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Sheriff of Nothingham meets Mayor of Nothington

Is This Another One of Those WWE cage Matches the JWO Loves to Distract Us With?

In this writer's opinion, Blindlight (Was the Next Hitler), three less than credible individuals continue to go at it.  It's not a "fair" fight. Henrik Holappa and Carlos Porter are both shooting at John deNugent and the referee is letting em do what the fuck they want! Poor John but he was marine, so....

John deNugent has earned a spot on my list on the front burner over the last six weeks for being likely co-intel pro or at minimum a person with some splainin ta do. Therefore, I check his site quite often. I enjoy reading John but from my own personal contact with him that included his trying to get me to become a sponsor, I have determined that he's an old timer, White Nationalist, loves playing the race card, makes up lofty goals that he never follows through on  that allows him to feel justified to ask his readers for monetary support and very well may be  an MK Ultra Monarch slave controlled by Jews.

I say the last because one day he can seemingly be above the fray beckoning the highest possibilities of our nature and  within a few days he's scraping the scum pits for any provocateurish race baiting shit he can find, always defines non-White goy in unflattering terms and whites more innocent than the Jew has ever been innocent.

So I go to his site this evening and scroll down the recent article blogs he's posted and there's one called "New outrages by amateur Agent Carlos Porter". As you can see in the title, JdN is implying Porter is compromised but let me tell you something about John.The real issue is John doesn't  out agents, he simply defends his personal credibility. One of the best ways to defend yourself against scurrilous charges is to call the one making the charges an informant.....continue reading


Trump, a Jew's Best Friend and "The White Race Religion's" follower's Messiah!The Kehilla 

It has taken the Jews a long time and a great deal of planning to reach the tremendous power that they now wield all over the world. At the root of all their power is their religion, the bond that ties them together and gives them racial loyalty. From this springboard they have acquired the other attributes with which they have conquered the world. Three of the main attributes may be briefly listed as propaganda, money, and organization.

The Jews are organized to the hilt. They not only have their own organizations but they have the Gentiles organized, they have the niggers organized, they have the Arabs organized, they have the Christians organized and they have just about everybody else organized as well. Among their own people some of the leading ones are the B’nai B’rith, which is strictly Jewish, the Anti-Defamation League, which is the Jewish Secret Police, and thousands of others. For the niggers they have the N.A.A.C.P., The Urban League, Southern Christian Educational Conference, and dozens of others, all Jewish controlled and used to inflame hatred against the Whites amongst the American niggers. For the White people or the Goyim, as they call us, they have the Masonic Lodges, Americans for Democratic Action, they have the Communist Party, they have The Council on Foreign Relations, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and hundreds of others, all Jewish controlled.....continue

Nothing pisses a White Supremacist off more than to hear he's not chosen

"You're not Chosen!"

First europeans

White Supremacy Narrative

First Europeans Were Not White

When a forensic artist paired up with BBC for a special report, he unraveled one of the greatest myths of the white supremacy narrative. Forensic artist Richard Neave used ancient bone fragments that may have been up to 36,000 years old to create what is believed to be one of the more accurate depictions of the first Europeans. The resulting human, however, revealed the face of a sub-Saharan African rather than a white man.


There May Not Have Been Any White People in Europe Until a Few Thousand Years Ago

white race is young

White people often place themselves deep into ancient history, but a team of scientists recently discovered that the likelihood of white people existing for as long as other races was slim to none. According to Gary Leupp, a history professor at Tufts University, explains, “The new research supports the theory that the spread of agriculture in Europe beginning only around 6,000 years ago favored survival of people with the genetic mutation producing fair skin.” This ultimately suggests that “white people in Europe” may have only appeared “as recently as 7,000 years ago.”

source...........................................................................................Image result for Ben Klassen

Klassen, nothing more than a cult leader for racist whites

Below comes from Creativity Creed and Program, Fundamental Points by Ben Klassen located here

7. Our GOLDEN RULE is: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

***sounds "Jew".***

9. We mean to cleanse our own territories of all the Jews, niggers and mud races and send them back to their original habitat. Starting first with the United States, we then want to help each White country to free their territories of the contamination of mud races also, and prevent not only race-mixing, but geographic mixing of races within any of the lands now occupied by the White Race.

***If I understand Ben correctly, he is saying to free Europe from Jews and muds and send them back to from where they came. However he feels compelled to then clarify that that is assuming the white race hasn't claimed the land from "where they came" for themselves. Do I have that right Ben?***

11. Our first and foremost problem in saving the'white Race from mongrelization and genocide is to straighten out the confused and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself. Once we have accomplished that much, getting the Jews, niggers and mud races off our backs will be relatively easy. When this has been accomplished, we then propose to expand the White Man's territory slowly and gradually, similar to the historic "Winning of the West" in early America, until the White Man inhabits all the good lands of this Planet Earth.

***Hmm, Ben seems to think that Whites stealing land they don't need from any Mud that gets in the way is ok and he wants us to think of "Winning the Wild West" as some sort of role model to follow. It seems that Ben while acknowledging Jew subversion  elsewhere on many occasions finds it convenient to claim that the usurption of unneeded territory from the Indians had nothing to do with Jew greed and was a white endeavor. I, Blindlight, have showed on this website that it is pretty clear cut that colonialism was always Jewish by establishing the "fact" that the English colonies were "English" because the Jewish power center had taken over England and made the goy English king nothing but a figurehead.. But what has already been stated in "7", What is good for the white race is the highest virtue", is all that counts when reciting the past. Again, very Jewish though clearly very unsuccessful in implementing (unlike the Jew)***

20. In a rapidly degenerating world that is now overcrowded and overrun with an explosion of inferior mud races; a world that is drug-ridden and already overly polluted with toxic chemicals and nuclear wastes; a world now steeped in anarchy, chaos and terrorism, it is nevertheless our ultimate and continuing goal to build in its place a Whiter and Brighter World for our future generations.

***Final verdict, self serving narrative defining truth in a biased way to suit preconceived aims. More Jew in a poor white copy? Quit taking Jewish mantras and trying to twist them white, maybe?***

All Jewish Diasporas have caused major problems for the Goyim

Guide to

The Four Diasporas

You may need some help interpreting The Four Diasporas, so here it is.

Reference: The Christian Solution

Whether it be the thousand-year-old Babylonian Empire or the thousand-year-old Greco-Roman Empire, or the thousand-year-old Medeival Christian European Empire, or our own short lived American Empire, the same basic events have preceeded each demise.

Image result for the conniving JewThe first involves angering the Jews.

The Babylonians and Romans did so by destroying their first and second Temple and then enslaving their people.

The Europeans did so in 1492 AD, by upsetting their 800-year-old Golden Era where they were comfortably situated with the Moorish Judeo-Muslims of Spain.

America stands alone in not provoking the wrath of the Jews, yet we are currently witnessing their wrath for a reason only known to them.

Perhaps, their reason is associated with their common motto of "Never Again" after WW2. If the "Never Again" scenario is to be realized, then Christians must be kept disorganized and at each other's throats, instead of being focused on what NT Jews are doing within our society.

continue reading


Andrew Anglin pretends his father goes Nazi on some faggot. True intent is to pull in more white primates for his Trump mind control. Anglin is  trying out for a bit role on Fox News by the way as America's new "Face of Hate" to be userped from Matt Hale, a guy who pretends to be in jail so he can ask for donations to retry his fake case
Hillary says conspiracy theorists have "dark hearts" as she attacks  Alex Jones for challenging the OCTs  on 911, Oklahoma and the biggest of all (oh my!) Sandy Hook! Of course she also claims the holocaust happened and Jews are innocent  of any and everything!

read more at "Non-Aligned Media

Intense demonizing and huge discouragement in the wiseness of going to the internet for accurate news by CNN media pundit with no challenging the statement. Loose Change (a limited hangout doc on 911 with half truths) is  as an example of why this is unwise if not stupid if not anti-American to ever believe folks working for bankers would ever think about misleading the American people

view video

You attack white supremacy or "the Alt Right" by only mentioning controlled opposition or the folks that have done their best to link fanatical racism to being Jew-wise. This then through censorship of simply legitimate Jewish criticism paints those that would out the Jew the enemy of mankind, which in fact they are when you look at the core principles behind their stances.  A belief that all muds (every non-White that isn't Jewish) border on being animal primates, that all muds hate whites and Jews use muds to undermine rightful white rulership and take over the world for themselves...You be sure to include a Jew or two in your list of villains to assure control of the message you wish to present

What Is The “Alt-Right”? A Guide To The White Nationalist Movement Now Leading Conservative Media

 August 25, 2016 9:29 AM EDT ››› OLIVER WILLIS
Over the last few months, the so-called “alt-right” has become one of the most prominent factions of the conservative media. The movement’s leading outlet is Breitbart News, whose chairman, Stephen Bannon, has just become the CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

In many ways the “alt-right” is a rebranding of classic white nationalism for the 21st century. As BuzzFeed described the movement: “In short, it’s white supremacy perfectly tailored for our times: 4chan-esque racist rhetoric combined with a tinge of Silicon Valley–flavored philosophizing, all riding on the coattails of the Trump boom.”

The “alt-right” opposes diversity and immigration, arguing that those policies are a form of “white genocide.” It embraces racism, sexism, anti-Muslim bigotry, and anti-Semitism and sees its goal as usurping the traditional conservative movement, which it views as feckless and weak, in favor of a brand of nationalism.

With the ascension of Trump, the “alt-right’s” chosen candidate, as the nominee of the Republican Party, its mission is all but accomplished.

The following is a survey of the key concepts of the “alt-right,” the major figures and media outlets in the movement, and reaction to the "alt-right."

Key Concepts

“White Genocide” “Cuckservatives”

Key Players

Richard Spencer, The “Alt-Right’s” Racist Founder..Stephen Bannon And Breitbart News...Milo Yiannopoulos...American Daily Stormer...The Political Cesspool...The Right Stuff...Mike Cernovich

Reactions To The “Alt-Right”

Traditional Conservative Pushback And Support....Mainstreaming The “Alt-Right”

Key Concept...continue reading from "Media Matters"


Image result for Mehmed The Jewish Conqueror Mehmed the Jewish Conquerer
When Isabella was two years old, Sultan Mehmed II, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror, also known here at this site as Mehmed the Jewish Conqueror, had led the final assault on Constantinople. Mehmed, Murad's son, was intelligent and learned but even more ruthless than his father. 
Born in 1432, two years after the conquest of Salonika, Mehmed was the sultan's third son, the child of a slave girl who was one of Murad's concubines.  It was not legal to enslave Muslims, so she is believed to have been of Christian or Jewish origin.  Her name is unknown, as many of the women in the harem were not identified by name.  Mehmed grew up with his mother in the harem at Edirne Satayi, southwest of Constantinople, where he developed a reputation, despite his academic interests for "insolence, savagery and violence". -- Isabella - The Warrior Queen by Kirston Downey  (pg 169)

Can we all be grownups here and read between the lines. Mehmed was born to a slave in a harem, but slaves could not be Muslim, only Christian or Jew. So we have only to deduce if Mehmed was raised by a Christian lady or a Jewish lady. Seems here that actions speak louder than words.

[Mehmed] was an enigmatic character -- beloved and revered by Muslims as a great and powerful warrior,  admired by many Jews for the benign tolerance in which he permitted them to live in his realm, but feared as a relentless aggressor who was determined to expand the Ottoman Empire by swallowing Europe. -- Isabella - The Warrior Queen by Kirston Downey  (pg 167)

Author Kirston does not spell this out, but we will. 

Jews and Muslims loved and revered Mehmed, while Christians trembled at his name. 

read more

Did Our standard bearer for "The Face of Hate" forget about the Jew problem?In Shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image result for Matt Hale's mom

White Racialist hero, Matt Hale, who I have named as an infiltrator along with his predecessor, Ben Klassen,  released a book called "Ending White Slavery". You can download it for free. The whole book was spent talking about loving your race and, get this, didn't mention Jewish subversion once

I call this the "Nathan Damigo" effect. Nathan comes from a Zionist supporting family. After getting discovered by Jews at HBO and having a documentary on his robbery of a hispanic guy after returning from the war, he spent the next five years  receiving money from "Gofundme" campaigns his mother expertly supervised

Just a little left of your soul, white man. I promise it won't hurt!

Image result for male cuckingImage result for White Man's Bible

His mother loves Israel. By the way, Hale's mom has been fund raising for Matt 24/7 (raised over 150,000 dollars) as well and now you got a book that pretends the Jew isn't our problem from Matt. It's about feeling guilty for being white! That's our problem.

YellAnyway, Nathan is now Richard Spencer's favorite butt boy in the alt-kike and is being enabled as a force to be reckoned with. Nathan NEVER talks about Jews, ever!

I been telling you this for over a year now, goy. Your movement is removing the Jew leak from discussion. Hey, but vote for Trump. He won't recognize your support openly and he supports Jews 100% and he does out Muslims for dancing in the streets on 911, right? Trump and Matt Hale will save this country for the White Race!


I decided to read one of these "White Man's Bible" books written by covert Jew Klassen. Here are a few quotes

Our Natural Enemies

And who are his natural enemies? Number one on the list is the International Jew, the whole Jewish network, the Jew as an individual. Number two is the mass of colored races, whom we shall designate simply as the mud races.

Interpretation, "The white race is all alone, everyone is it's enemy. Of course the problem there is the white race  is slave to the Jew. Not only has it declared the Jew his enemy but considers every other race in collaboration with the Jew while contradicting itself other places by saying the Jews wants to subjugate all races.  Logic of a great race?

We have only one consideration: The White Man’s point of view, The White Man’s best interest, The White Man’s welfare.

Interpretation- Interestingly this exhortation is again, what I call a poor Jew copy> The Jewish catechism of 1958 says this, "

There is no such a thing as public benefit beyond our interests! Those who are not with us are against us! An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! That is what Moses taught, and that is how our forefathers lived. And that is how we shall live also. Revenge is a sacred feeling. It forms a person's character and affirms his validity. Abandon any feeling of submissiveness and humility towards those who have offended us. Let the stupid goyim keep for themselves the slogans of Christian charity, meekness, humility, and self-denial - they are exactly what the stupid goyim are worthy of. Promote, implant and propagate the Christian "virtues" among the goyim, but deep within, remain firm and uncompromising at heart. Be uncompromising towards our enemies! If you forgive them a small offence today, they will commit a big offence to you tomorrow. Do not become accustomed to being offended, and repel other people's desire to offend you.Let the goyim urge one another to be cautious, moderate and flexible in relation to us. Let them be cautious in holding back our onslaught.

It works for Jews for several reasons. They carry out this MO with discretion, covertly,  and they are in control and therefore control the dialogue to their ends furthering it's discretion. Whites, due to this being a deliberate Jewish psyop, IMO, are encouraged to voice loudly their disdain for all enemies thus making the wish accomplish the fact and all the "mud" races are working with the Jew, the real enemy, to subvert whites. Again, great race this easily duped? I think not great race

The White race golden rule: 
What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is the bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

All I can say is "Lol!" Just take a mega-phone and yell it out loud so everyone knows you are the enemy! Please note, this type of literature is not talked about in public by Jews . Now, I ask you, who is everybody's friend and who is everybody's enemy?

It's the people that use discretion in public proclamations of their group aims that garner allies. This Klassen guy implies a utopian world is just down the road and one must assume is because because the white race killed everyone else is why! yea right, a slave race is going to beat all the other slave races and it's master Jew race. You think a Jew might plant that as a possibilty for you to believe?

(I have only read a bit of this book and mentioning obvious problems that jump out)

Just one more idiot misdirecting quote for today. 

And why are the mud races suddenly exploding? Because of the White Man’s benevolent policies of subsidizing them with food, with medical technology, industrial technology, and outright aids of money, grants and gifts, all these at the expense of the White Race, all to the detriment of the White Race and to the benefit of the rapidly expanding mud races. As we will see later, such idiotic policies are spelling the suicide of the White Race and the proliferation of the subnormal mud races.

Wrong, Jews are behind the policies of generosity to all things non-White and that's to subvert the main host. Crystal clear thinking is needed to fight the Jew not "muddy" thinking which Klassen purports.

Worthy of note, Klassen, a Jew, remember, misdirects by blaming white people for shooting themselves in the foot and this is the ultimate problem with the narrative I have read so far. One minute it calls the Jew the enemy of all and the next minute it claims all races are against the white man. His ultimate logic fails here and I would suggest intentionally so since as a covert Jew, Klassen is actually doing work for his real race and not the white race. One has to ask, did this fake goy (KlASSEN) get tired and get help staging his suicide by the Jewish brothers after a subversive job well done?

Clearly a Jew op goy! Eyes open!

To rap, one wonders if my life is thus in danger. I as a goy (a goy to "White Race Religionists" whites ,being someone not white or an unbelieving white) who clearly fits into the  unbeliever category as one who has been exposed and thus  rejected the "promise".

Due to the demonizing  nature of it's creed (divide and conquer) I am thus an enemy. They say I am a good white only if I only care about what's good for white people and white people alone and act like Jews in the reading of this evil literature  (Jews are directed to never allow goy to read their Talmud)that  is meant only for a believer and white man.

Does it expose me to a ritual murder of some sort, an unapproved goy reading the subversive literature of the chosen (White Race Religionists)?

Someone save this white boy with no home!

Ah yes, I have three dragons!

Overtime, as I believe I have successfully framed Andrew Anglin as a controlled racist covertly pushing the Jew agenda, I have ceased perusing his site daily. Wading through the 70% content meant to attract white primates gets to be a chore and an exercise in hanging out with fleas while not taking them with you when you leave.

However, I saw this link on Facebook and decided to check it out. I do not spend much time on Jew activated forums such as Twitter and Facebook and continue to claim  real resistance needs to get a pair and form their own playgrounds as much as possible since Jews absolutely own all the highways. The focus of this article was on how to combat a society moreless controlled by Jewish power and explains a bit the subculture he is trying to create, "The alt-right", has lots of potential, he says.

In this claiming he underplays the kikeness of this new intrusion into the White Race Religion and tries to imply that Andrew will not let the Jew be swept under the rug or allow kikes to herd into the movement. Funny thing is that it looks to me that just that has already happened  and Andrew is giving you comfy pills with his advocacy. We have a new generation that basically talk about problems as if Jews don't exist. You can thank Richard Spencer, clearly a mole and all those that support him for this, including Anglin.

What really caught my eye is Anglin's Alice in Wonderland explanation of when Jews took over. I suppose he has to pretend it was post WWII, so as not to undermine his "JEWS DON'T CONSPIRE" fiction..

Hmm, is he pushing the fiction that Jews didn't make WWII happen through mind control?

Here is Anglin's claim:

Image result for Alt-kike-AnglinThe Solution to Fixing Society in the Face of Man’s Irrationality
The solution for dealing with this problem which I have pursued and which I believe is correct is to create a subculture – that is, a separate community with its own social order and accepted ideological norms.
If we have this subculture, people can exist within this, and continue to to feel as though they are going along with the beliefs and prejudices of the group. The goal, in the long-term, is to then force this subculture to become the dominant culture.
This is exactly how the Jews took over society, overwriting our culture within their own. It began following WWII, with the infiltration of our systems, then really kicked-off in the 1960’s. First, they started a youth movement, using their dominance of entertainment and universities. As the momentum grew, they continued to gain acceptability, and eventually, their “counter-culture” became the dominant culture.
We are doing this now, using the internet as our medium to force cultural memes. And we are having overwhelming levels of success.
The term “Alt-Right” is now entering common language, with the label being affixed to our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The mainstream media is now covering us regularly, treating the topic seriously rather than dismissing us as evil. Hillary is supposed to give a speech about us tomorrow.
They’ve even organized a Jewish homosexual to attempt to co-opt the movement and force out the anti-Semitic element.
Everything is going exactly according to plan. mean to say the Jews don't don a WN disguise?

The highlighted words is my primary focus but the secondary problem is his denial that the system is rigged and due to total Jewish control of the media for all practical purposes, any other challenging message only gets out with their approval and so how challenging is that? Recall I first commented about us needing to leave these Jewish social ops and you can extend that to communication networks and media. We have to have a separate, as much as possible, uncompromising narrative displaying the Jewish predicament in full and of course, Andrew and his ilk would then become our overt enemy if we ceased to capitulate to the programming he is putting in place within this fake thing called resistance to the JWO.

In regards to my main focus with that statement, Andrew is simply lying and assuming his audience won't call him for the lie. Jewish takeover of society and values has been a creeping thing growing by leaps and bounds the last sixty years as society has progressed, but goes way back. Simply read a few articles from Henry Ford's international Jew, a 1920's publication, to know this didn't all of a sudden happen after WWII. 

Hey Andrew are you going to join Jones and claim we are suffering under the 4th German Reich in a bit?

(correction, they are all whores)

I have to assume Andrew is so used to dummying down his message for his low IQ audience while making a narrative that makes MSM activism seem to work that he is not able to assemble mental gymnastics enough to come off as cogent. The dis-info is too strong to make it seem real

Remember, Andrew proudly promotes race wars and all race wars not targeting the Jew service the Jew due to their mind controlled in accepted version of reality. This makes Andrew at heart a masonic actor in Vince McMahon's psyop over the goyim called WWE or "politics as usual". 

Good for Andrew, good for the Jews, bad for everyone else


Believes  White People are God! Nice and so Jewy!

I begin uncovering the garbage that invented the "White Race Religion"

I am just now beginning to learn the history of the movement that supposedly is offering resistance to the Jew and known as the White Racialist Movement or a term I came up with because it is religious like in the ferocity with which it proclaims it's claims for facts, The White Race Religion. It includes Heathens, Christian Identity, and White Nationalists.  They have certain rules about what you have to profess about the White race and their current predicament to be allowed a voice in the movement, otherwise you are rejected as a person of no consequence and demonized as a race traitor if you happen to be white.

Self admitted Jew infiltrator, David Cole, who got a lot of goy pundits to suck his cock after he had been outed now disses those that oppose Jewish narratives

Some tenents of this religion which are professed by all three sectors are:

  • the white race is the greatest race that ever was
  • the white race is chosen
  •  Jews are assholes
  • Chinese steal  ideas off Caucasians and are moochers
  • Arabs and blacks are actually primates and have no rights
  • Jewish colonialism where it is deemed good for the white race is to be supported while any non-white invasions or inconveniences anywhere there are whites are to be trumpeted in the most scurrilous terms demonizing the pawn immigrants rather than the Jew man that controls the spicket. Indian genocide is justified due to a claimed white genocide from 5000 years earlier in the Americas
  • they claim as fact that Blacks and Browns are the enemies of whites and there is  nothing to do but shun any cooperation where white purity is not a fact

The important thing about this list is that it has to proclaim superiority of all things related to the White race and it has to refer to all other races in the harshest of terms, assigning despicable character traits, and primate like behavior qualities backed up with lots of Jew fed National Enquirer-like stories  gotten off a Jewish AP like newsfeed for  low-life whites to transpose to their websites of choice

I have realized it's a full blown psyop enabled and probably created by Jewish brains disguised as whites where you can see this MO being perpetuated by the likes of Andrew Anglin, David Duke, Andrew Aurenheimer, Angelo Gage, Sinead McCarthy, Matt Heimbach and the whole alt-kike movement being assigned to blend in and become one with The WhiteRace Religion.-..

continue reading

I do not believe Matt Hale was a "Useful idiot" here for the white media in this below picture called "The face of hate" but a "Crisis actor" selling a brand the Jewish elites want out there and stuck in the consciousness of all watching.

Real resistance would not seek out  the enemy's  dinner table to sit and talk and agree to place a dunce cap on his head when answering heinous charges. No, in the name of the White Race Religion,  a religion that embraces various positions of white chosenous and superiority in the world and looks upon most non-Whites as rightful slaves and subordinates to them while screaming out their views for all to hear and creating as much hate for my white people as they are capable if initiating, he did this.

Not a "useful idiot for the Jew but probable Jew himself pretending to be white. More to come about Matt over the next week!

Though famous now for his connections to Assange and Snowden, Glenn Greenwald lawyered for Matt Hale for five years for pennies. More interesting, there are no photos showing the two together which seems odd, sort of like a bit of a coverupImage result for Glenn Greenwald-Matt HaleSO, I was looking into the roots of where some of these chosen beliefs of the "White Race Religion" came from and Matt Hale seems to be an extremely loved and prominent figure. Of course red flags immediately abound. The first one is that he seems to have been happily publicized by Jews within the media. Over and over again he has appeared on prime time news shows. This is a man that basically says the white race is God (does that remind anyone of what Jews believe themselves to be?) He says whites  invented everything, blacks have no brains.

It's also claimed he is  to be in jail till 2038 for a murder charge. Since I talk about him below I will just mention the other thing I just saw. Not only is this Jew hater, non-white hater promoted in the media as representative of white supremacy and idolized to this day for his sacrifice, but  famous Glenn Greewald decided to defend this guy for five years for little pay.

Considering Greenwald has all the appearances of a connected Jew whom broke the Edward Snowden story, this gives more compelling credence to the "limited hangout" nature of this person of interest, indeed if not actually an infiltrator Jew. Readers will note that Ben Klassen the crypto Jew, was represented by Alan Dershowitz who coincidentally also represented the famous Frank Collins, real Jew, claimed neo-Nazi case in 1977.

There is also speculation that Hale is secretly homo-sexual and carried on an affair with known homo-sexual, Greenwald. Is this the best the White Race Religion can produce for heroes?

Clearly, if Hale is Jewish and  this is a full-blown psyop using the white race hate vehicle to conduct it, it's just that much more same ole, same ole and one more time I can say I told you so by yours truly. You also have to wonder if he's actually incarcerated. Please remember, testimony by "claimed" inmates can't be accepted as proof. Not in this day of false flag misdirection, staged event bullshit. Also, other leaders of the movement can not be assumed to be unco-opted given the nature and extent of Jewish penetration ongoing in these related WRR movements.

The Krypto Jew might have gotten tired of playing a goy and asked to be relieved of duty!

Just another Jew Op (WRR)

Question! Is the White Race Religion (WRR) just another attempt to copy the Jews and be an international people who don't care about countries, only race? If so, does all the shouting about it and open derogatory language help or hurt?

International Whiteness that knows no borders - Klassen another fake goy pushing Judaism disguised as....


read mo and kill you some niggas

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