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Jews (((VK Clark))) Apply New Tactic (against me), Defamation!Snap47992719b

Beat deNugent by a hundred, internationally. Massacred him locally, in the US, Beat Renegade, locally, by a hair, Bwahahahahahahahahhahaha


Covert Jew op, VK Clark took my article revelations  from a year ago concerning my schizophrenic mother and implied I was schizophrenic by planting the words"Hereditary schizophrenia" in a  description of a video she lifted from my site.

That account is not me but a forgery. It is the same account where Sinead and Clark had celebration wine after their collusion against mevkcx

This is the way the website looked five days ago. The description clearly denotes a VK Clark mindset focussing her major source of concern, debunking any reason to respond to my request to prove who she was with a video. Her thanking Sinead, since this is an obvious fake account is clearly "inside talk" between her and Sinead as displayed with this commenting between the two folks in collusion against me


Interestingly, today The fake Sigur troll denies being Clark and changes the site description. Is that just a coincidence or a cohencidence!

Note, dark blue around the name connotes site ownership of the troll account, and the comment is found here

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Image result for GoebbelsgoebalsWorth Noting, Sinead, Kyle, ZCF-(Brandon Martinez) and VK Clark have all exhibited shill like animosity for Putin for over a year. 

Image result for Putin is anti-NWO

It is established that Martinez and Clark represent JWO interests and no reason to believe otherwise of Sinead and Kyle

Putin hates the NWO?

Jim Stone

This one is really worth posting for perspective.

Magic box sent:

,"Hello Jim, Recently you spoke a bit about how Putin might like Hillary after all, based on this nuclear deal of some years ago, where uranium was sold underhandedly to Russia, through help of Hillary at the time being Secretary of State.

But, that was THEN - When the NWO was still offering the 3rd Seat to Putin (2nd was allotted to China in the unipolar world). Putin got a good smell of what this NWO was about and as is clearly seen throughout his 2nd and most notably 3rd presidential term, he's been disengaging any NWO activity from Russia, brought in by the president of that time, Boris Jeltzin.

He kicked Rothschild out, barred Soros and went to undo a lot of their NWO damage. Not unimportantly, Putin also revived orthodox Christianity which, amongst other religions, had detoriated by NWO neo-liberal influences.

In light of Pizzagate, it appears Putin also barred adoptions of Russian children by US citizens after some ordeal with Hillary. It is safe to say, Putin does NOT like Hillary. He sees her for the succubus she is. Here is an interesting link to read up on Putin's stance and actions surrounding adoption:

https://voat DOT co/v/pizzagate/1679301 (replace DOT by an actual dot)

MagicBox, Holland"

Stone response to emailer: Worth posting for perspective. Convincingly stated. I'll let people make of that what they may.

Snap47997906hhhPewdiepie Controversy, a Psyop on the Goy?

Written by Jew-wise school bus

In case you weren't aware, Anglin and are promoting Pewdiepie as the white racialist presidential candidate for 2024 (sarcasm slightly)

What we know is Anglin "predictive programmed" Pewdiepie, a guy sponsored by DISNEY AND YOU-TUBE and a millionaire many times over, into racialist consciousness a couple of weeks before an MSM storm brewed around him. Hunter Wallace has carried the banner, as an op, or "useful idiot",  into the community by posting several articles on him

My take is this "drama" by the MSM may herd Pewdiepie into a camp with "Daily Stormer" much like the Weev, MSM psyop did.  Keep on the look out and 

Eyes Open!

Mom and Pewdie

Related imageDue to Anglin's problematic "red flags",  it's a source of further concern for the goy resistance to jump on one more Jewish distraction event bandwagon. Kjellberg made 15 million last year. Thinking Kjellberg is a NAZI is like believing Taylor Swift is one because she's cute and has blue eyes.

The real question seems to be how do you grow a RESISTANCE by continued seeking of Jewish enabled stars to worship!

Here are a few quick facts about Pewdiepie that spell goyim subversion should he somehow "become one of  us". These are signs already present in most of our leaders, by the way. Pewdiepie's mom CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Kappahl and his father  was-is a CEO of some "mystery" company

PewDiePie was born and raised in GothenburgSweden.[10] He was born to Lotta Kristine Johanna (born 7 May 1958) and Ulf Christian Kjellberg (born 8 January 1957), and grew up with his sister Fanny.[11] His mother, a former KappAhl CIO, was named the 2010 CIO of the Year in Sweden.[11] His father is also a Chief Executive of another company.[12]

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I continue raising questions on "Why is JAM here (above)?"

Image result for the crimefighter's oathThe Crimefighter's Oath

Ok, crimefighters. I have a tale to tell you that you may not wish to hear for it strips the lies off of everything you have been led to believe regarding a resistance of Jewry or the JWO. Disconcerting to know that the guy who taught you Hitler fought the JWO and that there was a Jew World Order is attacking you in defense of the Jew World Order but such is the real grey matter we try and see through hidden by "black and white" claims

Indeed, it is quite humbling. For a quick rundown on how I got to the point where I have claimed, with certainty, VK Clark is an op and Sinead is in collusion with her or at minimum, a totally dysfunctional goy who lets personal issues trump JWO resistance imperatives.

please use this category for your studies.

Image result for the crimefighter's oathI have spent the last three years diving into these inner subversion issues with few paying overt attention to me till about a year ago. First, when I went after Sinead and now, just recently, with my confrontation of Clark.

The list of people I have listed  that needs to be subjected to serious vetting by those trusted within an unco-opted base operation is far and wide and includesVK Clark, Kyle Hunt, Deanna Spingola, Mark Glenn, Lasha Darkmoon, Andrew Anglin, Rodney Martin, ZCF-Brandon Martinez, John deNugent,etc. Just the tip of the iceberg

The recent clash with Clark has led to a new level of scrutiny, as to what I am doing, with behind the curtain subversions against my you-tube account, apparently standard practice, engaged in, by operatives when a threat becomes too great to simply ignore.

I seem to be in that category now. 

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Blindlight breaks 50,000 ranking in USA



Pro-White Racialism and Israeli Nationalism

written by didi18 D

 Text translation

"I keep repeating it to the French Jews, who are increasingly turning to us: 'Not only is the Front National not your enemy, but it is probably in the future the best shield to protect you, it stands beside you for the defense of our freedoms of thought or of worship in the face of the only true enemy, fundamentalism Islamist.""After all the National Front has always been pro-Zionist and has always defended the right to the existence of israhell."


Here is a first article in a series whose aim is to expose with simplicity this masquerade "pro-white, pro-israhell and anti-islam" of all these new movements like the "Alt-Right" or even the old ones like The FN, which is no more than a showcase for Israeli nationalism.

All these movements advocate the creation of a white state like that of israhell, this pseudo Jewish state. If whites want to do something, why do they have to justify themselves by citing israhell as an example? The answer is simple and it will not please everyone. What is certain is that Ultimately , to create their "white state" and to justify its existence, all these movements will have to defend israhell and policy. They will have to accept everything and fight against anyone who criticizes israhell and this is not only about Muslims.

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Is this video the excuse Brandon needed to help VK?

Snap5fnot only had it been out a year (see below pic)

but the copyright claim was a picture of Brandon found in google search- no video content was copyrighted.

Number 1,

amazing google just doesn't remove such an easy to have error that all ppl are capable of doing and

number 2,

it's extremely ironic that I had to learn from Brandon, about the way the Jews won their court case through dirty Jew tricks (2012) concerning the protocols and now to find Brandon protecting those same ole dirty Jews

Shame! Shame!


The phone call at the end was from an elder of ZIon. Sadly, it didn't get through


JAM, how does a man have a baby Jew?


Snap4799810fGot to protect my people!eeeeeee

For Those asking. Sinead made a privacy claim on her shouting video that made her look like a crackhead. Only first person parties can make privacy claims. Then Sinead flagged my "Sinead more persecuted than the Jews" video. It could have been Clark that made this claim but I think we can assume it was probably Sinead. All this was done right after I had fully exposed Clark as an op, a Jewess and married to a black man. I asked Sinead for help to take her down. She never answered, the next thing I knew Sinead had complained to you-tube. Clark, a fag hag and Sinead an item?. Look at the pic! The green highlighted as a Clark impersonating me account.11111111dd 2Sinead's siding with VK Clark behind the curtain in my effort to take Clark down two weeks ago is like Spingola's shilling for Sandy Hook

It oozes "Secret Jew!Snap200

11111111dd 2The highlighted conversation was between Clark and McCarthy. Notice McCarthy switched from 3rd person to first person with prodding from VK as they conspired and shared an insider's joke. My input was below


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