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Brandon Martinez, selling half of the truth for the "Deep State"

Snap16Brandon Martinez is using the same tactic racialist whites, fixated on the Muslim crisis, are using in reference to Jew and Muslim collaboration to undermine the West. In his case, Brandon connects Russia-Putin to Israel Netanyahou in vile collaboration. Since the "Deep State" apparatus (headed by Jews) plays both sides to cause the conflict, both the racialists, many of whom love Putin and Martinez are offering misdirection to sell their agenda.

The fact hidden by both is that the true enemy is "everybody's friend" and the true enemy doesn't mind half of his "game" getting exposed if he can lever that to get the recipients to do his bidding  in it's desired result (it's educating the goy just enough to where he acts in your interests and still hasn't a clue). Brandon, being a neo-con, is all in with the Pam Geller style selling Muslim hate though his alternative media groupies need to hear that  Israel is the devil also to be swayed the direction Brandon pushes, something Geller would never say to her mainstream conservative audience.

However, there is a divide between the communist anti-Muslims and the neo-con anti-Muslims (formerly communists in Russia but moved to America to sell Zionism). This is why Brandon has to push constant barbs in the direction of the alt-right whom he sees undermines his anti-Putinism. Of course, in the end, they are all sucking each other's dick behind the curtain as they laugh at the goy that buy their bullshit


Similarities Between Russia and Israel

By Brandon Martinez

Over the years I’ve observed many similarities between the behaviour of Russia and Israel. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

1) Russia and Israel both have ruthless, murderous intelligence agencies carrying out “wet-work” in foreign countries. The Mossad and the FSB (formerly KGB) are both notoriously adept at assassinations, staged provocations and other wicked chicanery. In 2006, the FSB used polonium to poison exiled Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London. In 2010, the Mossad crudely assassinated an operative of Hamas in a Dubai hotel room. The two agencies have carried out dozens of other assassinations of their political enemies over the years. In 2014 a Russian minister encouraged the FSB to “follow Mossad examples” by assassinating the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist Right Sector group.....continue reading


Snap15eThree People With Extreme Jewish Privilege

Two supremacist Jews and their fake goy pet, Mike Cernovitch



I think what I am saying is Martinez is as fictional a name as Zander C Fuerza

The Myth of the Good Jew by TruthAbouttheNWO

As I posted the stuff below, this is a classic of Martinson's  that I ran into at the last minute so let's get the whole enchilada. "The Myth of the Good Jew"  Folks, Martinson very well may be Jewish. He is telling you or implying all Jews are evil.  He's too smart to truly believe that so he's provocateuringHere we have Jam, above, around 2010. He's about 30. Look at his attire. He literally is wearing the uniform of a neo-nazi.

My claim about JAM is he, like most others looked to as spokesmen for the people, was an operative. There is video of him instructing folks in Michigan somewheres, a group soon to be arrested as domestic terrorists.

JAM outed the Jews like no other. He literally said they were born evil, something Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts, two associates of his back then, still say today.

So connect the provocatuerish anti-Jew language, connect the neo-NAZI garb and then connect the fact  he acted out some sort of heavy persecution scenario not too long after the video. He literally made announcements for everyone who downloaded his work to take them off the web. He claimed he could no longer get a job because of his high profile anti-Jew stance and then he basically disappeared. Isn't that a great example to be sold to the goy of what happens to an aware Goyim anti-semite? Here's the link to his training video (also in the playlist above

So, I'd like to know where is the history of Martinson building his knwledge on Facebook and then testing the waters with his theories? I wasn't around but I would bet a hefty sum of money that John all of a sudden  appeared as a Mike Delaney side-kick, deep in Jew wise knowledge. That is pretty much the MO of these ops like Lasha Darkmoon that I outed here and so many others. We don't see them grow. They come in as "experts from afar" to be blindly believed and to spread disinfo while being believed or selling a brand needed at the time, whatever

Image result for Jewish false flag -  Jewish committed Anti-Semitic Hate Incidents Reported In First Six Months of 2017It is the Jews till the Jews threaten to ruin your life, then it's not the Jews, it was a slip of the tongue

BY STAV ZIV ON 9/21/17 AT 1:30 PM
Record Number of Anti-Semitic Hate Incidents Reported In First Six Months of 2017

Image result for Jewish false flag -  Jewish committed Anti-Semitic Hate Incidents Reported In First Six Months of 2017

Updated | Valerie Plame Wilson landed herself in hot social media water when she tweeted out a link to a story titled “America's Jews Are Driving America’s Wars” on Thursday without any commentary to explain why she was sharing it. 

The article, published in The Unz Review, was published Tuesday by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA case officer and Army intelligence officer.

American Jews, according to Giraldi, are faking the threat and dragging politicians and the media down with them. American Jews with an attachment to Israel, he added, should not be allowed anywhere near positions where they might deal with Middle East policy because it would be a “conflict of interest.”

Keep Up With This Story And More By Subscribing Now (go  to source bullshit)

So why doesn’t anyone say anything? Giraldi has an answer for that too. And it involves a classic anti-Semitic trope about Jews running the media. “Any organization that aspires to be heard on foreign policy knows that to touch the live wire of Israel and American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity,” he wrote. “Jewish groups and deep pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run the media and entertainment industries, meaning that no one will hear about or from the offending party ever again.”

09_21_Valerie_Plame_WilsonFormer CIA Operations Officer Valerie Plame attends the premiere for the film 'Fair Game' during the 36th Deauville American Film Festival in Deauville, France, on September 9, 2010. Wilson was recently lambasted for tweeting an article titled "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars."

Former CIA Operations Officer Valerie Plame attends the premiere for the film 'Fair Game' during the 36th Deauville American Film Festival in Deauville, France, on September 9, 2010. Wilson was recently lambasted for tweeting an article titled "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars."

The reaction to Wilson’s tweet sharing the story was fast and furious. One user said, “Um, what is this? You're one of my heroes. Please tell me it's a mistake.” Another pointed out the added insult of timing, since Thursday is the Jewish new year, one of the most important holidays for Jews: “Why the hell would you retweet this drivel? On #RoshHashana none the less. Do you really believe this?”

A third said, “Please tell me you were hacked or meant to quote tweet this anti-Semitic garbage with criticism.” Another questioned, “You're seriously retweeting this? Btw, can be perceived like you wrote it until one clicks link. You actually support this?”

But Wilson was not deterred. She responded with a series of tweets:

1) First of all, calm down. Re-tweets don't imply endorsement. Yes, very provocative, but thoughtful. Many neocon hawks ARE Jewish.

  • 2) Just FYI, I am of Jewish decent. I am not in favor of war with Iran, or getting out of the Iran nuclear treaty. There are simply
  • 3) too many who are so ready to go to war. Haven't we had enough for a while?
  • 4) Read the entire article and try, just for a moment, to put aside your biases and think clearly.

Less than an hour and a half later, she sent four additional tweets with a very different tone, apologizing for her previous missives:

  • OK folks, look, I messed up. I skimmed this piece, zeroed in on the neocon criticism, and shared it without seeing and considering the rest.
  • I missed gross undercurrents to this article & didn’t do my homework on the platform this piece came from. Now that I see it, it’s obvious.
  • Apologies all. There is so much there that’s problematic AF and I should have recognized it sooner. Thank you for pushing me to look again.
  • I’m not perfect and make mistakes. This was a doozy. All I can do is admit them, try to be better, and read more thoroughly next time. Ugh.....continue reading


Brandon Martinez is doing his best to make himself into an establishment pundit. Gone are the days Martinez waxed and waned about Jews, 911 conspiracies, the targeting of Arabs.Image result for zioncrimefactory

Brandon Martinez, He Disses "Crazy" While Selling His Own Brand of "Looney"

a Martinez pic from ZCF days claiming there was a Jewish conspiracy behind 911

In it's place pretty much all neo-con talking points.  He's gone from conspiracy promoter to conspiracy debunker, from Jews did 911 to maybe it was the Saudis.

Gone from his focus is the grandfather conspiracy of the them all that father's all the other ones replaced with the evil Russian and Islam conspiracies so much approved of by the Deep State threatening to do in the west. Why Brandon even wrote an article in support of NATO!

The problem is it's too late. Everybody knows Brandon's a shill for the globalists, or the west or the neo-cons. Everybody will remember all the previous personas he inhabited that they loved or hated. All the journalists will remember the unrelenting attacks on Judaism so while he pretends now it's the Russians or that it's evil Islam trying to take over, we and they all know that he really knows and believes it's the Jews.

Your Jewish handler sure did a crappy job with you, Bran!

Continue reading


Below are Jorjani's and Spencer's statements pertaining to Jorjani's, the creater of Altright inc, departure. Though I am no fan of Spencer, he definitely comes off as the more level headed of the two in this exchange of reasons for what occurred.
Jorjani behaves like a scorned bitch. He tried buttering up the ghetto that was the WN movement and it failed. He tried to change what Altright had always been about and it failed. Now, he espouses nasty inferences for all with only himself being innocent. Very odd.

The Departure of Jason Jorjani, Spencer answers!Image result for Jason Jorjani, Richard Spencer

There's a point at which LARPing becomes lying.


 September 21, 2017 

LARPing can be forgiven as naïve, but eventually, it becomes annoying, disingenuous, and even immoral.

On August 15, 2017, Jason Reza Jorjani resigned from the Alt-Right Corporation. He no longer owns shares in our organization nor is he involved with its guidance.

Jason published his resignation letter without consulting any Board Member or announcing his intentions to us. Despite this lack of courtesy, we parted ways on what seemed to be amicable terms.

Jason has always strongly identified with what he calls the Iranian Renaissance movement. Jason informed us that, after Charlottesville, he had been given an ultimatum: leave the Alt-Right or leave the Iranian resistance. It reveals much that Jason preferred the interests of a Middle Eastern country over a movement that represents the identities of White people in America and Europe. As his strange airing of dirty laundry reveals, he valued the Alt-Right as a means of advancing Iran.

The Iranian Renaissance is an attempt to de-Islamify Iran and return it to its Aryan and even Zoroastrian roots, making the country a staunch ally of Europe and identitarian movements. Laudable . . . quixotic . . . perhaps dangerously de-stabilizing . . . I ultimately find this movement utterly dispensable to our broader goals. My personal instincts are towards realism, and I would have no qualm with European states having diplomatic, respectful relations with the current Iranian regime. Haven’t we had enough “regime change” in the Middle East to fill a lifetime?

Some history is in order. I had first become aware of Jason last fall when he took over the editorship of Arktos Media from John Morgan. While John’s personality is passive and listless, Jason’s is that of an energetic “dreamer,” in the best and worst senses of the word. He has a brilliant intellect and wide knowledge of philosophy, but also possess a tendency to indulge in the esotericism and other-worldliness of which Anglo-Saxons and Germans are rightly skeptical. Put bluntly, Jason has a tendency to LARP (Live Action Role Play), that is, to live in a synthetic world, as opposed to working towards changing the real one......Read the rest


Image result for : Jason Reza Jorjani

Jason Jorjani..........September 20, 2017

A recent piece of trash ‘journalism’ in The New York Times entitled “Undercover With the Alt-Right” features video footage of me that was obtained surreptitiously and under false pretenses. It has been deceptively edited to make it appear as if I am advocating genocidal extreme right-wing policies. The five minute clip has been spliced together from a two hour meeting in a pub. My nightmarish prediction of a future that would follow from Western policymakers’ failure to address the Muslim migrant crisis in the present has been taken out of context and made to appear as if it is advocacy for “concentration camps and expulsions and war… at the cost of a few hundred million people.” It is one thing for such a deceptive film clip to have been produced by the Antifa organization Help Not Hate, it is another altogether for it to be embedded into a New York Times article. Jesse Singal and the Times are responsible for libel – or worse. I had a long and heated conversation with Mr. Singal in the course of which I clarified the concealed context of my butchered statements, but he did not convey my clarification in a responsible fashion when reproducing Antifa’s slanderously spliced misquotes of me.

The article also suggests that the Alt-Right Corporation was created in a context that involved my dialogue with individuals in the Trump Administration, and that our aim was to become their policy advisement group (comparable to the Straussian think tank inside the Bush-Cheney Administration). In this context, the one-sentence parenthetical reference to my August 15th resignation from the Alt-Right Corporation and Arktos Media makes it appear as if I left the corporation only because lines of communication to people who had the ear of President Trump were cut off. It is true that my greater responsibilities to the Iranian opposition were not the sole cause of my departure. The formation of the Iranian United Front during the very same days as the Charlottesville disaster were only an opportunity to leave an organization with which I was already profoundly dissatisfied – an organization that I created. The New York Times hit piece did get one thing right, I was in fact “the architect of the Alt-Right Corporation.” I suggested it to Richard Spencer. I’m afraid the time has come to confess why I did that, and to explain what the organization was supposed to be as opposed to what it has become.....Continue Reading 


And You thought maybe Morgan was different? Bad Goy! Brandon,  did you MK Ultra his ass?


The Women Strike Back!

Image result for WWE wrestling, women beat the men gifs


Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Kathryn Townsend Anti fa and KKK basically drive to events in the same bus and are mercenaries for the deep state, FYI. The fact the MSM ignores folks that bring balloon piss and bats with nails in them and disses the folks that are ready to strike back when the inevitable happens means it's not an even playing field. They both should be irrelevant but one was getting a wink and a nod to carry on as usual till recently. My guess is your tolerance for that decision to allow BLM to speak in lieu of balloon piss stems from the fact you went along with that as well
LikeShow more reactions
 · Reply · Yesterday at 7:37pm · Edited
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Kathryn Townsend She is saying why is the right censoring Richard Spencer and inviting BLM. Got an answer? It seems to me the organizers are catering to the biased reporting of the MSM. Avialae is challenging the need for the power elite to allow certain bad actors and censor other ones and for a good reason. This could have been political discourse where various positions could have been aired but the chosen evil ppl again were banished
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 · Reply · Yesterday at 7:47pm · Edited
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Christy Radzion The Confederate Flag is a symbol to White People of their history. The Civil War, though they pretend now it was, was not fought over slavery. This is an exercise in free speech too, for if you can't air unpopular ideas taught as unpopular by "The Powers That Be", one no longer can check "The Powers That Be". In this case, Black people have been encouraged to be the foot soldiers in this cause for "The Powers That Be" because pride in history is problematic for globalist aims. All we want is free speech, is that too much to ask? And representatives in the halls of justice that represent us and not globalist agendas
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 · Reply · Yesterday at 8:17pm · Edited
Michael Rapson
Michael Rapson · Avialae S. Horton It was exactly that, as CNN were right in the vicinity and ready to roll with their cameras in full force and were no doubt looking for a bloodbath, but left very disappointed
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 · Reply · 20 hrs
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Avialae S. Horton How did my response to Christy's concern about Rebel flags which has been an issue, deserving a ban of my free speech? I know Spencerites are considering it a mistake to fly em as it gives CNN extra opportunities to do colored negative sound bites. Perhaps I was erroneous in how I interpreted Chrisie's comment, I thought that she was against provocateuring with them. But I commend you for leaving my response up to Miss Townsend of which I am sure, my mass is too unwashed for her to respond to. And if you erase this post I will know you really hate free speech
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 · Reply · 14 hrs
Avialae S. Horton
Avialae S. Horton · I haven't banned anything you've said? You're still here, discussing it, aren't you?
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 · Reply · 12 hrs
Kathryn Townsend
Kathryn Townsend · Joe Sigur Considering the fact that I was a speaker at an event where antifa threw bricks and balloons filled with feces in my direction and would have hit me were it not for the riot cops and Patriots who stood in the way --- you don't know what you are accusing me of.
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 · Reply · 
 · 12 hrs
Christy Radzion
Christy Radzion · Joe Sigur do your research and educate yourself. You have no clue what that flag represents. I know what it represents. It has nothing to do with "white people". I know my heritage and history. Also my name is spelled Christy. And another thing, it's a confederate flag, not a rebel flag.
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 · Reply · 10 hrs
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Avialae S. Horton I didn't say you banned me, I said you deleted the comment or it's clearly what was meant. Whether or not you agree with my take, it's called engaging in political discourse, right?
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 · Reply · 22 mins
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Kathryn Townsend I'm surprised, I didn't believe I was important enough to earn a response from you. Apart from your neutrality on the action taken, did you support banning evil racialists from airing their views? Have you been supporting the censoring of a significant part of the populous?I say that knowing that the whole MSM talkasphere has been quick to claim ppl that breathe in the same room with claimed NAZIs are thus labeled NAZIs and this is clearly an effort to disallow anything they might bring to the table. Once upon a time, you might have been able to say Neo-Nazis were uncouth barbarians, but the goofy left and quiet right refuse to see the many intelligent folks that are now being labeled neo-NAZI. Are you really evil if you oppose globalism? these rich elitists that are so giving towards third worlders coming to America live in gated communities and don't have to deal with the consequences beyond saving on their lawn-care bill. So Miss Townsend, I will venture a guess you have been fine with this demonization program to this point and are totally forgiving of inviting the enemy to eat videls as opposed to wearing piss? You might ask as a connected insider, why are the police encouraging the violence by doing nothing or doing something that makes it inevitable
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 · Reply · 6 mins · Edited
Joe Sigur
Joe Sigur · Gee girl, (Christy) you made a short insert, to me, implying the confederate flag was a violence encourager. I agree I may have got your assertion wrong but is it my fault you are poor at expressing yourself? As far as what name we use for the flag, I'll be honest,, I don't give a flip. It's clear you knew what I was referring to and that's the most important thing, and why the hostility? Was I being hostile to you?
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Mixed results, one of my three comments were deleted by "Based Southern Belle"Fanjul,Chloe Black, Fanjul, Clinton,Duke, Chloe, kid, Black, Black's KidSnap7Yo Mama 3 hours ago · 

C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures These are updated charts with more detailed information. And there is a new chart for Don Black (the owner of Stormfront).


You-Tube (some call it the Deep State) is becoming more sexually blatant by the month

This is what gazes back at me after I sign out of my home page. This is what they show folks with no profile. If this isn't the blatant Jewish agenda  in your face programming they did so successfully in the Weimar Republic in the 20's I don't know what is. They don't change and we never learn or remember history.

Oh yeah, Jews control what we remember in our history, I forgot


Read 63322 times Last modified on Monday, 25 September 2017 13:09

When we see through the programming, the lies, the misdirection that holds us to our slave existence and our slave jobs that serves those who dominate us, and we are willing to suffer the consequences of saying know to all of it and when our numbers grow, maybe then we can toss the water onto the wicked witch of the east and watch her shrivle up into lie goo, deader than a door nail


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