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The enemy brings the storm


Jennifer Flowers was invited by Trump to watch the debateImage result for trump clinton debateTrump shill, Stone, weighs in on the debate and cheating:


Now I know why Trump was visibly disturbed - Over the TV, the microphones all appeared to work. But at the debate itself, over those speakers, they were cutting his voice off, adding distortion, etc and that makes it virtually impossible to speak. THEY SCREWED WITH HIM BADLY and he still won, HANDS DOWN.

The scamming MSM knows that everyone heard him come across fine on the TV, and that they can screw with him with this topic because no one who watched TV could hear what was going on at the actual debate. But from Trump's perspective at the debate, they put him through HELL. That is the type of thing you get from the lowest banana republics. But what would one expect from the tribe, which owns the media? You don't expect fair, do you?

It looks like Hillary had a hidden mic

Yep, it just gets better and better - Hillary may have been getting her responses sent to her over a mic box she was wearing on her back. This is going viral on the web now, she got BUSTED. And with a moderator on her side, giving her unfair time, plus a mic box, plus Trump getting messed with, Trump still bashed her into the gutter in the online polls.Way to go.

And I'd like to point something out here - to excuse off Hillary losing, the time magazine poll (which claims Hillary supporters are more educated, more connected, more social (and therefore have more media communication devices) is implying that Trump is winning because the simple deplorables communicate more, have more devices, etc and that they are stacking the results. So we have a bit of cognitive dissidence here, where the under class is more social and more connected? What a laugh!

September 26 2016

 Trump could have done better (Nom de Plume said Hillary won). He obviously was not well versed in going up against a scamming political velociraptor. I wonder how they kept Hillary glued together (if it was her) who knows. My guess is that she was VERY drugged. Held together too well as far as I see it.

They showed Trump on Mexican television for a few minutes and he looked great. Hillary looked OK but there was an air of fakeness with her that Trump did not have.

Halfway point in the debate, and Trump has thrown nothing but soft balls.

Do not miss the debate, you will get to see Hillary's body double at 9pm Eastern, (6 PM pacific)

No matter how it "looks" I don't think the debate will be real. What ONE item could Trump present that would destroy Hillary in a single shot? It would be her web site source code, where she is calling the election a hack-a-thon and hiring programmers to get it done.

The fact that this alone has not gotten "Hillary" thrown out of the race stands as cold hard proof people had better start buying bullets.


News flash- Donald Trump has important role-season 7- Game of Thrones!
Interestingly, C. Ervana,  a self-proclaimed anonymous, female medical expert claiming Hillary has a few years to live at most and is endorsed by Rixon Stewart of, makes a video proclaiming her expertise but, oddly enough, implies some tin foil hat assertions and offers nothing to substantiate them

She proceeds to name about ten famous people tied in very close to Obama who have had brain  malfunctions, many of whom have died such as Ted Kennedy, Arlen Spectre and Beau Biden. The  clear insinuation  is that Obama was somehow responsible. She finishes to claim Obama had secret brain surgery. In the second video, she claimed on the 7th of Aug. a possible impending world catastrophe, somehow tied to Aug 16th, a date near and dear to the Jewish people and their constant suffering and persecution at the hands of the goyim. Oddly enough, C. Ervana goes no further by drawing the obvious conclusion to why that is significant. She goes no further because she hides Jewish involvement in the Jew World Order but she does walk up to the door here. She leaves it for you to go further and assumes you won't with Jewish intimidation tactics all across the Matrix landscape

 I contend that by comments of her intense study of various Jewish preoccupations, she is almost certainly Jewish and here to misdirect. Other videos have her pushing Jewish movies for  various Illuminati signs being  revealed and the fact of the Jewish created Islamophobia dominating the world right now. To remind Rixon Stewart published one of her videos calling her a medical authority. This an anonymous woman. There was no warning about all her bogus prophesy claims such as  the end-times predictions in 2015 concerning the Sept.23rd, 2015 date that never happened. However, Rixon has a history of claiming credentials for anonymous bloggers such as Lasha Darkmoon so should we be surprised?

This adds more fuel to the fire  that Truthseeker is here to misdirect rather than inform

In this next video, C. Ervana launches a non-stop attack on Pope Francis being the man who would bring in the one world religion.

If that's not enough, he's also being blamed for the European migrant crisis. So guys, it's not Jews,, it's the Roman Catholic church and the one world religion won't be Judaism, but Luciferianism

Oh, hold it, that's the same thing , right?

Notice the elite Jew being carried around by the goyim


by Adolf Hitler 


Image result for hitler speech reichstag 1937This session of the Reichstag takes place on a date which is full of significance for the German people. Four years have passed since the beginning of that great internal revolution which in the meantime has been giving a new aspect to German life. This is the period of four years which I asked the German people to grant me for the purpose of putting my work to the test and submitting it to their judgment. Hence at the present moment nothing could be more opportune than for me to render you an account of all the successes that have been achieved and the progress that has been made during these four years, for the welfare of the German people. But within the limits of the short statement I have to make it would be entirely impossible to enumerate all the remarkable results that have been reached during a time which may be looked upon as probably the most astounding epoch in the life of our people. That task belongs rather to the press and the propaganda. Moreover, during the course of the present year there will be an Exposition here in Berlin which is being organized for the purpose of giving a more comprehensive and detailed picture of the works that have been completed, the results that have been obtained and the projects on which work has been begun, all of which can be explained better in this way than I could do it within the limits of an address that is to last for two hours. Therefore I shall utilize the opportunity afforded me by this historic meeting of the Reichstag to cast a glance back over the past four years and call attention to some of the new knowledge that we have gained, some of the experiences which we have been through, and the consequences that have resulted there from—in so far as there have a general validity. It is important that we should understand them clearly, not only for our own sake but also for that of the generations to come.

read more

Trump alludes to a bomb as part of 911

Hmmm, the leader of the Russian Orthodox church has a free mason insignia on his head and the pope has a Jewish Kippah

Rixon Stewart's, "The" CEO continues posting sometimes often loony  sources without warning, in this case, to stoke fears of Hillary Clinton's claimed, enormous  health problems.

I became acquainted with C. Ervana due to my research and couple of articles surrounding Renee Moses. Both, at the time  were analyzing Jewish movies without outing the Jew, claiming  these were signs from God mind you,  to tell you that Sept.23rd, 2015 was the day of judgement. 

Maybe you all were aware of all the you-tube hype surrounding this issue. Renee and C.Ervana were two of the leaders.  Here are  several videos showing the continuous and  usually proved wrong doomsday, biblical analysis from C.Ervana:

Ervana in the 2nd video names  the Vatican as the bringer of the anti-Christ.  I would say that outs Ervana as a Jew op, wouldn't you? The anti-Christians have always been Jewish and therfore the anti-Christ, if he comes, will be Jewish

Is it likely that both Stewart and C. Ervana are limited hangouts tasked to sprinkle dis info wherever they go?  Yes, it probably is. Moses  shared a ton of C. Ervana's stuff before 9/23 came and went. She basically hasn't recovered from her needless alarm bell sounding. C. Ervana was hardly affected as his videos show. Ervana demonizes Nazi memory and never outs Jews as a problem, a perfect guy for Stewart to promote

“Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live,” says Medical School Professor

(Note again, Stewart alludes to his "RESPECTABLE" position as a medical professor, not his tin foil hat programming. Is that op covering op cover?)

September 21, 2016

The actual video Stewart shared

To summarize

C. Ervana is an anonymous video maker sharing his videos through you-tube. Above, I have left you with four of his videos.  Underneath the video on Hillary, on his you-tube page, he claims to be a professor:

I am a professor at a medical school. I have taught at three institutions (currently in my third)

Ervana  looks to be working full-time to produce these videos unless he is just a front man and we can't rule that out. I watched all these videos and some concerning elements revealed themselves.  How does a doctor have all this extra time to do massive amounts of research on occultish phenomenon and make videos on his findings? Why does he claim the anti-Christ is associated with the Catholic Church and not Jews? Why does he never tie  Jewish control of the media with all these occult predictions he claims that are potentially prophesorial? Why does he suggest the elites may go to Antarctica during WW III when there are underground bases built all over the place for just such protections while we get slaughtered here?

Finally, why does he step out of his usual area of concern and do  a Hillary fear porn video? Well, we have some clues. He is making videos in such a way to lay blame for our problems elsewhere than the Jew. From that we may assume that he is likely either a Jew or a mason. Remember, he's anonymous, so nothing he claims about himself can be verified.

The fact that he is  doing what he can to undermine Hillary says to me that Trump very well may be the chosen candidate of the elites and why he's fanning Hillary's health issue flames which coincidentally, didn't start being talked about till after the primaries. This may be a way of assuring a Trump win

Finally,  why's Rixon Stewart promoting a guy with an amazing track record of professionally produced videos making predictions that are almost always wrong and lead to various "bridges to nowhere"?

Update for C.Ervana

Checking through his videos,  he's mixing tinfoil hat conspiracy with MSM Muslim fear porn.  In this video he is talking about  an encoded "Day of Rage" mind set in all Muslims since the 6 day war. Never are we warned about Israeli behavior. He claims  once he slips the tin foil hat on, that the Muslims are waiting for their version of the anti-Christ. This is basically fear porn presented  with an intellectual delivery and the voice of a tranny


The WRR-ist site  Renegade Tribune, run by Kyle Hunt, released an article  by one Reinhard imagining an NWO run by whites that he calls AryanImage result for The Aryan World Order

WRR-ist pushes White World Order- I react

The word Aryan is confusing since it has been stolen to mean the white race when it actually means a man with a noble soul. It seems Reinhard unknowingly is pushing a creed similar to the "Creativity Cult" where a white utopia would come into being if we joined together in universal white brotherhood in similar fashion to the Jew. 

There are no countries just  race in place of countries! Of course, the problem with Reinhard's pie in the sky imaginings is that the White race has never considered themselves one people until recently and that belief found in only a small portion of resistant whites to the idea of intermingling with other races

Whereas the Jew for the past 2000 years has seen Jewish assimilation and took steps to covertly assure it doesn't assimilate, whites have never had an all encompassing racial loyalty of consequence or discipline. The Creativity Movement imagines a white only world in the not too distant future by handling the Jew and refusing to help other races..continue reading


I call this mean and nasty gossip with Kyle and Sinead, your nerdy,  Jew-wise, white genocidophobic neighbors

Click the pic of Sinead and Kyle to hear 90 minutes of !^@%#^$!%#&*!^#^@&$#&@&*. It's the best (*#^&*$^&@!&^$&* I have ever heard

I decided I better say something about this. Kyle  and Sinead bring out the worst in each other, sadly. This is a mean spirited show where they basically trash talk anyone not part of their Renegade op.  Sadly, they get the Jew but somehow they got obsessed with white people, a problem that can't be solved by just white people since the Jews have a plan to genocide them as long as they stay in power

Basically the 90 minute segment was Kyle ranting about any and everything he found wanting in "the whites are the God race" movement. ...continue reading


Welcome to the JWO!

We'll have the Goyim Believing their Own People are out to Get Them and We Are Their Protectors

Kyle Hunt was informing his readers about Eric Hunt's review of an upcoming Hollywood propaganda movie called"Denial!" The message of "Denial" is clear,  good goyim are never to doubt Jewish claims disguised as "reality" that the holocaust happened the way Jews keep repeating and saying it did. This is easily accomplished when a society becomes dominated by a small, ruthless, clique who have an ideology proclaiming themselves "chosen" and those they manipulate "livestock"

continue reading

Jew media outs whose behind porn sites....without outing the Jew of course!

The (almost) invisible men and women behind the world’s largest porn sites

The (almost) invisible men and women behind the world’s largest porn sites

It’s no surprise to anyone to hear that there is a lot of porn on the Web. OK, perhaps not as much as some studies make out, but there’s still plenty of naked bodies out there if you want to find them.

By some estimates, this time last year around 4.5 percent of global Web traffic from desktops was to porn sites. That might not sound like a whole lot but if you dive into the figures of some of the most popular and highest trafficked adult sites, you start to see that it really more

Brandon Martinez continues with his blatant JWO propaganda but will the proles ever figure it out?.

Many reading this will be aware of my recent postings on compromised Brandon. Many should recall I keep referring to him being tied in with Illuminatti Canadian banker, Malcolm Knight

In Brandon's latest efforts of shillary, he posts another video from the Jew op "Today in Ukraine" (notice the featured video on the you-tube channel is the anti-Putin, anti-Hitler comparisons posted the other day on this site and still probably here down below if you scroll down). Here is a recent article where I outed his use of the propaganda op .

I'll be honest. I tie Malcolm Knight in with Brandon because of his blatant use of his wife's anti-Putinism  recorded in "The New York Review. Months ago I caught him using Fabian society promoted Karen Dawisha and Mrs. Amie Knight in reporting about Kremlin criminal conspiracies. I also exposed that there is a JWO fixation to push that narrative into the public domain using son of former communist leader in the US during WW II, Bill Browder.

Chris Bollyn had this to say about Mrs. Knight:

Anti-Russia Propaganda: Where Does It Take Us?
November 20, 2014
I was surprised to find an article on the website of the New York Review of Books about the recently released photos that allegedly show a fighter jet firing a missile at Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over the Ukraine last July.
The article by Amy Knight is blatant propaganda in which she blames Russia for the downing of MH17 without providing any evidence. Where is such anti-Russian propaganda meant to take us?


So, as we see below, Brandon has linked three articles beside this "Today in Ukraine" anti-Putin piece. All three links go to various articles posted by Mrs. Knight

---------------------- source

Putin’s Chechen Puppet Kadyrov Likely Behind Nemtsov Assassination

Brandon Martinez September 23, 2016 

There’s almost no question that Chechnya’s pro-Kremlin puppet ruler Ramzan Kadyrov ordered the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov on behalf of Putin.

See these three articles on the subject:

Russia: Another Dead Democrat
The Kremlin’s Chechen Dragon
A Kremlin Conspiracy Gone Wrong?


Below and to the left is demonstrated  one of the articles in picture form in case you can't be bothered to go there. All three links are Knight articles. So,  is it all in the family Brandon.  Are you shilling for the Jewish tribe you secretly belong to now after pretending to be a Nazi for three years?

Brandon, I know telling the truth isn't part of your religion but can you try for us just this once?

Shame, Jim Stone and why you are on my dis info list

Here below, Jim Stone pulls a Lasha Darkmoon on us by reprinting an alt-right support piece that talks about children of immigrants doing terrorist attacks in places like Orlando. It seems to me Stone debunked that view for over a week a few months ago yet he prints it with no warning to the reader? Anything goes when you need to shill for Donald trump I suppose

September 22 2016




After I blew the lid off their scam, they changed their site graphic to "SIS" but there are still enough references to being ISIS on their web site to prove this is not a hoax: GET THAT? THEIR WEB SITE NAME IS ISIS HQ.COM, - ISIS HEADQUARTERS. How much more transparent could it possibly be? AND HERE IS THEIR OFFICES PAGE I CAPTURED ABOVE: ISIS LOCATIONS HA HA HA, RUSSIA HIT THESE BASTARDS HARD IN SYRIA. Killed 30 of the top people. GOOD RIDDANCE.

Yep. Hillary's ISIS confirmed, IT NEVER WAS "ISLAMIC" AT ALL. Too bad Russia did not figure it out sooner.

RT: US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP

This is an important piece. This really was a game changing incident that is having serious repercussions now.

"It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more than one hour," Assad told AP, adding they were attacking a large area that "constituted of many hills" adjacent to where the Syrian troops were stationed.

"The IS troops attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike. It was definitely intentional and not unintentional". see this

The Alt right has been vindicated

The blizzard of B.S. is enough to snow blind anyone.

1.) First, you have Ford building plants in Mexico and moving small car production out of Michigan to Mexico.

2.) Second, you have refugees or the children of refugees launching terrorist attacks in Orlando, St. Cloud and New York/New Jersey.


3.) Third, you have black radicals shooting cops and rioting, torching cities and lashing out at White people in Milwaukee and Charlotte after black cops shoot armed black suspects. Hillary Clinton and the #LyingPress nod in agreement that "white supremacy" and "systemic racism" is to blame.

4.) Fourth, you have the lying press denouncing anyone who raises questions about Hillary's health as a lunatic conspiracy theorist, after the whole country watched her collapse on national television.

5.) In Utah, you have the state's top amnesty activist who denounced Trump for saying illegal aliens are rapists getting arrested and charged with rape.

6.) In Syria, you have Obama bombing the Syrian Army in order to clear a path for ISIS.

7.) Back home, you have Hillary winning the support of 96 percent of Jewish donors, all of Wall Street, and the support of big donors in 9 out of 10 sectors of the US economy. It is not just Wall Street supporting Hillary. The oligarchy has unified behind her.

8.) You have George HW Bush best known for the "New World Order" endorsing Hillary Clinton thereby proving the two party globalist cartel preserves the status quo.

9.) You have Hillary Clinton calling half of Trump's supporters an irredeemable "basket of deplorables" in which she shows her naked contempt for those she expects to govern.

10.) You have a Republican Congress that balks at defending its own voters, and nodding in silent agreement with Hillary and the lying press that its own voters really are "deplorable." These people wonder why they are pilloried as "cuckservatives."

11.) Finally, a leading presidential candidate and its lapdogs in the media have declared that anonymous Twitter trolls swapping images of a cartoon frog - many of them who are still in high school - are the leading threat to the Republic in the backdrop of daily pandemonium on the streets. That's where this country is at today. It is on the verge of falling apart...


One new thing Jews want us to worry about

Islam will always pose a threat to Jews and their diabolical plan to take over the world.

by Zahraa Nayyef


Note from Blindlight:
I met Zahraa in a Facebook Group investigating the murder of a former military guy and his Islamic wife. David Crowley was working on a movie called Gray State about the elite takeover of America and was found dead shortly after Christmas in January 2015. Zahraa "liked" many of my comments in that page group and eventually we started talking. I quickly realized that I wanted her to put down her world views on paper for me and she agreed to do so. This is the first of that effort. She is a devout Muslim living in Iraq. She has first person insites to share concerning Islam and Iraqi life before and after the invasion
She informed me that the house of Saad is Jewish and has agreed to provide a translation of a text corroborating that claim. I will post it as soon as we have that ready. I hope  to have many more contributions from Zahraa

Jews studied Islam intensely n decided to fight it by any possible means :media ,fake web productions about Islam to create isalmophobia , etc

Islam warns us of the plans n prophets told us in their prophecies about what they will do in future

The best way to discredit some one or something is to tell lies about them so the best way to do that is with media, hoax n faking attack in west to fear Muslims n depict us as a terrorists to them. They are aware of western mentality so they are preparing individuals to attack any Muslim men n women feel that it's just.

They made Americans think that we hate them cos we hate their freedom, hahahahaha (George W. Bush)

Islam has always treated women w respect it protects her by wearing hijab to keep evil in bad men's eyes away from her

In west they still cant differentiate between culture n religion...continue reading


The reality is we have an unemployment problem in America affecting native born citizens. For any reason, we don't need any Syrians right now and America has no business killing people in the middle east. Not all of us are rich Jews that want cheap labor to cut our grass!


Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet: inaccurate, dehumanizing, plagiarized, and rooted in anti-Semitism

Monday night, Donald Trump Jr. attempted to justify his father’s draconian immigration policies with this tweet:

Skittles do not kill people and neither have refugees
Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet shows a bowl or, perhaps, a hundred or so Skittles and claims that “just three” would kill you.
The reality is that there have been 784,000 refugees who have come to the United States since September 11, 2001. None have participated in a domestic terrorist attack.
784,000 Skittles would fill up 25.7 cubic feet.
So the actual analogy is filling this entire refrigerator, including the freezer, to the brim with Skittles. None of the Skittles will kill you.

I repeat, stop immigration till we get a sound economy back and remove all illegal immigrants and remove all non-citizens from receiving government handouts. This problem could be solved in months  if Jews would get out of the way and police were allowed to perform their duties!

Image result for Whipping BoyGermany, the Jew's Favorite Whipping Boy!

On my site the other day, I asked  a guy from Norway, a man of Norwegian blood, why Germany was constantly attacked by world Jewry. His answer came immediately and with no hesitation.  They are the noblest race, he said and thus, the biggest threat to the Jews.

Makes sense to me but let us realize, Jewry's obsession with making German's miserable goes back long before 1914 and the first world war that Germany was scapegoated for causing. Possibly an event far more devastating to the German people occurred between 1618-1648. Between those thirty years, the Jews took out, with their Protestant Reformation religious psyops and their generous funding,for a high percentage profit fee of course for enabling the devastation a good 30% of the German population.

Wikipedia claimed 8 million Germans died, where as this source, covered percentages:

During the war, Germany's population was reduced by 30 percent on average; in the territory of Brandenburg, the losses had amounted to half, while in some areas an estimated two thirds of the population died.
written and published by Blindlight..9/21/16

Image result for 30 years warThough honest reporting that included the Jewish role is extremely hard to come by, we do know and I have reported in various articles you are welcome to look for on my site that Jews funded Martin Luther to express dismay about the behavior of a covert Jewish Catholic Pope named Medici in roughly 1519. This got the ball rolling and many Jewish agents disguised as religious leaders, feigning various aspects of the problems Luther had brought up were brought on the scene to cover the whole of Western Europe, the mission being to  drastically weaken the unanimity of thought in regards to Christianity being perpetrated by the Catholic Church.

To assure that a good culling of the goy herd occurred as well,  Loyola, a Marrano Jew founded the Jesuits and the Catholic church became weakened from within. These Jews were leftovers from Alhambra, the original Illuminati that was born in that busy year, 1492.

These Jesuits represented the counter-reformation and assured that there would be a long drawn out depleting affair in this religious, goyim infighting. Jews love to share when it comes to enabling goyim bloodshed and while they were funding this caper from safety in Amsterdam, they were also buying off the loyalties of various Englishmen to simultaneously rebel against the English goy king, Oliver Cromwell being the main go between and enabler. Much of that chaos began as the thirty years war was winding down.

If that MO sounds remotely familiar, think WW I when England's Lord Balfour enlisted US American aide to enable drawing out WW I two years longer and ensure a German defeat.  Russia, weakened by previous fighting in the war and endless Jewish trouble-making before the war became the 1917 edition of the English Revolution as the Bolsheviks made that previous affair look like a Tupperware party gathering and slaughtered innocent goyim Russians till WW II began twenty-five years later.....continue reading

Photo from one of Brandon Martinez's "non-aligned" sites that link Putin and Assad in derogatory fashion

Does Martinez disrespect the intelligence of his audience?

Once more I catch Brandon Martinez using biased, pro western news sources to support his "non-aligned" claims against Russia-Putin and Assad-Syria. In one of his latest articles which simply promotes a video put out by, the topic delves into the various supposed coverings up of war crimes in Syria that Russia is accomplishing. Since I am getting used to Brandon's MO, I immediately look for any evident bias to the site and sure enough,  it is all negative when it comes to talking about Putin and Assad and in fact I found an interesting photo putting the two claimed "henchmen" together. Biased ops network with like-minded biases tend to link their ops pages and I quickly linked one Mikhail Khodarenok, a military analyst with former Russian ties to several of these networked Jew anti Putin-Assad sites.A Russian military observer reveals why Assad’s army can’t win the war in SyriaRussian traitor, western go to, Khodarenok

A google of the name took me here, then to here. Note, He caught my interest for he was quoted and used at Once I got to Baladi News , I then, went here to a description, Jew biased, mind you. Here we find that much like Ukraine Today was started by a Jew to mimic and counteract the influence of pro Russian site RT and started up right after the western-Jewish subversive coup in the Ukraine to support that coup and preach anti-Putinism, we find that Baladi was formed at the beginning of the fake resistance fomented by western governments in Syria back in 2011

From Wikipedia

Enab Baladi newspaper was first launched in 2011 by a group of citizen journalists and activists from Daraya, a Syrian town in Damascus suburbs. In January 29, 2012, issue #0 was published marking the beginning of a revolutionary newspaper. Since then, it has been printed each week on Sundays, with one two-week stoppage in August 2012 due to Darayya massacre committed by Assad forces.

The Jew op, Wikipedia, does great blocking by letting us no in the description who is the good guy and who is the bad:

Since its establishment during the first year of the Syrian uprising, late 2011, EB has focused on promoting the peaceful resistance methods to counter the sectarian and violence narratives of the Syrian regime. Enab Baladi succeeded in providing the Syrian people with trusted information about events in Syria through its weekly newspaper. EB coverage included the human rights violations perpetrated by the Syrian regime, as well as the inception of the nascent Syrian civil society, in addition to various news and topics in the fields of politics, economy, and social affairs.

Oh lookey! It's supported by the trusted Fabian Society

Founding of National Endowment for Democracy

A bill was introduced in April 1967 by Congressman Dante Fascell (D-Fla.) to create an institute of International Affairs. And although the bill did not pass it led to discussions on Capitol Hill to establish an institution in which democracy efforts abroad would benefit the U.S. as well as countries struggling for freedom and self- government.
In a 1982 speech at the Palace of WestminsterPresident Ronald Reagan proposed an initiative, before the British Parliament, "to foster the infrastructure of democracy—the system of a free press, unions, political parties, universities." The U.S. government, through USAID (United States Agency for International Development), contracted The American Political Foundation to study democracy promotion, which became known as "The Democracy Program." The Program recommended the creation of a bipartisan, private, non-profit corporation to be known as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Fascell appears to be Jewish. If not, he apparently was one hell of a shabbuz goy!

FASCELL-Dante. The officers, members and staff of The American Jewish Committee mourn the passing of an extraordinary public servant. Tireless defender of human dignity and human rights, Congressman Fascell was especially active in defense of the USIsrael partnership, the yearning for freedom in the communist world, the quest of Soviet Jews to emigrate to the West, and the pursuit of social justice during his distinguished 37-year career in the House of Representatives. We express our heartfelt condolences to Congressman Fascell's grieving family. We shall always cherish the legacy of his manifold achievements-to which we paid tribute when we presented him with our Congressional Leadership Award in 1989-and the memory of his friendship. Bruce M. Ramer, President David A. Harris, Exec Dir. The American Jewish Committee
Outlaw writer "Non-aligned" with anyone (he claims) Brandon MartinezImage result for Brandon MartinezCriticisms
One criticism of the organization includes a lack of openness and public accountability in its stewardship of millions of dollars a year in taxpayer funds in the year 1985.[24] Libertarian congressman Ron Paul also argued against NED funding in 2005 stating that NED has "very little to do with democracy. It is an organization that uses US tax money to actually subvert democracy, by showering funding on favored political parties or movements overseas. It underwrites color-coded ‘people’s revolutions’ overseas that look more like pages out of Lenin’s writings on stealing power than genuine indigenous democratic movements.

So, when Blindlight presented this damning information totally deconstructing any honest usage of the word "Non-aligned" of which Brandon Martinez has affixed as the hallmark watchword of his site, Brandon had this to say:

"It all depends what you claim to mean by "non-aligned" when you use the word 'Non-aligned', obviously"

We will continue to watch this advancing case of shillery Brandon has contracted and keep you, the public, informed

BL - "That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"Above is a video from one of Brandon's favorite Jew op sites.This video demonizes both Hitler, Putin, Germans and Russians

Image result for sinead mccarthy

I Scratched Sinead's White Skin to be Confronted by Her  Racialist Demons

Image result for sinead mccarthySinead, are you planning to make these two blacks leave America in subservience to the Jew?

It started off so innocent, my tweet PM with Sinead. The other day I asked her for a history on how she and Kyle adopted their racialist views, seemingly out of nowhere. This general topic has been of interest to me for quite a time because I  have noticed what looks to be an orchestrated deliberate shift of what was once white, Jew-wise truthers into the racialist aquarium. A place where no non-White is welcome while they are subject to continual ridicule and derision  and with the help of the co-opted WN leaders,  the most extremist racialist views and slurs are tolerated as "normal and healthy".

I would submit "normal and healthy" if you wish to have a small group of like minded thinkers that are hated by everyone else and "good for Jewish power goals", that is. So I suggested Sinead write an article analysis of what has been good racialist views, or ideas that actually endeavor and aid the effort in rooting out Jewish power and what have been distracting side issues that Jews would, in fact, promote through their WN agents of which they are well fortified that are bad for a  honest rebellion. I then suggested that she include  Kyle and her personal transformations hoping that she would shed light on the influences that guided them both to this "White only" perspective where no one but white interests are to be considered valid and worthy of pondering.

Of course, I didn't say all that. I said the minimum hoping that she would figure out the rest. We , then, gravitated to various Jew ops we both were aware of, one Jewlie Mitchell, one Weev. She said she had proof Weev was a Jew and I looked it over and told her I found that evidence eighteen months ago and included it in my first article on Weev claiming that he was likely co-intel pro but lets give him the benefit of the doubt. When Weev released his "Evil Indians" video I did some major research on the guy and found that his mother is on record as calling herself part Indian ( I assume that's 50% making Weev 25%).

From this article:

After dumpster diving for his first computer, he discovered that writing code was just another form of speech to master. “It’s all about manipulating linguistic systems that would achieve things that are dazzling in effect,” he says. While other kids were watching "The Simpsons" and playing football, Weev was hacking ATMs and exploring the nascent Internet. Convinced the education system was failing their gifted boy, the Auernheimers got him into James Madison University at the age of 14. Something's weird!

New Thoughts
A  lot of information about Alyse Aurenheimer, Andrew's mom can be found with a google. She divulged she is part Indian with Jewish blood (no mention of maiden name). It's a little unclear how much but Alyse seems to be a Jewish nameShe seemed to prefer to identify herself as Indian for whatever reason which was unclear as well. Concerning is that beyond a general description of the career choice of the father, no name of any sort could I find. No mention in the Wikipedia page of Andrew. No mention on the Linked-In page of his mom.
The comment greened out in the pic above referring to a rabi is interesting, to say the least and they are definitely not poor or you could say "Jack London " poor!!

Read more!Image result for i choose violence

 Here's an interesting Brandon Martinez slight of hand article

Brandon Martinez is on a covert pro- JWO cruscade by "exposing" Vladimir Putin in any way he can while trying to come off as "non-aligned". He attacks the credibility of those that would say a positive word about Putin, he exposes how Jews supposedly love him and he loves Jews, and he cites sites that are part of the Fabian Society, good for Jews network that often wear disguises that make them look somewhat grassrootsish but upon scratching the surface,  is found sucking off some Illuminati Jew's extremely small dick.

"No dad, I have to find and eliminate Brandon first!"

Yesterday, Brandon tried a slightly new approach. He reported from Jewish sources that ex-IDF militia personnel are going to Russia to fight the "fascists" in Ukraine. First of all, several things are accomplished for Jews and for Brandon by shedding light on this area.

Jew's thrive on creating chaos. For example, a Jewish strategy in middle east war support is to make sure no side wins. I believe we can extend that strategy to the Ukraine. We also know from several sources that Jews must totally tear down goyim society to then totally rebuild it in a  pure Jewish image.

So, even though we know that the Ukraine 2014 coup was a Jew monstrosity intervention attempted to be hidden by the fact that the coup doers were "fascists ( a term supposed to mean anti-Jewish),  we know that in reality, like Muslim subversives, the fascist subversives were Jew funded and likely, Jew trained. Now, there is every reason to believe that the former IDF soldiers fighting the Ukrainian fascists know exactly what they are doing which is basically watering goyim mayhem in general (always a pursuit the Jewish elite applaud) but even if they don't know, we may assume they have been guided into doing so by Jewish handlers that do  know that the fascists in reality are Jew ops and it's all a WWE arena fake act.

Now, Brandon would get involved with this to sell the idea that Putin and Jews are working together and he would do so to undercut the alternative media narrative that Putin is fighting the Jews. What is clear is the vast majority of MSM (Jewish) ops are promoting  is an evil Putin narrative. The sheep population believes Putin is evil.

 There are two takeaways from that. Yes, Jews are promoting that and also helping Putin to create one more goy on goy conflict for Jews or Putin, in some ways is a loose cannon to Jews and the efforts they do make to friend him are a desperate tactic to maintain control. Because the outcome of that is in doubt, they spend most of their efforts undermining him and Russia. In any case,  Brandon is involved because his media op is very aligned with Canadian Illuminatti banker types like Malcolm Knight, Ukraine Today and Karen Dawisha, who never saw a Jewish false flag kill op she outed authentically and is therefore defined A-1 kosher!

Brandon Martinez, anything but "non-aligned" and definitely, not your friend

From Brandon's site

Dozens of Israeli Ex-Soldiers Fighting for Russian Rebels in Ukraine


 September 19, 2016 

Dozens of former Israeli soldiers have joined the fight with Russian-backed separatists in their occupation of eastern Ukraine, the Jewish “foreign minister” of the “Donetsk People’s Republic” Alexander Kofman told a Russian-Jewish media outlet.

Boasting his Zionist credentials, Kofman affirmed that he used to work for a Jewish Agency youth program. “A senior leader of the Moscow- backed insurgency in eastern Ukraine revealed that he is Jewish and a former counselor in a Jewish Agency youth program,” noted the Jerusalem Post in a story about Kofman.

The Jewish Agency is described as “the largest Jewish nonprofit organization in the world” whose mission is to “inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their people, heritage, and land, and empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel.”

 Amazingly, Jim Stone pushed this Alex Jones blow-up as a good NWO rant today. Problem is, Jones incorporates Islamophobia into half the rant, some thing Stone has been debunking. This is problematic from two different angles. If Stone isn't an op and intentionally giving us  misdirection by offering us Jones, he has the goyim disease of not caring if half the information is counter-productive to our struggle as long as some of it is accurate.

The other angle is that we just saw a misdirecting op, Jim Stone,  promote another misdirecting op.

IMO, the latter is more likely.  Not only does he anti-Muslim rant, but he justifies Israel's behavior,  has ads popping up at the top of the screen and promoting his web ap all at the same time. With dissent like Stone, is it any wonder why the movement is going nowhere? Of course, since Jones is a mindless Trump supporter, Hillary demonizer, that is the common linkage for why Stone is promoting this video

Image result for JWO shillBrandon Martinez-exposed Fabian society shill

Brandon Martinez is throwing all caution to the wind.  Citing sites over and over with obvious blatant NWO bias against Russia, Trump, Hitler and Assad,  Martinez posts a  claimed forged gay sex claim asserted against Russia by a site called "News from Ukraine" that I will guess without checking is associated with Ukraine today, mentioned in this recent article I posted.

Interestingly,  when I googled the site and even found their web page, no information could be garnered as to their source of funding. Looking at the links included, it is clear this is  a Jew op with an anti-Putin bias though Brandon is spending a lot of time claiming Putin is in bed with Jews. Please remember, "Always believe the opposite of what Jews say" (and Brandon is clearly Jewish).

Below a comparison is run in the video between Putin and Hitler and of course in a very negative way as if they were con men. So...this is how Brandon defines being non-aligned?


News blog posting English translations of local Ukrainian and Russian news about events in Ukraine.

Comparison of Hitler’s Germany with Putin’s Russia: How Russians Became Fascists.

This video shows the striking similarity between the Hitler’s Nazi Germany right before the Second World War and the present-day Putin’s Russia. It draws parallels between the social life in Germany of 1930’s and Russia in 2010’s, and tries to analyze how a regular nation can turn into a herd of fascists. This happens every time when an abused “former empire” decides to “rise from its knees”, and when its nation being encouraged with recent illusive achievements starts to believe in its own superiority.

This video should serve as a reminder of how an uncontrollable power of one sick man supported by millions of brainwashed masses can lead to a big disaster.

***Blindlight - Anti- Hitler, anti-Putin, should we believe them? I mean the opposite?

the video pretends to be positive about the two men for about ten minutes and then goes into attack mode making the agenda of the video quite clear and the bias  of the producers very in line with those that forced us into WW II. The Jews! This is  the video channel that Brandon is turning to for backup with his anti- Putin cautions, his derogatory remarks about Assad and his media supporters and his foam at the mouth Trump hate. The video counts on post WW II allied propaganda of the evil of the Axis powers to sell its hate filled message never warning the viewers that all they say about Hitler and Putin is occurring in the west through our fake democracy and world rule agenda
Brandon Martinez is an agent of the JWO. He was an agent the first day he was introduced to the public through Delaney and Spingola when he called himself ZCF and he's an agent now, with a new name, new  friends that were former enemies in his previous shilling life and a blatant con called "being non-aligned". Oh Jews, you really will do anything to con the goy, won't ya?

I probably have never felt so vindicated about an op outing as I do now in regards to Zander-Brandon Martinez-Fuerza, the Sephardi Jew who pretends he's a goy


Where Brandon's handler gets his inspiration

 Brandon Martinez  Enters New Territory as Overt NWO shill

Image result for Ruprecht the monkey boyMartinezBrandon Martinez in the false name of Non-Aligned media exposure has begun to make his clear bias so obvious only a mindless simpleton  could miss the linkage. A  month ago Brandon Martinez called for Assad to step down for the good of the Syria people.His argument that the NWO wasn't going to go away with their subversion so Assad should do the honorable thing and stepp down forced me to take my pants to the cleaners for a thorough cleaning of shit stains that occurred because of too hard a laughter!

Brandon Martinez announces what Assad should do, step down!

What ops do is similar  to what the new world order does when they want to sell a Muslims did 911 caper as real. They, before the big event, have little mentions that slowly garner more and more attention at their targets in the audience's memory so that when the hit happens, or in this case, when Brandon's JWO shillery against Assad and for  the Israeli-American NWO happens, his previous seeding of the topic will make his new vocation less of a joke.

To quote from the earlier article:

The cultist dogma of people obsessed with Syria’s civil war is something to behold. If you don’t worship Assad like a demigod you’re ‘pro-terrorist,’ and if you don’t hate Assad and explicitly call for his forceful overthrow you’re said to be ‘complicit in his crimes.’
This kind of black-and-white thinking is what leads to war in the first place. When groups of people cannot work out their differences amicably through debate and dialogue, conflict inevitably arises. The pro-Assad Syrians (and their assorted sycophants from abroad) are just as guilty of this one-dimensional thinking as those armed opponents of the regime and their supporters.

Zander, oops, I mean Brandon (Zander hates Jews),  immediately tips his hand with the article's first paragraph lead-in.  He has just demonized pro-Assad advocacy with pro-Putin advocacy but since this is a new topic for him to address negatively, or to be more exact, a new assignment his Jew handler has demanded he fulfill, he lightly touches the points he will soon be ramming home in later screeds....continue reading


I just watched alt-kike Milo give a speech on his you tube channel. It looks like his job is to make being a racist and gay look fun while being sure his anti- Islam message sinks in and link lesbianss and Islam as partners (Divide and conquer). He has a 500,000 dollar bus to travel around in and excellent quality videos.  Don't look now, alt-kike, but your movement has just been cuckedImage result for Milo Yiannopoulos gifs

Do Jews wish to control the alt-right? I believe so

Milos starts this off talking about one group that is constantly calling out hate crimes that didn't happen! I thought "oh, goody! A gay Jew is going to out his tribe". Wrong, Milo named Lesbians as guilty. Lol! Alt-Right, You got a great leader and like Trump, he will never out the Jew~!


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