  he got a bare bones not interested reply to John's story. Not sure if John understands that he got spurned or not. Here's a teaser to the article and unfortunately, it is laced with the same repetitive bios stuff he seems obligated to lay on his readers everytime his fingers tap the keyboard

What is the meaning of Virtus? and I write Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia regarding my last life

November 29, 2016 John de Nugent 
making humor to lessen the crazy?If it takes a two-by-four, then it takes a two-by-four ?
 …. A comrade and donor writes after my blog on my site about being hacked now for two months straight
I swear it never ends with (((them))); I am sorry to hear this. I will try to send you a small donation every month, the least I can do given the valuable information I get from you.Â
I especially like it when you bluntly discuss the apathy of even those who are “awakened”, and the attitude that “someone else has got to stop this”. ?
…..A comrade in Germany asks how I am doing
[9:38:06 AM] John de Nugent: Hi, S.. Going okay, despite two months of hacking and four different webhosts in two months. Also I am setting up my first smartphone (for $30 whole dollars, a prepaid, cheapie GoPhone from ATT ? .
Do you have electric power again at your apartment?
[9:46:51 AM] S: Yes, today in the morning they reactivated my energy supply. So I can finally work for you from home. This situation must be very frustrating for you.
[9:47:11 AM] S: You will have your first Smartphone? Great :-)Â I will help you if you need assistance with it.
[9:48:53 AM] S: Friday i will drive to [] to visit my grandparents for a week, then will spend Christmas at my brother’s near [] with him, my father, my sisters and grandparents.
[9:49:50 AM] S: What are your plans for Christmas?
[9:50:05 AM] John de Nugent: For me it takes now 30 seconds for my site to even open, so I lose many readers that way. This hacking has prevented me from finishing the ”Nameless War” project for funds,
You see, the online book needs photos — and for days on end the site was down, slow or refused to accept photograph uploading. So no work completion and so no funds.
I finally attacked the webhost, Siteground, in a blog and then they began cooperating. ?
[9:50:22 AM] John de Nugent: Glad you are seeing relatives!



I recently wrote to Jim Tucker, MD, head of the now 51-year-old scientific reincarnation research project at the University of Virginia, a fine public university founded by Thomas Jefferson, a school from which my younger daughter Erika graduated with a double major in nursing and art.

…..a comrade approves the VIRTUS name and concept:
Virtus was a specific virtue in Ancient Rome. It carries connotations of valor, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth, perceived as masculine strengths (from Latin vir, “man”). It was thus a frequently stated virtue of Roman emperors, and was personified as a deity—Virtus.
JdN, I saw this word [Virtus as your new religion] on your site, so I googled it.
These are the qualities the JWO has almost completely ERADICATED in today’s SEWER SOCIETY.
I replied:
Virtus is exactly what we as a society are lacking, a normal male reaction to the outrages, insults, attacks and humiliations that earlier generation of our menfolk would have avenged with fire and sword.
It means henceforth that our wrath will be feared.
It means character, virtue, and the inner certitude of life after death, of judgment and reincarnation, and that we shall be critiqued on how we loved, helped and defended our dear comrades, Â friends, family, race and nation, or for failing to do so….. our sins of omission as well as of commission.
It means us learning to fear bad karma and not death, which literally does not exist, except for the body — which the giving up of is like selling off an old car.

If or when Trump either sells out or is assassinated, Virtus will be needed, and it will be the only thing that can save us — the willingness to actually get off the keyboard and fight.

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Image result for Nina RosenwaldNina Rosenwald looks to be from my generation or close to it.

I grew up in the 60's. Rosenwald is heiress to the Sears and Roebucks fortune and has dedicate much of her fortune, like all good Jews, to bringing in the JWO.  Nina doubles as fake resistance English maid, Lasha Darkmoon.

 She knows all too well, Lenin's famous quote about controlling opposition  by leading it. She pretends to hide her identity as Lasha so she can live a normal life in merry old England but that's cover. She's a krypto Jew by night and open Jew by day. However even when she pretends to be a goy she has the need to brainwash the simpletons with limited hangout Jewish thought such as Israel Shamir.

Like all limited hangout Jews, Israel can't own up to his tribes fake holocaust, or reveal the real truth about 911. He's a Jew in the  " I sure do care about the goy" sense, pretending to be a self-hating Jew but don't be fooled. He is just one of many gatekeepers here to make sure we don't get all the info we need to correct the problem

As Nina, AKA, Lasha continues the good fight for the superior Jews she's grown to love and honor so well. Such a sacrifice, hanging out with goybeasts but she does it for the realm!



shutterstock_519561838-600x337Donald Trump’s electoral victory unleashed pent-up tectonic energies on the unprecedented scale. The world has been changed, much more than could be expected from any election of a US president. Just a short time has passed since election day, but it appears that the New World Order has received a shattering blow. There is a great feeling of freedom in the air, as if the vote broke the chains of a generation, and we suddenly found ourselves free.


Image result for wikileaksThis article exposes why Wiki-leaks is fake resistance, not that the author was pushing that idea. I am.

Assange claims 1979 was the critical year that has us going where we are headed today. But there's a problem,  Assange is pushing the debunked OCT claims by the Jewstream media and the US government surrounding 911. That in and of itself tells you not to waste your time on Wikileaks.  By the way,  Wikileaks figured prominently in the election psyop just conducted as a pro-Trump actor.  They were embraced by the Jew owned and controlled MSM II media.

Watch me laugh as Donald Trump proceeds to stand for Jews and loosens his embrace for the alt-right or maybe there will be some watered down attempts to make them happy and probably they will be happy......................


Jon Austin — Daily Express Nov 28, 2016

wikileaks-zionist disinformation
On the sixth anniversary of the first infamous “Cablegate” by WikiLeaks, when it releases its first batch of sensitive US files, on November 28 2010, it has expanded its Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) with 531,525 new diplomatic cables from 1979.
In a statement to coincide with the release of the cables, known as “Carter Cables III”, Mr Assange explained how events which unfolded in 1979, had begun a series of events that led to the rise of ISIS.
He said: “If any year could be said to be the “year zero” of our modern era, 1979 is it.”
Mr Assange said a decision by the CIA, together with Saudi Arabia, to plough billions of dollars into arming the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan to tackle the Soviet Union, had led to the creation of terror group al-Qaeda.
This, in turn, he said led to the 9/11 terror strikes, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US, and the creation of ISIS.
Speaking about how 1979 shaped current global events, Mr Assange said: “In the Middle East, the Iranian revolution, the Saudi Islamic uprising and the Egypt-Israel Camp David Accords led not only to the present regional power dynamic but decisively changed the relationship between oil, militant Islam and the world.
“The uprising at Mecca permanently shifted Saudi Arabia towards Wahhabism, leading to the transnational spread of Islamic fundamentalism and the US-Saudi destabilisation of Afghanistan.”
He said at this point Osama bin Laden left his native Saudi Arabia for Pakistan to support the Afghan Mujahideen.
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